「棒」 (Bou)

Nobunaga now has four of the five revealed regalia (three if you discount Jeanne’s personal possession of her own), which advances his cause for dominion and power. They’re kind of like Fairy Tale’s keys, except now it’s jewelry that controls the elements and forces of the universe, which happen to rely on the ley lines that weave throughout spacetime. However, at their core, these trinkets are merely progressive mecah upgrades that allow Nobunaga to progress in power throughout the story, as well as give Jeanne some semblance of a role in the story with her regalia of purity.

Caesar in one fell swoop lost his own stolen regalia to the rightful Nobunaga, but the question is now raised: is this the last we see of him after that battle? Probably not. Those mischievous twins are still on the loose, which is probably a strong indicator that we haven’t seen the last of douchebag Caesar. Why would the show have all this buildup of him lusting over Ichihime if not for him to at least get close to that goal? I don’t know how he could’ve survived that massive attack, but knowing this show’s overpowered tendencies, they’ll find a way to write him back in. It’ll be infuriating to see him return since he’s such a one-sided character, but his return is necessary given the developments he’s progressed through so far.

As for the other characters, some characters have suffered while others grow marginally in importance. Uesugi introduced herself formally this episode, but it is currently unknown whether her intentions will align with Nobunaga’s or pose as yet another roadblock to the fool’s ultimate goal of repelling the West. Mitsuhide reiterated some of the most lifeless and useless lines that seriously contradict his cunning as a character, though I suppose for the sake of dialogue he had to have some lines this episode. Hideyoshi returned to some of his roots this episode by re-enacting his real-life actions at the Siege of Inabayama Castle. Ignoring the fact that this battle was historically between Oda and Saitou rather than Takeda, the general gist of bluffing a fake castle and leading people into traps aligns well with the historical record.

Finally, we have Himiko and Jeanne, whose return to semi-important characters is a small step forward. Himiko, though lacking many lines this episode, performed enough to re-establish her important dedication to her husband. If they can continue to polish her resolve and continue to include her in battle tactics, she could become a well fleshed-out character that’s properly part of the action. The same goes for Jeanne, as she finally established her role as servant to the Savior-King–it was about time that her own regalia activated (and that silly ponytail and chest wrapping style came off). This should signal an increased presence for Jeanne, as Nobunaga will undoubtedly want to include her in future missions for her powerful weaponry. If played correctly, this could be the gateway by which Jeanne starts to finally assert herself as an important character through active co-operation with Nobunaga in the mecha and to be that second source of Nobunaga’s conscience that her role has implied all this time.

All that is left now is to finally close the doors on Nobuhide’s inheritance for Nobunaga, as well as Nobunaga’s true ambitions, thoughts, and history. Here’s to hoping we see these pop up before the first cour of this show ends.




  1. I don’t see where the hate for Caeser comes from.

    Aside from that, the show is getting the vibes of any mainstream anime. Protagonist gets power. Uses power to defeat some powerful guy. Next powerful guy comes up, but the protagonist somehow gets a new power and defeats the next guy, but then some even more powerful guy turns up, and the story goes on. Boring. In a sense, if we replace the regalias or whatever they’re called with Pokemon, the story would be exactly the same as the latter.

    1. I think you mean Kaeser lol (i think that’s just a simple case of japanese mispronunciation).
      I agree with you on the issue of this turning into a show with typical shounen battles. Fighting someone who’s more powerful than you? Don’t worry someone or something will come along and make you stronger at the last second! Considering there are bound to be others who will continue to attack Nobunaga i hope the formula isn’t “Ha! Caesar was the was the weakest of us all! His defeat means nothing!”.

      1. Pronunciation is right, the c in Latin is hard like in cat and the ae is pronounced like the i in isle. For us English speakers it’s the exact same pronunciation as Kaiser, the German word for Caesar.

        Funnily enough the adherence to Latin pronunciation is also carrying over as well. Caesar’s first name Julius was spoken as Yulius. This is also correct for in Latin his name would have been spelled as Iulius and the I pronounced like the y in you.

      2. @Leatherhead333

        “Ha! Caesar was the was the weakest of us all! His defeat means nothing!”

        You left out the Samurai Flamenco vibes: “You have to face us, who are at least 100 times as many and 1000 times stronger!”

    2. It has had those vibes since episode 1 frankly, this series was never going to break any boundaries. I think what’s keeping many of us on board is to see how far they go in butchering historical figures.

      And Caesar isn’t dead, he’ll be back just like Himiko. The main question is what happens after Caesar does get killed, which member of the Round Table comes to investigate?

    3. “I don’t see where the hate for Caeser comes from.”

      – Total douchebag
      – Loves to backstab people (IRONY)
      – Has two annoying edgy sidekicks
      – Wants to kidnap pure waifu because reasons
      – Kills two people because reasons

      Really? You don’t?

      1. That’s really no reason to hate him. He’s a villain so obviously he’s doing to do villainous things. Let us not forget that there are plenty of people out there who love villains even if they have done horrible things (one must only look in naruto forums to see people fawning over Madara). Not all bad guys play by the rules.

      2. Yeah, Caesar just doesn’t seem to add much overall besides just being there to be an antagonist from the Star of the West in order to allow Nobunaga to create a bigger name and following for himself. Even someone like Noumi from Accel World (who, IIRC, many saw as a pretty lame antagonist overall) had at least some kind of story to explain how he is the way he is and why he was doing what he was doing (victim becoming the perpetrator). Caesar’s just…there…


        Madara at least was touted about a number of times, in ever greater amounts up until his true appearance, and not long after, we got more backstory behind him (and Hashirama) that at least gives the impression that, even now, Madara is not simply just a douchebag villain doing bad things cause reasons. He actually has reasons, and at least some of those reasons are actually ones you can agree with, even if you may not agree with his goal and/or how he’s going about accomplishing that goal. Nagato was similar to him in that regard.

        Unlike most previous antagonists, he actually has (even more) real power to back up his legendary status that isn’t simply “shut off” in some way at some convenient time to allow the protagonists to win, nor has he (yet) fallen for any sort of Talk no Jutsu or “moment of stupidity” to “give” the protagonists a convenient win. He’s also not the fairly common “Naruto gone wrong” foil that they used already for Haku, Gaara, Nagato, and then Obito, so nothing for Naruto to really relate to him over aside from being the opposite extreme to his own beliefs.

        Caesar just…well…feels cliched and not that interesting.

      3. In the end it really doesn’t matter what the reasons you have for killing people are. Even if you claim it’s for the sake of peace that doesn’t automatically justify it. In the end he’s still doing it for his own selfish ideals and trying to push it on others who don’t want it. Objectively speaking all villains are selfish in nature and even if they are trying to accomplish a noble goal it’s not uncommon for them to perform dirty tasks to achieve that goal which still makes them in the wrong. I mean i still like Madara but I still don’t think he’s someone who’s free of being classified as a dick.

    4. @Mediafag

      It could be explained.

      “total douchebag” – this is a subjective opinion from your point of view. It is not necessarily universal.

      “loves to backstab people” – it’s a war. You use whatever means to win. It has been going on since the dawn of mankind.

      “annoying sidekicks” – like the first quote. This is a subjective opinion. It doesn’t justify anything.

      “kidnaps waifu because reasons” – so I suppose when any male tries to woo/court a female, that male has ‘reasons’.

      “kills two people because reasons” – Did you expect him to be there to make friends?

      1. You discount several points because they are “subjective opinion”, but if that’s a sentiment that many people share (it is), then it becomes a reason for why so many people hate him (also a subjective opinion).

      2. As Shiden said, people’s opinions are subjective, so Caesar being a douche is a legitimate reason for dislike. IRL, many people dislike certain athletes and other famous people simply because they’re rich and act like douchebags. Some who are actually convicted of crimes are more beloved than those who don’t do (or at least haven’t been caught doing) anything illegal.

        Also, IMO, stabbing an ally in the back is much different from using underhanded tactics against an enemy. There is an element of trickery and deceit during war, but stabbing your ally in the back is not something the general public is okay with. And then he pinned the cowardly act on Nobunaga, which probably rubs quite a few people the wrong way.
        Also while this point may not apply to the time period of the show, there are rules of warfare(don’t fake surrender, don’t target civilians, etc.), so no, you can’t always justify everything that happens during war as “using whatever means to win.”

      3. Saying that he is a ‘douchebag’ and therefore that it is a legitimate reason to hate him is circuitous. It is basically saying because I subjectively hate him, therefore my hate is justified. The premise proves the outcome but the premise could only be proved by the outcome itself – X is true because of Y, but Y is only true because of X. Doesn’t prove anything.

        “stabbing an ally in the back is much different from using underhanded tactics against an enemy.” Then I’m sure you haven’t heard about a certain international phone bugging scandal of a certain individual in to somehow protect the interests of another country, somewhere in the real world.

        “And then he pinned the cowardly act on Nobunaga, which probably rubs quite a few people the wrong way.”
        If you think this doesn’t happen, then you’re awfully wrong. A question that relates well with this point is: “Where are all the alleged weapons of mass destruction?” in a certain country which prompted another country to send troops to the former country.

      4. I suppose I should clarify, since that isn’t what I said.
        First of all, how I (or anyone else) feel about someone is subjective, since it’s my opinion of that person. Just because something is not a universal opinion, doesn’t mean I can’t use it as a reason to dislike someone.
        Second, calling someone a douchebag is not the same thing as subjectively hating that person. While this is generally the case, I’m sure all of us at some point in our lives have had the douchebag/jackass/(your term of choice) friend A who rubs some people the wrong way. What may endear person A to me may be unbearable to someone else, that’s just how human relations are.

        However, there are certain actions that both make someone a douchebag (in my opinion) and make me dislike that person. I believe backstabbing falls under the category of douchebag, and I generally dislike anyone who does so. Thus, it’s more of X(he’s a douchebag) is true because of Z(his actions, as noted by others), and Y(I dislike him) is also true because of Z.

        Also, I am not using circular logic, as the point of the discussion is how people feel about the guy. Feelings are not logical, no matter how much you may want to keep it that way. Whether or not he is universally thought as a douchebag is irrelevant. What is relevant to how I feel is that I believe he is a douchebag. Even if you don’t agree with my perspective, doesn’t change the fact that I see his actions that way, and that I dislike him for it. I don’t need to prove why I dislike him, as this is not a logic question. You said “I don’t see where the hate for Caeser comes from”, and others provided reasons as to why they dislike him. You don’t have to agree, but you also don’t have to deny the reasons that others give, since feelings are opinions anyway.

        Re: the phone bugging
        Did I ever say I supported those actions? Is there widespread support among the general public for those kinds of actions? You’re kind of proving my point since many people in the US and around the world were NOT ok with what many perceive as a betrayal of trust.

        Re: your last point
        Again, did I ever say that it doesn’t happen? I’m well aware that life is unfair, and that sometimes people will use scapegoats and do whatever it takes to make sure they benefit from the situation. Just because something happens, doesn’t mean I have to approve of it. There are people who are displeased with how a certain country kept moving the goalposts in a certain war you’re talking about, from alleged WMDs to removing a certain person from power to freedom and so forth.

        You point out things that happened IRL, but my point was how people react to those kinds of situations. A common reaction is exactly what I said; people dislike backstabbers, and people dislike the use of scapegoats. Does this mean that if put into a situation where a scapegoat is necessary, people would hesitate to do so? Obviously not, but people who are not directly involved usually frown upon scapegoating while the real people responsible get away (relatively) scot-free.

  2. Well if we dont see Caeser anymore i’m really disappointed, i thought he would’ve lasted longer, we’re still on episode 8 of 24.
    At least we know the real villain(?) is Arthur.

    I’m glad Himiko is alive. =3

  3. The Ace of Wands symbolizes inspiration, creativity and new beginnings (the hands grasp the ever-flowering and growing wand of opportunity, wreathed in energetic flames). It is a card of action, signaling you to seize the opportunity and act now to achieve victory in your endeavours.

    The events of today’s action-packed episode signify a move away from the previous tragedies that befell our main cast, towards an overall victory that will no doubt restore their hopes, and a new beginning for the Oda to unite the Eastern Star with the 4 Regalia they now possess.

    Hideyoshi’s creative idea of a bluff tactic, combined with Leonardo’s tech and the resolve of Himiko’s priestesses, enabled Nobunaga to take on Caesar one-on-one to regain the Wind Regalia, without having to put themselves or the Oda army at risk from the Takeda forces. 

    Inspired both by Ichihime’s undying faith in her brother,and her latest vision, Jeanne immediately acts without hesitation to try save Nobunaga, allowing her to unknowingly give Nobunaga her Regalia’s powers and enabling him to gain victory over Caesar. 

    Finally, Jeanne calling herself Ranmaru at the end can be seen as her finally accepting her historical counterpart’s role as Nobunaga’s steward to be loyal and always remain at his side, a new beginning in the Nobunaga-Jeanne trust relationship.  

  4. I’m slightly disappointed with this show after this episode. It makes it apparent that more regalias = more power, and the regalia seem like a cheap and easy way to make someone really powerful. I also don’t like Jeanne’s development. She has a regalia that grants heavenly powers, that’s cool. But she’s still just like a side kick to Nobunaga and helping him alone become stronger. I was hoping she would be a more independent character, perhaps pilot her own mech, or actually be pivotal to the plot (besides the regalia she has). But maybe she’ll become more important as the series progresses.

    I feel like Ceasar isn’t really dead, it’s only episode 8, and by the looks of the opening, I’m guessing he’ll make a re-appearance again to fight Nobunaga one more time, but that’s just my hunch. I mean himiko supposedly died a few eps ago but not really.

    1. Yeaaaa,I kind of hoped this show would be deeper & all and I’ve just been telling myself that it just needs some time(despite being told otherwise) but I think it’s clear by now that it’ll be mostly raw entertainment.

      Oh well,still gonna enjoy it for what it is,although that means I’m not gonna look forward to each new episode as much anymore.

  5. I think the plan the studio is making for this series is to set up a sequel. I believe that the reason is because so far the only antagonist is Caesar. And i am sure he will be until the end of the series. Which leaves the other members of the Round Table + King Arthur out of this war.

    Although i do believe they are leaving them out this season, because just like it was in that time period, the West was way much more advanced and powerful than Japan. So if the Round Table and King Arthur enter the fray, Nobunaga would lose easily.

    Also add Mitsuhide and the prophesied treason on both Jeanne’s and Nobunaga’s dreams and likely at some point his betrayal will be complete. To much storyline happening in the east to involve the west right now.

    So yeah, i think the story will end with Mitsuhide’s treason (based on the ED, i expect a Jeanne vs Mitsuhide meccha battle. While Nobunaga finally clashes Caesar. In the end, both Jeanne and Nobunaga win. And news of Caesar’s death reach the Round Table. King Arthur sets up the invasion to the West Star. And that sets up season 2.) I hope it turns out that way.

  6. If there’s one thing about anime with tendencies for overpowering and overpowered characters, it’s that the characters you don’t see dead don’t die.

    Caesar will be back, definitely, and probably once again pop up like the douchebag he is to pull some sh** off.

    You can’t blame viewers for hating him, though. I have no idea who’s idea it was, but making a character everyone loves to hate is some kind of drawing point for the show. Instead of shoving the opinions that ‘people are being silly for hating him’ or that ‘everyone should hate him’ down each other’s throats, I’d say to each his own. 🙂

    The conclusion of the episode felt a little rushed, though the high point came when Jeanne finally helps out Nobunaga in a big way and it’s good that she’s finally coming into more focus now after being a mopey character for a bit. The fact that she is actually able to voice her support for Nobunaga so distinctively showed that all she needed was the means to do so. Finally some fleshing out and more backbone.

    And wardrobe malfunction. Again. :p

    Himiko coming out from her recuperation after some much missed screentime is very welcomed as well, since she’s one of the stronger characters IMO. Another character that I’m glad got a little spotlight was Hideyoshi. He’s like one of those characters that quietly develops with a little attention every now and then, but could prove to be every bit as loyal and perhaps ultimately as (or even more) capable than Mitsuhide.

    There’s some improvement in Nobunaga as a character, it seems. He seems more calm and steady now, without losing the original flavor of his personality in fighting.

    If anything, the show simply makes for entertainment and I’m enjoying it despite several still insufferable characters, pacing and character development issues. (For one thing, the character designs are great, and so is the theatrical part of the show, emphasized by da Vinci’s ridiculously over the top Paradiso).

    After all that grousing, let’s just enjoy the show for what it is.

  7. Well, I’m pretty sure that Caesar is still alive, but how can oppose Nobunaga, now that he has four (or three) Regalia?

    Wait, Uesugi is officially a woman in this show?


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