「風呼びの少女」 (Kaze Yobi no Shojo)
“The Girl Who Calls the Wind”

Suddenly, it’s been four months since the Isla departed and our main cast finds themselves almost at the Holy Spring. All things considered, it’s only fitting that the progression of time brings with it a similar progression of the plot, and this week’s episode is the literal calm before the storm—a calm filed with a boatload of revelations.

Starting things off with this list are the confirmations, which include the following:

  • Kal-el/Karl voluntarily joined the Isla journey after hearing that Nina Viento would be on board.
  • Most of the people on Isla are indeed exiles who have no country to return to even if they complete their journey.
  • They’re not the biggest of revelations—they weren’t exactly subtle—but it’s nice to see confirmation of these facts before things get rolling. Especially when you consider that these tie in with a series of other important revelations, which include:

  • Revelations about Claire’s past, which included her being called a witch, being sold to loan sharks, and then ultimately taken up by a religious organization.
  • The fact that a few members of new government were aware of Kal-el/Karl’s survival and seem to have baited him into exiling himself by offering him the prospect of revenge.
  • And when taken all together, they’re things that change the series’ dynamics—especially in regards to the relationship between Kal-el and Claire. Because what this episode does is hammer in their continued similarities to one another—both were roped into a conflict neither of them asked for and both seemed to have volunteered to come on the journey—and it’s exactly those similarities that highlight why they should be with together at journey’s end. That is, of course, what one would normally expect to happen. But as we all know, the dynamic between the two is far from ordinary, and this situation also brings into focus the pink elephant in the room: the fact that there’s also plenty of reasons why they shouldn’t be together.

    There’s a whole bittersweet element to their relationship and I have to say, the series deserves some kudos for managing to execute this fairly well considering the amount of episodes they’ve been given. Both Claire and Kal-el are finally getting the freedom to live like people their age should be living (the former doesn’t even have her powers anymore), and they’ve both found love for the first time in their lives… all for it to potentially end in a pain that could end up worse than anything they’ve felt up until now. That’s just all kinds of messed up, and this is one of those stories where you really can’t help but root for their happy ending.

    The problem is, both of them also seem to have been hand delivered into a situation that calls for combat, and you just never know when it comes to stuff like this. It’s highly probable that Claire and/or Ariel don’t make it out of this alive, and the fact that this is a realistic possibility makes this series a very interesting watch. Considering that there’s still the Ignacio side plot to explore, there’s a lot of story left to tell here, and things could be building up towards this series being one of the better/best ones this season has to offer. Granted, it probably won’t be a masterpiece when it’s all said and done, but that doesn’t change the fact it could be just as memorable—just like the ED theme (you can see the full PV here), which fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the series. That said, I’ll end things here with what’s likely to be the quote of the week for me:

    No one knows what’ll happen in the future. But for now, I want to fly these skies with you.




      1. Considering that arrogant personality of that General the trainees and knights are heading straight towards a disaster. The first rule of war is know your enemy old man, the second never understimate your opponent, looks they´re going to learn the hard way not to look down on your enemies.

      2. Especially Noripii… lampshaded by his own girlfriend who says he’s just an extra. Someone hand him the red shirt? Wait, all the cadets are already wearing one… oops.

        And the general commanding the military in the Isla could learn a few things about strategy. You can hate your enemy, you can despise him, but, never, never underestimate him.
        Whatever your strength and advantages, in every battle, “enemy has a vote”.

      1. The people who went on the expedition consists mainly of people the new regime considers “unwanted” (ie. former nobles and revolutionaries who fell out of favor etc.), it’s a mass political exile with little chance of success clothed in the convenient cloak of “explore the world”

      2. The way I see it, they’re going along with this because they believe in the Holy Spring/End of the Sky as a means to salvation, whether it’s due to it being mentioned in the legends somewhere or if they just want this to be the case.

        1. Most if not all of goverment of Isla are exiles, basically corner beasts desperate to find a new home, if you include the influence of the nobels and their classsit mind plus the arrogance od the military leaders it´s safe to say the Isla Expedition is heading full-speed with no breaks towards a dissaster. And that´s me being positive, think about it guys, the expedition are the invadres here and they´re not backing down to reason necause of desperation, arrogance and the religous fervor the poor Claire bring to the people without knowing, yeah this is a disaster.

        2. Whatever the End of the Sky really is doesnt matter right now, the fact is that there are people guarding it and they see will see the Isla Expediton as invaders, which they are, plus the ruling body of Isla are exiles looking for salvation but they DESPARATE, a desparate do foolish thing beyond imagination and they are arrogant to boot, they seem to think The End of the Sky is rightfully theirs to claim and disregard this guardians of the Spring as mere barbarians, that´s suicide when you go to war; think of the Punic Wars, Roma understimated Carthage and most particulary Hannibal as foolish barbarians and by the time of the Second Punic War the guy had an entire at gates of Rome. T o put it simple the military command of Isla is not only lacking but foolish.

        3. Correct me if I’m wrong but what you are saying is –

          1) Those on Isla expedition are exiles of their own homeland
          2) These exiles are looking for a new place to call home
          3) They seek out the End of the Sky as a new home and salvation
          4) Guardians of the Spring view these exiles as invaders while those on Isla see themselves as the “rightful people to govern the End of the Sky”

          Kal as exile is easy to understand but where does that put Nina Viento?

          And 2 more –

          5) The nobility (if any) on board Isla are mostly the exiled
          6) How about the commoners that are with them?

        4. @cruiser2710

          Not sure where haseo was going, but:

          1) Most of the nobles, yes.
          2) Nope, it’s an exploration expedition, not a colonization fleet. The whole point of using Isla is so that there IS no need to settle anywhere, as the island is self sufficient.
          3) Nope, again, it’s purely an expedition, End of the Sky is just the goal.
          4) Nope, the “Guardians” view THEMSELVES as the rightful rulers of the sky, and everyone else as simple barbarians.

          Nina Viento is the same – no longer of any use after the revolution and losing her power, but still massively popular with the people – a huge liability the new government wants to get rid of.

          5) Yes
          6) They aren’t.

        5. That´s preety much what I´m saying Cruiser-san, either te expedition is a success or a complete disaster this is a one way trip for the whole population of Isla, the poor ignorant civilian didn´t know what they were getting into. Isla is not colonization ship yes, but they are stuck in the same situation as one because there is nowhere else for them to go; pretty much they´re screwed.

    1. 5 episodes are behind us (we might consider this one as the “beach episode” right?). so far they’ve built everything for story and characters, and now that next week gonna be exactly half of the series, when some real issues will start to kick in. and indeed this episode’s last part is kinda signaling for the end of the 1st part and the calm.

      the storm is in front of us. first of all, it’s gonna be a battle of survival. people is Isla will have to fight, obviously for their lives. then perform the climaxes of plot and characters we are eagerly waiting for.
      now this is a very sensitive point. because they all think that Nina Viento and her powers (which are actually gone/out of steam/whatever) are with them. but in fact, Nina was kinda exiled (like Kal-El…not surprising ha?) and is powerless and a mere doll, she is in this journey only to keep people’s morale (and maybe recruit them before they joined). and now what? when a lot of their friends-in-arms will die and they’ll find out it was lie?I don’t know if and how they’ll accept this.
      it’s even more complicated because it’s very likely (at least as I see it) that she lost her power ever since the revolution and ever since Karl made that angry look (“NINA VIENTO”) toward her, and it’s likely she might regain her power in the money time. and the climax we are all waiting for will start.

      now before rushing toward the unknown future, let’s talk about the characters in the current status. the relationship between Kal and Claire is dynamic and knows ups and a bit of downs, with still swinging toward the past. I find it very interesting that Kal isn’t sure “what do I want to do here?”. on the one hand, Kal definitely wants to realize his dream to become a real pilot and of course get home safely. on the other hand we can’t deny he joined this campaign because of Nina too, which is now powerless.
      as for Claire, well she try to be free from the past that keeps hunting her. and that’s exactly what we’ve seen in her mind today. the swinging between carefree with Kal or the Kal that again reminded her “prince Karl”. so in other words, the past is still hunting those two. and it’s secretly the other’s past that hunting them.

      for 5 eps this series looks great. but now it’s Toaru Hikuushi challenge, to prove itself. first, to bring us a great aerial combat. then, to kick in faster pace the story both in terms of Isla’s journey and in terms of the character development (Igancio and Kal X Claire, Arial too).
      I believe Toaru will meet the challenge.
      whether we can call this series a masterpiece?it’s to early to jump into yes/no conclusions, but yeah, probably not a masterpiece. even if it’s a no, as long as Toaru keeps its great nature combination of aerial stuff, plot and character development..it’s one of the great series we had in the last few years. and for now this is indeed like that. but this series still has to prove that it’s indeed not only “accumulate potential”, but can release it as well.

    2. As much as I want Kal El and Claire to be together, I don’t think that it is possible considering how Kal el parents were killed due to Claire. I don’t really think anyone in the right mind would go out with the very person that caused your parents death. This is gonna end up either one of them dies or the both of them. If it ends another way. Then I would be very surprised.

      Really hope Ariel will save him from this crisis. As she is quite wife material.

      kal el? Superman
        1. Yeah, but that doesn’t mean he actually can. It remains to be seen if this will take the standard anime perfectly moral/preaching an aesop path or if MC (or someone else) will lose his shit. Until characters start dying, its the former. If anyone dies, we suddenly cant assume that MC will do the “right thing.”

        2. I never get the idea of the ‘standard anime’ thing. Anime is, if anything, famous for having rather weird and/or depressing endings. Usually it’s children’s anime that does the aesop/power of frienship thing.

          I could list 10 animes off the top of my head that end with total insanity without even trying.

          That said, this is a story that I hope turns out okay. It’s a story about affirmation, and that’s what I want to see.

      1. There is a way that him being with Claire isn’t a betrayal to his parents, if Claire was being manipulated by shadowy, power-hungry officials behind the scenes, as it seems to be the case. She was a child too at the time (despite her powers) and was used as a tool without having herself a choice.

        1. Well, even though she was manipulated. In reality, one really cannot forgive that easily. he was even forced to kiss her foot.

          UNLESS, he is a masochist. in which I cannot complain.

          kal el? Superman
        2. Eh, it’d be more of a betrayal if Kalel holds on to his hatred instead, his mother didn’t exactly say “Kill all these mofos and avenge me!”. As for his father… well, he more or less got what he deserved.

          This isn’t a case of a villain cruelly killed his parents, the royal family wasn’t exactly a shining beacon of justice, which is something that will be touched on later.

        3. Yea, just like how Romeo and Juliet totally hated each other.

          Oh wait… ;p

          Ultimately Kalel and Claire were just on different sides of a war, it’s not as if Claire were the one that personally executed his parent, she is just someone easy to focus the blame on as she was the figurehead of the revolution.

        4. Honestly superman, given all your comments on this review, I feel like you need to examine the idea of forgiveness a little yourself. Plenty of people around the world have learned to forgive people who were once enemies in war, and plenty of others haven’t.

          Which side would you rather be on?

    3. https://randomc.net/image/Toaru%20Hikuushi%20e%20no%20Koiuta/Toaru%20Hikuushi%20e%20no%20Koiuta%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2019.jpg

      So close. Too bad Kal-el. Better luck next time.

      Although, wouldn’t it have added more drama if they had did it and Claire got pregnant? Just imagine the shock of everyone, including Kal if they discover Claire’s actually Nina if she’s carrying Kal’s kid, compared to a normal one. It’s textbook drama and kids who are new to anime of this sort will love it.

      Also I have a theory why Claire’s power disappeared: emotions. She got sick and tired of it all she became unable to use her power properly. I have seen this being played in some animes before.

    4. what i don’t get is why the heck did the revolutionists have to go with creating the whole Nina Viento persona for propaganda. Clare could have been the figurehead as herself and it would pretty much be the same, so why did they have to make her assume the Nina role?

    5. I’m sorry but after that bombshell last episode, it still leaves this taste in my mouth that can’t come out. I’m anticipating the explosion that will happen when Claire gets busted. The popcorn is ready and I’m bouncing up and down from my chair with excitement. Don’t get me wrong, I love the romance between them both but I want to see if Kal-el really loves Claire enough to remove the revenge he has of her. Honestly though if she keeps hiding this, it’ll get way worse as things keep moving. Sad because it reminds me of some relationships. Hiding things will just make it worse than get better.

      Jason Isenberg

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