「しのぶタイム其ノ肆」 (Shinobu Taimu So no Shi)
“Shinobu Time Part Four”

Please excuse me while I wipe the tears off of my face. Not only was I already stressed when this episode started because I thought Shionbu might be facing certain death, but to watch one of my favorite characters get completely written off in a single episode just made me lose it. But before I even start this post, to all the haters out there who can’t fathom a high school student and a elementary student making out, can we all agree that it was an amazingly cute gesture to really sum up all of Hachikuji’s feelings for Araragi? Thank you to everyone in the comments for being awesome and agreeing with me <3. Opinions aside, I don’t think anyone can disagree that it out of everyone, Mayoi has probably left with the biggest bang thus far.

But even with that super cute ending move taking up most of my imagination, it still can’t quell the amount of disgust/anger I have toward Gaen. I couldn’t care less about her clairvoyance and I don’t think a power like that empowers someone to be so damn snarky. Not only was every other sentence that came out of her mouth disgustingly condescending but to wait until the very end of her explanation to say that it was Hachikuji and not Shinobu who was in danger in order to get Araragi to play along with her plan made me want to spite her very existence. Actually, I don’t think spite is a strong enough word to describe how disgusting her actions were — feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

That said, I will give some credit where credit is due. And by that I mean giving Gaen a smidge of it when she actually gave us some facts behind the black blob of death’s purpose. Because while a broken blob that can do whatever it wants sounds a tad overpowered, it makes a lot more sense that it’s some sort of higher-existence whose sole job is to rid the world of broken aberrations. I mean, aberrations already operate beyond logic and reason so it makes sense that the systems in place to control them have to be whatever is beyond that!

Unfortunately, this is the part of the post where I’ll probably start to fall apart again. But before that happens let’s try to type this all out! Out of all the episodes so far, I don’t think there’s been one that’s got me as emotionally riled up as this week’s. Listening to how Hachikuji has been doing the complete opposite of what’s she’s supposed to be doing — guiding others instead of leading them astray — really swayed my feelings. Add in how she tried to push Araragi away because she sincerely cared about his well-being and knew that he wouldn’t let go without a fight and I couldn’t help but start to shed a few years. And just when I thought I’d able to hold it all in, Hachikuji just had to lose her composure which was just enough to get the waterworks flowing.

All-in-all, as much as I hate to admit that Hachikuji won’t be showing up anymore, I have to commend SHAFT for doing such a great job with this episode and the arc as a whole. Not only did they give both Shinobu and Hachikuji some amazing episodes but if I were to pick between the two, Hachikuji would win in a heartbeat. From the fanservice to the way they subtly added in one of Hachikuji and Araragi’s famous gag lines only to surprise us with a kiss are all little things that just made everything that much better. While I have no idea what’s in store for us in the coming weeks, I know for sure that a little something will definitely be missing without our favorite little snail.

P.S. Fuck Ougi.

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  1. Hachikuji is my favorite among Koyomi’s “harem” because she was the most “normal” (personality-wise) despite being the most “tragic” character. Also, I applaud the creators of this episode for not including any fanservice.

  2. I bit your tongue.

    The feels. Goddamn feels. I’m pretty sure Hachikuji will still show up – Monogatari’s timeline jumps around a lot – but damn, this episode was as uplifting as it was crushing

    Though Ononoki wasn’t exactly the star of this arc, I loved her parts – especially when she wordlessly assists Mayoi in delivering her farewell.

    …Goddamn feels.

    Who the heck is Ougi? Last Boss? I thought that was Nadeko. Where in hell did she come from? D:

  3. It’s interesting how in Hachikuji’s arc, Shinobu steals the show, while in this arc (technically Shinobu’s arc) Hachikuji steals the show. Sayonara, Hachikuji Mayoi, my manly tears are for you.

  4. Man when Gaen was like “WAKE THE FUCK UP AND STOP YOUR FAKE SLEEPING Hachikuji”, that scared the fuck out of me, I mean she felt extremely mad, did not expect that from her. Dont wana mess with that bitch or you gona die lol

      1. Wait. Not 20, there’s no ED cards for the recaps. So that makes 17 so far.
        And they only get uploaded to site 1 or 2 days after airing date.

        Btw, their twitter site pretty much confirms there’ll be no recap this week as Ep21.
        Straight dive into Koimonogatari 🙂

  5. Man, this episode gave me more chills than the last episode of Nadeko’s arc (although her story overall was still really damn chilling). Show Spoiler ▼

    I am very curious as to what’s going to come next.

    By the way, is the end of season 2 the ending of the anime altogether? I’m really, really hoping it isn’t.

    Jank Hambrams
    1. Well, Monogatari Series has its legacy standing in front of us, and I personally think they’ll continue the anime until the source material runs out. We’ll eventually find out though until Kizu and Hanamonogatari comes out.

      Dem feelz for this ep.

      Senjougahara Hitagi
    2. With all those DVD’s/BD’s selling like hotcakes? I don’t think so. Surely that’s why we won’t see much from SHAFT that is not Monogatari or Madoka for a while.
      Curiously while Mayoi’s arc was more focused on Shinobu and barely had Mayoi, the opposite happened in Shinobu’s arc.

      1. That’s Nisio trolling for you, though of course he didn’t forget to compensate for that.
        Koimonogatari, the next arc after this that’s coming would be the bigger troll I guess.
        Name of the story arc there being Show Spoiler ▼

        Always been looking forward to Koimonogatari out of all the arcs,
        but really, the broadcast order of Neko(Shiro)-Kabuki-Otori-Oni,
        with each arc being better than before, really hypes Koi up for me 🙂

  6. First, giving me a lifelong dream of having a mature version of Mayoi but only for some little time, and now, you completely take Mayoi away from me? Hell no.. Time to do a World Line jump. I-am-world-jumping, sonuvabetch!

    Senjougahara Hitagi
  7. Hachikuji, nooo! ToT

    Her rapport with Araragi was one of the highlights of the whole series, rivalling even that of him and Senjougahara at times.

    Araragi has three kisses from three lolis (whose actual ages are much older than him) in one arc, with Hachikuji being the most bittersweet, referencing to her usual “biting her tongue” remark everytime she purposely mispronounces Araragi’s name, “biting” his lips instead.

    We’re still nowhere to learning the rest of the timeline gap that took place between Hachikuji’s departure and the end of Nekomonogatari. What is this “task” that Gaen asks of Araragi? Why is Kanbaru’s monkey arm needed? And how does this lead to them acquiring the snake talisman which Nadeko would later use to make her ascension into a Snake God?

  8. Sayonara, Hachikuji Mayoi;
    sayonara, our ever-loli favourite loli, which not even out imoutos/musumes could ever replace*;
    we’re very glad & happy to know you, hontouni;

    In memory of Hachikuji Mayoi:

    *(unless you convert your little sisters/daughters/granddaughters to a cyborg, they grow up to become an annoying and rebellious teenagers, unlike Mayoi).

    Lone Wanderer
    1. When Hachikuji was moving sluggishly & her backpack looks like it’s too heavy for her, I was thinking she’s already going to disappear; but it turns out it’s because she was being carried by Ononoki…

      But now we will never know what’s the contents of Hachikuji’s backpack anymore…

      *typo in first post: out=our

      Lone Wanderer
  9. All those feels…

    Okay, so by the end of this arc alone, we pretty much have the connections to Neko-Shiro (Tsubasa Tiger) hinted at; eg Araragi sending a text message to the girls, and Araragi needing Kanbaru’s help with a job.

    What I’m wondering now though, is would the Kanbaru + Araragi job be elaborated / animated sometime later? (Eg in Hana-, or Koyomimonogatari?)
    Or only as a mention in this episode?

      1. Hanamono will be animated in 2014, that was announced.
        the rest?I wish I could be optimist. Kizu is still in unknown status for a long time (THO there was a false alarm for it to be this fall. but – false alarm).
        at least shaft announced they’ll adapt all monogatari series at some point.
        besides the regulars we still left (Kizu – unknown, Koimono – final arc of this season, Hanamono-2014), there is still season #3 which is still being written those days by NisiOisiN: Tsukimonogatari, Koyomimonogatari (volume 1 out of 2 was released last month) and we still have at least 2 books: Koyomimonogatari vol2 and Zokuowarimonogatari.
        so considering the fact it’s not over yet…maybe the LN-series will end in 2014..I still don’t think shaft will make a move for season 3 that quickly before they can really “see the ending” 😛

      2. Kanbaru is indeed the protagonist of Hanamonogatari, but the novel does not deal with Gaen’s job.

        Honestly, I can’t say I am too happy with the completely out-of-order presentation of the story at this point, especially considering that both Nisio and Shaft (Kizu?) are at fault here…

  10. Damn, this episode gutpunched me far more than I expected. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like crap so much after watching an anime. I mean, I figured something like this may be coming, so it’s not like it caught me by surprise…but still, damn. Mayoi was one of my favourite characters, if not my favourite, the smart-ass yet tragic ghost-loli who was always ready to either pull a comedy act with Araragi or give him advice. And now she’s gone.

    There were a lot of things that strengthened that scene for me. Araragi’s helplessness being one of them – this is a man who’d throw his life away to wander with her forever, if need be, even if he had to abandon everyone else for it. And he’d probably gladly give his life fighting the abomination as well…but he can’t fight it. It’s practically some kind of eldritch horror, here to correct what’s wrong, and he can’t punch his way out of that one. He has no way but to accept it, because Mayoi understandably never wants to return to what she originally was. Then there was Mayoi breaking down when she asked him to pull out a cliché line said when ghosts pass on (with him refusing), and finally, that kiss and confession. Goddamn. And Araragi was so shocked he couldn’t even say his final words to her himself…

    And yeah, Gaen is kind of a bitch. But to me, it seems like she doesn’t care about anything in the first place. After all, ever her niece is just a tool to her. She made clear she didn’t even want to do an introduction out of courtesy, even though Kanbaru doesn’t exactly have much family walking around. And fuck Ougi indeed. What the hell is she, anyway? Guess we’re about to find out. Wonder if it’s final boss time already.

  11. that was damn good.
    the first half was quite a regular for monogatari, but it prepared the ground for its second half. full of emotions wrapping you up.

    do you remember how this arc has even started?after Araragi and shinobu tried their hardest to return in time and prevent the accident, then fixing whatever mess they did..and now, eventually, Hachikuji ended being gone.
    since he met her, Araragi had a special click with Hachikuji, something he didn’t have with others. and that ep, simply wrapped up everything to him. it’s tearing. I’ll really miss those moments of Hachikuji and Ararararagi (opps bit my tongue :P)

    some old cliche may rings a bell here – you can’t always get what you want. I am not sure it’s about it, but it’s true Araragi simply can’t save the day and everyone all the time. you win some, you lose some. we saw it as well in Nadeko’s case.

    it seems we have a recap next week..right? to be honest, I don’t like those recaps, but this time…it’s necessary indeed to digest this episode and the fact Hachikuji is gone 🙁

  12. I remember back in the first episode of Otorimonogatari, when Ougi bumbed in to Nadeko, she said she was looking for Hachikuji. So there’s hope we’ll be seeing her again.

    On a side note, we didn’t get any OP for this arc! I was hoping for a Maaya Sakamoto song!

    1. while I’d love to see Hachikuji, sometimes..one must let go.
      I think that was one of the purposes of this ep, even in the ending. Araragi didn’t want to do it, but it was inevitable. moreover, I think Hachikuji was the one who ended up being lost in this world (mostly when Araragi wasn’t around), reluctant to fulfil her duty as lost-cow, was kinda affecting her. she didn’t want people to get lost, that made her realize her KI is meaningless in this world, like she isn’t belong there anymore.
      poor Hachikuji 🙁

  13. I cut Araaragi some slack about his willingness to be “lost” with Mayoi without regard for the others. He was frantic, heartbroken, desperate and not thinking clearly. It was purely an emotional response. I empathize with him.

    And that was not a chaste kiss from Mayoi! But then she’s actually older than Araragi. Ononoki helping out was hilarious.

    One of the most emotional goodbyes I’ve watched in anime. Still gets to me each time I think about it.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  14. i knew this was coming sooner or later. mayoi couldn’t have lasted that long, she was meant to pass on in her first arc. this episode gave her the proper closure she deserved, and it couldn’t have been done any better.



    *retreats into my dungeon of dream doujins*

  15. Wow… Just an amazing episode. It’s still a bit hard to believe that Mayoi’s gone. As sad as it may be and I’d prefer not to have a repeat incident (unless it’s Gaen or Ougi), it’s this type of complex, unpredictable, and genuinely emotional story telling that makes this show – this series so great IMO. There have been a number of excellent shows this year, but after watching this episode it will be hard for me not to vote for Monogatari Series Second Season as AOTY.

    Shaft continues to do an outstanding job with production. One thing I thought was particularly good was the way Mayoi at first tried to look on the bright side – noting how she got more time than she should have (e.g. “extra innings”, etc.). She was resigned to her fate, almost matter of fact about it, but when Araragi kept desperately trying to find a way to fix things, you could hear the emotion creep more and more back into her voice until she finally broke down in tears. For me, that approach made the scene more emotionally compelling than had she simply been crying all the way through. Excellent job by her seiyuu IMO.

    As for Araragi, while I can understand his despair over the situation, I find it a little hard to give him a full pass on completely forgetting about everyone else when suggesting he becomes lost for years and years in order to save Mayoi. Kudos to her for making him realize the cost of that course of action. Mayoi definitely showed some maturity with that.

    In the end, we get another silver lining type of ending. Before Araragi couldn’t save Mayoi from dying, but we discovered than in some alternate timeline, she did avoid the accident and grow into a fine young women. Not ideal given the destruction Shinobu/Kiss-shot caused, but better than nothing. Here Mayoi can’t be saved, but rather than be erased by the “darkness” she passes on onto the afterlife. Again, less than ideal, but I was glad to get at least that consolation prize rather than she disappear completely. It made losing Mayoi much more tolerable.

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who was irritated by Gaen. What an arrogant b**ch. If that’s the way she is, Kanbaru is better off without her. She wants to meet her niece now? Where was she when Kanbaru really needed her help or even prevent Kanbaru from using the Rainy Day Devil hand from the start? After all, she does know everything. Bah. And yes Takaii – fuck Ougi. I trust her about as much as a wounded pit viper. Pure speculation on my part, but given the way Ougi described her “job”, it wouldn’t surprise me if she had some connection to this “darkness” since it has a very similar purpose. Meme, come back and straighten out your niece.

      1. Meme’s the best of the bunch IMO. He might be a bit of a smartass, but he still helps people and, except for Araragi, doesn’t charge them more than they can afford. I really don’t have any issues with Meme other he tends to withhold too much information at times. Kagenui has her faults as well, BUT she’s not entirely unreasonable as we saw in Tsukihi Phoenix. Not saying she’s great by any means, but I definitely place her above Kaiki and Gaen.

    1. Hachikuji is so lovable.. My favorite character.

      As for the two bitches, Gaen and Ougi:go fuck themselves. (Especially fuck Gaen. Ougi? what is this? who cares?)
      honestly,.. felt like beating the shit out of Gaen and kick the scum into the water to shut its bullshit annoying garbage quibbling face and insubstantial far-fetched lengthy craps. Who cares what this scum says? What a heartless, rude, mean, contemptible, patronizing bi*ch: a worthless pile of sh*t. How dare she denigrates and scares Hachikuji so bad. sheer lack of integrity. despicable pathetic bitch. it is utterly unacceptable, unfair and unjust to condemn/judge and treat Hachikuji like the scum bitch did. No one is entitled to do such a hideous act. Who the f*ck does the bitch think she is. Go to hell. A good whack or other drastic measures should be applied to the Gaen bitch to knock some sense into it. The bitch should be punished.

      Well done, Araragi for siding with Hachikuji. That’s the way to go, man.

  16. I thought I couldn’t dislike Ougi any more after the previous Nadeko Arc, but now I’m just ready to punch her in the face. Pretty well blatantly saying she is either that darkness or perhaps the judge that sets it off. This character just showed up randomly and has been causing hell the whole time.

    Still damn…I mean what the heck happened this week? Focused on Shinobu’s situation and get slapped in the face with Hachikuji vanishing. I mean sure I kind of had a feeling something might happen last season with a couple scenes we had with her. But damn…this was just out of nowhere.

    This was a rough one.

  17. Sup, this episode was so damn good I just had to leave a post! Great read and we seem to be thinking along the same lines. I actually think I teared up during this episode… AT WORK! Man I haven’t felt so emotional for anime since Clannad and that’s saying a lot! Thanks for blogging this one Takaii!

  18. Why they put the ending theme where they did? I would have really liked to have seen Hachikuji pass on. Why was the nothingness devouring the townspeople 400 years ago if it’s only supposed to go after oddities?

    If this was happening in August and 4 months later would be December then that conversation with Ougi occurred after Nadeko’s arc right?

    1. Do have a theory about why the townspeople were involved. One idea is that the nothingness (feels like I’m talking about the Neverending story here) was removing all trace of Shinobu’s lie from the world. Eliminating everything that falsely considered her a god. Because even then she still persisted in her lie going around investigating with the First Oddity Hunter, she was then targeted.

      Timeline wise I have no idea. I wouldn’t be surprised though. What happened to Nadeko would likely make Araragi seriously suspicious about Ougi and thus why he talked to her about what happened.

  19. If SHAFT’s Madoka Magica made an excellent ending, surely, this show will as well, and I bet so will all the other shows SHAFT’s gonna produce. (Nisekoi, watch for it~!)

    Red HeartGold ZX
  20. I felt utterly shocked when I finished watching this episode, I just couldn’t believe what I had just seen, unbelievable! MY HACHIKUJI! GONE? FOREVER? Wow, it left me speechless, I didn’t see that coming and it made me feel really miserable =(

  21. Mayoi’s goodbye scene surpassed Hanekawa’s confession scene for me.
    Although Hanekawa is my OTP, Mayoi is my favorite character due to her funny chemistry with Ararararagi. So I’m really depressed right now. I’m really glad that I refrain my self from reading the source material and any spoiler until now.

  22. I guess I’m the only one who likes Ougi xD
    I have a suspicion that she is much kinder/more important than she appears.
    Time to go to Baka-Tsuki and read through the timeline again and try to make sense of all these cross-story connections!

  23. Mayoi left on August 23.
    Nadeko talked to Ougi on October 31.
    Koyomi told Ougi the story in Late December.
    Either Ougi knows WAY more than she lets on or she literally didn’t know Hachikuji was gone. Though why she wanted to find Hachikuji raises questions as well.

  24. Oh man, just sighs, Araragi’s harem has been reduced in half in this series alone. I’m afraid to see the next episodes and what their tragedy will show. Hanekawa Tsubasa is rejected, Sengoku Nadeko turns into a snake god/villain, and now Hachikuji Mayoi passed on. Seriously the only ones he has left is Shinobu, Senjougahara, and Kanbaru (I think? Not clear about their relationship, whether its just best friends or could possibly be romantically or at least the same love as he shares with Hachikuji).


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