OP Sequence

OP: 「虹のかけら」 (Niji no Kakera) by 昆夏美 (Kon Natsumi)

「友達のはじまり」 (Tomodachi no Hajimari)
“The Beginning of a Friendship”

After hyping up its release in my mind way more than I should have, Isshuukan Friends finally kicks off my spring season (Disclaimer: I did watch Mahouka, and I thought it was awesome). For those of you who have no idea what’s going on, I will direct you to the short preview post I wrote for the show. With that taken care of, let’s just jump straight into things!

General Impressions

Starting simple, let me just start with WOW do things look pretty. Using that soft palette kind of art style on the background while focusing on the details in the foreground (like those random hair strands), I was completely in love as soon as I hit play. If I were to point out something that bothered me though, it would have to be just how exaggerated the blushing effects seemed. While it does make it painfully obvious between being slightly embarrassed or completely deredere, at times it felt like someone behind the scenes was being too heavy handed.

Seeing how this is only the first episode, it’s tough to make a call on the story or just how well it’s being done. But seeing how I’ve read the first few chapters and have a decent idea of what should be just around the bend, I can pleasantly say I’m loving how Brain’s Base is handling this adaptation. As subjective as that statement was, I just loved how they captured the essence of what made the first chapter feel so great — a combination of the awkwardness that making a new friend comes with and the obvious feelings that are ever so slowly starting to grow between Fujimiya and Hase.

Fujimiya Kaori and Hase Yuuki

When someone tells you something as ridiculous as “I’m going to literally forget you”, I doubt any of us would respond the same way Hase did. Just like everyone before him, I’m sure that the people who attempted to form bonds with Fujimiya probably saw it as a hassle and in the end decided that it’d be better for themselves not to get in involved. After a couple of those moments, it’s not too hard to see why Fujimiya behaves the way she does. But it’s for that very reason, the simple idea of Hase being unwilling to give up and take no for an answer, that brings a tear to my eye. All of which boils down to the fact that he’s about to embark on this insanely cute and almost unbelievable journey that others would fear to take.

Taking a quick step back, let me just say that I think that Amamiya Sora and Yamaya Yoshitaka (Fujimiya and Hase respectively) are doing a great job at bringing the characters to life. From Hase’s awkward moments where his message gets completely misunderstood to Fujimiya busting out her cold demeanor, I can’t get enough of it. And even though a quick search on their previous roles would reveal they’re rather new to the industry, I think that some of that awkwardness that comes from entering any industry helps sell the awkward relationship our two characters currently share.

Kiryuu Shougo

Quick shout out to another awesome wingman. Seeing how Nibutani’s been retired, I’m hoping this guy lives up to the standard she set in Chu2Koi Ren. The cool thing is, even though he’s been on screen for maybe a few minutes as best, he’s already throwing out some damn good tidbits of advice all while busting Hase’s chops.

Looking Toward the Future

With Brain’s Base holding the reigns of a story that I fell in love with only moments after I read it, I have the utmost confidence they’ll do the show justice — especially seeing how they’ve done some other shows that deal with the awkwardness that comes with people who just seem to have a tough time making friends (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and OreGairu are what comes to mind). Anyways, I think this first episode did a great job at making a statement with where it decided to cut things off and left a some hefty bait to reel us back in. Can’t wait to see all of you back next week!


ED Sequence

ED: 「奏(かなで)」 (Kanade) by 藤宮香織(CV: 雨宮天) (Fujimiya Kaori (CV: Amamiya Sora))
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  1. It’d be too easy to take the obvious way out like just replace the lost memories with new ones. Something people do every day, make new memories, good or bad.

    Let’s see how drawn out and slow paced this anime is. I would not be surprised if it went to 13 max episodes.

    I like the artstyle, just bring something more to the plot that is interesting.

  2. Isshuukan friends met my expectation. it did the job exactly as I wanted it to do. it looks so simple, but it so good.

    Isshuukan friends has unique art and no doubt that brains base definitely capture the manga pages into animation pretty nice. I love it along side the opening and the ending. it looks good and sounds good.
    so far, for the first episode it was only an exposition, but they laid out everything smoothly – the characters and the dynamic between them (in school and not in school in some moments) is so right. looking at Hase interacts with Fujimiya in such a..lovely way. I really feel their expression and feelings, they way they interact throught this unique but simple art. their is also a great sense of humor there when needed. we also have Shogo who is doing a great job as Hase-kun friend.

    all in all, great opening episode. didn’t disappoint, not even in the slightest. I trust brains base to keep doing great job with the characters and their unique subtle development. it’s not gonna be an easy course, I guess we will have heartbreaking moments, but I believe it will be really good.

  3. Liking this so far, the art especially due to its soft, minimalist approach. Disagree with the blushing personally, it fades nicely into the characters’ faces rather than become the defining feature of them like most shows lean towards.

    What is going to make or break this is the plot and chemistry. Hopefully the next few episodes will provide this as the story is unique enough (in anime) to make this a pretty good little bit of romance.

  4. Oh gawd, that was san absolutely beautiful episode. I was already getting cold to my feet when the first PV came out due to its strong resemblance with Hourou Musuko, but this first episode easily beat that. I really love this restrained, understated, mono no aware atmospheric-centric show that’s fulfilled with dignity and maturity. Each characters act and speak in a believable manner. Nothing was excessive. And the soft coloured background (which further enhances its melancholic nature) is absolutely lovely to look at. I’ve got to admit that the premise (girl loses memory every 7 days) feels a bit stretching, and the relationship between two leads generally has a feelings of saccharine, but i don’t really care about that if it’s this well done. One of my top picks of the season and i look forward to see more.

  5. As I was watching, I knew the premise sounded familiar & then it hit me First 50 Dates. I just love how tender the show feels & Kaori’s expressions are so effin cute~ I’m gonna enjoy this show more that I expected 😉

  6. This show didn’t disappoint from what i’ve seen so far. I felt a small tear building up as he bowed his head to ask for her friendship at the end. It was just so beautifully done. Bring on the feels…..This is my #1 show for this season.

  7. Let the feels and fluff come. The art style is charming and soothing which is a plus for me.

    On a side note, I know there’s another manga with a similar premise of a girl losing her memories every week, or day, I’m not sure which, is there anyone who knows the name of it?

  8. it’s just the first episode and they already taken me away on the train of feels ;7;

    just random point, this series somehow reminds me of kimi to boku+natsuyuki randevous

  9. I’m finding my heart went awol after this episode played around with my heartstrings and then tug it at the end.

    Fyi the art reminded me of Usagi Drop’s background water colors and Ef’s attention to foreground detail

  10. Indeed, I have also been hyping this anime in my mind’s expectations since I watched its preview vid, but, damn, it’s just as good as I have expected. Even the seiyuu and their respective characters’ facial expressions are very good. So far, I haven’t cried yet but I’m expecting this series to keep on ‘tugging my heartstrings’.

    BTW, DAT OP’s SUGOII~ (been loving it since the trailer)

    Red HeartGold ZX
  11. Really met my expectations, surely didnt disappoint me. I was like hnggggg for the whole 23 minutes. God they are soo adorable…especially Hase. :3 they are like the innocence of a child and when Hase said that he doesnt mind asking for Kaori to be his friend every week, my gosh. It also reminds me of Hourou Musuko’s drawing and I feel like growing together with the characters.

    Really looking forward for next week…hoho~


    onion warrior
  12. That was surprisingly quite good.

    So she has some sort of extremely selective type of anterograde amnesia does she? Reminds me quite a bit of the Chihiro/Renji story in Ef: a Tale of Memories, just not quite as serious (13 hours of all her memories as opposed to this). It already struck my feels much in the same way though, so I hope it turns out just as good. Ef’s ending to that story left a little to be desired though so I hope this one can think of something better. Show Spoiler ▼

    All in all, I’d say it was an impressive start to a serious that I never really gave much of a thought to until I saw the preview for it. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of it.

    1. Yep,definitely reminds me of Chihiro & Renji’s story in ef: a Tale of Memories too like I said below. I’m not expecting this to be as good though but I might be biased since that one’s among my favorite romance anime of all time(even though I slightly favor a Tale of Melodies). For my part,I’ll be more than happy if it even comes close it.

      At any rate,looks good so far.

  13. One of my biggest expectation for this season, and I’m not disappointed at all. Very sweet, down to earth and I’m sure it’s going to be a short, beautiful story.

    Btw, for anyone who are craving for more but didn’t want to spoil the story in manga, I recommend reading Seishun For-get!. Very similar premise, but this one is more up to beat to Isshuukan Friends. It’s also very sweet and diabetes inducing, although I predict Isshuukan Friends will bring us to a feel train much faster.

  14. Beautiful. I love everything about this first episode.

    Got absolutely surprised at the ED. I was definitely familiar with Sukima Switch’s version years ago…and this version seems fitting for this show. Looking forward for more.

    Danny Zeto
  15. Okaaaay,I had above average expectations for this but it was still better than I expected. I’m sold on it! So far,this & Mahouka are my favorite new shows.

    Nice visuals,good music that fits the tone of the show and two main characters that I’ve instantly taken a liking to(and yea,Hase’s friend was cool too).

    I’m somehow reminded of a part of ef: A Tale of Memories,even if it’s not as visually impressive. People who watched it should know what I’m talking about 😛 I’m gonna need to keep a tissue box nearby won’t I?

  16. I wonder how many volumes the show will cover, since author Hazuki Matcha has currently produced 4 volumes and the story is still ongoing.

    PS. The Matcha,抹茶,in the author’s penname means ‘powder green tea’. 🙂

  17. Here we go again:

    Original run January 21, 2012 – ongoing ONGOING O N G O I N G

    I really should get a clue already and watch original shows or stuff with consumated source material.

    Helvetica Standard
  18. Did not like this at the beginning, in a similar way to how people might dislike someone with a condition they don’t know about. I Also hate to see a brother in the friendzone and this show just invented the “we’re not friends zone”. The blush power is also too strong for me.

    After the reason becomes clear, it becomes understandable, Hase’s friends scene was awesome, and Hase’s reaction is admirable. Hope the show doesn’t forget to be good every week!

    The Shizard
  19. The art design reminded me of something out of a children’s book. Nice and simple, which is a beautiful compliment to the type of story this is. Everything was solid. This show is going to be incredible.

    1. My thoughts exactly!

      Though “ef – a tale of memories” memory loss was a lot worse since she loses her memories after 24 hours right and not selective memories like Fujimiya. She should at least make a diary like in ‘ef’ though.

  20. I was thinking the ending theme was familiar and it finally hit me, the original song was by Sukima Switch, its the 3rd song in the 2007 Album ‘Sukima Switch – Greatest Hits’.

  21. The source was a 4-koma gag manga which caused me some concern the anime might turn out to be largely a gag based comedy, so I am loving the way that they made it into a sensitive anime adaptation so far.

    Will have to see how it turns out later though. One of the characters still leaves room for doubt.

  22. I’m pretty sure I’ve read something very similar to this.

    Everyday, the girl’s memories resets to a certain day before she got involved in an accident. Her family and friends decided not to tell her because they know she’ll panic and it’ll be much more painful to her if she learns that she’ll lose her memories every single day. Everyday her classmates and male childhood friend would always make it special for her. At the end of the day, her childhood friend would confess to her and she happily accepts it. She always writes it on her new diary before she goes to sleep and eventually forgets about it the next day.

    Plot Twist 1:
    Her childhood friend would secretly replace her diary with a new empty notebook every night because they don’t want her to know about her illness.

    Plot Twist 2:
    Her childhood friend actually became her boyfriend before the accident occurred but she doesn’t remember. He’s very hurt too about what happened to his girlfriend but he thinks she’ll blame herself and feel sorry for him if she learns about him being her boyfriend. He decides to suffer by himself by not telling her.

    Plot Twist 3:
    It’s a Hentai doujin story 😀


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