「スーパー姑大戦 実習篇」 (Suupaa Shuutome Taisen Jisshuu-hen)
“Super Mother-in-Law War: Training Stage”

No really, what?

To start, let me say this. Despite all of its flaws, I will continue to blog Nourin. Though stable plot and characters are literally nowhere to be found, the sheer enjoyability of seeing people mess around with each other is amazing. Before we expand on that though, let’s get the gripes out of the way.

I decided to blog this show under several conditions. I had to promise myself this–ignore the plot as much as humanely possible. I need to flush out of my mind the fact that it’s very uncanny seeing Ringo already making the moves on Kousaku even though she really shouldn’t know that Kousaku sent her letters. I need to ignore just exactly where Minori gets her costumes and why she seems so open to stripping for the sake of Kousaku. I need to abandon the hope for a proper illumination of Ringo’s backstory–no hints whatsoever have been shown to us as to her sudden change of life choices. The plot is too unstable right now to rely on it as a source of judgment–hopefully in the future that sentiment will change.

Once that plot is completely ignored, then enjoyment of the show can commence. All the seiyuu show perfect execution of their lines each and every episode, with the intonations of their lines full of gusto and attitude. Kousaku easily transformed from the idiot to the straight man for episode three, having to deal with the crazy and mindless love rivalry between Ringo and Minori. Whatever I said about comparing characters to those in Baka to Test can go straight out the window, because everyone in this show is an idiot. No one is safe–the teacher is sexually desperate, the male friend is an eccentric do-it-all, the childhood friend is highly competitive, the quiet one is willing to show her dark side with mindless efficiency, and the idiot can actually be a consistent straight for some time (without losing his idiot self). This is beautiful though, since it offers boundless energy through their interactions, with each person trying to out-idiot the other through sexy and lewd actions, all in a vague agricultural setting.

Since this show has surprised me so much, defying expectations in both bad and good ways, I have to continue covering this to see where it goes. Despite all its problems, it’s still an enjoyable show to kick back, completely turn off the brain, and relax. It is a pleasure watching the well-crafted joke visuals as much as I do closing my eyes and listening to the excellent cast go all-out. For anyone looking for a plot of any sort, now’s the time to turn back, but if you enjoy the sexy, the comedy, and the stupidity, welcome. Though much suspension of belief is required, the payoff may just be worth it. It isn’t anything above a B-level offering, but it’s an interesting comedy nonetheless.

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ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「みのりのぞっこん未来予報♥」 (Minori no Zokkon Mirai Yohou ♥) by Hanazawa Kana


  1. this show is knida suck because of its over-abundance of parody and annoying CHfriend action and ecchi costumes,we don’t need CHfriend to make an entertaining, funny and successful ROM-COM(ex:Baka to test),farming jokes aren’t really legit albeit barely acceptable(writer should go read silver spoon), although Megane-kun , are you yusaku from toradora?? same round glasses same joke ! XD
    every char have good potential , except CHfriend (i find her ugly and too top heavy), idol is so cute always remind me of shouko(my fav char in BakatT) Will still watching though but will fast forward during boring segment, which consiste more than 60% since 1st ep

  2. I absolutely love this show with all its flaws because it has kept me laughing for days after the episodes air. There’s really not much to say other than this show’s imperfections continue to give me the perfect end to a stressful week.

    I cannot wait for the next one.

  3. Yeah, this is pretty much Baka Test (which is fantastic, if you ask me).
    And Baka Test did go more into character history/development, etc. as it went on.
    Can probably expect the same.

  4. So far if I ignore the plot, I actually find this show entertaining. The jokes come flying in thick and fast. And everybody is basically an idiot XD

    But I do agree that it would be abit better if they would delve into why Ringo decided to ditch her idol life and take on agriculture. Also, the reason why she seems to be into Kousaku as well. Right now nothing is really explained. Though its still early season and we may get it later on.

  5. Yeah, at first I was all “I am righteously indignant that there is no plot! There’s no character progression at all!”

    Then I pulled the stick out of my own butt and just enjoyed the show.

    Sometimes it makes sense to worry about character/plot progression, but they threw all that out the window from the first episode. At first I was worried, now I’m just enjoying the ride.

    Also, this reminds me just a bit of Mayoi Neko Overrun. MNO had more plot/character stuff in it, but it also had a lot of WTF? in it, too.

      1. THANK YOU!!! I’d forgotten all about this scene and now I’ll be smiling all day! Just the real speed back and forth had me gasping for air laughing. ahhhh Not everything needs to be award winning dramedy. Just let this be damn silly.

  6. Now this was a better episode than the last one. So bloody many references I spent more time laughing at those than I did at the stupid bug which seems to be the feature of all the characters. Dragon Ball Z, Valkyrie Profile, Death Note, Borat, Scream (the painting, not the movie), among others. When Nourin tones down the fan service it’s not that bad as purely chaotic and over the top comedy.

    It’s not going to win any awards, but it’s plenty good enough to watch and laugh at for half an hour.

    1. Nope,got it too! Oh god,those moments when you had to repair or operate a device knowing that a necromorph might sneak up behind you and you wouldn’t be able to draw react fast enough.

  7. I know it won’t be a popular sentiment looking at this show critically but I feel this show is actually very well put together if at least to show off its comedic chops. Perhaps it will get more serious with a core plot later on but the animation is top notch in crucial shots and there are lots of snappy visual flourish, the direction of the scenes is amazingly well done and the voice actors give it just enough of a kick and energy. Not to mention the show knows its premise is silly but they have a ton of fun knowing just that.

    I felt the same way with other Silver Link shows lately with Non Non Biyori and Watamote. They just know how to adapt these stories and give them more punch in animated form. Most people will say Nourin is just stupid fun but I think the show is expertly crafted despite them not focusing much on a core plot right now. Even if the show remains a pure comedy, I would give it props. Every episode seems to go by at a lightning pace for me

  8. what made me keep watching this anime is the desire to know the answer to my always bogging question every time the day this anime airs. i want to know what made ringo(yuka kusakabe) step down from her ever highness idol throne and go to a farming school under a different “personality”.

    but judging from the letters in OP, it seems that she is looking for the guy that sent her the uhm… fresh veggies. which is kinda… LOL. maybe she already knew that it was kousaku using her idol powers? whatever. not until i find the answer, i would keep watching this anime.

  9. “hopefully in the future that sentiment will change”
    That hope is likely to be rewarded next week–I have read the light novel and can assure you that judging from the title shown in the preview, next week will be about the reason why Ringo decided to quit being an idol. The problem will only be partially solved though.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    The story gets more and more serious as the novel goes on, but the anime seems to stick to the “idiots being idiots” part and 12 eps may not be long enough to get into those serious part. (8 vols of LN out now, we will still be in vol 1 next week)

      1. Generally yes..with some cut of course. This episode deleted a comparatively serious scene (although it might come back in the next) to give way for the stupid comedy part. Maybe it’s simply because there isn’t enough time to cover everything and/or the production team want to hold the atmosphere consistent in this episode.
        Overall, I watch this anime because I know there will be more than stupid comedy in the future..but so far they are left untouched. The novel slowly changes its style and gets more sense as the series go on and I hope the anime could follow that.

  10. I approve this anime
    The planting and chicken poultry experience is actually true.

    Checking the health of a plant by checking the leaves is actually true. You really need to check in it is decaying, pest-free, no strange color in it(maybe polluted by some water, must be removed). And seriously man, those leaves really do poke and later if you get used to it you won’t notice if a bloodsucker is already sucking you. :X
    Advice: Use shirt with long sleeves when doing this.

    Seriously! Cleaning the chicken hen is the worst experience in the farm as it always needs cleaning everyday. Leaving it for a week would make you suffer to what I call“Stinking-hell-of-death”(combination of so hot and stinking hot of the shit they make :D), which would make you vomit in no time if you’re not used to it.

    And in Rice planting.
    Lesson learned – Never use boots in planting rice as it will drag you down to the ground in which you’ll never be able to remove your boots out easily.
    Using the feet in planting rice makes you feel gross at first but once you get used to it, it actually feels nice and makes you more mobile in planting rice. Oh BTW, if you’re going to try it make sure to check if a leech isn’t attach in you’re feet after planting rice.

    source : me
    Cause I experience it first hand in my cousins farm.

  11. and yet 2nd season of Magi hasn’t been picked up~ (not saying anything directly on Nourin…I’m just saying that Magi has A LOT more to talk about, plus the animation so far has been pretty consistent) I’m still watching Nourin…its just that in comparison….

    1. CRAAPPPP~!!! What I actually meant to say was that were you going to do any arc follow-up reviews on Magi, Zanibas (it just occurred to me that Magi is waaayyy to far in to start picking it up).

  12. Zanibas, this doesn’t link back to your review of Episode 2 for Nourin. Also, when navigating to Nourin in the ‘Ongoing Series’ bar, only Episode 3 seems to be present. The mystery of the disappearing reviews much?

    1. May I add, it would be nice if your review for Episode 2 links back to Episode 1 rather than the first episode of Engaged to the Unidentified. Much appreciated if you could do that 😀

  13. ‘Mizu shobai’ is a term used to refer to Japan’s nightclub industry, which covers host clubs and the like.
    Meaning that Kei is most likely a host at some sexy cosplay host club.


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