Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Abarenbou Rikishi!! Matsutarou
6:30 EX (4/6)
Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to
25:05 MX (4/7)
Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san
21:00 Niconico (4/15)
No Game No Life
21:30 AT-X (4/9)
Escha & Logy no Atelier: Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi
22:00 MX (4/10)
Mushishi Zoku Shou
24:00 MX (4/4)
Pretty Rhythm: All Star Selection
10:00 TX (4/5)
Dragonball Kai
9:00 CX (4/6)
M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane
25:35 MX (4/21)
Mahou Shoujo Taisen
21:55 MX (4/8)
Hitsugi no Chaika
25:05 MX (4/9)
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka?
22:30 MX (4/10)
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
24:30 MX (4/4)
10:30 TX (4/5)
Cardfight!! Vanguard: Legion Mate Hen
10:00 TX (3/9)
Black Bullet
22:30 AT-X (4/8)
Fuuun Ishin Dai Shougun
TBD MX (4/9)
24:30 CX (4/10)
Date a Live II
25:35 MX (4/11)
Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Returns
17:30 ytv (4/5)
17:00 MBS (4/6)
25:29 NTV (10/2)
Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin
25:20 CX (4/10)
Kenzen Robo Daimidaler
18:30 AT-X (4/5)
Baby Steps
17:30 NHK (4/6)
Soul Eater Not!
25:40 TX (4/8)
Blade and Soul
25:46 TBS (4/3)
Seikoku no Dragonar
20:30 AT-X (4/5)
Gokukoku no Brynhildr
22:00 MX (4/6)
Sidonia no Kishi
25:49 MBS (4/10)
Mekaku City Actors
24:00 MX (4/12)
Love Live! Season 2
22:30 MX (4/6)
Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
26:16 TBS (4/3)
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
24:30 MX (4/5)
Break Blade
23:00 MX (4/6)
Akuma no Riddle
26:19 MBS (4/3)
Kamigami no Asobi
25:00 MX (4/5)
Isshuukan Friends.
24:00 MX (4/6)
Selector Infected WIXOSS
26:49 MBS (4/3)
Kiniro no Chord: Blue Sky
25:50 TX (4/5)
Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara
24:30 MX (4/6)
Captain Earth
25:58 MBX (4/5)
Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii
26:20 TX (4/5)
Legend: 3 2 2 1 1 2 1
Not covering


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Weekly Shounen Jump
Weekly Shounen Jump
Legend: 1 1 Not covering

Now that you know what’s airing this spring, it’s time to tell you what we’ll be blogging! This is Random Curiosity’s Spring 2014 blogging schedule.

As always, this is a tentative overview of our plans for the new season. We’ll also be doing introductory posts on many of the shows we’re not covering, so if something catches our eyes, things will be shifted around to accommodate. The schedule will be updated to reflect any changes.

I repeat, DO NOT PANIC! Though we are announcing fewer shows than usual, that doesn’t mean this is all we’ll blog. Neither Zephyr nor Cherrie are going on hiatus, they’re just taking advantage of the surplus of good shows (and the lower than average crossover in blogging picks…the writer knife fight was boring this season) to sample series before committing. In addition to the series we’ve announced so for, you can expect introductory posts for Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Captain Earth, Hitsugi no Chaika, Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin, Sidonia no Kishi, and M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane (among others), with an eye towards picking them up. Think of it like a season of blogging omiais.

Aside from being super indecisive in our blogging picks, not much has changed over the past season. We’re just chugging along, blogging good anime, enjoying reading all of your comments, and generally have a good ‘ol time. Thank you for sticking with us, and please look forward to a slew of introductory posts as we help you decide what to watch while we deciding what else to blog.


  • 4/5 – It’s no surprise that Zephyr loves Sci-Fi, and his picks show it – he’ll be blogging Sidonia no Kishi and Captain Earth!
  • 4/17 – Time for another season of Noitamina fun – Cherrie has picked up Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin!
  • 4/19 – Because he loves him some fantasy, and is a total maso, Stilts has picked up Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei!
  • 4/28 – Just when our resident RomCom fanatic began to despair, there’s a light of hope – Zanibas has picked up Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou! It’s sooooo good guys, give it a watch!
  • 5/01 – Tuesdays are takkun days – takaii is picking up Soul Eater Not!
  • 5/5 – Zanibas will no longer be covering Mekaku City Actors. He may do a few retrospectives on the Kagerou Project music videos though, so look forward to those!


      1. ^ That. Let’s just say there’s room for at least 3 and as much as 5 more shows to be covered this season. One of them will most definitely be a mecha series. Just waiting till the season starts to see which ones to cover.

      2. I am going to bet now Captain Earth will end up being blogged all considering.

        That said seeing Soredemo Sekai no Utsikushii on the list when I know for a fact it may not be top choice for the demographic (guys) on Random Curiosity makes me really happy. I absolutely love that series!! It’s ultra cute and moves fairly quick.

    1. Yeah as action fan I have had few reasons to come here for several seasons…

      We do need some more action mecha writers
      As for example last season no1 covered Buddy Complex, Magic warfare which both packed lots of awesome action scenes and so on.

  1. Ok, I think I’ll wait a little to see how many shows RC will end covering this time… after all, they always start like this and, along the way, end covering three or five more shows (Stilts being the usual case…).
    By the way… I really hope that, someday, you’ll use more contrating colours… because I can never figure out the RC schedule (too many similar colours… at least to me…).

  2. Everything you do, even if it seems minimal, is respected and appreciated.

    Thanks all for keeping this site going, and I (and I’m sure many others)
    look forward to reading your posts on the upcoming Spring Anime Season!

    1. @petitorenji @mac65

      Thank you kindly. I always brace myself for wide-scale panic when the schedule is first posted, so nice to see some understanding. Thank you for reading! <3

      1. Have to say, my first time reading RC’s schedule really surprised me with the amount of panic…

        Anyways, I feel the shows you guys picked already are the best ones! 🙂
        Not necessarily in regards to what I might like the most, but fitting to each writer based on what I’ve read before, as well as what seems interesting to blog and read a blog about. Can’t especially wait for Enzo blogging Mushishi!

  3. I repeat, DO NOT PANIC!

    Ehh? But I blocked off 45 minutes of time today just for that. 😛

    Joking aside, of what’s listed, so far so good for me – 3 shows on my initial watch list already covered. Overall, no worries on my part. As I recall, last season quite a few shows were picked up post first episode testing. My guess is that such a “wait and see” approach worked well for RC staff last season and are simply repeating the same method this season.

  4. Really hope that the person picking up Mahouka won’t hold back of criticizing it in case there are similar bad parts as in SOA.
    And he should be able to deal with all those LN readers who love to spread their unwanted spoiler knowledge.
    Tough job.

    1. You act like SAO wasn’t being criticized quite a bit by Moomba. One thing I respect about the writers on this site is that they’re actually honest about how they feel about shows and don’t start trolling when they don’t like something.

      1. Sorry, that’s not how I wanted it to sound like.
        I agree that Moomba did a very good job blogging SOA and I am at ease knowing that Stilts will probably take care of Mahouka, someone who has criticized certain (kyoani) shows for “playing it safe”.

    2. Not really, currently Mahouka has 4 manga adaptations: Introductory Arc, Nine School Competition Arc, Yokohama Incident Arc and Reminiscence Arc. Introductory Arc is already completed while the rest is currently being adapted on 3 different magazines.

      1 cour show will probably reach until Nine School Competition (4 Volumes) or probably up to Summer Holiday (5 Volumes). Or, Summer Holiday can be an OAV/OVA 1 – 2 EP.

      1. What does having manga adaptations have to do with his statement?
        And the source is still the LN so mentioning the manga is irrelevant. Besides, the only ones available online at the moment in the manga adaptations are the Introduction and Nine Schools manga versions. There is no Yokohama manga.

        And see here for what would get covered from the LN.

      2. I’m referring to boingman’s statement but Kuntzy posted before I did. I’m only stating that you shouldn’t just point at those who read the novel and spoil. Those who read the manga can spoil also.

      3. @belatkuro

        Lol, is it really so bad that people are pulling the Tsukihime joke out? I haven’t seen it myself.

        I have seen some pics of the Reminiscence’s manga though. Fuehehehe.

      4. Hypothesis: Mayumi + HanaKana = best ever. Possibly incorrect, but assuming it’s a solid adaptation it should be pretty bloody awesome. Maybe awesome enough to make Miyuki take a bit of a backseat in awesome.

  5. Honestly I think it’d be perfectly fine if you just put up the schedule totally blank and just say that you’ll announce blog pickups as the shows premiere. It’s not like you guys get advance screenings the way US tv critics do, so really you’re making decisions off each premiere like the rest of us. The schedule itself is just a reference, it’s the series introductions that really help people who are either on the fence or just time limited in selecting shows. Just one idea so that people understand there’s no reason to panic.

    1. That’s actually not a bad idea. Might make more sense to post the schedule after week 1, when a lot of those blank spaces will be filled in. We might consider doing this for next season.

      1. Having a list of when everything airs is useful for reasons entirely unrelated to who’s blogging what, though. There’s the season preview, but that takes a while to load

      2. Agree with Spike, keep the schedule up blank, but leave the comment that coverage will be announced after the shows premiere. Having the schedule up beforehand is a good way to know when the shows premiere and keep track of what to look out for each day of the week. Much easier than having to refer back to the season preview for the same information.

  6. I just knew Stilts would pick up No Game No Life. When I learned of the anime adaptation and started reading the manga and LN, it came to me like a Newtype flash, “Stilts is the perfect blogger for this”.
    Plus I knew he’d notice the seiyuu casting, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu and Ai Kayano, which is the same for his favorite show Sakurasou. Even the names of the characters they played are almost the same and I doubt it’s a coincidence they were casted for this. Sora/Sorata and Shiro/Mashiro. I was actually prepared to torture persuade him if he doesn’t blog this so I’m glad he’ll pick it up.

    As for the rest, I’m just going to wait what shows they’ll be picking up. Zephyr will definitely choose one mecha no doubt inb4 it’s Daimdaler, though this is kinda Stilts’ alley 😛. And I’m guessing Enzo may pick up Baby Steps given how high he regards it. No surprises though that he chose Mushishi.
    Though is Zanibas going to drop Nobunaga? I’m still enjoying that show but it’s understandable if he does.

    Keep up the good work RC folks.

    1. It took a while, but ya’ll are finally zeroing in on my type of show. Yeah, I was excited for No Game No Life as soon as I saw it (you didn’t mention it has Sakursou’s director too, WOO!), the only question was whether I could fight off the other writers and claim it. Fortunately I was victorious, nyahaha!

      1. Sorry Stilts, I love you but you don’t always need some special reason to get a 2nd season of a fun show! Chu2koi! Ren was more of the same good fun; I don’t see how that’s bad 😉

    2. I know this falls in the “I really mean it this time” category, but I’m trying hard to cut back this season. Two shows at RC is my goal. And, to be honest, every time I’ve tried to cover a sports anime over here the silence has been deafening. I think the readership has spoken on this – RC patrons don’t broadly follow sports anime, and why should I try and force them to change?

      1. To be honest, I think Baby Steps is a tad different from your usual sports anime though… I’m following the manga (as translated by iMangascans; they love the sports genre), and it’s realistic (compared to other sports manga/anime), it’s fun, and there’s lighthearted romance. It’s the type of story that I’d want to be sharing reactions/comments with to other people.

      2. Baby Steps is different from the usual sports series if nothing else in the fact that it’s better – it’s simply one of the very best sports manga ever. I still don’t see it having a big following in English, though. I’ll blog it at LiA obviously but as I said my general goal is to cut way back this season, and that means only 2 shows at RC as part of the effort. If I cave and pick up a third, there are plenty of good candidates that are currently unaffiliated and stand to please more of the RC audience.

    1. I know randomc and its bloggers tend to blog big-time movies and OVAs, as evidenced by Mirai Fukuin and Steins;Gate a while ago, so I’m hoping they’ll blog Madoka Rebellion too. It’s a stunning movie.

    2. Oh you bet I’m waiting in the wings for that. Gonna be hard finding time for it, but I’ll get on it. Thought about doing a post for that awhile back, but figured most people wouldn’t have watched it in theaters, so held off until BD/DVD release.

    1. Since it’s a continuation, generally people already know if they’re gonna watch it or not. Hence established.

      Also I believe the writer who did the previous series retired. Stereoman wasn’t it?

    2. ^ Pretty much that. The category definition is listed below:

      Established shows are generally long-running manga/anime series, geared towards younger viewers who are already fans of them. A commonality is that they all air early morning on weekends or well before midnight on weekdays so that “normal” people can watch them. They aren’t very dependent on expectations, but a love for never-ending shows and a willingness to get into all the material that’s out if they’re completely new to you. Shounen series fall into this category, hence why we treat them differently.

      1. @Stilts

        Haha, I kinda pegged you for it since I kind of compare it to Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon a bit in the way its told. Lots of world building and detailed explanations for how things work. It also has a rather large side cast who aren’t a bunch of useless schmucks. Heck, they even got Horizon’s director to do it since he did such a good job on those (at least as good as is humanly possible imo).

        I did have that little worry that the writers would hear all the “OMG the second coming of SAO! Burn the witch!” talk and be scared off. Despite some of my arguments, I can see why people hated that segment of the story (I do think more people will like GGO though) but I think you’ll enjoy this one in the end. I don’t really know if it’s ecchi enough for you though. 😛

      2. For the last time, I-I’m not the ecchi writer! Ecchi is fine when it’s done right, but I actually prefer stories without it. Per example, the book I’m writing has very little fanservice. You’ll see what I mean when it’s done (back to work, back to work…)

        P.S. Seeing Ono Manabu (Kyoukaisen director, both seasons) attached to the project is one of the main reasons I went from extremely skeptical to not as much. I hope he doesn’t betray said expectations :X

      3. @Stilts

        Hahaha, your denials only fuel my desire to tease you more. Stilts-sama is so moe~ (Completely no homo btw.)

        And how are you going to be releasing your book anyways? Are you self-publishing or just gonna post it up on your blog or a site? I’m quite interested in seeing what your narrative is like. I strayed away from books for awhile but I’ve gotten back into them recently so the more the merrier.

      4. It’ll be self-published. (I’m not fond of bosses, so I see no reason in letting a publisher tell me what I can and can’t do when I can just go straight to all of you.) As for when it’ll be released, I can only give the awful answer of “When it’s done.” There are a few steps left, and I’m having to do it all in my free time, but if I can hold myself back from blogging 15,532 shows this season then that might help, lol

        tl;dr – My goal is to publish it this year. It won’t be for a few months at least though. I’ll update you all via my other site when there’s a major update, though.

      5. Good stuff. Now I just need to hope it gets up here in the Great White North. (with its fantastic -24 degrees at the end of March.) If not, then importing shall be done (dat exchange rate though… T_T). Actually, I guess there’s like Kindle and such too but I’m more of a physical media guy myself. Don’t know why but I can only seem to really get in a reading mood when I’m actually holding a book. Guess I’m old fashioned (even though I’m only 24…) that way.

        And I forgot to ask before, but can you divulge why you were extremely skeptical? No biggie if you don’t want to though. Having fan boys jump all over you can be pretty annoying I’m sure. It’s just so I can sort of get a read on if I think you’ll keep with it or not. Pretty much so I don’t get my hopes up.

      6. My novel will only be published as an ebook (or maybe print-to-order, but I haven’t looked into that process yet). If I ever print physical copies I want them to be a premium, collectors item, not just a way to get to the story. Ebooks are far superior to trade paperbacks at that, and I don’t have to cede my independence to a publisher to get them to you. But I digress.

        On Mahouka, I just get worried when I hear a lot of hype over a story. Historically I get bad hype backlash, so if a lot of people are raging over something it’s decently likely that it’ll irk me too. This one seems pretty far in my wheelhouse though, so I’m holding out some hope it’ll be good.

    1. I’m going to do the introduction. After that I don’t know. I’d like to cover it, but at the same time it’s one of those great series that I feel is better watched than blogged on a weekly basis. Aside from me I don’t think anyone else is watching it sadly.

      1. If it helps my cause any I could maybe possibly not likely erect a statue (or PVC figure, your choice) in your honor. You may choose any JoJo pose you like.

        Look at me, being a big fanboy even though I just finished the first series yesterday, lol. I freakin’ loved it that much though. Shame on me.

      2. Yeah, it really surprised me to see you listed as the only writer watching it. Probably the series with the biggest disparity between its place in the poll and its popularity among the writers, since it’s pretty high in the poll.

      3. Stardust Crusaders will probably outrank every other series this season in Japan. I really think you should blog it. Japan knows it’s fucking amazing, but the West is slow. Fuck what other people think. It’s an amazing manga. Part I and II of JoJo anime were incredible, despite their manga counterparts not being that amazing. That can only mean Part 3, which was amazing in the manga, will be incredible animated. I am only concerned of what Stand battles they will omit, because there’s no way they’ll get them all in.

  7. indeed seems so little and quite worrisome, but knowing you M guys, this is just the beginning and you’ll pick up some more. (side note: if this was April fools (namely, tomorrow)…that would be even more worrisome since I might’ve been really confused if this is a joke or not…LOL).
    anyway, I love the current picks. definitely most looking for Isshukan friends with Takaii, but the others are interesting as much too.
    BTW Takaii, Hanamonogatari in the end of May is a given for you too, right? 😛

    may we’ll have a wonderful spring season full of great anime!

    1. Probably! But seeing how I’m sequel master and not the three-quel master, we’ll see if anyone else wants to grab it xD.

      That and, I’m really thinking of filling out more of this schedule. It’s too blank for my tastes.

  8. I’m more surprised that previous series (DAL, Break Blade, Fairy Tail, etc.) and the spinoffs of previously covered series (Soul eater NOT!) aren’t being covered. I expected those to at least be shooins for coverage. I hope some of them do end up being picked up.

    1. A) This is only the beginning of coverage. We’ll easily have 3-5 more shows picked up, possibly more. I can’t repeat that enough.

      2) Personally, I try to balance doing sequels with doing new stuff. It’s no fun if you just keep writing about sequel after sequel after sequel when you can get a crack at talking about something entirely new. A little selfish? Yes, but if we’re not enjoying what we’re writing, you won’t enjoy reading it.

      Also, Stereoman is retired, and no one else could do FAIRY TAIL justice. I’m not sure even Mashima-sensei loves FAIRY TAIL as much as Stereo does, lol

  9. …Not panicking, not at all… even if that is the lowest number of picks when the schedule first goes up that I ever remember seeing…

    Ah, ok I see, Zephyr and Cherrie haven’t made any choices yet. Phew! Even for a starting post, a mere seven picks, one of them a carry-over from long ago, felt a bit sparse.

    Ooh, Stilts is on No Game No Life! That should be good. It seemed to be among the more promising of the series that caught my interest this season, and I look forward to reading what Stilts has to say about it.

  10. Don’t panic? I wouldn’t panic about the number of shows covered because that can change as always. I would panic about the fact that last year, for the 2013 Spring season, you had 4 more writers to assist you, and now you’re down to 6.

    Any plan to increase the family at RC? We could use 2 more writers to blog more shows… although this time, please do us a favor and don’t hire people with 2 full-time jobs, school and free work all at once. (Yes, I still didn’t get over the sudden and almost foreseen departure of a certain writer here at RC)

    1. There are no plans to recruit anyone else. Divine wants to keep the team tight and focus on quality over quantity, and I for one am very pleased with our group right now. It’s always possible we’ll pick someone up if we feel like it – like how we poached Kairin <3 – but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

      And it’s always tricky to read too much into a writer’s personal life. For instance, I have a full-time job, a side job, a book I’m writing (slowly ;_;), a social life, and I still blog more shows than most writers every season. If I were going to judge someone based on their personal life, I wouldn’t hire me, but I think we can all agree I’m fuckin’ fantastic, nishishi~ ^_^

      1. I would honestly call RC a “part-time” job because technically I can devote anywhere between 4-10 hours a week on this site (depending on the number of shows I blog). More hours during preview season and more so during year-end season =X So I can’t blame anyone who underestimates the amount of work required to keep up. Writers will come and go and I’m also very happy with the small group that we have =)

        I’m also guilty of having a full time job, being a part-time student plus I’m moving in a few days so my social life has gone out the window for a while =( RC will still be a priority though! ^^

      2. I have absolutely no problem for bloggers who can deliver regardless of the situation. I do have a problem when bloggers make false claims and promises, like being there to blog a show until the end, but essentially choking down the line.

  11. Meh, I’m not gonna panic. After reading this blog for so long, seeing everything set in stone would make me panic instead. XD

    So I’m probably on the late train here, but I keep seeing “OMG Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is next SAO!” …like, really? I’ve never seen the series before, so I’m going in blank but is it really worth freaking out about? 😛

    Also YAY~ Stilts-nii-san is doing No Game No Life! 😀

    P.S. I’m hoping you guys pick up Captain Earth, mostly cause Star Driver was so cool.

    1. Heh, while I’ve read both SAO and MKnR, and saw the hype train with the former and now the train with the latter, I can somewhat see the comparisons between the two.
      While the former had characterization issues (for what was covered in the anime adapation), the latter has character growth and attachment (at least to me). However, as other LN readers have pointed out, one giant issue with MKnR adapation is simply going to be the massive amounts of information, which while it works well in establishing the world and ideas in the LN, depending on how its handled in the anime adapation can really make it crash and burn or succeed.

      Whats worse, is those explanations and world building are an actual integral part of the story, so its not like they can gloss over it or forget about it. Well, they can, but it’d be a major mistake. Another issue the sheer cast of characters in MKnR. And nearly all the characters, the main group, the secondary characters, the support characters, are all utilized, have names, have their own motivations, so, that too, will be an issue.

      As someone whos been reading the LN of MKnR for roughly a year or so, I’m honestly hesitant with the anime adapation. I forsee it either going well, or horrible, horribly, awful.

    2. Having read read SAO LN vol. 1 and MKnR vol. 1-12, I agree with what Stratski posted. JMO, but I like MKnR a lot more. That being said, as he, along with myself and others have mentioned, MKnR has a very detailed, complex world/setting. There is quite a bit of information to process here – particularly the magic system.

      I like that, but not everyone does. The show has made an effort to offset some of the “info dump” by posting three short (3min) videos (“Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – Yoku wakaru mahouka!”) in which chibi versions of some of the characters explain things like how magic works, what is “magic highschool” and a little of the MKnR world history. English subbed versions are out if you want to watch them.

      The fact that the director of MKnR also directed Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon is one reason I’m optimistic about the adaptation. Horizon is another story with a highly detailed, complex world setting in which a lot of characters take an active role. Having read the Horizion LNs (to the extent translated), IMO that was a good adaptation of the source material. Another reason I’m optimistic is that the show has a 2-cour/26 episode run which should allow the anime to avoid bad pacing /excessive material cuts.

      It’s impossible to say how the anime adaptation will turn out until it has aired. Still, from what I’ve seen so far, I’m optimistic that this will be a good adaptation, and thus, a good show. I certainly hope that’s the case. Granted JMO, but if you are interested in watching, I see no reason not to try it out. Just keep in mind that the story will take time to fully set up. As I posted before, I don’t think a “3 episode rule” will work for MKnR.

      1. To elucidate a bit more specifically regarding daikama’s reference to the three episode rule, people might want to go in expecting a lot of getting-to-know-you stuff for the early part of the series. I expect the early buildup to be more similar to say…Tokyo Ravens than a lot of people are going to like. But, that’s just a personal hunch. Much like Ravens, assuming it is adapted well, once we break through the getting familiar phase the payoff will be amazing.

        Just know, going into it, that this isn’t some generic sci-fi magic universe–it is a detailed, thoroughly structured, uniquely complex world–there will be a lot of world building involved.

      2. @daikama: Heh, don’t get me, I love MKnR INFINITELY more than SAO. My comapring the two probably didn’t help in my getting that across. In a story standpoint, development of characters, and explanations and world-building, MKnR is, again, infinitely better than SAO. SAO, I liked simply for the nostalgia of having played MMOs.

        MKnR, despite being in a high-school setting, feels both grown up (you know what with magic being militarized, in a sense) and, just how sheerly detailed and balanced the overall world is. I can’t compare to Log Horizon as I never really got into the anime. I followed it for a few episodes but it just lacked something to hook me in. It is this that I fear will occur for some and MKnR.

        Just the sheer amount of information and characters will be an issue for casual viewers 🙁
        But, yeah, I agree the typical “3-episode watch” rule is highly unlikely to work for the adaption. Assuming the Enrollment arc takes about 8 or so episodes, with the Nine Schools Comp taking 15 or so, I think watching until the end of the first arc is probably ideal to determine whether or not one will like the series. Though, the Nine Schools Comp arc makes you even more hooked to the series, and even moreso with the Yokohama/Scorched Halloween Arc.

        All in all while I’m cautiously optomistic, is more to do that I enjoy the story and don’t want to be disappointed in the anime adapation 😛

      3. @Altherion: Good point. In one aspect, from an LN stand point, I found MKnR similar to Log Horizon in that while I liked the first two volumes, volumes 3 & 4 are what really hooked me on both series. And yes, if adapted well (the key question), IMO MKnR anime should be a very fun watch indeed, especially once you hit the Nine Schools Competition arc.


        @Stratski: O.o No misunderstanding on my part, at least I don’t think so. I posted that I agree with your earlier post. 😀 One difference that I’ve noticed between SAO and MKnR anime is that the season previews I read for SAO in large part followed (or arguably added to) the hype, whereas the MKnR season previews I’ve read are much more tepid/moderate. JMO, but all in all, this series doesn’t seem to me as hyped as SAO. YMMV

        As noted above, I agree that the Nine Schools Competition Arc does hook you into the series. Same goes for the following arc. Like Log Horizon, IMO while the first two volumes are good, MKnR hits it stride starting with the third volume. In terms of the anime, that might be 8 episodes or so as you say into the season. Hopefully viewers new to the series will find it enjoyable enough early on to stay with the show even with all the background information. I also understand your point about it how “despite being in a high-school setting…” In fact, that’s why I posted in the season preview, “Definitely more than just ‘magic high-school’ here.” Unfortunately, I can’t explain why in detail due to spoilers.

        FYI – Log Horizon anime was made more “G Rated” compared to the LN due to the airing network (as rumor goes). Some of the darker/more “mature” parts, especially early on, were cut out or toned down. That (presumably) shouldn’t be an issue with MKnR (MX network + late night timeslot). If you have some spare time, you might give the Log Horizon LN a shot. For the most part, the LH anime was faithful to the source, but there are some differences as noted – perhaps enough to give you the hook you didn’t find in the anime.

        Back on topic, I certainly understand your reason for caution. I’ve been badly burned by anime adaptations of my favorite LN/manga series before. :< So while I'm optimistic about MKnR as previously noted, it's not completely without any reservation because you just won't know how well the adaptation turns out until you actually watch it. There's always some risk with that.

        All I can is this. If someone is interested in the show, for whatever reason, they should give it a shot, but be prepared to give it more than 3 episodes if they are still on the fence by that point in terms of whether or not to drop. I'd like to elucidate as to why, but again, that would involve spoilers.

      4. @daikama: Heh, I think I misunderstood you then 😛 That or I intepretted it in thinking you thought I liked SAO more than MKnR lol

        But I digress. Yeah, definitely can’t say too much more than “despite being a high school setting”.. Simply cuz theres so much more. Man, I’m heavily interested in seeing some of the political interactions (I’m sure you know the ones to which I’m referring). Some of them is what helps make the series feel so much older than its setting…

        And, yeah, while I want to encourage others to give the show a shot despite it being fairly hyped, I’m also someone who has tempered expectations simply cuz, again, I can see a multitude of ways of how an adaption can go wrong. (Tatsuya’s explanations are going to be funny if they actually stick all of it in.. lol)

        As for Log Horizon, I’ve contemplated giving the LNs a shot, and, I might consider it now, especially what with me being in the midst of job hunting and relative boredom inbetween lol
        Good to hear, though, it’s not as light-hearted as the first few episodes seemed. Don’t get me wrong, light-heartedness isn’t bad, just something a bit heavier, more geo-political, with stakes of some sort are probably going to draw me in more than “figuring out this world and meet up old friends” which was the impression I got from the few episodes of LH I watched (please don’t hate for such a poor generalization! :P). I do admit Shiroe was a pretty devious and cunning protagonist though 😀

        So heres to being cautiously optomistic for a great adaption for a superb story! 😛

  12. Glad to see Soredemo covered! It’s rare to see a shoujo anime nowadays so I’m pleased ^^

    On the other hand, I will be looking forward to more shows being picked up 🙂

  13. I’m glad Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii is being covered.

    With that I’m excited in seeing in what zephyr and cherrie will pick I usually follow those 2 anyway so it’ll be interesting. Cherrie periodically does 1 of the more low key shows a season which always makes cherries choice interesting to me.

    Captain Earth and sidonia really need to get picked up though. I understand skipping break blade (loved it) as it’s been fairly covered with the movie versions. So better to pick something new.

    1. Awwww thank you =) This season will be no different. Lots of highly anticipated shows already being blogged so maybe I’ll pick the odd one on Thursday 😉 For some reason our Thursdays aren’t so busy anymore…

    1. But I’m not even planning on watching PING PONG o.O As for Date a Live II, all I can say for now is that I’ll be watching it, and that a couple of other shows will have to suck for it to make its way up my blogging order.

    2. Stilts, you misinterpret–they’re asking you to take you under your glorious wing and transform him into a magical blogger-trap, such that they can cover speedy ping pong balls.

      1. Yes, yes, Zani understands me. But in all seriousness, it would be a travesty if DAL went uncovered (but its girls can remain uncovered), and this particular piano kitten wants the job.

  14. Sheesh, practically everything is coming out this saturday and sunday. >_< I'll be busy going to an anime convention/working/homework to even watch any of that stuff. Looks like next week I'll marathon the pilots.

  15. Scattered across the week.

    Welp, schedule ruined. Might as well give up trying to catch the episode discussion threads in /a/ and just watch the shows on weekends, alone.

  16. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (MKR) the next SAO? Seriously? Apart from LiSA doing the OP, that is.

    Personally I’m hoping for it to be the next Strike the Blood – enjoyable guilty pleasure that doesn’t take itself too seriously, plus it seems to suggest some epic wincest that’s actually likable. 😀

    But it all depends on Madhouse, they really screwed up Mahou Sensou badly, I’m hoping they don’t do the same to another title that starts with “Mahou”.

    1. quoting the creator when he was asked what he thought about the anime adaption (Mahou Sensou) “Its like I was hit with a bamboo stick”, heck, he didn’t even want an anime for it.

    2. I find it’s better to look at the staff rather than the studio. After all, it’s the people who make anime, not some ineffable corporate entity. Yes, some studios have a more pronounced “flavor” – Trigger, KyoAni, Shaft, BONES – but for bigger studios like Madhouse, J.C.Staff, Sunrise, and A-1 Pictures, trying to anticipate quality based on the studio name is almost useless. Look at the director and the series composer/script writer for a real clue.

      As for Mahouka, it has Kyoukaisen’s director, so I still hold out some hope.

      1. Well duh.

        Of course I’m bloody aware of that, which was what my post was attempting to convey, that I hope Madhouse pick a better team. I do apologize if I wasn’t being clear.

    1. That’s deliberate. The Japanese listings (see our syoboi links) list shows by the day they expect you to watch them, i.e. they expect a show that airs Sunday at 1AM to actually be watched before having gone to sleep on Saturday (rather than waking up reeeeally early on Sunday), so they list is as Saturday at 25:00. We just go by how they do it.

  17. So Blade and Soul….yeah…surprised no one has picked it up yet to at least do an initial impressions because this show is anything we thought it would be. There’s no fanservice in it except for teh skimpy outfits. There’s no nudity/nipples/cameltoes, not even strategic sexy shots during fights. Plus the Main lead is badass (though its annoying how she barely talks). They’re doing a good job on world building and as for a stand alone plot, so far its doing very good for an anime based off of a game (and we all know how successful those has been…sarcasm). The violence is graphic (censored in ep 2) and the fight scenes are epically amazing to look at! (watch the fight in ep 2, sure it defies physics but it still was awesome) This should should at least be checked out. Just think of it as freezing, where badass girls fight each other…except in Blade and Soul they don’t have nudity or fanservice (and hopefully it stays this way)

    1. Yeah, and not even Blade & Soul has been introduced yet…

      Still, check them out and see for yourself.

      Both shows follow the story of female assassins… which I’d like to know if RC has something against that 😛

  18. Hey guys, does anyone know anything about the Break Blade series? I mean, two episodes should be already out, but you can’t find them anywhere… Is there a delay or something?

    1. No one so far (to my knowledge) is subbing them, at least in English. Streaming sites are also hesitant to post the raws because of the wave of b*tching and moaning it causes when people find out they aren’t subbed.

      Sadly just going to have to wait to see if a subbing group picks it up.

      1. Thanks for the reply…Though, I kinda don’t get it, at least in my humble opinion, the Break Blade movies were really good, above average anyway to say the least. So why wouldn’t anyone want to sub them? Especially considering how many shite series (or mediocre at best) get picked up…

      2. I haven’t really watched the show, but I have seen English subs for the first couple episodes. Not sure who did them, so I can’t verify the accuracy/quality, but they do exist.

      3. As an update there are subs out now for the first 2 episodes. Not sure whose subbing them, but at least we can now expect the rest to be subbed.

        As Zephyr mentioned most of the material is apparently a carry over from the movies, although the expectation is the second half will include new stuff as they stick closer to the source material. Personally it’s no problem for me as I have never seen nor heard of the series until now 😛

  19. Somehow the color for Kairi’s show has gotten mixed up. Green is shown by her name, but red is up on the schedule.

    Also, I notice Cherrie has chosen a series to follow. Are you folks finalizing this list, or are some of you waiting until the 3rd episode to decide on some of your shows?

    1. The color change was on purpose. Wanted to get some more warm colors on there so it’s easier to read the schedule, I just forgot to change the one by her name.

      And writers choose their shows at their own pace, though we usually ask them to choose by the 3rd episode, so it’ll get mostly finalized here shortly.

    2. Yes, there’s no “formal” announcement that goes out when writers choose to pick up a show so you’ll have to keep an eye out on the schedule for updates. Lately writers have been giving shows a “3-episode” rule of thumb test before committing to shows… so this might fill up later on… or not >_> I make no promises lol

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