OP Sequence

OP: 「DARAKENA」 by 野水いおり (Nomizu Iori)

「棺かつぐ少女」 (Hitsugi Katsugu Shoujo)
“Coffin-Carrying Girl”

A girl seemingly appears out of nowhere and bumps into our unknowing protagonist, only to take him on a journey with his bread-winning sister. This pretty much sums up any sort of context that you need before going into this show. It’s quite generic on the surface, but still full of many surprises once you peel back the layers of what makes this series special. Unfortunately, not even the Chaika herself seems to know what makes her so unique yet…

The story is about a young man named Acura Tooru (Majima Junji) who is pretty much a NEET (keeping up with that theme this season!) and he goes out to look for edible plants. He stumbles upon Trabant Chaika (Anzai Chika) who carries a coffin on her back and before the two can exchange many words, a unicorn attacks them. Now – Chaika is not your average lost girl, she actually carries a huge weapon in her coffin which she uses to basically annihilate this unicorn. She goes back to town with Tooru where they meet his sister, Acura Akari (Hara Yuuko) who throws him around a bit and clearly wears the pants in this relationship. They offer to help Chaika on her journey… to somewhere and off they go to invade some guy’s castle!

So I cut that last summary piece quite blatantly because it feels like the story pretty much jumps right into who Chaika is and why she’s so “special” to everyone in the story. My initial impression of her includes:

  • 1) Her speech – Not just her voice, but her speech pattern is choppy and not fluent and quite annoying to be honest. She doesn’t speak in complete sentences so her conversations. Like this. Nouns. Adjectives. Words in threes. Can’t understand. Stop. Please. I hope this is something that she improves on in the future because if I were Tooru – I would not assist someone that I could barely comprehend.
  • 2) Her eyebrows – You know what I’m talking about… those things above her eyes are massive! Her character design is quite not what I was expecting because every time I stare at her face, all I can think about is that bush.
  • Now she’s not all bad; although I can’t say that I have a strong sense of who Chaika is as a character yet. She’s your typical lost girl with a mission but something tells me that she might suffer from amnesia? And the coffin that she carries, must be what she was “buried” in. Not that I know what’s going to happen, but that would be a good guess after that revelation at the end of the episode.

    The story itself is quite fast-paced for an premiere. There’s no real time to absorb everything that’s happening around you because so much is happening at once. You’ve got your weapons and magical powers… but you also have your mythical creatures and castles all wrapped up in one episode. The setting moves around so quickly that it’s hard to truly grasp the world that we’re thrown into and what “laws” apply to the characters. It’s an interesting mix to see special weapons as a preserved hand or a giant gun coming out of a coffin – but are these elements in the story just gimmicks to make it appear more interesting or do they actually mean something? What worries me about anime like these are that these aspects of the story are never fully explained and just thrown in to make a mediocre story stand out. Don’t get me wrong – I think there’s a logical explanation for everything so far, but it does feel forced and the pacing of the episode resembles someone showing us their entire hand up their sleeve.

    To me – Hitsugi no Chaika was not a show that I went in with high expectations and coming out of it, I still don’t have high expectations. Being a BONES series, the animation was even worse that I would’ve given them credit for, except for the OP/ED which were eye-catching and probably allude to bigger things in the future. Even the seiyuu’s aren’t A-listers and it’s a shame to say that when the voice acting isn’t up to par, your experience for the show isn’t as high as well. The characters for me are rather flat and the only one that seems to pack a punch is Akari. Tooru is your average bystander who just happens to get thrown into a loop of events for no rhyme or reason; other than the fact that he can defend himself, he doesn’t stand out too much. Chaika is the only one that I hold reservations on because I expect her to drastically improve over time and if the pace of the anime keeps up like this, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a great deal of the light novel animated.

    The action sequences are definitely the highlights of this episode (that unicorn was quite scary). Like I said, the story appears to be speeding by and there’s a decent amount of material to go on (4 years’ worth!) so perhaps this series will have a decent ending with fully developed characters by the end. Given that there’s probably a larger story in play, we can expect more plot twists and revelations that might connect the characters a little more. Hopefully some attachment to them will pull the audience in because the show has potential to be a memorable standout. It just needs to be executed well.

    Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Damn those eyebrows… The animation is not really my cup of tea. Murderous unicorns getting blown to bits? Wow, I honestly did not expect that =S #chaika_anime

    NOTE: This is just a introductory post for now. If any of the writers (including myself) choose to blog it on a regular basis, we will update the Spring Schedule.


    ED Sequence

    ED: 「快楽原理」 (Kairaku Genri) by coffin princess



        1. I feel like the manga is a lot better than the anime. They skipped out a lot. There also wasn’t lot of background music like BONES did for Captain Earth. The drawing the manga also looks a lot better.

    1. Another show with an OP loli

      first we have Enju the loli with super human strength
      then we have Shiro the loli with brains
      now we have Chaika a huge eyebrow loli with cute speech pattern with a magic BFG

      totally hnnnngg worthy shows this season

    2. Everyone has been criticizing this to hell and gone, unfairly IMO. Is it generic? Yes. Are the characters cookie cutter and/or annoying? Somewhat. Is this a massive fail already? It would be a lie to say so. Most of the first episodes this season haven’t been all too great, this is why the 3 episode rule exists.

      What this show reminds me of is Kami-sama from last summer, similar situation of a girl wandering around with supernatural power who ends up eliciting the help of others. Hitsugi however appears to so far be more straightforward and less abstract. The only glaring problems here are likely to be pacing and world building, depending on how the future episodes are handled. Characterization is fine, if they can explain certain eccentricities (i.e. the Princess’ speech pattern; supposedly it’s because she is foreigner, which if properly explained in show would at least remove some of the annoyance associated with it).

      I’ll stick through 3 episodes first before making a call, but so far it is not as terrible as some are making it out to be.

      1. I think a large part of it is also your expectation when you start a show. I think I had moderate expectations? but I was hoping for it to be better… and it wasn’t better. It was exactly like what I thought it would be. I’m not saying that it might not get better, but strictly blogging one episode of it – this is the impression that I got =S

        I do think the show is rather “generic” in a sense that, it starts off like any other story about a guy meeting a girl and then helping her like she’s a damsel in distress… As a premiere, these types of intros don’t necessarily stand out too much. However, I think writers generally like to write this sort of opening to keep the audience interested and find out why Chaika was there and who she is.

    3. Until people started complaining about them, I didn’t notice Chaika’s eyebrows at all. Ya’ll are too sensitive.

      As for the coffin, I’d like to point out that she seems to be attempting to collect pieces of a dismembered body. Given that her family name (which she nearly told Toru before correcting herself) is clearly Gaz (as in the Gaz Empire that folks talked about having been overthrown a few years back), those pieces are probably the body of her father. She’s going to need someplace to put them once she has them, and a coffin seems suitable for that purpose to me.

      All of this was inferred from the episode. There’s plenty of information here to tell us many things we wish to know.

      I found this episode rather interesting. Chaika herself doesn’t bother me, either in speech or in eyebrows which I didn’t even notice. In fact I like her quite a bit. The only thing I wish we knew more about was the nature of the siblings’ powers, and I’m willing to give them a bit of time to go into that.

      1. Every word on this post deserves a thumbs up.

        Just adding my 5 cents, the speech patter is cute IMO. I also find those eyebrows as a moe point.

        The only real gripe i have about this episode is how much of the source material have been left out. Akari’s character (or any of them for that matter) didnt get a lot of room to grow, and trust me, their personalities are interesting.

        All in all, i have high hopes for this show

    4. I thought with the dismembered & skewered hand, it was pretty obvious what the coffin is for.

      The speech isn’t annoying, considering how traumatized Chaika might be. Remember Kal-el Albus from Toaru Hikūshi e no Koiuta (The Pilot’s Love Song)? The destruction of an empire before the royalty’s eyes. Imagine that kind of trauma without the Albus adoptive family for the child.

      Cool techno-magic for the gun and the Iron Blood mantra.

      And when is a famed retired military leader not military? When he’s a wizard, of course. 🙂 Or a bard.

    5. @pancakes
      I really wouldn’t worry about it if i were you. It has been getting worse every season but this particular season everyone seems to be in a competition to be the most dismissive and insulting of every single anime and if they can’t find any obvious faults they say it is generic or meh. They take the term critic way too literally. I am starting to wonder why most of them watch anime. They could get tons of shows that don’t have any of their complaints in western entertainment.

      You wouldn’t think that just a few short years ago everyone was terrified that anime was going to die.

      I actually feel bad for shows I don’t like because there seems to be a feeding frenzy to crap on them.

      1. Nawh I’m not too worried, this stuff always happens. It’s as though people have to critique so they can circumvent the infamous “I watch anime” label and pretend that they only watch to find unique, good, “underground” stuff. In ways it’s ironically similar to the hipster phenomenon in things like music and clothing, everyone has to be that special little snowflake in their group that only likes the things no one else knows about.

        For me it’s just tiring sorting through all this superficial nitpicking to find out others’ objective views on the show and things which I may have missed when watching. Although the exasperation is quelled knowing we get to experience the epic sh*tstorm SAO season 3 is going to cause later in the year 😛

        1. It’s because many of us love anime, but are disappointed by the amount of shows we find satisfactory each season. It has nothing to do with knowing about “undeground” anime…we all read the same season previews, everyone knows what there is to watch each season.

          My take on this show is: Why bother?
          Is it watchable? Yeah, I suppose, nothing is very good/bad, and maybe it’s just the obvious pandering with the maid costumes, cat ears, etc. but I feel like if I’ve watched one of these types of shows, there’s really no need to watch another.

        2. Also, I personally think complacency is a dangerous thing when it comes to entertainment. Yeah, I guess we don’t have to be assholes about it (I admit, I am one a lot of times), but I think complacency is much worse. There are some great ideas out there for animes that I would love to see come to fruition, but they are not because they don’t produce sales. It is important to consider what the majority of viewers like, but I don’t think it should hinder artistic ambition.

        3. There’s nothing wrong with disliking a show or voicing concern with where things are going industry-wise, the problem I made mention of (and I think Lester as well) was how the critiques seem unable to actually form coherent thoughts regarding it. For example this show for people seems to boil down to “I hate her eyebrows” and “I hate her speaking manner”, therefore the whole thing sucks. Yes, those points are definitely going to help others decide if it is worth their time to watch.

          As I aforementioned I am far from thinking Hitsugi is a perfect and unique show worthy of praise, it is very generic, cookie cutter, and average. That alone however is not enough to write it off based only on one episode. There have been many other shows following the same format which have turned into good pieces of entertainment, depending on personal taste. The key for people who want to critique is to learn to analyze holistically rather than piecemeal inductively. That way pointless remarks can be avoided and potential viewers can be given a more thorough understanding of the show before pressing play.

          Personally I ain’t going to touch the stagnation of the anime industry here, that alone would require a lengthy essay 😛

        4. I don’t think criticising chaika for her thick eyebrows and her mannerism is doing the show any justice. As Pancakes says, it is all down to personal preference. Thick eyebrows? Yes some people mind, most probably don’t. Viewing the criticisms from a step back, the viewers are basically criticising a character for her looks rather than anything substantial. If they did so in the real world, it would be quite discourteous.

          As for the non-conjunctive speech, I wouldn’t go as far as to saying it is cute (though some viewers might) but contrary to Cherrie, it is not difficult to understand it. There is nothing inherently wrong with speaking that way (especially when you just started learning a different language). Yes, it is not exactly grammatically correct, but the very least the series is doing is to break out of the traditional dialogue bubble.

        5. I don’t read many anime reviews… except for the ones on this site…
          I actually went out and tried to find some on this show after reading everyone’s comments and couldn’t find too many that bashed on it or hated it. In fact, I think I’m pretty harsh on this show in comparison to a lot of other viewers and I don’t think that’s a bad thing because it’s my personal opinion. On the contrary, I love a lot of shows that people hate… SAO and Shingeki had such a massive following on RC and unfortunately, a lot of the vocal people could’ve been haters. That doesn’t bother me and doesn’t influence my opinion of it – I liked them both and I’m not out here (or there? O_o) trying to promote under-rated anime – just because. A lot of top-rated anime, are in fact, my top-rated favs as well. I mentioned it before – I’m probably going to be one of the only writers willing to blog SAO because everyone else seemed to hate it that much… =S

          As for my reasons for not liking the show… it’s not because of her eyebrows or speech. It ADDS to the fact that it turns me off, but mainly I think it’s because I can’t relate to the characters or their situation and the episode didn’t make me care to. Simply – that’s it. Now, that can change overtime I’m sure, but for the first episode, that was my impression.

    6. Wasn’t this the series with some sort of relation to Outbreak Company?
      Because the MCs look really similar. Some parts of the opening made me wonder what happened to Shinichi…

      Amyways, I found this episode fairly enjoyable. While some explanation of the world’s current state and so on would have been nice, that feeling remained with me only for few moments at the beginning. When things started to move towards more interesting stuff, the lack of info on setting wasn’t that jarring. (Some scenes gave me Tales of vibes)

      As for Chaika, I didn’t really mind her eyebrows, but her speech was annoying at times. Other times it wasn’t though. I think it depends on how much she’s talking or how much she’s supposed to talk but can’t.

      Can’t say much about the sister yet, but that “I won’t allow even brother to badmouth brother” bit was… Cute isn’t the word I’m looking for but it’s close enough, so let’s say it was cute.

      Tooru is still a bit bland, but at least he’s bland in a different way from usual fantasy MCs. And that rogueish style is pretty refreshing.

      From the looks of it, I’m watching this beyond episode 3.

    7. More than Chaika’s eyebrows(which I didn’t notice), Tooru’s hair annoyed the hell out of me! Is that little X it makes in the front supposed to be creative or something?

      They chopped out a bit from before Tooru went to the forest that was really funny and would’ve shown more of the Tooru/Akira relationship (he has the choice of going out to hunt plants or she was going to stuff him so they could be together forever without her having to support him anymore). Other than that, I like where this is going.

    8. This was fairly high up on my initial watch list. The first episode wasn’t bad, but at least compared to the manga (LN source material barely translated – fraction of the first volume), I found it lacking. Yet another adaptation with rush, rush, rush pacing to get the action scenes and/or end on some “dramatic” turn of events at the expense cutting significant amounts of material and the resulting detriments which go along with that as a result. Is there some sort of new director pay scale in which they get paid by how much source material they cover in one episode? Sure starting to feel that way from some of the first episodes this season I’ve watched. *sigh*

      Frankly, I liked the characters to various degrees. Chaika’s speech pattern didn’t bother me. Actually, I though her seiyuu did a good job with the stilted phrasing (nice inflection). As others noted, probably a reason for her speech pattern, but if not, fine with me as long at that is unique to her. YMMV. I didn’t notice the eyebrows until it was mentioned and no problem with that either. In short, I liked Chaika. Tooru is a serviceable male lead who (thankfully) isn’t stupid/dense/oblivious. Akari might be generic with the tsundere inspired violent retribution, but I like the fact that she is intelligent and quite competent rather than misc. wallflower waifu #24355.

      Despite it’s shortcomings, IMO the first episode was good enough if not truly good. I just wish they would SLOW DOWN and stop cutting so much material. I like action scenes/battles, but they shouldn’t come at the expense of world building, character development/background, humor, etc. Only one episode, so once gain (*sigh*), I hope that pacing is reduced to a more reasonable level from here on out. Technically a “3 episode rule” for me, but I highly doubt I’ll drop the show unless the adaptation completely implodes.

      P.S. The author seems to have fun using car/automobile company names for the characters – Tooru and Akari Acura and Chaika Trabant.

    9. Another loli driven anime. However, a quirky personality and “Those Eyebrows” sets it apart for me. Like in Noragami, BONES is delivering a solid first episode that keeps me on my toes despite obvious shortcomings. Definitely following.

    10. I find pacing to be the most overblown problem with any form of writing. Not all elements of a world have to be explained, and harping on it just devolves into a subjective opinion on what the writer should have done, rather than objectively looking at the body of work actually done. In the grand scheme of things, all I really needed to know about the unicorn was that it’s a familiar of the a group of people who have interest in Chaika’s mission. It seems like the magic will have to be explained at some point.

      Really, I think we’re jumping the gun on giving a show a vote of no confidence on its first episode based on what it didn’t do, rather than what it actually did. Not really fair to the show. Is it generic and cliche? Sure, but that’s not a sin in writing. Really, it’s the very nature of writing to begin with.

    11. as far as I know she speaks like that because its not her native tongue.

      Think japanese trying to speak rudimentary english.

      Also they didnt offer their help, but they got hired by Chaika for money. The siblings are saboteurs, a sort of mercenary for hire (with some differences)

    12. I highly enjoyed the first episode of this series. I had way overhyped it, and it lived up to my expectations, which is definitely something to be proud of. I have no idea why everyone keeps saying the animation isn’t that great. It’s a very fluid series, and looks just as good as most of BONES other works. I admit I don’t really know where they are going with this, and the characters are kind of generic so far, but it is from a light novel series, and it takes more than one episode to complete an entire light novel, so I can imagine things will change over time. It’s looking to be a lot of fun, especially since its a serious high fantasy series, with little fanservice as of now.

    13. I’m surprised at the negativity towards this. My expectations weren’t too high after reading the season preview’s description, but actually found the show to be more entertaining that I had thought it would be. It’s a bit generic to be sure, but there’s enough promise in the story, characters, and execution so far that I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

      1. I should add that there is one thing that’s been bugging me from the moment I saw it: The main guy’s hair. What is with the ridiculous crossing strands in the center of his forehead? It looks absurd.

    14. I for one barely had any expectations for this one and was debating on whether I should even try it. I’m glad I did though,since seems to be a fairly decent adventure and the characters don’t seem annoying or anything and I’m one of the guys who usually finds loli characters annoying. Of course,Chaika is still the character I’m the least interested so far. I’m more curious about the siblings.

      3 ep rule is in demand,although I get the feeling I’ll be sticking with it.

    15. That sucked hundred balls. The pacing in particular was really awful. There’s almost zero sense of flow between one scene to another. They also barely explained anything premise and plot-wise. What’s the deal with the unicorn that popped out of sudden? What the hell’s with the silver-haired loli for intruding other people’s mansion? Why the fudge the siblings just casually accepted her offer with no objections whatsoever? I don’t even understand what’s the significance of the blonde bishie who visited the mansion owner and was casually spewing confusing stuff to audience. I don’t know if it’s caused by time restrain or whatnot, but overall executions were extremely rigid and nonsensical. Also, what the heck with the silver-haired loli’s unintelligible dialogues? Is it supposed to be funny? If anything, i found it extremely grating to the point of unwatchable. The only good scene of the eps was the brawling between the MC and the unicorn. That was spectacular and flashy and i really liked it. Unfortunately, the rest of the show was very boring and i felt empty inside once it’s done.

      And here i thought that the executions of LN adaptations couldn’t be any worse after Mahouka and Black Bullet. Turns out i was wrong.

      1. I don’t think it was that bad, but I do agree the pacing wasn’t good (see my above post). In terms of the manga (LN is a “teaser project” – only a fraction of vol. 01 translated), EP 01 “covered” chapters 1-4 and 6-7. Reading the manga helps a lot, HOWEVER the anime may just be skipping around a bit and later insert some of the omitted material. Even reading just chapters 0-4 could risk spoilers. Up to you whether it’s worth it or not.

        To answer some of your questions w/out spoilers:

        – Unicorn was a summoned creature, something like a familiar. The weird dialog was spell casting/summoning ritual.
        – Chaika (“silver haired girl”) wants an “important thing” (Horrible subs) inside the mansion.
        – The siblings are poor and need $$$. Beggars can’t be choosers. There’s quite a bit more to it, but leaving it at that to be safe.
        – That’s just the way Chaika speaks. My guess is there is a specific reason, but that is just a guess.
        – Blonde guy’s request is relevant/significant, but not sure how I could answer without potential spoilers.
        – Anime is set for a 12 episode 1-cour run so limited air-time is more of a factor than if it had a 2-cour run. I have no idea how much of that justifies the pacing or even whether the pacing will continue at the same rate (hopefully not).

        IF you drop the anime (I encourage you to give it at least another 1-2 episodes) but still find the premise interesting, you might want to read the manga or the LN if translation resumes. Frankly, I hope that happens since I’d like to read the LN as well as the manga.

    16. @Amiluhur

      I think you’re missing the point, if those are your complaints. How many shows tell you everything right away? They are supposed to create mysteries that they will expand on throughout the series. From the episode alone it appear that the “bishie guy” is talking to the lord and he want his treasure that he earned from the war. Chaika also wants the treasure, so the bishies group of people sent the unicorn after her to try and prevent her from getting it first. The main characters are broke, and need money, Chaika has money, so they will accept any job that comes along, think of them as basically mercenaries. It appears that Chaika speaks brokenly because she doesn’t know their language all that well, and she’s trying to communicate the best she can. You can dislike the show no problem, but don’t criticize it simply because you don’t understand the plot.

    17. It’s weird watching this after Mahouka. In one show you got a very loving imouto who’d defend her onii-sama to no end, and in the other is an imouto who wants to beat up her onii-san and wouldn’t mind selling him stuffed. Chaika is cute. I thought at first it was Uchida Maaya voicing her.

    18. “What worries me about anime like these are that these aspects of the story are never fully explained and just thrown in to make a mediocre story stand out.”

      Sounds like Darker Than Black.

      No, not really. I love Darker Than Black. It’s just the ‘never fully explained’ part make me remember Darker Than Black.

      Why do so many people complaining about the eyebrow? Sure different people are different.

      1. They only started bothering me once I noticed them… then I couldn’t stop noticing them o_O They’re just so thick and eyebrows are meant to frame your face. Thick eyebrows are meant to a female look younger, but also more manly. If you meet a girl with THICK eyebrows, you’ll know what I mean =X

        I thought Darker than Black was more uh… captivating? Even thought they never give you all the answers. It leaves me wanting to seek them out. This first episode… didn’t really make me crave more so that’s the difference there.

    19. This is one of the better first episode this season. I’ve read Hitsugi no Chaika manga and my impression was while it got a bit boring in the start it get quite good later. Because of that, I like how they the fast pace of this episode. I think they cut some part but nothing is important so no complain for now.

      I agree than the animation quality could have been better, but the action is quite good so far.

      So far it lives up to my expectation.

    20. rushed or not, well i’m pretty sure they’ll explain it later. They needed the action to stir up the audience’s attention imo XDD

      While i was watching this, i could not not oversee those siblings as Hansel and Gretel’s witch hunter lol XDDD naah, its just me…

      Man, arent those coffin rather convenient, i’d say~ though it may seems like a heavy load of chunks, but it does fit Chaika perfectly…its like her bed and her weapon storage(though its a coffin)

      anyways, looking ahead for few more episodes to get a clearer ideas about this series ^^ Badass gunda is badass!

      onion warrior
    21. rushed or not, well i’m pretty sure they’ll explain it later. They needed the action to stir up the audience’s attention imo XDD

      While i was watching this, i could not not oversee those siblings as Hansel and Gretel’s witch hunter lol XDDD naah, its just me…

      Man, arent those coffin rather convenient, i’d say~ though it may seems like a heavy load of chunks, but it does fit Chaika perfectly…its like her bed and her weapon storage(though its a coffin)

      anyways, looking ahead for few more episodes to get a clearer ideas about this series ^^ Badass gundo is badass!

      onion warrior
      1. @c2710: That works, though IMO really any WWII bolt-action AT rifle is somewhat similar in appearance. First thought I had was the British Boys AT rifle. BFG for sure, but the “magic rounds” are much smaller than a BMG .50 cal let alone larger. Oh, just to be clear, NOT an issue for me in terms of the anime/series – just “shop talk”. 😀

    22. They dun fucked it up! This is even worse than how they fucked up Fairy Tail’s beginning and Magi’s season 1.

      They completely skipped the actual beginning and just fast forwarded some chapters. How dare they skip Akari vs Toru Iron Blood Transformation fight! I was looking forward to that -_-

      They skipped Toru and Akari’s backstory too wtf!

      Don’t get me started on Chaika and no, never cared about the eyebrows, I’m talking about the way she talks. No indication in the source material or manga that she talks like she was female Tarzan or raised in the jungle. She talked normal there, but in the anime we get this annoying speech?! Was this to make her seem cuter or whatever moe moe crap they trying to pull?

      Isn’t it enough that she basically wears gothic loli stuff, is a loli, and is pretty badass when she has to be? Her fight scene seemed rushed and off too.

      Akari’s brocon vibes seemed nerfed also, but most likely because they skipped most of her scenes already >.>

      I am even more pissed that they skipped showing how Toru was a NEET, instead they just talk about it!


      I haven’t watched it yet as of this post, but please Knights of Sidonia, let your anime be as awesome as the manga, please be faithful T-T!

      1. I also read the manga and agree that they should had showed Toru just sleeping in his bed being the NEET he is and then having his sister shove him out the door, just so that the viewers have a better understanding of his character, and left Chaika the way she was. It’s not like I particularly hate her speech, it’s just that it’s not really her so to speak. I did raise my expectation quite high for this anime, but now I’m dissapoint. However, I’ll continue it and see how it goes.

    23. The trick, I think, is to try to go into any series or experience with as little expectation as possible. Of course, this is significantly harder when you’ve got a taste of it in a different medium, or it being a continuation of a series (IS to IS2 comes to mind, for me), but overall with this attitude you can’t really be disappointed – the lowest thing you can feel is “meh”, and pass it on since it didn’t ring any bells inside you. If you do this – I certainly try to every time – then you will often find yourself suprised and delighted at discovering hidden nuggets of awesomeness.

      Atalla Wanderer
    24. I didn’t mind Chaika’s speech patterns or her eyebrows, but I get how it could detract from your experience if you find an issue with the character design. Overall, I didn’t have any clue about this anime going into it, and I enjoyed it. I felt it was paced well, as it didn’t have any lulls. the characters I liked and the story seemed interesting.

      a box like Hippo
    25. Me: I don’t get this show. Seriously I don’t get it.
      Statler: Guys, you know what I don’t get?
      Waldorf: What?
      Statler: The reason why we started watching this.


      OK jokes aside, they suddenly just threw us in after hinting something before the OP and expect us to watch the next episode after that “she’s supposed to be dead” drama at the end.

      I’m cool. I want to know what’s happening. Gonna give it the 3-episode rule.

    26. Episode 2 really made me really hard to cheer for anyone…it was really dumb.

      I liked the episode until Chaika said he wants to gather the body pieces to bury them *We all know, that’s not going to happen.*

      What made it worse was the MC, he was just like. Fuck you i will not give you the arm because i have no reason, despite the fact you told me a really good reason to give it to you. I won’t give it to you because otherwise there would be no point for making this anime.

      And then the studio tried to clean it up a bit by adding. I hate peace, i want war. If not for his earlier commentary i might have not laughed at this.

      1. @Shadow: I’m not surprised. IMO the anime makes little sense if you haven’t read the manga or LN. I’ve only read the manga, and just going on that alone, the anime is cutting out massive amounts of material – including a highly relevant backstory for the MC. Right now, adaptation pace is something like ONE episode PER manga volume. >_> As of EP 03, the anime has “covered” through manga chapter 19.

        It’s possible that some of the cut material will be reinserted later, but I kind of doubt it given the torrid pacing. Very much JMO/guess though. Still, you might want to give the manga a try if you like the overall story/setting (FYI – LN translation still a “teaser project”). I like the series/story, but the anime isn’t doing the series any favors thus far IMO.


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