「観測者たちの宴篇I」 (Kansoku Sha Tachi no Utage Hen I)
“Fiesta for the Observers I”

Awww yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Strike the Blood just gets better and better. Chock full of vulgar psychometricians, massive misunderstandings, prison escapees, epic Vatler faces, and a new familiar who looks like Nagisa—this could be the best arc yet.

Seriously. We might’ve had quite a bit of fun with the previous four arcs, but none of them had a loli Natsuki following Akagi like she’s her mother (NO, SHE’S NOT YOURS AND KOJOU’S CHILD!), Vatler getting slammed on his ass (and HE LIKED IT!), or Sayaka doing what she did here either (AND SHE GOT CAUGHT IN THE ACT!). To top things off, we finally get to meet Akatsuki’s mother too, and it’s just as Himeragi says: he really is his mother’s son. Although, in his defense, the perverted moments come to him and not the other way around. His mother on the other hand… I’m surprised she still has a job considering how vulgar she is, but I guess when your patients aren’t conscious when you do stuff like this and their only other alternative is death, that’s not a bad exchange. Maybe. Probably. TRICK OR DIE! Wait, is that not how it goes?

But yeah, it was a fabulous episode overall, and it’s especially good to know that both Yuuma and Natsuki may yet pull out of this alive. At the same time, they managed to fit in a great mixture of the comedic/fanservice + serious moments the series has been especially known for, and also set up the basis for future developments too. Because although Akatsuki thinks he’s involving his mother here in the first time, it’s pretty clear that’s not the case, and it’s interesting to see that she involved with Avrora/Kojou’s 12th familiar, Alrescha Glacies. Considering the latter’s able to toss even Vatler to the curb, it’s a game changer in more ways than one. Not only does this show that Akatsuki clearly has a lot more power than we’ve seen so far, it shows just why he’s such an X-factor in regards to the power balance between the other Primogenitors. There’s also another big plot line here too, because the 12th familiar seems to be physically separated from all the rest, activated without Kojou even noticing, seems to relate to why Kojou ended up receiving Avrora’s powers, and looks strikingly similar to Nagisa to boot. There’s a plethora of questions to say the least, and considering how entertained Vatler was—it takes a lot to get him this happy—it looks the answers we’re all waiting for will be worth it. The question is whether or not they’ll answer some of them before the anime ends its run in about 8 episodes.

That said, I can’t help but feel like Vatler would’ve liked Sayaka’s “step-on me” kinkiness… but I think that’s one venue that is better off left to the imagination. Truth be told, the only thing missing this week was La Folia, who seems like she may be missing for a majority (or entirety) of this coming arc. If this does end up being the case, it’ll be quite the pity indeed, but I suppose it’ll just make things sweeter if she gets an increased role in the arc after this one (hopefully). Looking forward, it looks like things are just starting to hit their stride with this show, and it makes me wonder if there’s any chance we may actually get more than this two-cour initial adaptation in the future. I don’t know the actual sales numbers for Strike the Blood though, but what I do know is that the fan-service scenes seem to have been planned out since the beginning (see this nice visual guide linked to me by Croos), which doesn’t surprise me considering how tasteful and unobtrusive they’ve been. Here’s looking forward to the next episode! And don’t forget that the soundtrack’s out too!

Full-length images: 01, 02, 15, 23, 37.

Author’s Note: Due to an important exam, next week’s post will be delayed until at least Saturday night EDT. Here’s hoping the above full-lengths are enough to make-up for it. 😀




  1. OMG OMG!

    You are my motherf’in hero right now Zephyr. Saved at the speed of light. *bows*

    I’d let Sayaka step on me anytime. Now it’s just the problem of do I let her do it with the kneesocks on or off… Barefoot is nice, but the silky feeling of those kneesocks…

    Decisions, decisions…

    Ahem… anyways. Kujou’s mom fondling Yuuma while she’s almost dead made me go “WTF!?” Seriously, that wasn’t even funny, there’s a time and a place for fanservice comedy and I really don’t think that was it.

    Does amnesia loli Natsuki still count as a legal loli btw? Apparently it’s still her but she seems younger, and not just in her demeanor.

    And at last we have the return to relevance of Asagi. I missed her for the last couple arcs, though the apparent loss of La Folia hurts.

    1. Sadly the last bit of the foot wouldn’t merge cause she moves it before you can get a solid composite. That… and the full-length of Yuuma’s mother kept coming out wonky for whatever reason.

      And Natsuki’s a loli until she ain’t walking around with that body. Lol.

      1. But the question was if she’s a legal loli. You’re either a legal or a true loli. She seems more like a true loli now than a legal one though.

        I apologize if my response seemed scathing or something. I simply made a joke because it didn’t seem like you understood what I was asked. I mean, it’s not exactly common knowledge that I’d expect everyone to know.

      2. Ah, na I didn’t take it that way at all. I was trying to make a joke up there too. Haha.

        T’was quite a funny vid though, gotta say. Especially the part where they’re like “loli’s don’t call themselves loli!” Lol.

      3. Haha, that’s good. My bad then. I was kind of looking at that response and was kike, “can’t tell what he means by that…”, so I just played it safe and tried to clear up that I wasn’t being a prick (honestly, having read through my post I wouldn’t really have blamed you).

        But yeah, I always found the vid hilarious, especially when Hanazawa Kana calls Taketatsu Ayana a loli, and she just gets completely dumbfounded. Especially the “Legal? You’re Legal” part, followed by “I dunno, but I can’t go back to being true.”

        Apparently, Ayachi needs to get on Natsuki’s level.

  2. Is there anyone in the Akatsuki Family normal? We got a Progenitor-the strongest vampire, a girl who can summon a Familiar and a perverted doctor. Kojou you have it rough, but I don´t the mother would if he and Yukina do anything, she might even be expecting it. XD

      1. He´s an archeologist and expert in ancient magical civilizations, he appears in volume 8 The Tyrant and the Fool, his investigations trigger the series of events that culminated with Kojo becoming Kalied Blood. He´s currently working overseas waiting for Minori´s anger to dissipate a little so they they are king of separated for now but not divorce because she still loves the fool, also the guy is not normal by any means, he has the worst reputation ever in his field of work even though he´s a top expert.

  3. Good EP IMO as well. In fact, one of the show’s best so far IMO. LOL a lot this episode as StB cranks up the comedy from start to finish. Both Akagi and Sayaka were hilarious. Kojou’s mom as well – her idea of a power up via oppai reminds one of Issei from HS DxD. XD Only thing missing for me was a snarky comment or two by La Folia <3. Hope she finds a reason to come back soon. Definitely looking forward to next EP.

  4. Well, there goes a contender of Random Curiosity’s Most Unexpected/Shocking Death Award. 2 Kills one episode would have been huge, not like I’m complaining since we get Natsuki back, true loli form too.

      1. Everyone is going to die, so not much of a shock factor. If anything, it will be shocking if they don’t kill off a certain character with massive amounts of death flags. She’s going to die, just hope it will be quick and painless. But that never happens, so rape and torture inbound.

  5. Nagisa went uber-imouto mode this week, dishing out punishment to those who dare cross her onii-chan. First Vatler took the brunt of her rage, then Sayaka had to resort to a sleeping charm to escape her wrath. 😀

    If Kojou’s mom knew about Nagisa, then there’s no way she doesn’t know her son is the current 4th Progenitor as well. The way she nudged at his wound and saying he needs treatment says it all, really.

  6. wasnt that really Nagisa? i mean they had the same costume …it seemed more like she was being controlled by someone else , even the voice changed.

    also that one imba Mom!

    And Natsuki went true loli! hehe at least shes still around … now i have to wait other week x.x

    PS: wow Sayaka went pretty forward this episode! i approve! .. sadly they got interrupted >.<

    1. Yeah, it’s surely Nagisa herself. Just like what happened in the second arc, seems like she’s possessed, probably by Avrora herself. Why and how exactly, I don’t know.
      As for the voice, it’s still the same voice actress, Hidaka Rina. Just that she’s using her deep loli voice instead of her cute loli voice. See Niko from Accel World and Athena from Campione for the former and Silica from SAO and Last Order from Index for the latter.

    2. This is not the first time Nagisa got possessed. First time in the first arc, second time during the second arc… the hint is whenever her hair is untied, she is in that “other personality” and has the 12th familiar with her.

  7. If the 12th mermaid Familiar originally belonged to Avrora,and Kojou hasn’t officially controlled it yet, could this mean Avrora’s ghost is both possessing Nagisa and controlling the 12th at the same time?
    Or is the 12th Familiar controlling Nagisa beacuse of its contract with Mrs. Akatsuki?

    PS. Vatler’s a real battle freak. o_o”

    1. well, the whole mechanics of the 4th progenitor’s familiars is a little unconventional, so it’s not as simple as avorora’s ghost possessing Nagisa along with 12th. Also the contract wasn’t done with Kojo’s mom. All of that plot line are revealed in the vol.7-8 backstory arc.

      Also in the LN, Vatler was damaged by the 12th to the point that half of his body was blown off… the anime tuned it down a bit 🙁

  8. the comedy timing of the show is horrible.
    people are dying and they are all like: oh boobs are funny lets grope, oh look another not funny misunderstanding.
    the tense situation at the beginning of the episode was so good and then they made a joke that made me roll my eyes and ruined all the tension.
    really really disappointed nobody died. confirms nobody of the good guys team will ever die.
    yuuma was impaled and her familiar was removed and yet she ok, she just needs her boobs groped.

    1. Yuma is not human, it´s a witch and they don´t go down easily. Minori was jocking around with Yuma iin that state because a.-she knew she had the time to fix her a little and b.-she´s batshit insane as most of the Akatsuki family. The show is really good but somethings are lost in the translation from the original novel.

  9. I see no support for the female lead character Yukina. Its always the minor female characters that get routed for. SO UNCOOL!! At least im one for Yukina. She is the main heroine but yet there is no back story on her at all. We only know that she is Kujos observer( blood partner) and that she was adopted into the Lion organization. Its like she was created only to just support the main character with no importance to the storyline which frustrates me a lot. I just hope that she plays an important role in this anime soon

    1. its more like her supports are unspoken, because they’re already great in number.
      if all the fans who like her over the other girls ever post their comments, they’re going to greatly outnumber all the rest. they just dont post cause they’re secured in their position for their pairing unlike the others.

      you can just tell if you visit like fanfiction sites. main pairing is always the majority even if a lot of people have vouched for the minor character being better.

    2. not that I don’t like Yukina, but the other girls, in this case, do offer different kinds of appeal… Yukina is good, but does get a little old as far as her jealous stuff goes…

      though as an LN reader, I have to say that Yukina does get the best treatment from the author and the editors alike… simple facts, out of all the 9 volumes of the LNs out, Yukina is on every single cover (and I bet she will be on the 10th one too) lol… not to mention even the extra short story the author wrote is also mostly for Yukina fans… so don’t worry, she is not being sidelined by any other girls

      1. yeah, she does… remember in the first arc where Kojo couldn’t recall the events of him obtaining the power of the 4th promgenitor without splitting headache? so that is why Kojo thought he could conceal his identity when everyone seems to know that he is indeed the current 4th promgenitor (he just couldn’t remember anything lol)

    3. She plays a major role in all the arcs Yahiko-san but if you want something more from her I think she play a prominent role in the final arc of the anime, The Return of the Alchemist.

      Some her backstory is exlained in detail in the novels, if you ask me I think in some point Simba Company is going to ask her to do something she´s not gonna like and break contact with them for good, there have been hints but belive me she recent those bastards quite a lot for wht they did to her, they only thing she thanks them for is meeting Kojou and Sayaka.

  10. Thanks god, Natsuki lives, and, arguably, she got better as a loli (though YMMV).
    12th familiar is OP.
    Vatler is soooo M.
    Why Kettenrad? Anyway Yukina is WW2 vehicle otaku? GuP influence, anyone? Or is she soulmate of YZQ resident Powerspeaker?
    And if you prefer sexy MILF instead of lolis, Kojou’s mom is your trick or die,erm, treat.
    Sayaka is soooo S. Come on, stepping on someone is the first thing she went for when trying to arouse Koujou’s “vampiric urges”!


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