“With You Again”

Thanksgiving Break was great, but it’s back to the writing board for this blogger! This week is in a rush to get the ball moving for next episode, which produces mixed results that may or may not depend on which ship you’re rooting for.

The Koko cheer squad should feel…conflicted at best about this episode. On one hand, there’s finally a kiss between our current couple, but on the other hand, that kiss is quickly passed over as a transition into a flashback completely unrelated to her. Frankly I saw no signs of Koko having these insecure moments until the show decided to place these not-so-subtle signs into the mix–the show loses pacing points for this, though it is good that they finally arrived at this junction after our couple has been together for a relatively long chronological period. After all, in relevance to the other characters on the show (especially compared to Linda), Koko and Banri’s relationship hasn’t had near enough time to have developed properly. Hence, the scenes with reconciliation seem a bit forced due to the short supply of previous conflict, but the overall feeling of Banri protecting Koko and looking out for her was well-expressed.

Linda fans on the other hand should feel massively glad that the show could easily lead down a path where Linda is soon to show her true feelings towards our now-corporeal old Banri. The flashback, though tragic for Linda’s brother, does provide us with some important insights into Linda’s attitudes and affections towards Banri. Once again, Linda shows to us her strong tendencies to protect the people she loves as much as she can, even if it involves questionable ethical issues. She’s done it once to protect new Banri from afar through ignorance and she’s done it again with her brother in order to protect her feelings. Though we can really have no guarantee that justice was indeed served, Linda’s protectiveness of people’s feelings (even to a fault) has become her definitive character trait–one that we’ll no doubt see more of or see radically change as the story progresses.

Now, there are some interesting events in this episode which foreshadow much of the future, both in terms of revelations and events. First, the male in the affair this episode seemed awfully, AWFULLY shady. Though it is a bit of a stretch, there could be a possibility that Banri’s motorcycle assailant was actually out for revenge–revenge for a boy who was insolent enough to interfere in the affairs of adults. If this were the case, it’d make for a nice connection of events that ultimately have lead to Banri’s current fate.

Second, old Banri is no longer a ghost, via a Natsuyuki Rendezvous-esque style. Ghost who passed into the spirit world in an untimely manner decides to possess a body that is close to his former love interest, mainly to tie up loose ends. Though the intentions and characters are different, the core premise is the same for both stories, and anyone who’s seen both would agree. However, undoubtedly so is old Banri’s time in a solid form limited–it’d be too much of a game-changer for new Banri to simply disappear while old Banri completely unravels the mysteries of his past for us. No, I believe he’s going to stay only for an episode or two before he departs–willing or not–back into the spirit world.

Unfortunately for those of you who wished to interpret old Banri as a symbol rather than an actual person, that theory was crushed today in the last minute of this episode. This in itself is an iffy sort of direction for the show since it introduces possible deus ex machina resolutions, but at the same time it can serve as an important plot device in shaking up Koko, Banri, and Linda’s love triangle. We’ve already seen Koko as feeling insecure in the relationship, but what possible instability could be in store if Koko were to see old Banri and Linda in such an intimate manner? What possible emotional strain would Linda have to go through if her feelings for Banri were impossible to hold back? All of these are good questions that we hope to see answered in the next few episodes, before the halfway mark is reached.




    1. Actually I am quite pissed because of it.
      Linda could have just step forward and find a new love, and the things would have turned out ok with Koko and Banri.
      But they brought back old Banri only to make drama, there was no sense to bring him back righ after when Banri and Kouko finalyl together. If he wanted to come back he could have came before they start dating. Its not like Banri and Linda never meet before, or he didnt want to remember his past.
      When the aututhor sacrifices a character, or make a villian out someone for the plot or to make tension and drama its kind of dirthy.

  1. As much as I’m grateful for getting Nana and Kouko ponytail I can’t see a good ending for Nana at this point. The return of Banri 1.0 is probably not going to be a good thing for anyone.
    Hypothesis 1: Banri 1.0 will want to re-establish his relationship with Nana and that will hurt Kouko. There will be some DRAMA then Banri returns to Kouko (who’s probably the end girl) and Nana loses in the end.
    Hypothesis 2: Banri 1.0 tests the waters with both girls, Nana refuses to start a relationship with him for Kouko’s sake (highly probable) and Banri 1.0 sticks with Kouko. This is probably the best case scenario for Nana at this point.
    Hypothesis 3: Nana and Banri 1.0 are the final couple. Which is a bad thing because Banri 2.0, while still a wuss, is more decisive and is starting to develop a rudimentary backbone. Basically Ver 2.0 is a better person overall. So poor Nana gets stuck with worst Banri. Bad End.
    I have to say at this point Maison Ikkoku is still my favourite romantic drama of all time so Ikkoku’s magnificent ending is my benchmark for this genre. I doubt that Golden time can pull off such an ending for all its characters.

  2. -This is so sad.Both brother and sister got NTR.
    -This may be low-key first kiss ever in anime because in all board/blog I visited most people only focus on Ghost Banri ,Ghost Banri and surely Ghost Banri.

    1. 1. The NTR was resolved for the brother. Linda would have her hopes up only to be crushed later, if the OP is any indication.

      2. The kiss came with no drama and very naturally. Yeah, it’s a bit weird no one was talking about it only because ghost!Banri has come back to his body.

  3. That’s exactly what I thought about; Natsuyuki Rendevous. I was hoping, PLEADING that this wouldn’t happen, because the ghost in that show took over the MC’s body for WAYY too long; over half the series if I’m not mistaken, while the MC was in some fantasy land, to which I never really understood the purpose for. Didn’t help that I didn’t like the ghost char’s personality nearly as much as the MC’s.

    In any event, I hope you’re right, and Banri’s ghost will limit himself to only an episode or two…that is, if he actually IS a ghost, and not some metaphysical interpretation of his subconscious =0\.

  4. okay, i wont be using the 1.0 or 2.0 here lol…

    “Past” Banri, sucks…”New” Banri, better. Whatever the circumstances are, both Kouko and Linda gonna get real hurt because of him.<– which i'm not really for this

    Linda deserves better. Not Banri, old or new. She's like hurting herself because of seeing the two sides of him. And Kouko, i dont think i can hold my emotion seeing her getting hurt by "Past" Banri, which will about to begins starting next week…=______=

    onion warrior
    1. So all the girls of this series are too good for Banri. What about Mitsuo? I have misgivings for him because he has really strong flashes of childishness. 2D kun as a darkhorse romantic lead? I’d actually like to see that.

      1. I’m not saying the girls are good. Maybe the focus of this series is at the male’s pov, so we’re seeing less on the girls’ bad side.

        Lol…haha…funny as it is, i prefer 2D-kun over every male cast in there. Am i the only one who ship 2D-kun and Chinami??? cuz i think 2D-kun gonna treat Chinami better since she has all the cute traits in her.

        onion warrior
      2. Not saying I want this, but a neat solution would be Chinami x 2Dkun, Mitsuo x Kouko, Banri x Linda.

        I’m actually for New Banri and a new life. That means Kouko (or someone else, or no-one) rather than the lovely and admirable Linda. Linda loves (or doesn’t) the old Banri. Kouko is just grasping at straws. So maybe neither is a good choice for Banri.

        I definitely do not want the ghost to take over for too long. Like, maybe 30 seconds at the beginning of the next episode, lol.

        The new flashbacks changed old Banri’s character too much, illogically improving him from whiny to more collected.

    2. Dunno,I find new Banri to be a decent guy(if anything,his patience with Kouko should attest to that).As for old Banri,his circumstances are understandable.I see Banri in general as a good guy with a few issues and he’s portrayed as such in a realistic fashion,no sugarcoating and I’m personally very happy about that.

      Same could be said about Kouko.I don’t like her too much as she is now and I’m probably not supposed to either.But I don’t hate her either and I appreciate her character enough to look forward to any future developments she receives.

  5. But what was Kouko’s reason for being so insecure suddenly? Did she overhear Linda and Banri talking on the balcony? Did she find the old photo of them?

    And yeah, mandatory LINDA x BANRI declaration.

  6. Banri 1.0: “Hey! I’m back in my body!”

    Oh dear, shit just got real. We now have a triangle relationship but involving four people, with two sharing one body, that is.

    Surely Banri 2.0 (which the consensus here agrees is the more decisive and likable Banri) isn’t going to relinquish control without a fight? For some reason, I get reminded of that scene Jim Carrey’s Me, Myself & Irene where he was brawling with his alternate self, which looked a lot like a mad man punching himself senseless.

  7. “Two words: Natsuyuki Rendezvous.”

    That was the same reaction I had!

    I agree with your comments regarding Kouko’s insecurity being very forced and seemingly coming out from left field. For me thus far, the whole Kouko/Banri pairing in general doesn’t feel very natural. I would attribute it to the pacing of the series thus far, as there wasn’t really much development in their relationship.

    Linda/Banri’s relationship on the other hand feels more natural, though it is not without its flaws (i.e. crybaby Banri in highschool). The flashbacks brought even more depth to their relationship. In fact, not much is known about Kouko’s past up to now. There is still more than half the season to go, so hopefully they will flesh out her character at some point. Currently though, I would like to see how far Linda/Banri goes (if it goes anywhere at all) just because it feels like the more natural of the relationships thus far…

  8. About references to the OP regarding Banri x Linda or Banri x Kouko: usually with a 2-cour series they change the OP halfway, so the first half of the series may be well in Kouko’s favor, but that doesn’t mean it will be like that until the end; it may go either way…

    1. I don’t think so, because but all the 7 novels volumes up to date are featuring Kouko. I would find it really weird if the second part of the anime would choose to focus on Linda (with a OP/ED) while the novel clearly does not do so. It’s only my speculation though. ><

  9. I agree with J-Luke about the possibility of a new OP that could easily switch the focus. That’s the impression I got. This first half has definitely focused on Banri and Kouko getting together but there is no doubt a love triangle is imminent. Personally I’m a huge fan of the character of Linda given her compassionate and self-sacrificing nature, so I’m definitely leaning toward her. I also feel like their interactions have a much more palpable chemistry as opposed to his with Kouko, even in his current amnesiac condition.

    I did want to come to the defense of Banri 1.0 however. A lot of people seem to be taking a shot at his more waffling demeanor in comparison to his future amnesiac self. For starters, I think a lot of us were like this in high school, unable to clearly express our feelings, or more afraid to take a daring step forward. Also remember, Banri 2.0 doesn’t remember his past so he has no history of the doubts, fears and rejections he experienced in his lifetime. It’s a lot easier to be confident and decisive when you have no memories of your past failures or regrets.

    That said, I have to say that this is one of the only anime that uses the amnesia cliche for a perfect dramatic conflict that has no clear answer given the two parts of Banri in love with two different women. I’m very interested in how this whole thing will play out and ultimately be resolved.

  10. I’m quite sure I haven’t asked this so far but how’s this adaptation faring?
    And is there anyintel about how many novels are left to be released? Because I have this feeling they’re playing the “ending the series right after the novels”, as it happened with Toradora & Shana. OH! And FMA as well!!!

  11. @zanibas: i’m pretty sure the reason for Kouko’s insecurity is Linda talking to Banri that night and hearing him scream he wanted to go back. I mean they had a night of intimate talk, and Kouko definitely was awake to hear the entire thing.

    So saying that there was no sign for Kouko’s insecurity is really pushing it, considering her response is to disappear after seeing Linda and Banri like that.

    RuriNeko (TheNewHorde)
  12. Kouko once again shows how unstable her character is.
    one ep she may be the most cheerful character on earth, in another she is gloomy so much.
    I don’t really know what triggered her to be so down, maybe she heard Banri screaming to Linda the other night, maybe the whole situation is freaking her out – her entire life she chased her childhood friend, ended up being rejected and now find a new love that is stabilize her and their relationship. almost everything happened at once, and now Banri is doing the right things a man should do – giving her space, relaxing her, encourage her and of course kiss her. I mean…you can’t deny that one would saying “is this even real?”.
    Banri fits to her character. he supports or comforts her when necessary, he cooperate with her craziness when it’s necessary. he is what she needed.
    Kouko knew(more like felt) it, otherwise she wouldn’t run after him a few eps ago. and although we were thinking she still sees him more as a friend, I can feel know the winds of change.
    he isn’t there to be a mere comforting friend. he is becoming more to her. and we start seeing that.

    however, ghost Banri has somehow managed to regain control.
    now it’s a problem. considering the fact that both of them are “Banri”. yet both of them are so different, it’s like different “souls”. however there is only one body.
    I am not so sure that it’s the right time and place to start playing with body exchanges.
    not only it seems to bring the fantasy element to a bit more centered position, it also breaks the narrative. so far, Ghost-Banri wasn’t an active player. he was some narrator (in previous posts’ comments, some even said that Ghost-Banri is the narrator in the LN). so I wouldn’t want to see GT entering a place it shouldn’t.
    besides, there is still a lot without it.
    again, I don’t know if it’s really the direction they are heading, but if it is, I am kinda reluctant about that. they can make it better and still keeps the narrative and Ghost-Banri active, like dreams, memories, messages or any other thing that Ghost-Banri can affect New-Banri.

    at the other end, we have Linda.
    I might be wrong here, but GT somehow presents implicitly that both Linda and Kouko are rivals. of course over Banri. then here is the question – is Linda an antithesis of Kouko?or the other way around and they are both very similar?
    some say that way, some say the other.
    well, a lot will jump in and say “they are both a like, but they are different in other ways”. but here is the thing, the way the series show the ways they are a like or different is kinda blurry. there are definitely similar and different at the same time. but in what exactly? it’s kinda hard to tell. the distinction is somehow ambiguously.
    a great example is with what happened this ep.
    Zani said “Linda shows to us her strong tendencies to protect the people she loves as much as she can”. sure, but at the same time we see how much she is getting hurt by this.
    she absorb everything upon her. whether it’s Banri or her brother issues. but you can’t keep everything in the stomach. that’s when we see Linda sometimes as unable to go on. at some point it’s too heavy. like when new-Banri confront against her.

    so there is some simliarity between Linda and Kouko behavior. yet, it’s hard to isolate the factors. in fact I love it, it shows that sometimes we got to look on each character as a whole full complex, and not only to search similarities and differences.
    speaking of which, it also shown via the weather. when Banri was with Kouko it was raining, the flashback with Linda was in the summer (I think), yet after that old-Banri mentioned that the winter has come.
    so..it’s similar, yet different. it’s blurry.

    we didn’t get to see much of what’s with Chinami and Mitsuo. but that’s OK, it’s good to give it some space. as long as GT won’t forget that lovely sub-plot.

  13. There goes JC Staff again… Constructing the craziest emotional roller coaster that we’re all going ride, and enjoy. We will cry, we will laugh, and we will be angry. But we will look back and say… that was the best ride ever.

  14. I can’t be the only one who figures that Kouko overheard Banri and Linda’s conversation on the balcony. It perfectly explains her reaction and the way she inverted back inside herself rather than just bad pacing.

    1. I said it as an option. others mentioned that too.

      but the question we should ask ourselves is why Kouko is acting that way if that’s the case and she did overheard them.
      I mean…we have seen how she was when Mitsuo said he loves Chinami, and her reaction toward Mitsuo/Chinami when that thing came out for the first time.
      besides, it’s in her nature to…react to this. and by nature reaction I mean how she is impulsive and act before thinking like in Chinami case.

      so…even if it’s(the overhearing) the trigger toward her “depression” why she isn’t acting as the Kouko we know?that’s what I was trying to say up there. that maybe there is another thing that is conflicted within her.

  15. Finally caught up with the show. Still having a bit of trouble with the “ghost” = split personality concept but whatever. As others have said, with the return of Banri v1, get ready for the emotional roller-coaster (nice symbolism with the previous EPs amusement park setting).

    I have mixed feelings about Banri x Linda vs. Banri x Koko. Linda’s a likeable character who earnestly tries to look out for those she cares about. The situation with her brother’s fiance was a tough one for sure, and regardless of whether her way of handling the situation was appropriate, her good will intent was clear. I’m actually curious to know how that turned out.

    OTOH, her relationship with Banri is centered in the past, not present. Koko has her faults (gah, just lay off Chinami!), but she is trying to change for the better and IMO that is certainly worth something. Her issues are deeply rooted and will take a long time to fully resolve, but she is making progress. I dread what seems to be an unavoidable emotional train wreck for her now that Banri v1 has returned.

    So I guess count me in with Ryuuzaki (see post above) in that I’m rooting for Koko over Linda despite liking Linda more. Banri x Linda just seems too much in the past to me – something that didn’t work out for a variety of reasons. Banri x Koko, however, has worked so far with no indication that it wouldn’t continue to do so. Before I forget, I’m not a fan of Banri v1 either. Our “ghost” needs to move on to the afterlife as far as I’m concerned.

    Sorry if this is applies to previous EPs, but probably my biggest disappointment so far has to be Chinami x Mitsuo. I liked Mitsuo from the start, but after the seemingly obligatory hair style change = personality change, he ended up becoming Banri-like. He literally sprints away from Chinami post confession (please, just stop with that), then finally gives the over-the-top “leave me alone forever” speech *sigh* Does everything have to be so all or nothing?

    Yes it’s embarrassing to be shot down and that is made worse by gossip, but nothing out of the ordinary/RL here which requires such extreme reactions. Clearly there’s going to be some drama with Banri x Linda x Koko, and for me, having another, less dramatic (more “normal”?) relationship would help balance things out. JMO, but so far the character’s personalities and actions give the series more of a high-school setting atmosphere than Sakurasou… which actually had a high-school setting. At any rate, I never thought I’d end up liking 2d-kun the more than Mitsuo.

    Speaking of 2d-kun, while I can’t see it happening, I’m now unofficially shipping him with Nana. I like both characters and think they would be a very interesting couple – sort of “opposites attract”.

    1. I never really got the whole “ghost” deal with Banri. I feel it would’ve been much better if it were some “second mind” in his head that could be represented by the “ghost” Banri being locked in a room deep within, and then his “coming back” would be him finally being able to lock-pick the door (shown through the bits of memories he starts to get back) or something.

      It all depends on how v.1 Banri is handled from here on. I really hope that v.1 Banri doesn’t simply “replace” v.2 Banri, as if v.2 Banri never existed (like v.2 Banri was afraid would happen if he regained his memories), but rather becomes some combination where present v.2 Banri still exists, but simply remembers the past now.

    2. I’m a huge supporter of Banri x Linda. I believe at the core, you’ll always be that same guy even if you lose your memories. You just don’t lose the way you are just because you don’t remember anything. Linda and Banri’s relationship is beyond the past. It has so much depth and feels so right. In comparison, Kouko’s and Banri’s relationship feel so shallow and has no substance whatsoever. Kouko as a character just feels flat when compared to Linda. You can see that Linda is caring, loving, self-sacrificing, and tries to do the right thing for the people she cares about. Though, it’s questionable and arguable if she did the right thing when concerning her brother’s fiancee. It makes her feel more real, and even more relatable as a character. Mistakes and situations where everything isn’t exactly black and white, but really shades of grey really brings fictional beings come to life. While Linda may or may not love Banri romantically, she undoubtedly loves him. We’re just not sure if she loves him like a brother or like a lover. I feel like their relationship transcends the past and moves into the future. Friendships like Banri and Linda’s just don’t end. You can see that even now, they still have some sort of friendship. I think it’s mostly because Linda still cares for him. Kouko on the other hand is too caught up in the past and the present that she can’t see the future. Honestly, Kouko is fine as a character, but I feel that Linda has been so much more fleshed out. I don’t really see myself really enjoying seeing Kouko on screen if she ends up being the girl Banri chooses in the end if they don’t give her some serious character development. Kouko is just a mess right now.

      1. I’m of the oppion that Banri doesn’t just have a memory loss. I think the experience was so traumatic that he’s created a Banri v2 to allow him to run away and deny his past. That way he was able to not have to remember Linda’s rejection and his weaknesses, but that part of him is still there (Ghost Banri). Running into her caused those emotions to resurface allowing Banri v1 to reassert himself. It’s now a tug of war between wanting to regain the past and rejecting it. The type of dilemma Linda faced with her brother’s fiancé is going to replay itself here. Does she maintain that she had intended to reject Banri’s confession and risk losing her friend, does she act on her feelings and hurt Koko, or does she sacrifice her feelings for Koko and Banri’s relationship?

    3. @HalfDemonInuyasha – I agree, better ways to handle it than “ghost of personality past”, but is what it is so just have to move on I guess. I’m not 100% certain how the “personality” switch will be handled, but so far it seems to me like it’s a complete swap rather than Banri regaining all his memories (which I would also prefer). If that was the case, no need for “ghost of Banri past” in the first place.

      @dytianquin – I agree with you in that losing one’s memories does not necessarily change who they are, but I think for Banri that’s pretty much the case. There’s been comments here and there about his parents or others waiting for the “old Banri” to return. Even if that wasn’t the case, IMO they just don’t fit together as a couple. There’s no romantic “spark”, no chemistry between them. Banri x Koko isn’t exactly on fire, but with Linda the relationship was very much an older sister-younger brother type.

      TBH, most of your comment seems to be based upon Linda’s virtues. I have nothing against Linda, and agree with you that she has many fine characteristic. Frankly, IMO, she deserves better than Banri (any version), but that’s irrelevant. It’s not an issue of whether Linda is “deserving” (or Banri for that matter). It’s a question of “fit”. Friendship, even “love” is not the same “romantic love”. While the former may certainly turn into the later, the problem with Banri x Linda IMO is that their friendship wasn’t a relationship of equals. Banri was like a cute, clumsy puppy that Linda felt sorry for and took care of as a result. Banri falling for Linda makes perfect sense. Linda falling for Banri… don’t see why she would.

      I’ll put it this way, while I may be wrong, from watching the anime alone my guess is that Linda was going to turn down Banri on the day the accident happened. Assuming that is true, now remove all the amnesia clutter – no accident, no memory loss, and both end up going to the same college. I’ve seen nothing so far which suggests that under such circumstances, the established platonic, “older sibling taking care of younger sibling” relationship would likely change.

    1. mmm not lie to him and tell him what happened (IOW: tell the truth), likely with photos … is likely he would be angry with his fiance …but if they really love each other they will forgive each other.

      i think that lying to him and have him keep living with a false idea about his wife is actually really cruel… even if it saves him from some pain.

      PS: it seems Linda always lies to protect others/herself? >.< even if she got good intentions that is not the way to go and likely will come back to bite her. I guess that her issue.

      Banri: Ghost Banri/Memory
      Koko: insecurity
      Linda: Lies
      Chinami: hides under a mask
      2D-kun: .. actually i havent found one yet..lol!

      1. “i think that lying to him and have him keep living with a false idea about his wife is actually really cruel… even if it saves him from some pain.”

        And imagine how things could blow up if the fiance continued to cheat after (whether with the same shady guy or someone else), even though she says she’d stop, and then the brother found out not only about that, but about Linda knowing about the fiance doing it before and not telling him. The betrayal and hurt would be doubled and who knows how it would affect the brother.

    2. If I was in Linda’s shoes…

      Confront the girl first and ask if she really love my Oniichan. If she said yes and promise not to see the one she’s cheating with then let her off. If not, then inform my brother.

      If she said yes to my earlier question I’ll keep tabs on her and if she’s still cheating then I’d inform my brother.

      If I was in Banri’s shoes….

      I’d support anything Linda decided if I cannot see anything wrong with it.

  16. WHat the heck was that shit at the end of this episode… go to hell JC Staff and the light novel source. Depending on next’s week episode, I’ll drop the series from my line up.

    Saga Darklight
      1. actually all i have seen indicates there are actually 2 distinct and separate personalities inside Banri: 1) old “ghost” banri (remembers everything before the accident AND after the accident) and 2) “new” Banri (whose memory only start from the accident)

        is pretty odd really , i guess for the frame-work of the anime memories = soul . and since “Banri” got 2 sets of memories is like he has 2 “souls” stuck inside of him.

        as of the last episode the “ghost” or “old” or “original” Banri took over control of the body, lol dunno if permanently or not.

  17. This episode made Linda my favorite girl of this series.

    Ironically, I feel New Banri is the one that is needed more. New Banri is needed by both Kouko and Mitsuo, while Old Banri has the possibility of turning Linda’s best friend into something she hates. Not sure if Old Banri’s reappearance is something good for her. From how she describes meeting her family and her insistence for Banri to give Kouko his best, it looks like Old Banri’s reappearance will only give her nightmares.

    One more thing, a girls intuition can be quite scary at times.

  18. Linda is very stupi… covering her future sister in law and letting his brother to marry with such a perverted and treacherous witch… ,she is not worthy and she is a liar,even she lied to Banri,keeping all these secrets to herself ,Banri is a very low personality guy and a first class wimp,IMO they make a real good couple,both are useless

  19. Looking forward to the ‘nice boat’ ending this deserves, lol.
    But seriously, Kouko has got me feeling bad for her Banri is basically obsessing over Linda even though he was CLEARLY rejected and obviously is in a one sided relationship towards her! I sense a shit storm brewing

  20. I love the way people age claiming Kouko’s anxiety came out of nowhere, while still claiming that something seemed off about her and Banri’s relationship. Did everyone just happen to miss the part where she said outright she’s been forcing herself to be positive because she’s afraid to get bogged down in negativity? Those “fake happy” vibes EVERYONE and their dog noticed WAS her being insecure!

    1. yah , this episode pretty much confirmed she got huge insecurity issues, do they originate from her best friend/first love leaving her? or something else that happened in her childhood? dunno. but these issues been foreshadowed a lot so i guess something mayor will happen because of them (directly or indirectly)

  21. I already stated this on Enzon’s blog, but I will be shocked if recent revelations are used to solve our conflicts here. It’s still too early for this to be a Deus ex Machina. We have fourth of a core on top of an entire core left to this show.

  22. bring in the haters
    TEAM LINDA she seems more genuine and really does love but she’ is pissing me off at forsaking their own happiness for theirs especially when she’s witnessing the hints of his memory returning.

    i just cant see kouko as genuine there’s glimmers but “I must be the centre of your life” mindset is there and it rubs me the wrong way though not being able to nurse your boyfriend back to health is a real bummer though so her feelings are understandable.

    i just dunno where to sit with this girl


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