「なでこメドゥーサ其ノ參」 (Nadeko Meduusa So no San)
“Nadeko Medusa Part Three”

After watching this week’s episode, I have to say that Hanazawa Kana (the voice actress for the lovable Sengoku) could probably make a pretty darn good villain. Because up until I watched her lose her composure, I felt pretty wishy-washy about this week’s episode. Sure SHAFT is doing a great job of continuing the whole theme of Sengoku trying to escape from this “damsel in distress” persona she’s created but with two episodes already devoted to really highlighting the issue, I don’t know if the dialogue with Tsuhiki was really necessary. I mean, the whole point of the two talking was to have her eventually cut off Sengoku’s prized bangs right?

And I say that because I would have loved to see more of Black (or would you say white for her?) Sengoku. Because after watching her just take everyones crap ever since Bakemonogatari it felt really satisfying to see her finally let loose. Throw in the added bonus that a pissed off and condescending Hanazawa is something you don’t normally hear and you have one of the most unique situations ever. If anything, I was wishing that she’d stay like that for the rest of the season!

Besides those two things though, there really isn’t much else to talk about! With the story right about to hit a huge turning point, only time will tell what will actually happen. That said, it’s pretty funny how the overall feel for the episodes have transitioned from watching an innocent girl figure out what she wants to a complete and total SNAFU. Seeing how Araragi seems to be in just the right place at just the right time and managed to catch Sengoku red handed, you have to wonder just how bad things go from here for her to turn into a homicidal maniac. And if I were to make an assumption based off of what we’ve seen thus far, maybe when the snake gives Sengoku her bangs back, she gets a little more than she wanted — ie: Medusa like snake hair!

P.S. Sorry for the extra late post guys. I drove down to California over the weekend for the League of Legends Championship game (GO SKT1!) and managed to catch a nasty cold from probably cheering too hard. I did get to catch up with Mason aka Tachiwani which was really awesome but probably only exasperated things. So once again, thanks again for being so supportive of the site and myself. <3 you all!


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  1. I have to admire Sengoku for her outburst at the teacher and students. Even if the snake influenced her, she was able to tell off those people how she felt, especially with the yelling and the broken door XD

    P.S: Even if the post is late, I still enjoy your posts Takaii

    1. HanaKana going all crazy is always an enjoyable moment XD. She does have a wonderful ability in which she can do a full 180 in personalities.

      In this case though, it was rather shocking and also hilariously funny how Nadeko goes from being all demure into just completely batshit insane~

      And that ero-mag browsing of Koyomi’s collection…. Lol

  2. First, why is Tsukihi at Koyomi’s bed first thing in the morning? Second, why do I sense a lot of Hanekawa vibes in those ero books Nadeko found?

    Really, Nadeko was pondering about something a season late. Her worries was answered back in Nisemonogatari by his own Koyomi-oniichan. “Like how we should accept our weakness, you should accept your strength too” – something a long those lines when he was talking to Hanekawa.

      1. actually the story goes back much earlier..
        I think Araragi had some interest in Hanekawa since Kizumonogatari,
        Show Spoiler ▼

        Though as it turns out, his brother-sister talk with Tsukihi determined him to be sexually frustrated instead of actually being in love in Hanekawa; hence the suggestion for porn mags.

        Seems like Araragi isn’t done with some interests I guess.
        All those mags are of the big boobs & glasses genre, reminiscent of her.

    1. Koyomi did mention before that Hanekawa was in his eyes, the ideal and perfect girl or something if i recall. Unfortunately for Hanekawa, he’s already outright said that he is completely in love with Hitagi.

    2. Tsukihi Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Talk about losing it. O.O Sengoku totally snapped giving a brutally frank lecture worthy of Hachiman. It’s always the quiet ones…

    Got to love Araragi’s timing. Quite the heroic entrance. He’s really come a long way from the “oddity novice” we saw back in Bakemonogatari.

    Not much else to say but once again another great EP IMO. As always, looking forward to the next one.

    @Takaii: No worries. Hope you feel better.

  4. Homicidal maniac.. Oh, the memories of Kara no Kyoukai <3 Love you Shiki!

    Back to the ep..
    Loved Sengoku's outburst. Loved Tsukihi's appearance. Can't wait for the next ep!

    Senjougahara Hitagi
  5. My jaw was practically hanging the whole time I was watching Sengoku-chan’s outburst. I was watching it in Commie subs, so even if the translations were inaccurate, I can still understand what she was saying, even without it.

  6. poor Nadeko, she couldn’t bear the burden anymore. we can really see how she is being pressured from alot of sides.
    I think the conversation with Tsuhiki was important, clearly nothing there was actually new to Nadeko, but what she did was to say things so directly to Nadeko, while so far everything was just in her own thoughts. when you say things aloud and straightforward to someone, it gets different aspect. like suddenly it’s so much “real”.

    Araragi’s apperance at the end was great end for episode!

    you know…Sengoku reminded me Hanekawa Tsubasa. both of them are class rep (among class reps) who love the same guy. they both pressured by other things from nearby environment (Sengoku mostly from class and Tsubasa mostly from parents)..and even deep down they know it but..couldnt handle it on their own.
    I want to see how Sengoku’s case will come to an end, it’s becoming very interesting.

    1. Add in the factors that both of them have their own “curse” that’s just as much a part of their problem as their surroundings are (Sengoku -> outright social anxiety and issues at self-worth; Hanekawa -> having a heart of gold to the degree she accepts everything and everyone), and I share this impression.

      Actually, this comparison can even be applied to the structure and style of progression of their arcs as well, given these arcs put so much emphasis on fleshing out their titular characters they -in my opinion- actually requiere a different than usual mindset to get the most out of them. Out of the three arcs S2 featured so far, I think Kabuki can be considered the one that is the easiest to digest, mostly because its structure and style of progression is the closest to what the franchise was doing before S2 started.

      1. that’s exactly why I love this season so much. I think it’s the best “monogatari” so far by all parameters. and we still have 2 extra arcs (shinobu and Hitagi Senjougahara <3).

  7. Really looking forward to next episode.
    Seems like it’ll be the last & leads to the climax scene.
    *This episode counted till Chapter 20, while according to Baka-Tsuki, there’s 24 overall.

  8. Hanasawa Kana had just gone into full-on bitch mode, and it was totally awesome. She was a child actor before entering the VA business, after all, so her ability to do something entirely different is to be expected, but it is still a refreshing watching experience. 😀

    More importantly, why on earth is Araragi hiding his cursed magical talismans inside his porn collection? When an epic lolicon like him of all people should know that these are one of the first items curious girls seek out when visiting his room. (Either via curiosity or in Senjougahara’s case, in an inquisitorial mood. ) 😉

  9. Hahaha,oh man,that was just awesome.I kind of wish they would’ve showed at least the teacher’s face Sengoku’s rage!I could imagine what Sengoku would act like if she’d play a game of LoL with a noob/feeder/flamer team xD

  10. Well, this whole arc was written so that HanaKana could perform like that. It was quite worth it.

    But.. Why didn’t Tsukihi comfort her or anything? she only said (in cryptic words nonetheless) that she can’t have feelings for Koyomi after knowing she had a girlfriend and cut her bangs after saying what amounts to “I’ve had it with you.” wasn’t she supposed to be a close friend?

    Nevertheless. this arc made Nadeko one of the more interesting character… if not miserable.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I thought too. I guess people just didn’t like hearing this show being called “preachy”–which it is, i think. which I also think is inevitable since Monogatari is a dialogue-centered story.

        Also, as S83 said below. almost every girl in the show did still pine for Koyomi even after knowing about his relationship. This has got me thinking that Tsukihi (whose boyfriend was said to resemble Koyomi and with whom she got into a relationship just to make her brother jealous), and Shinobu (who teared apart a middle schooler even though as an ancient being she should be wiser) are just jealous girls who wants to mow down competitions.

        Oh, and. I may remember this wrong, but didn’t the Fire Sisters thought Koyomi’s girlfriend is Hanekawa?

  11. I was watching this episode with a big smile on my face, because Nadeko’s freakout was awesome. I haven’t seen HanaKana go this nuts since Chiaki’s crowning moment of awesome in Mouretsu Pirates either.

    “Don’t you dare go thinking that meek people are meek inside as well!” indeed. While Nadeko has always been rather shy and ‘cute’, we already got plenty of inklings in previous series that she was anything but innocent (hell, just take her first main scene in Nisemonogatari) and that part of her certainly comes out in full force here. I also liked how the snake made it clear that he wasn’t possessing her or anything, but merely lowered her natural inhibitions a bit, saving us from that cop-out explanation later. Now then, what’s going to happen next now that Araragi’s entered the scene? I doubt it’ll end well, in any case, at first anyway.

    On a side note, though I had some issues with Hanakawa’s arc, the last two stories prove yet again why I love this series to begin with.

  12. Tsukihi’s pretty hypocritical for calling Nadeko out for her hopeless unrequited love for Araragi when TSUKIHI PICKED HER BOYFRIEND BECAUSE HE LOOKS LIKE ARARAGI.

    It’s also a shame that they cut out the scene where Karen fixes Nadeko’s hair. Karen is best imouto, hands-down.

  13. “After watching this week’s episode, I have to say that Hanazawa Kana (the voice actress for the lovable Sengoku) could probably make a pretty darn good villain.”

    You probably never saw Iris Heart from Choujigen Game Neptune. :S

    1. Yeah.. >>
      I think all my stupid jumping off of high places is really catching up to me in terms of my back — but I’m all good from that! <3

      But I probably caught this cold from a friend who insisted he wasn’t sick and kept drinking from my drinks q.q

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