「アーレア・ヤクタ・エスト」 (Ārea Yakuta Esuto)
“Alea Iacta Est”

“I’ll be fine, I am a hero after all, probably” – every time Izuru mutters the words “hero” and “probably”, a death flag has been triggered and I can’t help but feel my heart sinking just a little bit. Don’t get me wrong – I still fully expect Izuru and all of Team Rabbit to make it out of this tribulation alive, but that doesn’t mean I can easily turn a blind eye to the prevailing “death flags”. They are staring down at me with the meanest glare, and I hope all of them will eventually turn out to be a bad standing joke – the ones we can laugh at when the series finally comes to a full stop! I’ve made no effort to conceal the profound admiration that I have for the Zannen 5 – every one of them is a bit of a square peg, but they are also perfectly likable and sympathetic. Kei – loving, beautiful and smart – is, of course, my absolute favorite, but Izuru and his dorky charm also hold a very special spot in my heart. The pilot of Red 5 is a prime exemplar of a super-nice guy – Izuru cares for his friends deeply, and he would do anything in his power to ensure their well-being and happiness. His comrades are just like the family he never had – Izuru loves them dearly and his steadfast determination to live out this ordeal is certainly a step in the right direction. He has his frame of mind and the conviction in the right place, and all of this, for sure, bodes well for his survival probability. Let us not forget – a heightened survival impulse also falls right into the JURIA system’s sweet spot, and Izuru would need nothing less than his full might to fend off the Wulgaru Prince – a decisive match that pits an “awakened” Red 5 against Jiart’s latest carnage!

Speaking of the JURIA-AHSMB combo, there’s so much more to the mecha side of the equation that continues to be a mystery. Evidently, piloting an “awakened” Red 5 has taken quite a toll on Izuru’s scrawny physique, and it remains to be seen if he can navigate through the detrimental side effects in one piece. Rather than attempting to suppress the AHSMB’s survival instinct, Izuru has chosen to embrace it – acting as a beacon of light for Red 5 and furnishing it with direction, control and intelligence! The AHSMB unit is very much like a sentient being and its inherent survival impulse has proven to be a lifesaver more than once. An “awakened” Red 5 holds enormous potential – that, combined with Izuru’s raw skills as a pilot, is going to be front and center in the incoming clash. Jiart is not going to back off any time soon and the outcome of their collision is bound to set the tone for this war. The Wulgaru Prince continues to be one of the most fascinating personas in the mix – Jiart’s eyes remained fixated solely on Izuru and in an effort to draw out his ‘lamata’, he has emerged at the front line like a gale of wind. His prowess as a combatant is clearly in a different league – if he felt like it, Jiart could have easily taken out the entire vanguard trio in one fell swoop! Izuru is holding up surprisingly well against Jiart – but as always, nothing in Majestic Prince has ever moved about in a linear fashion and Teoria’s grand entrance has surely introduced a whole new level of perplexity to the ongoing warfare.

The Wulgaru princess has, indeed, taken the big stage. Her intercession, calling for a Wulgaru retreat, is nothing more than a futile effort – but Jiart did appear to be rather taken aback by her sudden reappearance. The exact nature of their relationship is not entirely clear-cut – the Wulgaru sibling, in all likelihood, shared a history that is considerably tortuous, and Jiart’s enthusiasm seems to stand in stark contrast to that of King Galkie’s (Yanada Kiyoyuki), who appears to be somewhat disgruntled by this revelation. Teoria, just like their mother, has betrayed her own people – her blatant act of treason is nothing short of conspicuous and it remains to be seen what the ripple effects from all of this will turn out to be. Teoria, who is both Jiart’s sister and Izuru’s genetic parent, is almost certainly going to find herself caught in between these confrontations – Jiart doesn’t seem to harbor any ill will toward Teoria, but Izuru, unaware of their blood kinship, is hell bent on thwarting a sibling rendezvous. The relationship intricacies that exist are quite a marvel in its own right, and all of that will most definitely have a role to play in the ultimate resolution of this war. The human’s effort hasn’t been as unavailing this time around, but it’s hardly an optimistic outlook – one after another, their attempts to destroy the portal gate has been rendered ineffectual. The Straggle Laser has been destroyed and there’s not a whole lot of options left for the humans – as a last-ditch effort, Commander Simon has decided to pull a kamikaze mission, ramming the entire Star Rose into the portal gate. I still fully expect an imminent human victory and their latest endeavor might just finally do the trick – it will, however, come at a cost and I suspect Commander Simon may not make it out alive. Majestic Prince is quickly approaching its grand finale and the epic saga has quite a handful of loose ends to tie up – if the sneak preview is any indicator, it looks like the death toll is going to be somewhat limited. The romantic subplot will most probably stay unresolved, but I’ll be a happy camper as long as everyone comes through unscathed – an ending that is blissful and promising, but not quite “hand-in-hand” and lovey-dovey!

Random tidbits:

  • Beautiful, simply stunning – the “awakened” Red 5 is such a beauty. Breaking Jiart’s sword with his bare hands – that was pretty badass! A payback for what Jiart did to his onii chan.
  • “Captain Suzukaze, I love you” – Back off, Izuru! Reika’s not going to stand by and let anyone touch her precious Rin Rin. It’s yuri for the win!
  • “What’s up with all the ‘probably’?” – I love it when Majestic Prince pokes fun of its own death flags. You better come back alive, Izuru!
  • “She’s like a goddess!” – I gotta say, that’s a rather awful picture of Teoria. This one, however, is a completely different story.
  • Is the show shipping Kei and Toshikazu? – Izuru barely made any mentions of Kei during his grand speech. A real pity, if I may say so.
  • Nyan, can you hear me, koneko chan?” – Patrick kicked the bucket way too soon. I would have liked to see at least one of the romantic subplots worked out!
  • Tally Ho! The cavalry has arrived.” – A homage to Randy the Great! Doberman 2 to the rescue, along with an army of mass-produced Black 6.
  • How time flies! – I can’t believe we’re already close to an end. Blogging Majestic Prince has been so much fun, and I really do hope we get a second season. I’ve purchased a copy of BD Vol.1 from amazon.co.jp, have you?

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #MajesticPrince 23: Teoria, the beautiful Wulgaru princess, takes the big stage. A mass of death flags and an extravaganza of mecha porn to set everyone up for the grand finale! #Anime
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  1. With this shows tendency to go slapstick on us at odd times, I will be VERY surprised if one of the fail-five is not there in the end and/or have some sort of teary ending.

    OTOH, I’m looking forward to compare the this final arc with similar placeholders from some typical Gundam series (yes, I’m looking at you, Seed series, and you, AGE…)

    1. I don’t want to jinx it, but I agree with what you said – I’ll be very surprised if any of them kicked the bucket =X
      No mention of Gundam 00? That’s one of my favorites, along with Gundam ZZ, After War Gundam X and Stardust Memory =3

  2. I will not lie, when Izuru said he loved Suzukaze I went ‘huh?’.

    There shall only be one true pairing in this show and that is Kei x Izuru and it shall be a happy ending, I command it!

    Shipping aside this episode was good in my opinion and I can’t wait for the next one, not even a patient fan can wait for the next episode. Also it was good to see Team Doberman 2, its a shame Lutiel is already dead, it would be great for the last member of the original team to avenge his teammates but the one responsible is already dead.

    1. LOL That was a great scene, gave me a good chuckle.
      I don’t think the romantic subplot is going to be the focus of the finale, there’s so much to cover and only one episode left T___T

    1. Well, it is the Mass Effect.. Energy Weapons dont reach the Core. It is still Protected. And only Rockets or Ballistic Weapons (aka Mass Weapons) can reach it. So the Biggest Ship can easy “force” it way trough the Attackers. Sure it will lose some parts. But Mass + Speed Up = Boom

      I just Hope, he can hold the Space Station on course, and eject in time…

      or, he must be sitting in the commando Seat to manual flight the Space station to the core. because of Ship route computers (aka Auto Pilot) failing (Did i hear Star Trek’s Kirk’s Dad last Duty?)

      1. Oh, btw. It is not important. And it will happen Off screen anyway. But with losing the Space Station, the Human Fleet will have a Problem 🙂 Where they can dock, to leave the Ship or Repair? Perhaps in the End Section, display a fresh start of some new Orbit Space Docking Station. As Symbol of Humanity Future?

  3. Shivers down my spine when I heard “Tally Ho!”– I thought for a moment that Randy returned from the dead just to provide some timely back-up! Chandra appearing with an army of mass-produced Dobermans was still a big plus, though.

    Dayum, the Wulgaru is a frustrating adversary. From superior tech to superior pilots, there doesn’t seem to be a way to finish this without any casualties. The Straggle Laser’s sudden demise– just as things were looking up again– truly caught me by surprise. Dorgana managed to single-handedly accomplish this tactical feat while trading fire with Black 6 and Chandra. The show wasn’t kidding when Dorgana was described as Wulgaru’s greatest general.

  4. I’m so scared for the last episode now!!! I hope that the producers will make a season 2, since they were considering it and that it is such an awesome show!! 😀

    Sidetracking a bit but uhh..may I ask, when is Fall 2013 Season Preview coming out?? :3

  5. Tbh I was quite flabbergasted when Teoria’s call for her people’s retreat worked… and is kinda annoyed about it too.

    Unless the ones piloting the soldier units are all mindless drones that responds faithfully to the highest ranked person in the field, or if the Wulgaru society is so rigid that the command of any royal personage, even on that’s obviously on the prey’s side, will be followed without question, I see the impossible success of Teoria’s appeal/command as the scriptwriter’s cheap way out of a desperate situation. A deus ex machina, if you may.

    I love Ginga Kikoutai, and I’m glad this kept our friends from becoming space debris but stuff like this stretches how much one can handwave away disbelief.

    Random Comment
    1. Did it actually work? I was under the impression that it didn’t. It was a good distraction, but I didn’t see any of the Wulgaru retreat. Dolgana and Jiart continue to push ahead with their carnage.

  6. As for the Romantic plot. I bet somehow, they all are (Team rabbit) somehow Brother and Sister. So much for Romantic. And Team Rabbit will still have a flamboyant point. They are Original AHSMB Pilots, because the Black 6 and others began to be Mass production Types.

  7. Izuru sees them all as family; he doesn’t consider Kei a girl, just a “bro”. I wouldn’t be surprised if the last ending shows every Rabbit is holding hands in that ED or that’s Asagi and Izuru holding hands because they are brothers.

    I loved this episode. I can’t wait for the last.

  8. It looks like Majestic Prince is coming to close, and they still know how to keep you on the edge of your seat. Here’s hoping for an epic final episode where pretty much all the good guys come back alive.

    Glad to see your still doing awesome job as always, Seishun. I really appreciate the hard work you put into your reviews for Majestic Prince, and I definitely look forward to your continuation of Valvrave in about 3 weeks (FYI, I automatically figured it was 3 weeks between the end of MJP and the beginning of VVV S2 because I remembered that they air on the same days that Super Robot Wars OE parts 5 and 8, the last one, will be released).

    1. Thanks for saying such nice things, Starqo. MJP turned out to be such a great show and I’m very glad you like my work.
      I’m very much looking forward to watching and blogging Valvrave again, but you guys probably know that already =3

  9. ZOMG, I almost had a heart attack when I was watching the finale, it was so awesome!
    Guys, feel free to have a discussion in this post first (use spoiler tags). The finale write-up will be slightly delayed – I just moved into a new apartment and I need to get DxD out first =X

    1. Indeed, that was more epic than I ever would have expected it to be. To think that back before this show started, I had close to zero expectations for it, it really came through (and then some).

      Show Spoiler ▼

      I’ll talk more about it when you get around to posting your final review, I look forward to it.

    2. That final episode had shades of Show Spoiler ▼

      1. for a 2nd Season we need first a Storyline. Are they coming back? Just Slice of Life would not catch or hold the “Mecha Porn” Fans. So if there should be a 2nd Season, we need the “Bad Guys” first

  10. Great episode. I am more than excited and satisfied with the characters, story, action. Hopefully if a second season soon this might have more character development, especially deeper into Kei and Toshikazu. That reminds me that our dear Blue1 pilot still unable to attract Kei’s attention so far, I guess it’s a way to show him as the most mature among Zannen5, but the guy deserves love.

    Thank you very much for the post Seishun. I failed to comment on two consecutive post, and now I do it later. I’m sorry. But that’s why I give you triple cheers for this post and your work for the season preview. \ (^ o ^) /


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