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OP: 「花咲く☆最強レジェンドDays」 (Hana Saku☆Saikyou Legend Days) by トリプルブッキング (Toripuru Bukkingu)

「また桜の樹の下で/ねむねむの季節ポロッ/スルメとタカトシまっぱ! その1/ねこをかぶったオオカミ」
(Mata Sakura no Ki no Shitade / Nemunemu no Kisetsu Poro / Surume to Takatoshi Mappa! So no Ichi / Neko wo Kabutta Ookami)
“Under the Sakura Tree Again / Sleepy Season Porro / Dried Squid and Takatoshi Naked! Part 1 / A Cat in Wolf’s Clothing”

Bringing back everything that made it such a hit during its first run and utilizing the nostalgia card to its fullest potential, GoHands and its 3D team did a fantastic job with this first episode of Seitokai Yakuindomo*. So sit back and enjoy as we try to go through this first episode without laughing too much.

And if we’re going to start with anything, I think we have to talk about that completely out of left field opening airplane scene. I know that I should have expected dirty things on that plane but something about hearing it in english from an anime really accentuated just how accustomed I’ve become while listening to Aria and Shino. Because I don’t know about you, but I’m never going to hear the word “jumbo jet” the same again.

Stupid funny opening scenes aside, there were a few things that occurred to me that I thought would be worth mentioning. The first being the whole “romantic” aspect of the show, if you could even call it that. While I highly doubt that we’ll get anything more than a handful of touching moments between Tsuda and our three main girls, I think it’s a really good sign how the show seems to be addressing any possible romance early on. Not necessarily because of a possibility of Tsuda dating someone (because we all know ain’t no one got time for that) but I personally love it when you get some truly heartfelt moments in a comedy. Throw in another “normal” character (Tokki) who acts as another straight-man to all our crazies and I can see the probability of amazing things rapidly increasing.

The other thing that struck me was the ridiculously small number of dirty jokes! Maybe it’s because this was an introduction episode and GoHands isn’t trying to alienate new viewers or maybe it’s because they did a great job of numbing my sensitivity during Seitokai’s first run, but I was a little disappointed that things weren’t as raunchy as I remembered. Besides some small things like Aria probably in no-pan mode and censored vibrators everywhere there wasn’t all that much! However, judging from the opening sequence (Once again Aria’s shot in particular) it looks like there should be a lot more in-store for us down the road.

In the end, even without throwing out the really dirty jokes and spending more than half of the episode on character re-introductions, I still enjoyed everything this first episode gave us. With the return of the amazing short jokes and hinting at just how lewd things are going to get from here on out, this episode did a great job at relighting the fire season one started. And while only time will tell if this sequel will do the series justice, I have no doubts that GoHands will deliver something that shouldn’t be shown in a public setting.



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  1. Granted its only the first episode, I’m still can’t get over how huge the production values were. From the fight scene, to Suzu’s updated signage. Apart from that, it pretty much brought me back to when I watched it almost two years ago. Right when I was on the cusp of completely forgetting about it, it shows up again. And, its still as entertaining as what I can remember from before.

    1. I thought the exact same thing about the production. While watching, I kept thinking “Wow, this show really got a huge budget somehow.” The fight scene was worthy of an action based anime. Impressive. Obviously no complains on my end. Hope they can keep the quality this high for the entire season.

  2. It’s good to be back at Ousai Academy, though it doesn’t feel like a long wait at all thanks to all the OVAs. Yes they seriously didn’t hold back on the budget on this pilot episode, with all the CG, that awesome Judo match, and the different versions of Suzu head. The ecchi jokes are back in full force, not to mention the Takatoshi and squid mysteries.

  3. Is the studio showing off they can do 3D objects now? That’s how I see it when they grinded to death Suzu’s running joke about not high enough for the camera angle.

  4. Not much to say other than glad to have SYD back – especially with such a strong season opening episode (IMO). The plane intro scene was quirky, but the perverted jokes did a fine job of setting the stage for the usual cast of characters. Even though I’m quite familiar with the series (read the manga as well as watch the anime), I still enjoyed the character introductions. The fight scene was amazing for something that’s supposed to be pure comedy show, and as already noted by others, the production quality top notch. Franky, I didn’t notice any lack of dirty jokes.

    Simply a great episode IMO – no complaints at all, and very much looking forward to the next EP.

  5. It’s kind of strange that Toki didn’t get a longer introduction. She’s not a “new” character, but if you haven’t watched the OVAs then I guess it seems like they did just suddenly introduce a new girl.

  6. Oh yes, SYD is back in TV. With OVA characters Uomi and Tokki upgraded to regulars. As the official second installment, everything seems to be given a new sparkling look, even the “Suzu Head” gets the (Over The Top) CG treatment. 😀

    Ever since the end of season 1 and across the OVA episodes, the chemistry bonding between Takatoshi and Shino has only become more fun to watch.

  7. dat ANIMATION! GoHands really went all out with their budget for this first episode. It’s really beautiful without looking jarring like Coppelion’s ultra-filtered colors.

    Aside of the gorgeous animation, Suzu’s head was definitely another highlight of the episode

  8. Rejoice! SYD is back in business! (Yeah, this was totally one of the shows I was most excited for. – w-) And it got an animation bump! I welcome everything! It was kinda sad not to hear the classic “Yamato Nadeshiko Education” opening since it’s been the opening for, what, 21 episodes. But whatever! MORE DIRTY JOKES PLEASE.

    Also dat Suzu camera angle joke nearly killed me. XD

    P.S. MAL says that there’s one more OVA to be released but who knows. Confusing.

  9. I hate to be the nay sayer, but i did not laugh once. I did smile a couple of times. I felt that gohands tried way to hard at being funny.

    ‘See? we are being funny here! Did you get it? Huh? did ya?’

    This is now on the no watch list.

    Genshiken, for me, is the funniest show ever made and the funniest raunchy show.

    1. I have a feeling you haven’t watched the first season yet. They’re basically the same – except for the fact that 2nd second will showcase a much higher quality animation (probably).

    2. If you haven’t seen season 1, you’re not going to get many of the jokes. If you did see season 1 and still don’t like season two, maybe you should really drop it. The comedy in this series is really hit or miss for quite a few. I, for one, completely love it.

    1. I don’t care if I’m the only one, but my favourite girl has always been Mitsuba Mutsumi, the judo girl. Being innocent and earnest (and crushing for Tsuda) among so many dirty minded ladies had granted her a special place.
      She had too few scenes in the first season, but if the first episode is any indication, there should be more this time 🙂

    2. WOW i fu@#ed up so badly, didn’t intend this ^ as a response, I just clicked reply by mistake earlier, then forgot and filled the post form in the wrong page.

      BTW, I think you would live better in a universe where sex is not only matter for dirty jokes… if you know what I mean 😉

  10. I think one of the biggest differences in this season compared to the last was that, in the previous season (and OVAs), it was mainly composed of about 20 odd skits cramped in together. As such, dirty jokes were flying all over the place. This episode however, each scene was played out longer than usual (e.g. scene of Shino walking up to find Tsuda, Judo scene to name a few).

    I kind of like this new style. I found in the previous season that the jokes were coming so thick and fast I either had to pause and backtrack or rewatch the whole episode. Even in this one I found myself backtracking a few times. It takes away the enjoyment somewhat, but still, I am so excited that this series is back. Now I only need to wait a week rather than several months for the next OVA installment!

  11. ABOUT DAMN TIME this got a 2nd season. I laughed my guts out in the 1st season but I slowly starting loosing interest with the OVAs. I’m not sure if that’s because they weren’t as good or just because of the long period of time in-between them(sorry,I couldn’t help myself). Probably the later.

    I must say,this season has some really good production values but that’s not what I’m watching this for though. I’m here,like everyone else,for some highly entertaining dirty jokes. This 1st episode wasn’t all that great but the 1st season took a bit before it really got going too so I’ll be patient. A lot of the jokes are hit or miss at times so this show I don’t think this a show for everyone. In my case,the ones in the 1st season were mostly hits,while the ones in the OVA were mostly misses.

    As for the “romance” aspect of this show. I’d personally prefer if they’d ignore it completely and just focus on what makes this anime a good watch: the comedy.

    At any rate,I’ll most likely be following this till the end.

  12. Love the new OP where Todoroki passed Suzu a d**do.

    BTW, are the OVAs non-cannon? Cause I know that Kotomi got into high school at the end of season 1 and the OVAs showed that they are all in year 2 for some time now. Now, we’re starting back from the beginning of Year 2 I presume?

  13. I saw the airplane in the beginning and for a moment I thought I got the wrong show… but then
    “Captain, we are going into the valley of clouds.”
    “What a terrible(?) valley of winds, this may be more exciting then cleavage of your wife.”
    “Captain, how do you know about my wife?”
    “Because I always steer it in the weekends!”
    I knew I was watching the right show.


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