「唇よ、熱く君を語れ」 (Kuchibiru yo, Atsuku Kimi wo Katare)
“Tell Me How You Feel”

Standing in for Zephyr this week, I’m here to cover one of the greatest episodes of one of my favorite currently airing shows.

Ryuuko and Satsuki

The amount of love I have for these two characters is so immense that I’m having a difficult time trying to put it into words. They are two sisters who have been put through so much hardship that it’s tough to imagine that they have even shred of humanity left inside of them. Not only did they have to watch their father die (albeit in slightly different ways) but how could you live with yourself after finding out that your mother thought of you as nothing more than test subjects to experiment on?

But even with all the bullshit they’ve had to deal with, they both have something that’s been cushioning the blows and keeping them standing — their friends who are even more than family. For those of you out there who were as dense as me, I was blown away when I realized the Four Diva’s are to Satsuki as Mako and her family are to Ryuuko. Maybe it was when Satsuki finally admitted she’s been doing things the wrong way and that it’s not right to use people but when the realization hit me I was almost as moved as Senketsu.

However, even that wasn’t the biggest thing that stood out to me. The biggest thing was that in this messed up world where they essentially have no family (crazy mom don’t count) and can only count on the people close to them, they’ve accidentally stumbled on another source of strength — each other. A source of strength that can’t be broken nor stolen, it’s a feeling of warmth that protects them while pushing them to new heights. Not to say that the bonds they have with their closest friends isn’t as important, but when you add blood into the equation it changes things up a bit.

On a lighter note, I am so freaking happy that the two have essentially patched things up. While I was disappointed that Ryuuko never embraced Satsuki (I expected her to hug Satsuki instead of trying to punch her) and didn’t call her “onee-chan”, I’ll give it to TRIGGER for bringing out some unexpected emotions with their transformation scene. Something about playing it at the same time side by side really brought out something that I didn’t expect. Almost as if they were trying to say that the two finally see each other eye…

The Four Devas

With Mako getting the VIP treatment last week, it was the Four Devas’ turn this week. Even though it’s been clear for the longest time that they do what they do out of respect for Satsuki, I’m so happy to see that it isn’t just blind faith that’s driving them. While I’ve always speculated that Satsuki isn’t the biggest bitch she attempted to be, it’s nice to finally get some confirmation that the Four Devas are as important to her as she is to them.

That said, if there was something that I am curious about, and has almost nothing to do with what’s going on at hand, it would be Gamagoori’s feelings for Mako. I’m sure I saw a hint of love shining through his eyebrows when Mako was saved a few episodes back but ever since then it feels like the whole Gamagoori x Mako thing has been thrown on the backburner. Personally, I’m really hoping that we get back to it sometime before the series ends — I don’t want tumblr to be my only place to see this happen!

Crazy Mom Raguu Ragyou and Harime Nui

Switching back to the problem at hand, I must say that Ragyou’s plan to essentially blow up the planet seems to have a lot of holes in it. Besides giving every human on the planet a reason to revolt against her (because who would want their home planet destroyed for the sake of powering stupid clothing?), it seems that its success rides on some pretty flimsy points of interests. A tower at Honnouji Academy that the original life fiber needs to mount in order to broadcast its signal? Come on! You saw how much damage Nui and Ryuuko did with their bare hands! My best guess though is that if the giant COVERS that came from the sea isn’t this “Shinra-Kouketsu” that Nui is working on, it’s probably going to be their contingency plan should things go awry.

That and Nui scares me. Besides completely losing her marbles, I wouldn’t want someone who can sew with their teeth running at me — creeeepppyyy!

Looking Ahead and BADASS MAKO!

With the battle raging on all fronts, it looks like we’re in for a great final boss fight. All the pieces of the puzzle have finally been revealed and it’s just a matter of who’s going to get to place them. That said, things aren’t looking too good for Ragyou. Sure she might have a couple tricks left up her sleeves but with two pissed off daughters coming for her head and a bunch of souped up Goku Seifukus following right behind, I don’t know what she can really do. Then again, she is super overpowered so I wouldn’t be surprised to watch her pull something ridiculous out of thin air. Too bad we have to wait a week to find out ;__;


  1. Satsuki is a much better character when she can smile happily. That dual transformation sequence and Ryuko calling Satsuki “onee-suffix” made me feel fuzzy. Well the whole episode felt warm and fuzzy/funny.

      1. Sister bonding was nice. They’re fighting together in similar suits and both are dual-wielding. Now we just need Ryuko calling Satsuki “onee-chan” (you can, Ryuko!) and others calling Ryuko “Ryuko-sama” to make it official (well, the butler is already trying; nice guy).

  2. omg sooo close soooo close .. just a little bit further!! repeat with me, Ryuuko: “onee-chan” … “Onee-chan”

    lol nice episode..nice to see them relax before the big battle!

    and wow Nui really lost it there (she was always kind of missing a screw..but now she is totally psycho!).. also: how much blood does she have??

    ok need the next chapter asap… wonder if i can sleep for 6 days straight…lol

  3. God Damnit Trigger, here I was hoping that fucking witch was going to die this episode but no she’s still alive and kicking, emphasis on the kicking. Though, this feeling of a missed opportunity for sweet gory revenge action is tempered by the fact that she lost her arms and the scissor swords to the newly unbrainwashed Ryuuko-chan. Armless Harime Nui is hilarious to watch. But a headless Harime Nui would be better.

    As much as I want to harp on about seeing the soon to be dead Harime Nui (don’t let me down Trigger) this episode was pretty good. Seeing Harime get beaten was plus, Fight Club Mako comes back with a vengeance and we FINALLY SEE Shiro Iori Three Star Uniform! His uniform was definitely worth the weight. The only thing that detracted it this episode was the whole thing about Ryuuko wanting to punch Satsuki. It could have been done better in my opinion, but still it worked beautifully in both humanizing Satsuki and giving Ryuuko the chance to see Satsuki and her are more alike than she otherwise believed. But the aftermath of this, of seeing Ryuuko and Senketsu bonding really brought a tear to my eye.

    Were finally down to the last two episodes of this series, and I’m super psyched to see badass Mako bring down the law on the life fibers, the four divas getting there uniforms back, and maybe see some headless harime action please. Pretty please guys, come on she may be a cute but she’s a fucking psycopathic depraved lesbian immortal witch.

  4. When the earthquake warning popped up I thought that was part of the show, being shown exactly when more of the ship’s plating got shot up when Ryuuko and Harime clashed.

    In all seriousness, I hope that no one was injured when the earthquake occurred.

    1. i think am too absorbed into Satsuki’s awesomeness that i didnt check this part carefully. Ira X Mako is confirmed, now im waiting for Inumuta X Nonon next! hahh~ XDD

      onion warrior
  5. Anybody else notice the croquettes on Ira’s plate when they were eating? No surprise there since the Ira x Mako ship is obviously strong.. Also welcome back badass Banchou Mako!

    1. Seriously, I think all these Gamakofags need to go away and get a life. What’s so great about this so-called stupid ship? Who in the right mind would even ship them together? It’s just nothing more than a stepping stone to make Ryuko and Mako’s relationship stronger. Wasn’t it obviously that Trigger is shipping Ryuko and Mako? Wasn’t ED2 make that even obvious?! Sorry but your ship will NOT win in the end. Ryuko and Mako wil end up together. Gamagoori needs to find another girl.

  6. Honestly, the best episode of this season. Kill la Kill to me is THE anime of the season I always look forward to every week, Mikakunin coming in as close contender.

    A bit disappointed that there was no sister hugs or calling onee-chan. But the episode overall made up for it. JUST LOOK AT THOSE CUTIES SMILING AND HAVING THAT SISTER AURA!

  7. Prediction from Early episodes:
    Ryuko should dual wield eventually, Satsuki would be Kojiro.

    Episode #20:
    Whoops. Ryuko is the Kojiro.
    Satsuki is playing Musashi.

    Episode #22:
    Oh look – both of them dual wield!

    Now that’s entertainment. ^^

  8. I think this episode was a gift for the fans. “Hey, people, here’s everything you wanted to see and more!”

    -Ryuko dual-wielding the giant scissors? Yes!
    -Harime Nui being in the receiving end of a curb-stomp battle? Yes!
    -Ryuko learning Satsuki wanted to train her, not screw with her? Yes!
    -Satsuki admitting she was a jerk in the past? Yes!
    -Acknowledging that the Devas are Satsuki’s true friends? Yes!
    -Satsuki eating Mankanshoku croquettes? Yes!
    -Sister bonding? Yes!
    -The return of the badass Fight Club President? YES!

    I wouldn’t have minded more MakoxGamagoori, or Ryuko saying “onee-chan” though xD

    1. and lol at that part when Satsuki ignored Tsumugu’s statement saying she’s a Nudist at heart…hahhh…does Satsuki purposely did that or she just dont get him XDDD

      onion warrior
  9. This is honestly the best episode of Kill la Kill so far…the sisterhood moment…just so hngggg that im grinning like crazy XDD

    Another awesome side of Satsuki-sama. When she bowed to Ryuko, I never knew she is just…so human! After all those Hitler’s facades and stoic act, cant believe she has the most sweetest smile of all. Her eyes gotten kinder too, and that laugh when Nonon and Sanageyama are fighting…she’s like a proud mom, ironically. Humble and powerful, proud and badass…ohh Satsuki-sama…^^

    As for Ryuko…hahhh!!! C’mon you! If you’re too shy calling her Onee-san, just call her Aneki or Neesan…lol…gotta love that sisterhood bonding!

    And yes, finally! Just as i waited for…Harime Nui snapped! Been totally annoyed with her annoying smiles since the beginning, and now finally…her true face! Im waiting for Mako vs Nui! Mako-chan, protect the ship!!! XDDD

    onion warrior
  10. Holy crap this was one of the most heart-warming, a satisfying, episodes to date!

    For a mute, Junketsu sure is screaming a LOT from being torn off!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! SHE CAN’T SAY ‘SISTER’ WITHOUT STUTTERING AND BLUSHING!!! 😀 Oh my God the family bond is so CONFIRMED!! Aaaah I can’t get over seeing them fighting together.

  11. and she was almost there. come on ryuko, say “onee-chan” already.

    an yes, nui finally went nuts!

    though, one thing still bugs me/ what does ragyo gain from her plans anyway?

  12. One of the best episodes of Kill la Kill.. man that double transformation was epic,

    but what really hyped me was MAKO at the end… really didnt expected that (i hate mako but damn that was so AWESOME..)

    1. She isn’t complicated to kill. She can be killed easily with the scissor blades. She was rescued before Ryuko could end her. The blades negate her regen ability when used together. It’s not that hard to understand.

  13. Jojo Mako is reborn! Favorite episode by far. Trigger teasing us with Ryuuko almost saying Onee-chan, I want the full feels next time!

    Ryuuko confessing her love for Mako confirming RyuukoxMako.

    Senketsu juking Nui and gattaing with Ryuuko. The double Henshin a go go baby!

  14. I also was hoping for a long overdue embrace between the two sisters but maybe that’s still to come. I’ve rewatched the ending maybe 10 times now because Mako has always been my favorite character and when we get a scene like that, it just makes me feel soooo excited. Mako is about to open up a can of whoop ass.

  15. Totally called that one, look at the preview to Episode 23, Satsukis elite four get new uniforms. Also the whole Nui Harimes vulnerability to the scissor blade thing.

    Got 2 downvotes for that correct prediction too.

  16. This episode was a lot of fun.

    It was pure hilarity with Nue once Ryuko just completely owned her. I mean freaking out about the arms, going nuts like she did, that was a lot of fun. Definitely what that psycho deserves after killing Ryuko and Satsuki’s father. A cute psycho, but scary as hell.

    A pretty heartwarming episode. Was cool to see those guys take punches for Satsuki and seeing the bond that exists there. A good chance to grow and Ryuko trying to address Satsuki as her sister was insanely cute. Maybe a bit too early there.

    We should be in for some crazy awesome scenes coming up.

  17. watching harime nui go completely bonkers and ryuuko + satsuki bonding whilst being badasses was amazing. i’m especially glad (and refreshed) that ryuuko and satsuki’s relationship is completely platonic. their sisterhood leaves me awestruck and i’m amazed at how trigger managed to pull off so much awesome in one episode. harime nui is going to mid-boss it out and go down swinging, and then ragyou’s next! mako’s comeback was icing on the cake, go fight club!

    this is something i can watch over and over again, even with the earthquake(?) warnings.

    1. Your comment made me think of something — Remember how Senketsu stopped Ryuuko from chasing after Nui because of “blood loss”? You have to wonder if Ryuuko or Nui can even die from something like that, especially since it seems that so long as their bodies aren’t impaled by the scissors of death, they can just regenerate.



    but yep this episode was badass

  19. Let me put this down on this episode (Pardon for my bad English anyways!)

    1. She lose her arms, did they had it…?

    2. Um…someone want to punch the mistress face…but…!

    3. it seems that they regain the battle uniforms including this one…

    4. it seems that there is a slight earthquake going on there…i mean look at the upper part of the screen!

    1. I doubt it. If we haven’t heard it while it was controlling Ryuko, then we won’t be hearing it with Satsuki either. At the start episode, though, there was a faint scream.


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