「畑ランコ カマす, OGはチョベリグ, ぐーぜん誤解 いただき中」 (Hata Ranko Kamasu, OG wa Choberigu, Guuzen Gokai Itatakichuu)
“Hata Ranko Baits, ORIGINAL GANGSTA is Very Good, Circumstantial Misunderstanding in Progress”

Pan-tea. Get it? Panty! (Yes, that’s a bit of a stretch even for me.)

Hata is actually kind of cool.

Even though she’s creepy, tends to blow the truth out of proportion, and at times becomes a borderline stalker; Hata somehow showed us that deep down there might be something normal inside of her. Without her Canyon camera snapping underskirt pictures and evil smile staring straight into our souls, she could actually pass as a normal student! Normal for Ousai at least.

Which is really cool because instead of her being a constant thorn in the Student Council’s side, everything just feels so much better when she’s working alongside them (or I suppose having them work alongside her). But what I loved the most had to be the different feel you get when she goes back to being usual Hata. Somehow it just feels so much better to be on Hata’s side when she’s trying to scare/extort the information she wants.


I’ve always wondered what the previous Student Council President was like — and she’s the complete opposite of what I pictured. Instead of being the dirty joking girl who would have the perfect sex joke to retort with at a moment’s notice, she ended up being this sort of awkward senpai who’s stuck in a different generation. Besides her amazing ability to go with Aria and Shino’s flow, I couldn’t take it when she started throwing out antiquated phrases and pulling stuff out from her boobs. (Even I’ve heard of bye-nara but I would never use it LOL)

Uomi x Tsuda (?)

I for one am definitely part of the camp that ships Uomi and Tsuda. I’ve seen the looks she’s been giving him since she first appeared during this second season but it would seem the catalyst to really get the ball rolling may have appeared. While they may be related by law, I don’t think we’re stepping on any toes saying that this provides a prime opportunity for Uomi to really build up that rapport with Tsuda — you’ve got to trigger those flags while you can!

At the same time, maybe this’ll finally get Shino or Suzu to get off their butts and do something. Maybe.

Looking Forward

Seeing how there really isn’t a story to speculate about, I leave you with this question — What’s your dominant hand for doing.. “things”? The inspiration for this question comes from this week’s end card that says “I feel like using my left hand today.” Because maybe for some people our left hand is our the main one…

Random Thoughts

  • That last skit at the end after the Ending Sequence was too perfect. I love how Suzu and Tsuda have all but just given up.
  • Kotomi and her fake crying. Totally got caught.
  • Hata’s BJ Face. D:



End Card


  1. boob hammerspace? victorias secret compartment? whatever, this sow never fails to entertain!
    while I really like Shino, she better moves fast or Uomi is gonna steal Tsuda!

  2. lol yah Uomi going away singing “taka-kun” was really INTERESTING ..the looks of Shino and Suzu ! ..personally im rooting for Suzu… or Uomi…but i guess Shino is cannon? .. or dunno..we havent really seen much of Uomi and/or Suzu regarding “Taka-kun”

    did i miss the Taka and squid last segment.. i was pretty sure there was supposed to be one this week…mebe got the episodes mixed up.

  3. They keep teasing us with hints of romance, and I keep coming back for more! I know this is mostly comedy (which I’m totally okay with!) and I love it for that, but I really want to see more romantic development!
    Still, awesome episode as always. This season/series is very consistent with it’s entertainment quality, which many shows can’t seem to do nowadays.

  4. I love Hata’s teleporting skills, perfect for stalking and surprising people, along with some rare scenes at Suzu’s head level rather than Tsuda’s/everyone else’s. Triple Booking was very tactful about Suzu’s age, as expected of an idol group.

  5. that’s it i’m buying a ticket for the SS Tsuda x Uomi ship!

    If I’m right Tsuda actually notices Uomi’s advances towards him what with him often
    blushing when she start making flirty jokes at him

    1. it was probably a school day and they didn’t had time to change

      i do remember wearing my School uniform in my aunts wedding doesn’t really matter to them but … but maybe to some people it may, especially if it is in a church.

      School uniforms are actually formal wear but they aren’t really appropriate for weddings. But then again nobody cared when i wore it in my aunt’s wedding.

      Season is Over
  6. – I almost forgot the bit about Shino being famous and meeting Triple Booking was just a dream, which is why at first I found it weird that they didn’t recognize Shino.
    – Suzu cowering behind Aria in the Haunted House was pretty cute too.

  7. maybe it’s because of Uomi’s seiyu that I’m enjoying her a lot more than I should…or maybe it’s because I associate Chiwa Saito’s voice as Senjougahara, and I’m imagining Uomi as a more genki Gahara-san…I don’t know! >.<

    1. Her voice is really nice, but both Gahara-san and Homura are outwardly cold characters, while Uomi is much more playful and teasing, and a bit of gentleness too.

      She’s basically the aforementioned two’s dere modes on constantly. And that is such a nice thing

  8. Just when we all thought Uomi was totally out of contention, she claws her way right back into Tsuda’s inner circle via the good ol’ relationship-through-marriage route, a trope usually seen in medieval political dramas, though it’s not her that’s doing the marrying, of course. 😀

    Predictably, Shino and Suzu aren’t too pleased. XD (Though would also like to see Mitsuba’s reaction. )

    LOL at Hata making what is supposed to be a joyous event of the two teachers being engaged into something sinister, congratulating them as though they’re being interrogated and harassed by the paparazzi.

    1. Right on about Mitsuba, I also want to see how she would react towards this revelation seeing as she really is so innocent but when it comes to Tsuda, she does blush and react towards him.

  9. @TAKAII: I also felt that Uomi has been eyeing Tsuda since she was introduced and in this season, I’m glad that she has more presence, and with this new relation, I sure hope that this will trigger more character developments for Uomi, Shino, Suzu, Mitsuba, and heck even Aria!

    I love the jokes in this series, but I really wish they would add more romantic developments, cuz even the first season had a lot more compared to its sequels.

  10. this series is turning into a harem 😐
    shino, suzu, mitsuba, potential Kaede and now Uomi

    The writer capitalized on this idea… Uomi really took advantage of that becoming related through marriage of their cousin to become closer to Tsuda (that’s an interesting development and in the future it is going to be juicy).

    Actually stuff like this are common in Asian culture. We do welcome and consider the relatives of a sister in law or brother in law as family but Uomi took that too far and even becomes a semi-visitor to Takatoshi residence.

    if a girl was in Uomi’s shoes she would be friend Tsuda but i don’t think she would put an effort in commuting to come over to his house, to cook dinner and clean the house… unless she is really interested in him …romantically.

    Season is Over

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