「デレ期という単語を調べたら」 (Dere-ki to iu Tango o Shirabetara)
“I Looked Up the Term “Time of Dere”

Kobeni isn’t head-over-heels yet, but they’re moving towards it. Fight on, Hakuya! And Suetsugi too, in a different way.

Kobeni is Still Tsundere About Hakuya

I thought last week ushered us into full on lovey-dovey mode, but this week Kobeni backtracked and didn’t admit to liking Hakuya. Not minding being engaged to him, yes, but nothing about him in particular. We’re once again getting signs of story stretch here, like they should have kept moving forward but decided to stall, and yet with the time period involved here this is still understandable. Not like Kobeni is the type to fall head-over-heels in love quickly, right? She’s no Suetsugi. It’s like with Sakura Trick – a blazing start gives way to an end game that is still good, just doesn’t quite match what came before it. Not a big deal, but it’s worth mentioning.

Hakuya’s Taciturn Moe

It’s an accomplishment making a character who speaks very little actually be kind of moe. No, wait, that’s not right–if it was a girl then this would be par for the course. But for a guy like Hakuya? Well played, all. Early on Hakuya’s reactions were actually my favorite part of the episode, and they stayed strong throughout. And that attempted tsukkomi? Way to go, Hakuya! He’s really growing up *tears*

The Melancholy of Suetsugi Konoha

I very much enjoyed the conflicted, forlorn feelings Suetsugi displayed over losing the fight for Hakuya before she even entered the ring. Hers are still selfish reasons, she’s not thinking of Hakuya or any happiness they could potentially have together, but I can certainly relate to the feeling of realizing you’ve lost a battle before it even began. (Bonus: I’ve been catching up on the Hayate no Gotoku manga, which has been delving into this theme as well.) They did belabor her worries about giving Niko-chan the Kobeni-is-good-at-cooking tip for a while, though. What’s the big deal? Even Kobeni didn’t seem to care. You can relax now, Suetsugi.

One Of Us (Sort Of)

Last episode I said:

It felt a bit odd that Kobeni learned in passing why Suetsugi proposed to Hakuya, but she didn’t react to it. I wonder if that’ll come back up later on.

It looks like Kobeni didn’t catch that, because it did indeed come back up. This episode Kobeni once again proves herself to be smarter than the average fictional character by just asking someone whether Suetsugi likes Hakuya. Mashiro’s answer: No, and you’re also sort of one of us. I think Mashiro or someone mentioned that previously when Kobeni wasn’t around, so that was no surprise, but Kobeni wondering if she has some kind of mysterious power…I bet that comes up again later on. That reeks of foreshadowing, in all the best ways.

Benio is the Monster Here

Seriously Benio, chill out! Even she admits that she’s just rampaging around without purpose, because she still won’t completely reject the engagement since Hakuya saved Kobeni’s life, but damn this girl is crazy. The best was the jump from the second floor window. Benio is a monster! Though maybe not as much as Kobeni when she gets mad. Apparently twintails can double as horns? Who knew.

Handkerchief Happiness

The whole matching outfits thing was funny, if only because it’s usually the girl who wants to match while the guy rejects it, at least in popular imagination (and also, in Stilts’ life). And while I’ll admit that the Super Scarf Rabu Rangers were pretty awesome, I liked the result we got. Matching handkerchiefs are a small thing, but Kobeni gave them to all of them, which really tells the story. Maybe Kobeni isn’t ready for love yet (maybe!), but she knows how to treat her friends and family. D’aaawww!

Looking Ahead

You’re getting scamming on all those Nessie–erh, not-Nessies, Mashiro. But I want a Kobennie. I’ll take three!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – The love sprint stalls as Kobeni decides how she feels, with some melancholy Suetsugi & friendship d’aaawww along the way #mikakunin 10

Random thoughts:

  • Both Mashiro and Suetsugi thought of the same weird thing? I get the feeling they could really be friends if they had gotten off to a better start. Benio ruins everything.
  • No Hakuya, Kobeni is not your waifu. She’s my waifu! …I wish. Okay okay, she’s your waifu I guess 🙁
  • I think Mashiro & Mayura are having more fun with this than Kobeni & Hakuya are.
  • Taking bets on what Kobeni’s mysterious power will be. My guess is that it all went to her breasts and hips. They’re magical!

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  1. I think only Hakuya’s handkerchief was matching, since they showed his and Mashiro’s, and they weren’t matching. Buying them for Mashiro and esp. Benio was probably to appease them, and also because Kobeni is a thoughtful girl.
    And Suetsugi needs to be more careful, saying Kobeni’s cake is unworthy to Benio could have deadly results.

  2. At least Kobeni is not obnoxiously tsuntsun. If she can be just honest, she’d be perfect but there’s no such thing as perfection even in anime. In some ways Kobeni really outshines Benio when it comes to practical sense, she is just so humble that she does everything good enough at school she doesn’t stand out.

    1. Does Kobeni really qualify as a tsundere? Maybe the “not being honest with one’s feelings” part but I agree with Soliloquy, Kobeni has barely been tsuntsun. If anything, Kobeni has been the perfect waifu character throughout this series. Maybe I’m just too locked into stereotypical tsunderes…(I’m thinking Louise, Shana, Hinagiku, Narusegawa, Asuka).

    2. Kobeni is not a tsundere, but she was being tsundere about her feelings for Hakuya, though really even evoking the word tsundere isn’t necessary. Really she’s just being dishonest with herself, or isn’t all the way to admitting she likes him even though we can all invoke the Capturing God and say “I can see the ending!”

      She’s definitely not a wrathful tsundere though, no way.

      1. Did you even watch the episode Stilts? She isn’t acting tsundere and she’s not acting dishonest. She said she wasn’t sure about her feelings… that’s about as honest as anyone can ever be! The fact that she admits she’s not sure about her feelings should be sign enough to everyone around that she at least DOES have them, she’s just not sure if they are “true” feelings or (forgive the pun) “puppy dog” feelings.

  3. Benio is quickly setting the modern standard for chronic-level sister complex. Nearly choked when Suetsugi started unwrapping the cake and Benio instantaneously flipped around and inquired “is that Kobeni’s cake?” all the while giving off a clinically insane face. Female “intuition” fuelled by one-sided infatuation with the sister, it’s giving Onee-chan Ga Kita a run for its money.

    With two episodes remaining we aren’t likely to see further plot development except for an ending that will probably leave an opening for a second season. No complaints though, there is a lot only hinted at here that could be elaborated upon (like the powers mentioned off the cuff). My guess is we’ll end with Kobeni openly admitting her affection for Hakuya 😛

  4. I’d say this episode was a bit of a step back compared to the last few episodes. Perhaps because of the irony of Kobeni spending the whole episode backpedaling. Now that Konoha is no longer considered a threat she can comfortably slip back to reacting to Hakuya, but not actually admitting her feelings. Somewhat too bad since a strong point for this series is how it keeps taking solid steps forward and revealing things.

    In terms of any mysterious powers I think Kobeni might just be limited to the obvious. She’s still alive. That’s a pretty amazing result of Hakuya splitting his powers with her. Though I suppose her breasts and hips could be a secondary benefit XD.

    Not a bad episode, though I did feel a bit more for Hakuya than normal. Gets really invested in the handkerchief and in the end everyone got one…ouch.

  5. Yes another good episode delivered to us tat was sweet enough to melt our heart XD The handkerchief was really cute and heartwarming and Benio is still the best perverted lolicon/siscon sister in anime XD Crazy as always whenever it has something to do with Kobeni or Mashiro-tan, and Kobeni’s blushing is just HGNNNNNNNN

    And “My guess is that it all went to her breasts and hips. They’re magical!” It has to be! There can be no other explanation of those rocket launchers and great childbearing hips! They are godly!

    Finally, really looking forward to what Hakuya will be getting for Kobeni and I can’t wait to see them in full dere mode! Why can’t next week ocme faster D:

  6. i was sad that this anime will end in the next episode with all of that foreshadowing that needed to be answered so here’s hoping for a season 2 because, this anime is a contender for the anime of the season.

  7. Benio ramps up her marvellous insanity. (That companion from the student council must have nerves of steel to not even blink at that face).

    Aside from all the other things to enjoy in this series, I find myself looking out for what the background artists get up to each episode. They have gone through an amazing array of emotional abstract backdrops so far.

    For instance, take a look back across the series – episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and the latest. So many different backdrops across each episode, and yet they hardly repeat themselves.

    Just another details in a series bristling with so many other fine details.

  8. Benio not only is a complete monster, her reality distortion field affects even me thru the fourth wall, making me like her despite multiple charges of sekuhara against both Kobeni and Mashiro – and this is REALLY scary. Shudder…

  9. Amazon preorders indicate that Mikakunin is the 3rd popular series this season, behind Chuunibyou Season 2(#2) and Witchcraft Works(#1).

    Is anyone here wathcing Witchcraft Works, btw?


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