「君のみち」 (Kimi no Michi)
“Your Path”

A big revelation about Akari’s birth as Seira goes to confront Cerebrum (and Luna).

Seira’s Decision

The decision that Cerebrum posed to Seira was a stupid one to even contemplate. He’s the enemy! Even if he’s telling the truth, there’s no reason to believe him. What’s more, there’s something far different from killing someone in battle and stabbing them in their sleep. Seira put the knife down, and that’s good, but even contemplating it was ridiculous. Seira has suddenly has suddenly taken the idiot ball (trope!) from Akari, and it’s not appreciated.

Also, why not take that knife and try to stab Cerebrum instead? Sure, she probably wouldn’t have been able to, but it would have been more productive than stabbing Luna or waiting around to get killed herself.

Akari’s Birth

So Akari is the daughter of an elemental tarot user and a Daemonia. That’s…uninteresting. It does explain why she can hear the Daemonia’s voices, but considering how most Daemonia have been slavering mutants, it ended up sounding silly to me. Next thing they’re going to tell us that Cerebrum is Akari’s father. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Standing The Light Of The Sun

Cerebrum has a point. We humans are drawn to flawed individuals, because we can relate to them. Give us a politician who promises everything or a company that claims everything is going well and we don’t believe them, because we know perfection is a lie, while the flawed (yet honest) people we meet in the real world ring true. If Akari truly shines like the sun, she would blind all those around her.

Only she isn’t perfect, at least not to me. Yes, Akari has that incorruptible sense of justice, but her idealism is so childish and stupid as to deny her that perfect in my mind. She’s just not strong or righteous or incorruptible or anything enough to strike me as perfect. As a counter example, take the titular character of Medaka Box. Medaka is absolutely perfect. She is unbeatably powerful, kind to everyone, eternally righteous, utterly peerless – she stands above everyone without an ego to boot. To stand next to Medaka is to be blinded, but Akari comes nowhere close. Cerebrum’s accusations fall short because his target doesn’t live up to the hype.

Looking Ahead – What Was Your Plan, Seira?

I’m curious whether Seria had a plan in sticking around until Luna woke up, or if she just wanted to kill Luna fair and square. Or die in the process. Either one seems pretty pointless to me. Watch Seira and Luna kill each other just in time for Akari to go with Cerebrum. Never make a deal with the devil, people. It never turns out like you’d prefer.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Akari’s half-Daemonia, Seria’s looking to die, Luna’s looking to kill, & Cerebrum’s the smartest char by a mile. They’re boned #geneitaiyou

Random thoughts:

  • Wait, how did Seira know where to find Cerebrum?
  • This crow is starting to give me Vividred vibes. Probably not a good thing.
  • My favorite scene was the quick flash that showed us that Seira’s most important thing wasn’t her powers, but Ginka. A little late to be realizing that, Seira.

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  1. Well, there was a least somewhat revealed this episode (It doesn’t sound like Cerebrum is her father … I think that’d be too low for even this show). It is obviously not going to work out anywhere near as well as it could have … but I thought they did -some- things right this episode.

    That she was half Daemonia at least shows they planned a little bit ahead to explain how she gained her ability to hear Daemonia. The flashbacks to Ginka & the first episode at least linked what’s happening to earlier in the story, which other episodes were not so great at doing.

    They didn’t improve in all areas though … I think they should have avoided the naked but no detail Luna wolf-chan. It just doesn’t work with this show … it would be far less bizarre to just have it be a skimpy outfit that actually covers those R+ rated bits.

    The dialogue with Seira definitely was a bit overdone, but there was at least some tension about what would happen and Cerebrum’s decision to leave them alone and torment Seira seemed in character & fitting. Seira has clearly lost it due to stress, so I don’t really fault her decisions & I’ve felt that they’ve built her up for this kind of role from the beginning. It’s the quiet ones you have to worry about right?

  2. Because even if we don’t, Seira seems to know Luna’s back story. I’m under the impression this was Luna’s house, and she did something to it. Contrary to probably the popular opinion, I don’t think stories should always spell out stuff like this (oh, flashback Seira hearing Luna’s background, which then triggers another flashback of what happened)… though now I think they’ll probably fill us in next episode anyway.

    1. Yeah, it wasn’t really that big of a deal, so it didn’t overly bother me. I assumed that I missed or forgot the reason for it more than they forgot it, or they just didn’t care to explain it, in which case neither did I. It’s not that important.

  3. Damn, when I think they’ve finally run out of things to throw at the wall to see if they stick, they come up with this.

    Ooooh, Vividred. I guess the crow had to find a new gig after that show was over. Must be the same one. Can’t believe there are two crows that are that much of a bastard. And what’s going on with the Leguzario? When the crow was reporting, the person he was talking to said something about upsetting Cerebrum when he was scolding to him the previous day. So Cerebrum is connected to the Leguzario?

    Sigh…. and this show started out so good.

  4. Honestly, another episode with full of plotholes.

    1) How did Seira find Cerebrum?
    2) Why the hell did she stay there for like so many hours.

    Then, honestly, it the revelation about Akari wasn’t as impactfil as it was supposed to be.

    1. I got the impression that they where a few episodes back once it was confirmed that the Tarot and Daemonia powder where from the same root. I felt like they have been using the girls in their magic experiment to see power is more valid all this time. It was nice to have it confirmed… But I feel like they have a “big boss” in the wings now that they have shown it. >_<

      Where did the talent drain of to in this show. haha I was so looking forward to this series but with each episode it makes less cohesive sense. O__o At let there not much in the hope building to make you think it's getting better at parts (Guilty Crown).

  5. the fact that Akari is half Daemonia doesn’t even make sense…
    that would mean her mother was willing to quite frankly do it with a Daemonia (did she not notice or what? even that would be completely stupid)
    that would also mean her father still had enough reason/control to not outright kill her mother. if not, raped her and still not killed her.
    none of those possibilities seem remotely plausible.

    there’s also Akari indirectly inheriting Daemonia even though her father was turned after she was born, which still doesn’t make any sense

    lastly, if I heard right or recalling correctly, the person Laplace was talking to mentioned punishing Cerebrum…implying extreme corruption and just a stupid plotpoint imo in general

  6. LMAO at the Vividred crow reference. Be hilarious if we saw this happen. Ah Vividred…the memories…

    @ Stilts:

    (1) “Cerebrum’s the smartest char by a mile.”
    What did you expect with a name like that ;). Truth in advertising. 😀 Guess I’m not the only one who thought we might hear: “Akari, I am your father” next episode. Perhaps everyone will break out light sabers for the final brawl. Might as well – Akari pretty much wields one anyway. Seriously, if Cerebrum is Akari’s father and he’s trying to lead her to “the darkside” (*cough* of the Force), isn’t that a bit too similar to a certain movie franchise?

    (2) Forgot to mention this before, but I really like the way you organize your posts with sub-headings. Makes things much easier to read. Good job!

    1. At this point, I say screw it, go full-ham. Lightsabers, robes with cowls, the whole nine yards. Might as well go for “so bad it’s good” since being serious isn’t working.

      Thank you for your kind compliment! Glad to hear it’s working out for readers as well : ) I really appreciate it.

  7. So this season we have 2 girls who are half–. They look nothing like their dads and an almost 100% copy of their mums. Both started out as innocent girls until something happens that causes them to reevaluate their perspective of the world.

  8. Note that someone – higher ups in the Organization? God? seems to manipulate both the Cerebrum and the girls (via the raven familiar).
    Also, I loved destiny versus indetermination dispute between aptly named Laplace and Schroedinger.
    Seira wanted probably to confront Luna and try to get her back to human – really bad idea unless it somehow works. Too bad I like how she resisted the temptation to kill Luna in her sleep. Score +1 for morality, -1 for common sense.
    “I am your father…” moment would be so cliche that it would be fitting ending for this seriously trope-abusing series.
    TL;DR trainwreck as regularly scheduled!

  9. If Akari is half-Daemonia then she has the clue for the counter-attack. They may be even able to rescue Ginka at this rate (who showed fighting with her counterpart in some kind of dimensional rift). Akari is finally getting mentally stronger and she might be able to pull it even after going to the dark side.
    The moment when Cerebrum’s plan starts to break apart is drawing near.

    I wonder how the machine from the triplets works exactly. Each part is different…


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