Before we begin, some miscellaneous snippets of interest to list:

  • Apparently Jeanne’s efforts to hide her gender have failed miserably. Her two contenders have obviously noticed at this point thanks to her improper binding and voice–I suppose it wasn’t seiyuu or animation laziness after all!
  • The heavy reliance on supernatural lore is stepping its game up, where ley lines and tarot cards seem to dictate the path forward. Jeanne’s increasingly visible premonitions also seem to contribute to this idea of a magical fate. Perhaps Nobunaga will prove to break this pre-ordained destiny through sheer will. I do admit that tarot cards are an excellent way to organize the show’s episodes.
  • The technological potential of the East Star is remarkable, which makes us wonder what West Star technology will be like when it reveals itself.

Today’s episode marked an important development in Nobunaga’s character. We are fully aware of his ambitious and independent personality, but not to the extent that we’ve seen so far. As such, let use pose two questions.

First, how did Nobunaga arrive at this point of his personality. He has terrible ties with his father, a harsh yet possibly caring spot for his younger brother, indifference towards his betrothed, and overall disregard for everyone else except for his sister. However, as Queen Himiko often alludes to, Nobunaga was not always like this. He had a soft and cheerful persona once, at least enough to carry around the little Himiko around in the air. Himiko herself recognizes this distance that Nobunaga has placed between himself and everyone else (which clearly is unsettling for her). However, it is not that our current Nobunaga has no care for other around him. After all, he’s saved Jeanne at least once from that fire even as he was in battle. He gave meaningful advice to his own brother, which though masked in harshness, actually shows thoughtfulness for Nobukatsu’s well being (that double-take during the scene was an important cue, as well as the display of the watch once again). Although he clearly made a mockery out of the ceremony, the fact that he participated in it and didn’t outright reject Himiko was a bonus in itself. However, despite how well-meaning he is to those who are close to him, Nobunaga faces a serious problem, which is what our second question shall pose.

Who will match Nobunaga in ambition or resolve, if anyone? Our young leader either looks down on people for lacking the ambition and follow-through that he has, or carefully keeps his allies close to benefit his cause in some way. No one is ever his equal, and all who associate with him are merely retainers in his grand scheme. This is not to say anything truly negative about Nobunaga, but the story is definitely crying out for one of Nobunaga’s allies to step up to the plate and face him head-on. Will it be Mitsuhide, whose wariness of Nobunaga’s potential cause him to indirectly oppose certain parts of his campaign? Many signs have shown themselves with Mitsuhide’s close political dealings and his own verbal awe at Nobunaga’s potential. Another possibility naturally falls to Jeanne, whose antithetical views and attitudes could drive her to grow strong enough to become Nobunaga’s equal and most loyal defender. The sword fight, the resulting close kiss, and her potential life-saving premonitions put her in a good spot to become Nobunaga’s inspiring equal. These two characters are central enough to the story and have a unique position in how they interact with Nobunaga such that all other competition fails to meet the standard. Himiko and Ichihime will most likely play side-roles from here on out, da Vinci will continue to guide the story as an observer, and Saru…it’s pretty obvious.

From here, the story is more than ready to start the East Star campaign if need be or willing to repel the first attacks from the West Star if Caesar decides to make his move. Most likely we’ll see the former considering how the twins last episode implied they’d wait out the Takeda-Oda conflict, but either way the show is primed to show some more robot fighting action. What enemy will rise to challenge Nobunaga first and how long will it be until Arthur finally has to move his own sword?




  1. Unless something changes this episode has all but confirmed the basic plot of unite east star then battle west star to see who will create a new era of balance. The assimilation of western technology so quickly by Nobunaga’s clan definitely shows that the battle for the east star will also be more about tradition versus change rather than simple political disagreement. Already see this with a few of Nobunaga’s father’s advisers openly discussing assassination of his son.

    Interesting tidbit too was how Himiko wore a (fantasized)traditional Victorian wedding gown, yet Nobunaga was dressed up in traditional Japanese fashion (you would think it would be the opposite). It’s as though da Vinci is already trying to set him up as the pillar of strength and tradition needed to pull his countrymen along the path of change and betterment to see if he has the temerity to actually go through with it.

  2. In tarot, the reversed Magician can represent deceit, manipulation and reckless action without proper knowledge.
    It can also indicate a person’s latent talent and potential for success, held back by bad timing, poor opportunities, or bad communication with others.

    In Nobunaga’s case, clearly his beliefs give him much possibility for greatness and leadership, coupled with his ownership of a new Regalia, the War Armour and the potential Owari-Yamatai alliance. However as Zanibas points out, much of his potential is being obscured due to his self-centred recklessness, his disregard of others’ views, and poor poor communication with Himiko and nearly everyone in Owari’s court(save his sister and to an extent, his brother).

    This includes the potential deceit of the Owari advisors, who would plot against Nobunaga, the legitimate heir, in favour of his more obedient, conservative brother.

    PS. The upright Magician represents resourcefulness and initiative, an auspicious card signalling the opportunity to accomplish your desired goals and creating success using all your available resources and skills.

    1. Which makes Jeanne’s words about him being a selfish block-headed totally true and not her being a tsundere. 😛 But then again, this is true in history too since Nobunaga is famous for being quite a bad boss and an eccentric man.

  3. sad…….They stole Nobu infront of jeeane sad, but Himiko was good I laught a lot at the western wedding xD so funny all the effects were on 3D hahaha………I wonder just how old is himiko since in the flash back we saw her with nobu as a child…….maybe like 15 or something I hope that Jeeane gets her chance to do her vow with Nobu….and more mecha transformations YEAH!!!!!!!!

  4. In Shinto myth, the Ame-no-Torifune(天の鳥船, heavenly bird boat) was a godly vessel that served to transport the gods from the heavens to earth. Other sources say it was a god itself.

  5. Which subs does everyone prefer to watch?

    Commiesubs uses the same translation as Crunchyroll, but at least Commie translates most of the song lyrics. Crunchyroll doesn’t even subtitle any songs for its releases. 🙁

  6. I’m very much looking forward to the moment when Nobunaga finally acknowledges someone as his equal or get punished for it if he doesn’t. Granted,he might just stay in Gary Stu mode w/o any consequences the entire show,which would be pretty disappointing…

  7. How did Nobunaga arrive at this point in his personality? Let’s look at his environment. He shows up with important military intelligence about a Takeda attack, a Great War Armor (which to date Owari lacked, despite the Takedas having at least 3), and a foreign technical expert, not to mention potentially important information about the West Star. In the meeting, the retainers were more interested in punishing Nobunaga for his breach of ettiquette at the gempukku ceremony than doing anything about the attack or using da Vinchi’s expertise, even on a trial basis, to improve their position. Nobunaga has most likely spent most of his life thinking outside the box and being slapped down for it even when he’s right (no doubt there were some epic fails as well, and generic non conformance to expected behavior). Gifted students sometimes act out in school out of frustration and boredom, which may serve to explain part of his terrible relationship with the Oda retainers. It will be interesting to see if (once Nobuhide dies, which can’t be far in the future because he’s something of an obstacle to the plot) the retainers actually do rebel and try and install Nobukatsu. Certainly the discussion about who Himiko would marry if Nobunaga was disposed of (jokes on you, guys, she’d probably declare war) suggested it was coming, and we then have the question of whether he kills Nobukatsu as he did in real history or whether, as in Nobuna no Yabou, he stays his hand at the urging of someone (probably Jeanne).

    Btw, interesting that Ichihime didn’t seem at all perturbed by discovering “Ranmaru”‘s secret (assuming anyone other than Nobukatsu actually believes the disguise), so was Mitsuhide just borrowing her name to get Nobunaga to do what he wanted? What other strings does he pull? Episode 5 looks like it’ll be about backstory for Nobunaga and Mitsuhide, so we shall soon know more.


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