「ひたぎエンド其ノ貳」 (Hitagi Endo So no Ni)
“Hitagi End Part Two”

After last week’s debacle left us with a hopeless Senjougahara ready to do anything needed to save her beloved Araragi and in turn hopefully herself, this week’s episode made a drastic 180. While things do still feel a bit hopeless because you have a known con-artist trying to deceive a god, I never expected that Kaiki would end up being so freaking awesome! And just like last week, the story he’s told so far has been just as awesome as he promised it would be.

I don’t know if it was deliberate, but when Kaiki embarked on his investigation in that brown overcoat with an ever so slightly messy comb over, he was totally giving off a “Sherlock Holmes” kind of feel. Add in how he meticulously explained his thought process every step of the way while catching some really obscure clues and you have to wonder what kind of life he could live if he became a detective instead of a con-artist. That said, I’m sure there’s a reason to all of Kaiki’s decisions because toward the end of the episode I swear I must have called him a genius in my head at least five times.

And by that, I mean how he handled the rather ecstatic Nadeko. Keeping his cool while staring down the eye of a murderous middle school girl and using all the information he gathered from Senjougahara and Nadeko’s parents to form a plan, it was like watching a beautiful symphony as he basically played Nadeko straight into his hand. Now don’t get me wrong — I wouldn’t say she’s stupid but I can’t fathom her not questioning why Kaiki was so calm when dealing with her. Then again, when you’re brilliant enough to leap out at a complete stranger and part god, I suppose it doesn’t really matter who or what comes at you.

Overall, there wasn’t much to say about this episode. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing especially after last week’s bombshell introduction! Because with a slightly slower pacing to really focus on what’s at hand — trying to get Nadeko to play straight into Kaiki’s hands — this episode did a great job of highlighting Kaiki’s amazing skill of deduction and deception. From his interactions with Nadeko’s parents to reluctantly dropping ¥10,000 into an offering box after previously commenting how stupid it is to just throw money away, it’s clear that Kaiki has some kind of game plan and we’ve only seen the tip! And seeing how most of the investigation has been done, all that’s left is for Kaiki to work his magic!


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    1. If Nadeko gets happy when you insult her, I’d gladly pay her daily visits.

      Then you remember that she has freaking snake hair and run away 😛 At least that’s what I’d do…

  1. the operation has started!
    Kaiki is indeed awesome and genius. we are seeing it through everything – the way he dressed, the way he talks, his manipulations over Nadeko or her parents.
    isn’t it irony that Kaiki didn’t deceive Nadeko back then, because simply it didn’t happen back then. but now, he is coming deliberately to do it. it’s sorta like he is completing what he didn’t do back then, only now with a big improvement to his resume – he’ll deceive a god.

    the meeting between him and Nadeko was damn good. at first I was like “are you crazy??” I really feared that Nadeko would go berserk. especially after saying his infamous name. but our con-artist is really a master. and it seems Nadeko isn’t herself anymore, she only remembers details that seem significant to her. I now recall the beginning of her arc (otorimono – ep 12 I think?) when she said all the facts about her (blood type, birthday, favorite food and so). how lovely to see everything connected. and there is more, last ep, Kaiki criticized the people who waste money on New-year day at the shrine. quite funny he did now. not to mention he throw 10K YEN. that must have been tough for our con-artist. he would left with no profit at this rate LOL

    you mentioned something about Sherlock Holmes. that’s indeed this. but what’s quite funny here is that we, viewers and/or readers, actually know almost everything about the so called mystery to Kaiki, who is somehow in the dark with that. what made Nadeko being so crazy, what’s with love(KOI, also our arc’s name – koimonogatari) and so.
    one should wonder how is that?well, when info goes from one person to another in a way of storytelling, sometimes info is lost ’cause it seems insignificant to the other, so Kaiki got the info which Araragi though will be important enough to Hitagi, and she said what seemed important enough to Kaiki. plus, let’s not forget, we all saw it from Nadeko’s perspective, there are things Araragi himself didn’t see since he was an active character in the arc, he wasn’t an observer like us.
    that’s how it is. and in order to deceive Nadeko the god, Kaiki must know a lot more.

    I can also guess what is hiding there in her closet 😛

    Kaiki is good at drawing in his notebook. his sketches were funny and good.
    I haven’t imagine he can draw this good XD

    p.s 2
    I wonder about something…between Oshino, Kagenui and Kaiki, we know that Kaiki prefer to leave the oddities as they are, unlike Oshino who is balancer, or Kagenui who rather remove the dominance of oddities.
    so…Nadeko gonna remain in this form as a poor god at the shrine?
    it was also implied from the way Kaiki though about her in his inner voice..

    1. Those sketches I believe are drawn by NisioIsin himself, seen in the episode preview (available only on their websites and on BD releases).

      You may also catch a glimpse of some of his specially sketches for the upcoming Madoka Magica movie, a special Monogatari/MadoMagi crossover short feature he did just for Shinbo’s sake.

  2. I nearly had a fucking heart attack when Nadeko arrived in this scene:

    Why was my heart pounding so fast? Was it a cuteness overload from Nadeko? Or was I just so fucking terrified at what Nadeko has become? Maybe it was both.

    Whatever, it doesn’t matter because Kaiki is best Gatari and husbando of the year all years:

  3. Some moments of this episode kind of gave Kaiki lots of characterization that I liked,
    in my opinion.
    Eg carelessness, foresight, straight-to-the-point, and one interesting part (the fast stillshots) that seem to tell a bit of his backstory.

    Kaiki: Stop calling me an old man. My name’s Kaiki Deshuu.
    *K monologue* (I’d just made a huge mistake. Sengoku Nadeko was an indirect victim of the scam I’d carried out in this town. Then it wouldn’t be out of the question for her to have heard of me from someone – Araragi or the Fire Sisters, perhaps. That’s what I thought, but..)
    *Nadeko seems to have forgotten and greets him happily instead, for the 10 000 yen and for being the first visitor.

    N: I don’t get it though. Why doesn’t anybody visit this shrine? Its like, brand new now. I thought a bunch of people would come.
    K: Maybe there’s not enough publicity. Or maybe there’s not enough of a service being offered.
    N: Service? You mean fanservice?
    (K monologue) …..I ignored that

    N: You know, it made Koyomi happy when I had nothing but bloomers on!
    (K monologue)….what the hell is that guy doing? Is he a criminal or what?
    N: He also seemed to enjoy watching me squirm in a school swimsuit at this very shrine.
    Seeing him so happy brought me great joy.
    K: Hey, er…..-Kaiki tries to change the topic from here-

    N: I’m fine with my love being unrequited. If you could stay in an unrequited love forever, don’t you think that’s better than having it requited, Kaiki?
    —short silence—
    (K monologue) She died in a traffic accident anyway. While I know love, I don’t know losing it.
    K: I suppose.

  4. Takaii….. Last week was not a debacle… It was a STORM….


    That aside… After watching this episode, I came to the conclusion that NisioIsin needs to write a story specifically for Kaiki. Enough said.

    1. If simplying it to the point of who are the main characters in an arc,
      NisioIsin seems to have developed a trend,
      eg naming an arc mainly after a person who is affected by an oddity or is part oddity.
      Prequel stories:
      Koyomi Vamp, Tsubasa Family
      The events of Bakemonogatari:
      Hitagi Crab, Mayoi Snail, Suruga Monkey,Nadeko Snake, Tsubasa Cat
      The events of Nisemonogatari:
      Karen Bee, Tsukihi Phonix
      The events of Monogatari S2: (Hanamonogatari being obviously left out for another time)
      Tsubasa Tiger, Mayoi Jiangshi, Suruga Devil, Nadeko Medusa, Shinobu Time, Hitagi End
      The events in which many speculate to make up a 2-cour Monogatari Season 3, hopefully:
      Tsukimonogatari: Mainly about Ononoki
      Koyomimonogatari: 12 side stories about Koyomi, though the front cover interestingly features Kagenui instead.
      Owarimonogatari Vol 1 & Vol 2: Ending story to the series, from what I gather so far, hints at Show Spoiler ▼

      Zokuowarimonogatari: Final story of the series wrapping up Koyomi’s story.

      If its about backstories, I’d hope not just for Kaiki, but for each of the Occult Club members..(Kaiki, Oshino, Kagenui, Gaen)
      I’d welcome a spinoff featuring Episode anytime.
      (guy featured in Kizumonogatari and Tsubasa Tiger arcs)

  5. Oh god (no pun intended), Nadeko continues to be such a cute airhead despite acquiring omnipotent powers. XD

    “Thanks for being my first worshipper, I’m so happy. BTW, you know some good news? I’m gonna kill Koyomi-onii-chan! YIPPIE!!!”

    O-kay… cute with a little bit of craziness. o_O

    And LOL at Senjougahara borrowing money from Kaiki right after she just paid him in order to buy a flight ticket home.

      1. shes an oddity now… the way she thinks DOESNT have to make sense for us humans anymore.

        her “shooing onichan away” translates to “almost killing koyomi” for the rest of the humans

        ATM Nadeko’s thought patter is not “alien” or “abnormal” than even Shinobu’s … since Nadeko is actually a real Oddity rigth now.

      2. ATM Nadeko’s thought patter is MORE “alien” or “abnormal” than even Shinobu’s … since Nadeko is actually a real Oddity rigth now.

        : Made a typo, that “not” at the end should have been a “more”

  6. I don’t think most of you noticed this, but the 10,000 yen note was fake. It said on it “Fake bank” in small text, depending on the fansubs. Remember, he is a master con artist :p

    Noor Mahmoud
  7. SHAFT continues to impress me with the adaptation for Monogatari Second Season. Kaiki is his usual, creepy self, but I’m amazed at how Nadeko can come across as terrifying as she does. Almost on an instinctual level, you know she is a time bomb just waiting go off at any moment in complete contrast to her cheerful demeanor during the whole conversation. Safe to say, Nadeko-chan is not playing with a full deck anymore.

    Still trying to figure out how Kaiki will deceive Nadeko. The fact that she has no interest in returning to her former “human” self makes things considerably more difficult. Still, I’m sure everyone’s favorite con-man is up to the task.

  8. besides kaiki showing himself to be awesome, you know this episode also helped me understand nadeko a lot more.

    it seems like the reason she wants to kill araragi is not so much because she’s jealous of hitagi and other girls but its more like a big step for her to fully break free from her old life.
    notice how this episode showed that nadeko doesnt like being called cute, that being called terrifying is a compliment now? and also when questioned about returning back to being a human, she refuses even if araragi is her boyfriend?

    compare and contrast to tsubasa’s situation, where her parents were very cold and harsh. meanwhile nadeko’s were sweet and nice, maybe TOO sweet and nice. then notice how she understands how her looks are what’s making people like her, rather than her personality for what it is.

    its clear to me that she’s not really that twisted now. what she wants is a completely new and different lifestyle. killing araragi is somewhat necessary for that, since she still loves him. to be completely free from all responsibilities.

    she’s not a walking timebomb, just look at how her reaction to kaiki! she’s only going to kill araragi and company since they’re the ones who’re aware of her as well as her remaining ties to her humanity. just as noted in this ep, she seems to really be taking this whole god thing seriously and doesnt mean any harm to the general population.

  9. I kinda wonder: From what I watched in this episode: if Nadeko-chan was still human, and was attending school, and considering her circumstances; if one person out of all of kids in her entire school, came up and said it straight to her face: “I despise you.” Would that make Nadeko-chan happy??

  10. I still think that if Shinobu drinks more of Koyomi’s blood and that they both push each other’s limits, just enough that they both dont turn into a 100% vampire, that I’m sure Shinobu and Koyomi with the demon swords Kokoro Watari alone would be enough to beat Nadeko Medusa.


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