「三年四組III」 (San-nen Shikumi)
“Class 3-4 III”

Wait, so Dee isn’t really dead, or is she? If Alis saved her, then why did she assume a ghost form when entering the real world? If so, then why does Alis get to keep a corporeal form? Is it because the wish causes them to materialize in the form that they believe is reality? So does that mean the Deus ex Machina at the end mean that people can wish hard enough to bring people back from the dead, even if they’ve been buried? WHAT!?

Unfortunately Kaminai has fallen prey to what I suspect is a hastily done anime-original ending, where contradictions are ignored for the sake of closure. Someone in the department thought that people wouldn’t like it if Alis just died honorably, so they decided to create these flaming hoops for the story to jump through in order to keep Alis alive at the very end. I’m deeply saddened that the story took this turn, because what was ending up being a quite good arc just got horribly butchered in the end. It’s hard for me to say what could’ve even happened for the arc to end cleanly, because this whole episode did a 180 on the logic behind everything being built up so far.

Alright, so it’s understandable that Dee fell into a pit of despair, wanting to effectively kill her current self to free herself from the pain, as well as resetting everyone else with her. It’s understandable that her sadness at that moment lead her to psychologically torture her fellow classmates as they re-enacted what was believed to be the truth at that time. What’s there to lose if Dee has lost the one person she can anchor herself to? However, from here on out, things get weird really fast. It’s unclear if Dee actually died or not with Alis’ efforts considered, as well as why the entire class had two layers of deception applied to them. What made these chains of events happen? It’s understandable if Dee actually died why they would revert their memories to supress it, but why replace Alis’ death with Dee’s death? What purpose did this serve to fulfill their wish?

It’s all such a sloppy mess that it hurts that this show is probably not receiving a second season. No one will get the chance to repair the damages done with a second season especially considering how badly paced most of the show was. The award-winning source material this was based on has been completely lost in the omission of details and the inadequate execution of key events. Kaminai tried hard to create an emotional journey, but this journey fell flat for almost every arc except perhaps the first.

Final Impressions:

Beautiful backgrounds. That is what the take-home positive for Kaminai is. With a gentle yet detailed style to it, the background artists always outdid themselves in every single episode. Whether it was highlighting the day and night of Ortus, the deepening despair of the dream world, or even the sunset that accompanies many grave scenes, these artists always did a wonderful job. It’s wasted potential really, as such backgrounds are much more deserving of a more evocative story that utilizes these scenes to full effect. Not often is it that background art is pointed out in an anime due to its well, background role, but the fact that this was the most well-executed part of this show brought it to the foreground.

Aside from the art, the themes of morality and the ways gone about it helped define the show story-wise. Ai’s constant doubt of her goals in life as well as her perceptions of life and death, those were the most compelling parts of the storytelling. Nothing in Kaminai was ever set in stone, and that constant sense of destroying and rebuilding one’s perceptions of the outside world was refreshing. It’s easy to create a protagonist who’s sheer will towards one goal is unshakable, but it’s a welcome challenge when that character instead has to actually search for the right answer they’re looking for. For Ai, it’s always been her goal to save the world from a post-divine end, but it is what that exactly entails and how she should go about it is the constant question that haunts her. As soon as she believes to have found a solution, the story provides a moral dilemma that challenges her view. Ortus was an excellent example of this, where there was no real antagonist to the story, only beings trying to find their new purpose in life. Ai thought she had to save those being killed, but after seeing their willingness and the alternatives they had, it wasn’t so easy to condemn Ortus for enforcing their rules. This sort of self-struggle continued throughout the show, but sadly lost focus when the arc stories themselves took the lead, leaving Ai’s thoughts unsaid to the audience.

If only everything else stayed at an acceptable level, the above two elements would’ve been enough to make this a good, even great show to watch. However, with all of its plot holes, sudden plot twists and additions, faulty pacing issues, and of course the ending, Kaminai is at best a show that’s for the hardcore fantasy watcher. It had potential to explore the dilemma of forming new moralities in the wake of a radically changed world, but instead weak plots and unsatisfactory character development diluted that potential greatly. Kaminai overall hasn’t been too flawed to be unwatchable, but it definitely is not one that stands out too great. It was a struggle to find words to speak on certain weak episodes, but overall, the experience has been satisfying to blog (especially in capping those beautiful sceneries). Thanks dear reader for following thus far, and I hope to see you guys again next season!



  1. This show was all over the place and had nonsense so much that by the time this finale came around I just had accepted it and just went along with what happened here instead of trying to fight it.

    1. in a world where people can’t die, gravekeepers, a city of dead, and immortals exist, having someone revived is unusual?
      keep in mind that Ai’s father, an immortal, is DEAD. i hardly doubt keeping a character alive is unfair.

      1. Except it was explained by the very same episode that Alice was BURIED by a gravekeeper. He is not supposed to be alive like this, otherwise it would imply that anyone could actually revive the dead for real. Sloppy no matter how you look at it.

  2. So does that mean the Deus ex Machina at the end mean that people can wish hard enough to bring people back from the dead, even if they’ve been buried? WHAT!?

    Nobody has been really resurrected, it was the Alis (in the outside ortus, think in it as a alternative universe) who was dead and buried, the Alis inside the loop(in the false ortus) was never dead thank to the wish made from the classroom. The false ortus was able to escape to the real world thak to a wish made from Ai, she saved the Alis she knows not the Alis who werw dead.

    At least, i intrepete it that way.

      1. Multiple wishes?. Ai has wished something more and being grantess across the series?. I see more probable the second option.

        And i don,t say it before, this it not an anime original ending, usually when anyone does it, the main goal it,s to put a closure before the time. This it not, because Alis being able to scape (a thing that seem to be also alike in the LN) only does the story more open. A anime original ending could have been if he was also gone with the end of the loop and not being saved, that would make the things more colsed(but it will be false with respect to the source).

  3. This anime have the elements to become one great series, unfortunately just like most light novel series nowadays, the length seems destroyed another great opportunity to have a memorable series.

    Well there’s light novel to redeem itself but still hoping for a fast paced translator.

  4. It’s a shame. I really enjoyed just about everything about this show but a Deus ex ending is just a disservice to viewers. Even Alis seemed annoyed by it too.

    We should be thanking you Zanibus not the other way around. Thanks for picking up the show and expressing my frustrations better than I could.

    1. Well the main point of the worls this series is that god can grant wishes, that was said since the start. Also it´s true that Alis doesn,t like how he was saved but that is beacuse as he said in episode 11 he doesn,t things who come without effort only that to God. That actitude only confirmed that the false Alis was saved with a wish.

  5. Alis said that Dee must have convinced herself that she was one who died so that MIGHT be the explanation as to why she was a ghost but still that doesn’t make much sense. Second why did they think it was a good idea to have Alis saved? Personally i felt like it made his self sacrifice to be ultimately meaningless. I was about to put it on the top of my list of best character deaths but then Ai somehow saves him. If i had to guess it was probably because she strongly wished to save him and God granted that wish……….but i don’t like that outcome one bit. It just feels like it cheapened the whole episode.

    I guess that they were going for a happy ending which I’m fine with but having a bittersweet ending isn’t bad either. I figured that this could be a way to allow Ai to grow out of her naivety and show that as much as she may choose not to accept it she can’t always save everyone she meets, change the way people feel or what they feel obligated to do. But the whole granting wishes concept really throws that out the door.

    This is probably my biggest problem with the series as a whole. Being able to solve situations/problems with a simple wish…………………..the concept isn’t bad but it was executed just so awfully here. For example. Isn’t entirely possible for the dead people of this world to wish themselves back to life? I’m certain that there are more than enough people to STRONGLY wish for that. After all Ai’s father was immortal until he wished to die after spending a day with Ai. That being the case why didn’t he just wish to be alive and able to travel with Ai through her journey? Why spend a day with her then at the end of it all make her bury your dead corpse possibly emotionally scarring her for life? Maybe these questions have been answered and i just didn’t notice but that’s just my main issue with the series.

    It was a good episode for me though honestly until the ending. All that build up for absolutely nothing. Such a shame……

    1. I,m pretty sure that Alis felt that way, he wanted to sacrifice himself.

      We don,t known the conditions from each wish. It,s a theory but i belive that,s to grant a wish it,s exential an specific conexion with god. The wish need to be done across the moment in with he left the world ,or at least in a place in with he is more present it was posible in the birthplace of gravekeepers and also in the class 3-4 a place who was also wish in own. The fact that God can grant wish don,t say that he can do it more than one time for each people.

      Kizuna already wasted his wish in the moment he wish to be inmortal years ago, it,s not like he could wish another thing, beacuse, well, God has already abandoned the world years ago and to pray him you need to search him in places in which he is more present. Or maybe he was only being selfihs and wanted a full death.

    2. I think it’s safe to say each person has only have one wish granted because, you know, you only die once.

      The condition is that, as observed, God grants one wish and takes death away. The dead cannot wish because they’re dead already. The undead cannot wish because they had their wishes granted and is now in an undead state because they have sold their death to God.

  6. Okay sorry for bothering, but can anyone tell me what happened to that white-haired guy? I tried to watch this show, but after 2 eps I gave up. I’d be very grateful for info, because I’m slighty curious why they got rid of character, who was supposed to be the main character ( at least what I assumed from trailer and first two eps… ).

    1. The white-haired guy chose to die by the hand of his gravekeeper daughter,. I won’t blame the anime for this, it’s just how the LN was structured cause in the LN he died at the end of Vol 1.

      The only MC in this story is Ai cause everyone else don’t have enough screentime as her. Yuri and Scar are probably No.2.

    2. 1 more thing. The novel has been adapted to volume 5 I think. And there has been 4 arc and a sidestory (unless you want to call Scar’s story an arc then it will be 5 arcs) and 5 LN to go with it. A character from the arc is rarely seen again after the arc concerning them is over. Like Ai’s Mom and Humpnie Humbert after the 1st arc, Kiriko and Ulla from Arc 2, students from arc 3 and this arc. I think the more core characters in the story is Ai, Yuri, Scar, Dee and Alis because of the fact they had more screentime than others. (Maybe not Dee after this arc)

      I know it’s weird but I guess it’s how the author chose to write the story: kill the most badass character off after vol 1.

  7. I am going to quote a spoiler from myanimelist user hokaru:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

    yeah, but that doesn’t answer the question why Scar didn’t smell him as gravekeeper then.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Vol 7 spoiler:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    note: Admin has permission to remove post if this is too big a spoiler. Thanks!

    BTW there’s an unaired episode 13 OVA too premiering on February 26, 2014.

      1. Volume 8 just got released in Japan in July. (15 months since Vol. 7) Might have Vol 9. out in November if the earier cycles continue.

        Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau gets the novel a couple of months later when they are licensed so they are up to volume 7 right now. Volume 8 has not been imported/licensed so no Chinese translation yet.

        I can read Chinese but still learning Japan. I’m hoping to be able to volunteer at BakaTsuki for this novel if I have the time.

    1. honestly, I was very skeptical of all the unanswered questions, but since the ending was covered by that beautiful ED, I let it slide. reading your explanation, however, gives me a great sense of relief and closure. thank you for sharing.

  8. According to posts from around the Internet by LN readers:

    Dee was a ghost because her corporeal body was stuck in the loop, so when she left the loop world, she manifested as a ghost. If any of the other people from class 3-4, they’d have ghost bodies too. Probably.

    Alice manifested as a corporeal body because he isn’t part of the loop, so there was nothing holding his corporeal body to the loop world. And he wasn’t sensed as being dead by Scar or Ai because of alternate world shenanigans. The world outside of the loop where Alice died is dead, the loopworld has Alice actually living. So when the loopworld Alis left the loopworld, he comes out alive.

    And like some other posters said, Ai wished hard for Alice to be saved. Herp derp.

    1. That wishing plot machine is convenient isn’t it? So if there’s a plot like that then I think most people will be alive if there is someone that they love/knew, will only wish for it.

      I think that is one heck of a mistake in the author’s viewpoint.

      1. It’s not really convinent. Lets put it this way, do you really want to wish to be immortal? Cause the one who grants the wish may do so quite literally so that you’d regret it later on.

        And as for the wish to bring Alis Alice (Really? A girl’s name for a guy?), Dee was laminating earlier within the episode about how they should’ve wish for him to be revived instead of looping their little world.
        Still, no one would be in their right mind during the incident 14 years ago to be able to make the right wish anyway…

      2. Actually there was only a limited timeframe where God granted wishes, just remember all the wishes troughout the story, they all happened 14 years ago, and since class 3-4 was stuck in a loop they lived through that same timeframe everytime the world reset, as such when Ai strongly wished for Alis to survive, it was granted.

      3. So that means beyond that point? the wishes can’t be granted anymore, meaning in the outside world.? If that’s the case that will answer the question of most viewer who’ve been confused today.

      4. Except the fact that Ai made a wish Illusion.

        Then it follows that the wish-granting isn’t for a limited time: it’s granted only once to anyone who will be born from then on. It only looked like it was for a limited time because babies stopped being born after that.

        Except Ai. Ai was born after that so she technically has one wish.

      5. Herp derp…

        I missed typing “…when the fake world was ending”. Your explanation can be true too, now that I reviewed the last scene(actually I reviewed the scene just to see Alice kiss Ai on the forehead, really cute).

      6. Hmm thinking about it, Is Kizuna died from a wish too? if it is, then why that his wish have been granted beyond the time wherein God is still giving some wishes (14 yrs).?

        Still a lot of unanswered question specially the wishing part… >_<

  9. Well, we were given every single fact about the incident except for 1 thing and we naturally suspected the wrong person. Yet we were very naturally led to the conclusion.

    It was great.

    ps. I don’t think this series was THAT sloppy.

  10. Man, everything about this show reeks of wasted potential. It’s got great backgrounds, awesome music and an interesting setup…only to squander it away with rushed arcs, Deus ex Machina and characters I personally could never really bond with. While not the worst show I’ve ever seen (it had a decent episode here and there), it is a dissapointment overall. It pretty much made the same mistakes as Maoyu did, thinking about it. Fantasy shows seem to be getting the shaft this year.

    Well, at least it’s over now. I’ll let the new season lick my wounds…

  11. Perfect ending… I guessed( that kiss part <3 <3 Alis x Ai!! )
    There's too much info left out in the anime…
    But heck… they did that to promote the LN 😛

    Overall kamisama no inai is one of the best series THIS SEASON(summer 2013)!

  12. If nothing else, the show was consistent in rush to cover material rather than properly pace itself and actually give the viewer some idea of what was going on Assuming each arc = one LN volume, we covered 4 LN volumes in 12 episode. That’s three measly episodes per volume – a torrid pace for a dialog driven show. Perhaps a “happy ending”, but rather than resolve some outstanding questions I had, it just created more.

    At the risk of repeating what others have said, the show had a lot of potential, but unfortunately, IMO, if failed to live up to that. Frankly, I’m a bit disappointed with the ending since up until this episode, the last arc was turning out to be the best one. So much for that.

    1. The “wish” part of the story is where I have trouble. It’s a juvenile writing approach. Similar to the way a young child will want to change the rules of a game when they are losing. No matter what happens the writer can “wish it away” instead of finding a rationale within the world they have set up to affect the same result. At least if they had made it clear that the wishes were limited to the time at which god left or some other limiting factor, it would have removed the deus ex machina aspects. How to save Alis without it? Instead of Alis pushing Ai out the door, she could have tackled him and taken him out with her. He already was shown to be able to exist in the outside world so that wouldn’t be too big of a leap to show him still alive.

      1. I agree that using a wish is a quintessential Deus Ex Machina type plot line. IMO it all goes back to the fact we have maybe 1/2 of the information we need to figure out what is going on. Clearly from the spoilers there’s a lot of information cut from the anime.

        As for Alis, I thought the the reason he couldn’t leave, was that they were “undoing” the wish = he ends up dead and staying that way. Might be wrong here. Question I have is that why couldn’t he just “stay dead”? Wouldn’t be the first character to die off in the series. Is his staying “alive” necessary for some future integral plot development or just a “happy ending”?

  13. This was one of those rare series that I actually dropped at episode 9,just lost interest…The world was interesting,sure,but the characters from which we learned about it were definitely not in my eyes(besides Humpnie).That and I think the constant lil’moe girl characters are getting to me.They didn’t bother me up till now but with so many shows having them(in main roles too) it’s getting hard to take them seriously when they try to be.

    1. At least you lasted until 9. I dropped it after 3 for obvious reasons. I just finished it after watching 4-12 over the last 2 days. Seriously, the series was dead after ep 3, 4-6 was OK, 7 & 8 made absolutely no sense, & the last 4 just made me want to drop the series again. It was a mess but it was definitely watchable since it was SO DIFFERENT – until it started to explain crap away with smoke, mirrors, & wishes.

      I can’t pinpoint why that last arc was so annoying but that cutesy ending kinda made up for it, if I actually paid attention to it – I was too busy watching football 😛 I’ll probably have to re-watch the last have of 12 just to say I watch the whole thing.

  14. Move aside ladies and gentlemen, nothing to see here. What’s that sir? What happened? Oh, just a train wreck…told you it’d end up this way…flawed by design…invented by a green engineer…exacerbated by modifications made by a confused build team…no surprise…

    Tl;Dr: I told you so…

  15. Annnd sequel hook!

    This is why I dislike Light Novels being adapted into anime: limited time, usually lots of details left out(not in this case though, only a bit) and when the series ends, we all know it isn’t actually THE END, unless stated otherwise like in ZnT, Oreimo and other series that ended at the same time with their respective canon sources. It feels gross and leaves you unsatisfied, wanting more.

    I like this series. I like the world it built. I like Ai for choosing to follow her mom’s footsteps, trying to find a purpose and identity as a gravekeeper. It’s addicting, since the idea is very original.

    I want a season two.

  16. So, it’s fine to throw logic out the window for a BAD end but not for a GOOD end? Dem double standards.

    Well, that’s fine. I feel exactly the opposite. I don’t mind throwing logic out of the window for a good end but do it for a bad end and your show/manga/whatever just made my shit list. I guess I’m just not emo enough to enjoy a bad end that’s done badly. Since this show technically pulled a bad and good end in the same season using ass pulled logic, I say it balances out. In fact, I wonder exactly at what point anyone made the mistake of trying to take this show seriously or thinking it followed any type of logic. At least it didn’t pull a Madoka and actively try to troll it’s own audience.

  17. Really, my problem is with the fact that they just thrown ideas around and never tie up the loose ends nowadays. That’s become something really standard with anime these days. Just like Gargantia and several others, that last only for 12 episodes, when they should be at leas the old 26 episode-per-season standard of the memorable Evangelion days… (whatever one thinks of Eva, at least the series gets closure!). I’m sorry, but I really don’t understand the way Japanese write their stories. Maybe it’s just because the anime got cancelled too soon, and I haven’t read the LN, but for me the main thing is finding out why did God abandon the world and what is the final role of the gravediggers, and also what is Ai’s role in that world, why have Scar and Ai’s mother become different from other gravediggers (I’m sure that should be tied with Ai’s special place in the story), and why did God abandon the world and what is It doing. No excuses like “it’s God, it’s beyond our understanding”. That’s just sloppy storytelling. The AUTHOR is the OverGod of his/her stories, so, provided he/she doesn’t violate the rules of his/her world, he/she can explain everything (which is good storytelling – imagine having a murder mystery where you never find out who is the culprit and how they done it), provided they don’t think that leaving loose ends is good storytelling (like most Japanese authors seem to think nowadays – Clamp’s XXX Holic immediately comes to mind as my greatest disappointment with that kind of disgusting sloppiness in a long time!). And “Kamisama no inai” is not even a real Bildungsroman (again, like Eva, whose loose ends don’t really bother me, as they are not really loose), because Ai doesn’t actually change throughout the story!!

    1. Let’s not be too harsh here. Sure the storytelling was flawed but I don’t think that they were given much of a choice. 12 episodes too cover that much? No way that can be done in the first place! At least not without sacrificing the story – and they did.

      You play with what you have. Want the LN animated? Sure. Want it to be more than 12 episodes? Can’t do. So you make do with the resources that you have to come up with a reasonable play. It sucks I know but it is what it is.

      Despite the handicap, I think they did a pretty good job at making the animation working. It’s not great but it is decent. Doesn’t stop me from lamenting what it could have been though.


    2. Actually the LN hasn’t ended yet so if you are looking for an explanation you have to wait for a team to translate the LN when it’s done or if we ever have a season two, should ever the explanation be told in the future.

      There are 8 volumes right now. No English translations AFAIK.

  18. I asked the same question about dee not having a form in the real world when alis was the one that died. My boyfriend came up with a great explanation actually .

    When Alis died he died in the real world, while everyone in class 3-4 were stuck in a ‘fake’ world. Because of this Alis had a body in the real world because that is where his physical body really is, while Dee’s physical body doesn’t exist in that world (the news paper said the whole class vanished)

    So Dee and the rest of the kids would have physical forms now because the world that had been holding those bodys ceased to exist.

  19. I’m hoping for a season two. I didn’t like this show at first, but I’ve had fun with this arc and I like the world and characters it has fostered. The ending did look like an asspull, but I spent a good 10 extra minutes trying to make sense of it all which was pretty fun for me, believe it or not. The explanation posted above makes sense as far as Kamisama goes, and I’m actually hoping to see more of Ai and what she can do to try and save a godforsaken world. Despite how this show refuses to explain what exactly is going on, I kind of enjoy how it allows me to speculate in a masochistic sort of way. Though there have been many complications and confusing plot developments, I’ve unwittingly fallen for the characters in this show and the setting is actually interesting for me. The soundtrack is awesome, and I really love Ai and Dee’s voices. Despite how this show is subject to a lot of criticism, I’m looking forward to seeing Nichiyoubi tight-rope walking that line between life and death.

  20. You tearjerked me for no reason! Give me my tears back you jerks!

    I should’ve known Ai would just dig Alis back up the moment he said he was given a burial by a gravekeeper >.>

    The plot of this arc felt like the Kingdom Hearts series to me, so many retcons, contradictions and inconsistencies. Just like Kingdom Hearts, I still loved this show because it had heart, no pun intended.

    I demand a season 2 with no contradictions next time! Also, I demand a Scar in a bikini slice of life OVA.

  21. I loved the anime and the animations. It was really clear but i’m afraid they didn’t make the ending clear enough. At first, i thought: Ai must have dug up Alis. That was so sweet ^^ but now that i think about it, how can Alis possibly remember Ai if he was revived and dug up? Also, If Ai could have dug up Alis, she could simply dig up her father and mother as well. When I got to the point where i though Ai must have made a wish, it got much more clear to me. I really liked this anime but i got a bit confused on some parts.

    I really want a season two because i would love to see how the producers can make Ai continue. A bit of slice of life isn’t so bad either. It would be fun to watch. Maybe of them going for a little trip or something? I hope they make the manga continue this anime. Otherwise, make them twist the ending to the anime a bit in the manga to make it more clear. I guess we will have to wait and see. I hope the manga reaches to the point of surpassing the anime.

  22. So, granted wishes can bring people back, does that mean that, if there is a second season, Kizuna (Hampnie) could come back? I thought he was a great character, and being the selfish person I am, couldn’t accept his death. Though, I think the only reason that the story from Hampnie’s arc on played out the way it did was because the manga only went as far AS that first arc. Now, I don’t know if this series is also a light novel set, so I could be wrong.

  23. To be truthful, the ending was a emotional way to put it simple, yes it had its flaws but I have my own interpretation.( should I use interpretation, is that really how to put it, ehm whatever)

    I believe, now go with me here, that the two worlds are both reality shown differently, in Ai world, Alis Colour, of class 3-4 , died in a attempt to save Dee. The false Dee. But in the other world that resets every 28th July, Dee died falling from the window. The classes from both worlds at the same time wished from eternity. After doing so they all disappeared and formed into each other and were suck in the loop.

    ( This would explain why when Ai found that news article, it read one dead sixteen missing- in Ai world of course)

    During so their memories were erased and to prevent escape, the loop created ever lasting life in the loop world.

    The one died from the article was Alice, but his soul relapsed into the body of the parallel world Alis, that is why their names are different. In Dee world- Alis. In Ai world-Alice Colour

    This also explains why Dee becomes a ghoust in Ai world. She died in her reality but she was reset in the loop, because her reality never existed, in the real reality(Ai world) Dee still died & became a ghoust in their world.

    This also explains why Alis thought he would disappear at the end but didnt( If this is what the plot was about) because There are two Alis Colour. There isnt two Dee’s. In reality Alice dies, but in the 28th world Dee dies only to find out it was really Alis. But I believe because of the relapsed into The real Alice& the parallel world Alis to die in the loop but in both realities live. The grave belongs to one half of the real Alice, the Ai world reality Alice died and so did Dee world Alis but both dying halves became one & created loop world Alis, because he is half Ai world reality this is why he stays materialized in her world

    At the end, because the loop world disappears, there is no need of loop world Alis so the loop world sends out the loop world Alis like everyone else in the process of Ai being pushed away by loop world Alis. This is why he says, ” you shouldn’t have saved me”

    Well this is my interpretation. Please rate & comment below!:)

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