「究極と至高の野菜対決」 (Kyuukyoku to Shikou no Yasai Taiketsu!)
“Veggie Battle: Ultimate v. Supreme”

Alright, not much going on this week, but there are a few points I’d like to touch upon that weren’t so obvious.

First, a few inconsistencies to point out. Assuming that the principal tried Kei’s vegetables and preferred them over the supermarket ones, why was everyone so surprised when they tried the supposed mass-produced and assumedly in-supermarket brand of vegetable? Doesn’t it seem strange that everyone is completely shocked at what supermarket food tastes like, even though they’ve probably had foods like that for a good part of their lives? Yeah, I get that the point is to emphasize actual experience over rookie enthusiasm, but the show could’ve done a better job of emphasizing the skill difference between father and son without resorting to shocking revelations that create dissonance. Secondly, speaking of dissonance, is anyone still weirded out that the show completely glossed over the fact that Kei’s mother died from pesticides? If that was one of the driving factors for Kei to produce his kind of vegetables, why does that fact seem to suddenly disappear for both Kei and his father at the end of the competition? It feels like an unnecessary fact that gets completely ignored at the end, which distracts from the meat of the show.

Other than those inconsistent gripes above, the show is moving in a nice manner, developing each character specifically and letting them grow and take the spotlight without distraction. Actually, it’s nice that the show itself consistently integrates all the characters of the show–the Farming Four always seem to have a participatory role that continues to highlight their usefulness as characters, while Becky is always ready to provide the nasty jokes that have become a core part of the viewing experience. It’s the mark of a successful comedy to balance all its characters without neglecting any of them–everyone’s favorite characters don’t fade into obscurity after their star episode, leaving an overall happy audience where all the characters feel fleshed-out and well utilized.

As we finally wrap things up, Nourin is ending on quite the high note right now, having gotten into the rhythm of its humor and continuing to have top-level comedy seiyuu voicing. Just closing my eyes and listening to the audio is a pleasure in itself–the amount of effort each seiyuu puts into their character is applaudable, especially for Becky and Kousaku, whose high-energy voice carries many of the scenes in terms of audible humor. Things look quite good from this side of the end–let’s continue to cheer the show on as it crosses the finish line.


    1. Money-chan is essentially secondary cast, she has appeared more than Bio-Suzuki (the next most visible if you disregard Becki) at this point and has played more actually important roles plot wise. I do like whenever she appears too though, she has greater depth than the others and if not for Minori seems like she and Kousaku get on extremely well.

      I’ve loved Nourin so far, although I do hope for more back story over time, even if in small ways like it has been.

  1. The inconsistencies are partly due to the fact that the anime skipped some contents.
    From the LN we can know that Kei’s father’s corporation carefully choose the growing area for different kind of vegetables all around Japan while Kei’s vegetables are all from a very confined space of the school. One climate won’t fit all.

    even though they’ve probably had foods like that for a good part of their lives?

    We may have to assume rural vegetable growers rarely consume supermarket vegetables in that case. Also, industrial products come in all different qualities.

    If that was one of the driving factors for Kei to produce his kind of vegetables, why does that fact seem to suddenly disappear for both Kei and his father at the end of the competition?

    I remembered somewhere in the LN (not the chapter on the match, or maybe from a review) there is a saying of “Kei and his father are both heavily influenced by the same fact Kei’s mother’s death but they embarked on completely different paths. Kei seeks for pesticide-free organic production while his father seeks standardized mass production that keeps staff away from contacting pesticide”. Kei’s father only started to build a large corporation after his wife death anyway.
    So for me it doesn’t feel that inconsistent although taking only the anime into consideration it is indeed a problem here.

  2. This Money Kanegami has some killer lines. A few weeks ago she said school was a risk-free place of learning and this week she shows she’s a professional marketer too. She is definitely the most mature of the cast

  3. Yeah i found the whole mother thing to be really random since it was pretty much never brought up again afterwards. I think it was to make Kei’s father look like more of a dick but it simply came off as contrived and held no special meaning which made no sense to me. Not to mention i agree with Kei’s father on a lot of the points he made (though he’s still kind of a douche).

    Still though i really feel like this show takes itself way to seriously sometimes so i kind of just gloss over parts like this since they really aren’t that interesting.

    1. I guess that’s why he came off as a very cold, calculating, yet oddly idealistic person. There are a few similarities between the two once we remove the obvious difference in tone from both shows.

  4. now with 2 episodes left, will they go back to the comedy only parts (which is a bummer) or, we will see a juicy story plot this week and the finisher for the season next? i also got a feeling that there is no season 2 and they might pursue an anime original ending. so i want to ask goldcut (once again :D) if the next week episode is still consistent with the novels because if no, then its possible an original anime ending plot. if yes, then, you know my next question: (will it be serious? :D)

    anyway its a nice change to see ringo’s hairstyle (not that ponytail) down once again just like her idol days and is smiling and enjoying… hope to see more of it in the last 2 eps.

    im kinda wondering if no one from that public noticed her like someone from media, a fan or someone from her former staff… since if im there i would get my phone, snap some pics send it to magazine and say “look at the former idol now selling veggies!!!”, instant HEADLINES (we all know how media followed the life of many famous stars, in this case an idol even retired). after all, she is still that NATIONAL idol although “retired” (still got that feeling its temporarily and she will come back to being an idol.) possible PLOT HOLE?

    lastly, i hope to see her sing again within this 2 episodes… no need on a big stage, just sing.

    1. Although they used an original title other than LN chapter titles, it seems they will cover the main arc of vol 4. I don’t think it would be mainly comedy because the anime skipped about two thirds of vol 3 and about one third of vol 2 which are mainly crazy comedy. I would predict that the anime is going to finish at the point of
      Show Spoiler ▼

      in that case I would say that is a satisfactory ending. Although it feels a bit like “our agriculture has just started”.
      As for media coverage, I give you spoiler from vol 7:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      That won’t fill the plot hole (if you call that) but who cares.

      1. #1Show Spoiler ▼

        #2Show Spoiler ▼

        anyway thanks for your patience for me and my plot guesses, goldcut! wahahaha 😀

  5. Kanegami is definitely one of my favourite characters in the series, she started off with an unknown motive which had me thinking that she might have meant trouble for the main casts.
    But after the Moe Tama marketing experience she quickly changed the table and proved herself to be a valuable character for driving the success for our main casts.
    Plus she is also a surprisingly cute looking this episode ^^


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