「この気持ちは誰のもの」 (Kono Kimochi wa Dare no Mono)
“These Feelings Belong To Someone”

Is it better to forget painful feelings or to treasure them?

While Nagiasu seems to favor the latter argument, I think there is at least some merit to thinking outside the box in this case. I’m not saying that it’s not important to treasure one’s feelings (especially not in your youth; nostalgia does a lot to make one miss the old days no matter what they were like), but rather that calling Kaname and Chisaki selfish for thinking Manaka fine without her ability to love is almost like the pot calling the kettle black. It’s obviously not safe to claim that having Manaka forget her feelings is “for the best” or her well being, but it’s equally selfish for others, like Hikari, to desperately want her to be able to love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that Hikari cares very much for Manaka no matter what she chooses to do with her feelings, but there’s definitely a little self-interest in his motivation for getting those feelings back. Whether or not he admits it to himself, the fact stands that Hikari stands a lot better of a chance getting Manaka to look his way when she’s actually capable of the act of love, and if not to that extent, it would at least give him peace of mind to find out where her feelings lie once and for all.

This being the case, I don’t think there’s really as clear cut a solution for Manaka’s well being as the series is trying to paint. I do think that the ability to love is important, but is Manaka only unable to love romantically, or in every way? If it’s only the former, I can’t help but pessimistically feel that Chisaki and Kaname’s point has some validity; we tend to overvalue love as an incredibly important part of our societies, but romantic love is not all there is, nor necessarily the most fulfilling in every case. Some people thrive in other kinds of attachments, such as familial or friendship, and the fact that some of us live vast parts of our lives without romantic partners shows that it’s not quite as critical as it would seem. In fact, I find it a lot more disturbing if Manaka has lost all forms of attachment to anyone, romantic and all else, than if only romantic. I think at this point it could be argued either way (she seems to really enjoy Akira’s company, but there was that moment of empty eyed creepiness last episode as well…), and it seems to be a moot point, though certainly fascinating to dwell on.

On another topic, it’s great to see some of the relationships start moving forward, particularly Tsumugu and Chisaki’s. It’s possible something could go wrong in the last three episodes, but I’m going to guess that if any ship moves forward, it’s likely to be this one; age difference or no, Tsumugu and Chisaki have grown too close and synchronized to deny there’s something special there, and we’ll see how Chisaki reacts to Tsumugu’s accidental confession soon. I’m also happy to note that as a result of this relationship drama, we get some questions answered about Miuna’s Ena. It would seems she’s not as special as I’d thought, and that while Manaka’s Ena seems to have given itself to her, it wasn’t necessarily because she was a singular “chosen one.” Instead, it seems like the feelings imbued in Manaka’s Ena are saving those she held dear before losing those feelings, and that as a result, she’s acting as something like a catalyst to moving these stagnated relationships forward.




  1. I love how every week I watch this show it leaves me desperately waiting to see what happens next week. On that note, FUCK YEAH TSUMUGU! That was the perfect way to confess to Chisaki!

    1. I don’t really like how he accidentally confessed his feeling though. Not realistic and romantic at all. Actually, many anime used that type of scene already and it make me feel out of space.

      1. I think in this case it was fitting because of Chisaki’s feelings for Hikari. I think that’s why Tsumugu didn’t confess sooner, given his reactions thus far. If anything, I doubt he would’ve confessed ever to her face while she still had feelings for Hikari.

        As he said, he wanted answers too, but there’s also Kaname’s feelings too. So it’s very mixed up.

        So I think her finding out this way was probably for the best.

        Skins Thunderbomb
  2. “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” -Alfred Lord Tennyson

    I have to support Sayu for her insightful speech, since even if her love is unrequited, it is what made her who she is, and so love is what made Manaka who she was as well.

  3. Tsugu is right, women are like the sea – calm and beautiful one moment, tumultuous and stormy the next.

    Also props for the awesome pickup line: “I really love the sea, hey- you remind me of the sea.”

  4. Tsumugu’s gramps: “YES! Just as planned!” 😀

    The foresight in adopting Chisaki to live with his grandson finally pays dividends. Not to mention he’s inherited his “ikemen” genes.

    Now Sayu, hurry up and snatch up Kaname before Chisaki has second thoughts.

    Poor Miuna, it really seems she’s resigned to withdrawing in the slim hope of Manaka regaining her feelings back. She’s such a good girl.

    1. Nah, Sayu, realistically, have no chance unless the plot goes as follows.

      1. Chisaki choose Tsumugu and breaks Kaname
      2. Kaname becomes a broken dude, leaves Tsumugu and Chisaki’s love nest and returns to the sea
      3. Sayu gains ena and pursues Kaname stubbornly
      4. Kaname realize how Sayu feels, pushes her away because he’s afraid to get hurt.
      5. Repeat second half of #3

      And then Kaname, after years, will realize that Sayu is better than Chi-slut-ki and accepts her love.

      1. While I mostly enjoyed this episode and was especially glad to see Tsumugi & Chisaki FINALLY starting to make some progress,was the part with Tsumugu getting ena for convenience’s sake really necessary? It kind of ruined the moment for me…I’m sure they could’ve approached the matter in other ways,such as have Chisaki NOT dive and just run off somewhere where Tsumugu could chase her,or have them meet up later. Better yet,they could’ve had her look back a bit and save him from drowning. That way it wouldn’t ruin the moment and IMHO,might’ve made it even better.

        I usually hate making a case of such things but Tsumugu getting ena isn’t really something look over. Seriously,don’t have the plot drive the characters in what’s mainly a romance show which if you think about it,has been happening throughout the entire course of this show.

  5. Whether Manaka is becoming aromantic or some kind of sociopath, I think she still needs to be told what has happened to her, especially since everybody in her social group already knew before she did. They make her ability to feel to be an extremely big deal, but excluding her from the truth is ignoring her own feelings on the matter when it could, I dunno, maybe actually give insight into what has happened to her and understand what she had done during the Ofunehiki. Cuz I think there’s a definite line being crossed when Hikari tries to get Tsumugu to go on a date with Manaka whether his feelings are genuine or not; Hikari being willing to spur Manaka’s feelings by being led on into a false date shows how extreme he’s getting.

    Maybe it means something that the people who spoke up the importance of Manaka are those who are most stuck in the rut in their own feelings, such as Hikari, Sayu and Miuna, while the rest done more for their own feelings (Chisaki, Kaname and Tsumugu. And possibly Manaka, going by what Tsumugu may be insinuating to Hikari).

    Speaking of which, Tsumugu’s gotten pretty smooth in this episode.

    The Truth is in the Axe
  6. Well that was really cool Sayu

    Hikari is almost cool on this episode too… xcept for the last part

    What Sayu said is a wake up call for Kaname….

    Well we can expect more confession nxt episode

    Sayu is the only one left… But if I remember correctly Sayu has no relative that come from the sea… unlike Tsumugu(granpa) and Miuna(Mother)

    1. hmmm I don’t blame Hikari for the way he acted though. If anything i find it a more realistic and relatable reaction.

      Its not that the poor guy is dense enough to keep on insisting that Manaka loves Tsumugu, he’s probably aware to a certain degree that Manaka might return his feelings. but it seems more likely to me that Hikari is just afraid of assuming things (remember Manaka’s reaction to his confession in the classroom). Furthermore he held that small glimmer of hope that Manaka might be replying to his confession after the ofunehiki, only for it to be crushed by her memory loss/inability to love.

      from my point of view it felt like as though Hikari is understandably, just reacting to a combination of ‘his feelings for manaka’, ‘his fear of false hope’ and ‘not wanting to lose her again.’

  7. I think, at this point, Miuna should confess her love to Hikari, like Sayu decided with Kaname. It’s better than keeping her feeling within herself. Anyway great episode, love the scene between Chisaki and Tsumugu on the underwater bridge.

  8. okay, so here are my thoughts on that twist of tsumugu suddenly having ena (as posted in enzo’s blog).

    i would agree that it does feel a bit too convenient, but there are some interesting bits showing here. on the scientific level, it does prove tsumugu’s and mihashi’s theory that extream stress might cause people to develop ena. up to what extent we don’t know (tsumugu is a quarter sea-person after all).

    now the metaphysical level is more interesting. it might be that the sea god is finally relenting. sure, he won’t be staving off the cooling of the planet (which we know won’t be happening for the next couple hundred years or so(, but he might be actually giving his people a way out, by letting them regain something that they have long ago lost. or it could be that this is the “blessing” that manaka and the others like her have given in exchange for their sacrifice.

  9. I didn’t think Tsumugu would be so reckless…but YAY he got Ena!!! And comparing Chisaki to the sea…the particular flashback shown in this episode shows his feelings for her had a defining point that occurred a long time before the Ofunehiki….possibly even before viewers first saw subtle signs…that’s just a wow moment.
    And at last , we get some answers as to why Tsumugu doesn’t like his mother. Considering she is half-Sea Dweller , hating the ocean is essentially hating her own inheritance and hating her father. I can understand conflict over the two different sides and the unsureness of where one belongs(like Miuna , for example) but to actually hate the sea? That is shocking to me now, so I can’t even begin to imagine how a young Tsumugu would’ve perceived this , especially as he himself loves the sea.

  10. If Miuna, Sayu, Chisaki, Kaname, Hikari and Tsumugu confessed their feelings for the person they like i wonder if this will trigger Manaka to get her memories and feelings back the last event she was about to do is confess something to Hikari i don’t know this is just a theory of mine..

    I didnt like the fact that Chisaki and Kaname would rather have no feelings at all i’m disappointed in them i love Sayu in this episode she seem to be realist and i love it :]

    This episode reminds me of a quote.

    “There is only one happiness in life – to love and be loved”

  11. Tsumugu won me over (finally) in this episode. Smooooooooooth. 😉

    While i’m still on the fence about being able to love vs not being able to love, i still am comforted by the fact that Sayu seems to have her head screwed on just right as she always provides us with great quotes. I’ve finally boarded the tsumugu x chisaki boat.

    1. Tsumugu is the perfect man for someone like Chisaki. Sayu’s the perfect girl for someone like Kaname. They show a strength of character and wisdom that made them contrast with how weak and self-pitying their love interests were, but it’s good to balance weakness and strengths.

      1. @Durga

        I definitely agree with you, however i wouldn’t have a few episodes ago. only because i found the situation too forced to expect something fromm chisaki and tsumugu. but i cannot ignore the relationship that they developed, slightly romantic or not. I just wonder if Chisaki is going to stick to her guns about Hikari but for the sake of closure i hope she puts those feelings away so we can get SOMEWHERE. Honestly all these boats are being boarded but i just want to see at least ONE of them freaking leave the dock…………

        Look at us 😉 getting along after being at each other’s throats back a few arcs ago…glad we finally agree haha.

      2. @Synic: But does she really love Hikari? Looking back when this was revealed, she shows… no actual interest other than her affirmation. She doesn’t really enjoy spending time with him, she doesn’t seem to care if he calls her creepy, she doesn’t worry about him, or seems to pine after him. This is the question. Does she love Hikari or does she love pretending to be the same girl who hasn’t changed and losing her feelings for Hikari is part of this admission. Something she can’t be honest with herself and this has been hinted many times with Kaname’s observations of Chisaki around Tsumugu since early as episode 9.

        I firmly believe that love must be displayed in actions and deeds. I can see Tsumugu loving Chisaki and Chisaki loving Tsumugu. I can see the love Hikari has for Manaka. But I can’t see Chisaki’s love for Hikari anymore. All I see is a girl who is afraid of growing up and changing, denying her real feelings, by clinging into an excuse of her past because accepting she’s an adult is scaring her.

        She first needs to grow up then get with Tsumugu. It’s not lack of love for him, it’s lack of awareness and her phobia to change – which is understandable when she had a big change shoved on her when she was only 14.

      3. @Durga
        I was actually thinking that because Hikari loves Manaka, Miuna would assume the role of “Manaka” while she was missing. Something like a surrogate, a stand-in. If she could be the “Manaka” for Hikari, he wouldn’t have to feel so sad. But since Manaka came back, her “role” has been stripped away. So whether she loves him or not, this would help explain why Miuna felt like she didn’t want Manaka to come back at all. In agreement with you, Miuna’s actions have been lacking in the love department, but maybe this is due to the story shifting its focus onto other characters. But i can see how even when Miuna is alone with Hikari, they look more like siblings than they do a potential couple. Only time will tell i suppose.

        With Chisaki, i’m not too sure what i should expect. She definitely is clinging to the past and her fear of change is going to be a problem.

      4. @Durga
        True. Chisaki’s situation is very similar to Kaname’s now that you think about it- she would have been just like him had her circumstances been slightly different. But she’s had 5 years to keep herself busy and Tsumugu to lean on and push her forward, which is why she’s doing a better job of dealing with her unrequited love than he is. Kaname, on the other hand is trying- and failing- to manage his problems on his own, because no one seems to be helping him thus far (though Sayu seemed to put an idea into his head). And because of his failures, he ends up reverting to how things were at first- it seems to have become a “safe place” to him. At this point, I think part of the reason why he’s clinging on his crush on Chisaki at this point is because it’s the one thing that hasn’t changed. It’s his way of dealing with the time skip- he hasn’t had an outlet to release his emotions (unlike Hikari in episode 15). He’s like Tsumugu in that sense that they both bottle up their emotions and rarely verbalise them- only Tsumugu is able find a constructive outlet (work, maybe) to release these emotions.

        If there’s one thing Chisaki and Kaname lack that Manaka, Hikari and Tsumugu have in abundance, it’s mental strength and the courage to face reality.

  12. Honestly I think when it comes to the issue presented it is a question of what fits for the individual. For someone like Manaka I can’t really say that losing the ability to love is beneficial in any respect. Even more so because frankly she’s felt really off from the moment we got her back. If she’s the textbook example of what that kind of thing would entail I’m almost with the series for the stance its pushing. Manaka just isn’t whole right now and it doesn’t feel like Manaka at all. Losing any one emotion would probably lead to the same thing. A person who feels artificial and off.

    I think for some it would be more comfortable to lose that ability. Just like it might be easier if we could cut our pain receptors out and just not feel any pain. Make the normal aches of life not a problem. But at the same time having those feelings can push people to develop and change.

    But whether it’s romantic love or any kind of affection doesn’t quite feel like it matters as much as it should. You can choose to not make some things that people tend to value important. But not being able to feel something is just creepy. The first example that comes to mind is sociopaths. Actually now that I think about it, am somewhat worried that dead eye Manaka will do something crazy if they can’t get her back to normal soon XD.

    In a lot of ways I really liked Sayu’s character in this episode. Throwing down some strong words and making her own choices to move forward. I think she’s on point in a lot of ways. There might be selfishness going around, but I think selfishness in favor of Manaka being in her normal state and considering her personality fits better.

    And yeah, props to Tsumugu. Often plays a cool personality, but did get completely reckless in chasing after Chisaki there. And finally he’s got to be the one to push things forward. Making clear how he feels and frankly how those feelings really aren’t anything that just came out just now. Hopefully this pair works out if nothing else does.

    1. I don’t think that Manaka is being some kind of sociopath, since she’s clearly displaying empathy to Miuna and everybody else. But the whole emptiness being felt in her heart is not unlike descriptions of heartbreak or grief. Which might be what the Sea God’s intentions are like: to recreate the feeling of heartbreak so that his lady love doesn’t love again when she went back on land. And I agree, love has been a meaningful part of Manaka’s life recently, and she’s a very feeling person where it really affects her behavior and habits. Feeling something that have been lost to her but not knowing what it is or how to articulate it would bother her since waking up; that she’s surrounded by her friends and she’s happy but now we see that there’s a kind of loneliness within her.

      I mean, Manaka is talking about her own feelings and uncertainty to Miuna, going “There’s this weird emptiness inside but I don’t know what it is. My friends are acting weird and intense around me, but I don’t know how to ask them because it must be something really important to them.”

      I don’t see why someone like Miuna, who is in the know and now realizes how Manaka’s feeling in this situation, can’t be oblique and say something to give her a hint to go along with making a necklace out of the slug stone. I mean, didn’t Manaka said that she was starting to remember what they did regarding that necklace for Akari years ago? That means she at least knew other people’s act of love for others.

      The Truth is in the Axe
  13. Tsumugu is finally starting to move. Nice. He had five years worth of love to give.

    Still I think I’d be a bad idea to just make Chisaki fall for Tsumugu. There’s still Kaname. I want a happy end for him too. Amaze me Okada. Show me an end worthy to sing songs about it for years.

  14. All confessions have always been “I like you”… in anime, mangas… Tsumugu made ​​different. Tsumugu says he loves the sea. Then he ends the conversation comparing Chisaki to the sea…

    One of the most beautiful confessions I’ve ever seen…

  15. Wow… Seems Sayu really struck a chord in Kaname! That face he made when she lectured him about being too mature… Probably one of the most emotional faces he’s shown this whole show.

    This is really, super interesting. We have no backstory on Kaname whatsoever. Why is he so mature? Perhaps it has something to do with his past. All that I know for sure is that he’s putting up a facade personality, I remember seeing him break down in emotions and deep though many episodes back, but always put on a smile when his friends show up. We’ve also never seen his parents.

    What a mysterious guy Kaname is.

    On Sayu’s side, I really think she could help Kaname be himself more. She voices all of her opinions, and she would be able to make him do the same.

    I also really, really love her personality when she’s around animals. It’s playful and caring, and really makes her character pop out. She’s just an all around loveable character for me. <3

    On a side note, I heard Minegishi's voice in the preview for the next episode! Wonder what he'll be up to…

  16. Please don’t netorare Kaname any further, just let him get killed offscreen or something. Should’ve let him die under the rubble, at least he would’ve died saving the one he loved.

    Manaka’s Ena is just making it rain all over the place. In the end, everybody on the surface goes into the sea to hibernate and the surface will be frozen until it melts causing the water level to rise and that is when Suisei no Gargantia happens lol.

    1. “Please don’t netorare Kaname any further, just let him get killed offscreen or something. ”

      IKR. This show has been terrible to him. I would even understand if ever the end is that Chisaki choose Tsumugu and Kaname started hating them both. I want to cheer for both of them, but I don’t want an end where neither gets Chisaki.

      Poor Kaname. I wonder if he’ll ever be happy.

      1. Kaname doesn’t deserve to be happy if he’s unable to move on and be less bitter with his feelings, just take them as a failed experience of love in his youth as he should have. Sayu’s in a situation like him and she’s growing out a fine lady. The source of Kaname’s misery is Kaname himself. Same with Chisaki’s. Their heartless attitude makes them look like kids.

        That’s why they are terrible for each others. They would only feed each other martyr complexes and self-absorbed issues.

      2. Chisaki never replied him and 5 years later he is still waiting for an answer, even thought he probably knows it’s unrequited love since the ofunehiki. Apart of being cruel to Kaname, not answering encourages him to think that he still has a chance. Also his rivalry in love shifted suddenly from Hikari wich hasn’t any interest in Chisaki to Tsugumu who is in love with her. He was always supporting her and for him it hasn’t been 5 years but some weeks since he confessed. Not to mention, his life drastically changed recently and he is 14 years old. Making him the bad guy because he can’t move on when things are so dire for him is not fair.

        I don’t think we can say the same thing about Chisaki. She is 19 years old, she is 5 years ahead the ofunehiki and her life is planned yet she still hasn’t faced Kaname properly less stop him when he tries to make a move on her, took her ages to involve herself when Hikari woke up and she still loves Hikari when she should get a grip. She is 19 and Hikari 14, for god’s sake, talk about someone who can’t move on her feelings of a youth love and she had 5 years to do so, not some weeks.

        I personally wasn’t very fond of her in the first cour but after watching how she acts now, I find her irritating and coward. Probably she will face Kaname and redeem herself after watching next week’s preview, I really expect that.

      3. @really?
        Chisaki isn’t obligated to reply to him. If she does, fantastic, but she is not obligated to do it. Hikari never replied to her, but is she pushing her feelings on his face all the time? No, she isn’t. Kaname knows her answer already. He is unable to accept it. That’s why he persists and persists and embitters himself even more because he cannot let go and go forward. The love rivalry never suddenly shifted. He realized Tsumugu was his rival as early as episode 9 more or less. You should rewatch and notice his expression when he found out he was alone with Chisaki. He could tell Chisaki was attracted to Tsumugu at some level. Episode 12 is another example of his jealousy.
        How is ‘always supporting’ when he admitted he just did it so he could spend more time with her? Because Chisaki never once sought his advice or help for her woes, when she did someone to talk to? She went and sought Tsumugu. When Chisaki was feeling faint, it was Tsumugu the one who helped her. When her friendship was in danger, it was Tsumugu who fixed things between Manaka and Chisaki with his timely advice to Manaka. You see where I am coming from? Tsumugu was the person who was helping Chisaki. Kaname did try but he could not help her even once, except when he helped her to save Tsumugu.
        I am not making him the ‘bad guy’. I don’t think he is a bad guy, read my post carefully. He is bitter because he allows himself to be bitter, so he doesn’t deserve happiness unless he is willing to be happy. And this is the same with Chisaki. Kaname is 14 years old like you say, but he tries to pretend to be a reliable mature guy to impress Chisaki in a way which makes him even more miserable. He is a kid. He should be himself and be happier rather than let himself grow so sour that he would prefer to never feel love again. No one grants you happiness in a silver platter, that is something you build with your own effort. Kaname isn’t making an effort.
        That is really pitiful. Hooking up with Chisaki would not help him to be happy. What Kaname needs is to accept his feelings are unrequited and move forward.
        Tsumugu and Sayu only want to leave their feelings clear (as did Hikari) to move on without regrets if they are not reciprocated. I’m sure they would prefer it. That is a healthy attitude towards love. Unlike Chisaki or Kaname. Unrequited love is not the cause of their misery, they create that.

  17. Suddenly Tsumugu is stealing all the spotlight right now. Funny how everyone(fans) made fun of him for the past “five years”(before the hibernation of course)…XDDD

    He was totally kakoii when he said: My height and my strength is 5 years different from you. My gosh Tsumugu, he really is a real man right now! Kaname, please…dont hurt yourself. Find a new love *cough*Sayu*cough*…

    Rewatched NagiAsu previous episodes…yea, Manaka did wished for not having Ena, for not being a Shishio…and now we just have to wait for her confession to the sea slug for the rest of the truth. Perhaps it goes something like, how i wish i dont fall in love if it were this painful…considering Manaka and the past 5 years, she really was in big dilemma between Tsumugu and Hikari to be honest. sigh…

    onion warrior
  18. Ohohoho.
    Is Chisaki finally going to reject Kaname? or something like thatt?
    THE PREVIEW! omg :3
    but yeah. TSUMUGUUUU <3 <3
    though, I've always thought he liked Manaka, or so the series made it seem

  19. Tsumugu x Chisaki seems to be finally sailing off!
    This of course gives better chances for Kaname x Sayu (also supported by Sayu’s stubborn love)
    With that out of the way it would leave “simple” triangle to resolve Manaka x Hikari x Miuna. Untangling the battle of Lepanto, one ship at a time.

  20. with sayu basically spatting her inner feelings with her grand speech in front of everyone, I’ll be surprised if kaname haven’t realized her feelings already

    also, tsumugu is damn smooth in this episode


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