OP Sequence

OP: 「バタフライエフェクト」 (Batafurai Efeto) by 私立恵比寿中学 (Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku)

「勘当されて島流し」 (Kandou Sarate Shimanagashi)
“Disinherited and Banished”

I’ve had a trail of bad luck picking up Noitamina shows airing on Thursday nights… but I give it another shot by taking my chances with Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin. This is a story about a boy who leaves his home for a man-made island in the middle of the ocean. This island is mainly ruled by students with an assortment of different schools occupying it. Yama Juugo (Ono Yuuki) rents out a place to attend school here and to his surprise, his room is already occupied… by a dead girl named Ryuugajou Nanana (Tanabe Rui). She’s bound to the room, but she has physical contact to everything (and everyone) within it. She’s been dead for 10 years and can’t seem to leave the Earth in peace – at least, not before finding her murderer. Juugo quickly learns that there’s a hidden notebook in the bathroom (which Nanana can’t access) and finds out that Nanana used to be part of a group called “Great 7” whom founded and created this island. His landlord, also belonged to the Great 7 and he questions her about the mysteries of the island and how it came to be. Apparently Nanana travelled the Earth to find treasures worth enough money to create this island in the first place and when she passed, they were all scattered throughout the island.

These treasures aren’t only meant to carry a lot of value on them, but I think they’re also supposed to lead Juugo to Nanana’s killer. The murder mystery has been left unsolved for the past 10 years and that’s the question we’re all dying to learn the answers to. Who killed her and why? I’ve been saying it for years, but I love a good mystery and especially one with a finite ending, I hope there’s a lot of good twists in the story. Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin does not give off the impressions of a deep, dark story, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it traveled down that road later on. So far, it’s very light and comedic, without being too overloaded with any sort of information. There’s definitely more characters that will be introduced and I’m hoping that they end up distinguishable in their own ways because if there’s anything I can’t stand, it is the stereotypical schoolmates.

There is no doubt that I’m impressed by the art for this premiere – A-1 Pictures never seizes to fail on that front and I think Nanana is actually drawn and animated very beautifully (girl crush!). The OP is kind of bland with simple splashes for characters, but the ED has so many different shots that are wallpaper-worthy. The OST is nice, but not outstanding so if there’s anything that should draw me to the show – it’s the plot and the animation. I just hope that given that there is 2 years’ worth of source material, the show doesn’t end on a sour note or anime-original ending. In a mystery series like this, the last thing you want is an anime original ending that wasn’t the intention of the author and ruins the chance of getting a second season.

Overall, I’d say that Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin is a light show to watch. It’s not 100% comedy or mystery, and I like that balance because the scenes translate very fluidly from one to the next while hitting an array of topics. The characters aren’t annoying, although they each have their quirks I’m sure – but the point is that our main duo isn’t frustrating to watch nor too over exaggerated. So far, the story has set itself up very well for its future episodes and there’s just something about a treasure hunt that excites me because it keeps me guessing with the cast. I don’t intend for the clues to be 100% accurate or even make sense, but I’m hoping that it doesn’t end up being a stupid quest for nothing and we get a troll ending. Down the road, I wouldn’t be surprised if they even trailed away from the hunt and their story starts revolving around school activities.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Liking #nanana_tv so far =) the mystery and the hint of moe is just what I need this spring. Potential blogging pick?

NOTE: I have no intentions of blogging this on a full-time basis yet. Please keep your eyes on the Spring Schedule for any shows that may be potentially picked up on an on-going basis.


ED Sequence

ED: 「微かな密かな確かなミライ」 (Kasukana Hisokana Tashikana Mirai) by Sphere


      1. I hope you someone picks it up. This show was so pretty! And all of the characters seem pretty great so far. I’m really liking the MC just because he has the whole perverted joke thing going while at the same time being somewhat “real” in his reactions to things when the show isn’t in comedy mode. I think he will come to understand nana pretty quickly.

  1. Wow… I wonder how many people the landlord has swindled out of a year’s worth of rent, because with that impossible contest on the first day and then ignoring her “roommate’s” human rights when she wins, I’d bet Nanana has driven off her fair share. TBH I was a little mad with how selfish she was until Juugo found that notebook since he couldn’t move out and she was forcing him to spend all his money on pudding for her(or suffer more broken bones). They did manage to make her likeable by the end, though.

    The ghost/mystery angle has been done with more loveable ghosts, but I’ll give it three episodes to see what happens with the phantom thief and master detective. The treasure hunt is a nice idea, too.

  2. Anyone else reminded of Evangelion when Juugo was being introduced to his new home? Not just the fact that it was a kid with father issues moving into a new home. The landlord’s introduction reminded me of Misato Katsuragi with the skimpy clothes and all the beer cans lying around. Even the way she finished her beer was just like Misato. Of course the landlord wasn’t as abrasive as Misato but still devious in her own way.

  3. This gives me a subtle Haruhi vibe, for once in a good way. A light hearted anime with a quirky female protagonist with tons of mystery around her and a male protagonist who ends up caught up in it. It’s nice to see a male protagonist in this situation that is fairly ok with being pulled along, and is actively interested. This does seem at first impression to be a good way to do this formula.

  4. Dude…this show…has this vibe of feels that when this show is over people will cry, a LOT. Loving the story concept and I’m LOVING the art designs, holy crap so damn pretty. Also so many references of video games like Terarria and Fantasy Star Online 2 xD. Definitely watching this show! Also that last girl almost reminded me of Kirino if she had her blue eyes.

    Jason Isenberg
    1. It’s one of those (IMO) odd 11-episode shows, too. Surprised it’s getting so little time with all the different aspects they put in, which gives me worries about pacing and character development.

  5. Whelp, that sure is what I’d expect an anime adapted from your standard Light Novels. The MC stars living by himself! Meets dorm lady with provocating outfits! All of the sudden he’s got himself a magical girlfriend! And he gets horny of her None of this has any meaning to him, he’s no perspective of his own, no inner life, no meaningful dreams of his own or any other traits of genuine basic humanity whatsoever! And she eventually meets cute girl in glasses that gets interested in him! Wish-fullfilment at its fullest!

    From the looks of it, I don’t think that I’d find the rest of this stuff boring so much as depressing. I feel like the sheer emptiness would creep into my soul and rot it away from within until hollow. If I do enjoy it, it will probably resemble the feeling of freezing to death. At best it might be benign. You know, like the kind of tumor that isn’t cancerous.


    Ah, now I feel better. Perhaps this will offer some catharsis after all. Nonetheless, unless it turns out that this was a misleading premiere or that the series is some kind of satire, I’ll just stay away from now on.

    Btw, what’s this thing doing on our respectable noitaminA slot anyway?

  6. Oh a treasure hunting/murder mystery anime? Good lord how long has it been since we had an anime like this? I mean i guess Galileo Donna had somewhat of a treasure hunting theme but it got sidetracked a lot and in the end was really unsatisfying.

    I’ll definitely follow this one for more Indian Jones shenanigans and mystery solving if anything else. Really liking Juugo so far as he manages to be a cut above the usual male leads we get these days. It’s nice to finally see someone embrace a crazy situation instead of constantly freaking out about it. Sure it’s more realistic but it’s not nearly as fun to watch.

  7. hey Cherrie, does this give off Hyouka vibes to you? I’m just curious because hyouka is my favorite mystery anime and “mix of comedy and mystery” with obvious romance to be sounds awfully familiar you know?

    1. I definitely think Hyouka was a great mystery anime. It was very different in the sense that it was everyday case-by-case type of situations and not murder mysteries or conspiracy theories etc. Nanana doesn’t really give off the same vibes for me, but I can see why you think there are similarities. This one is probably going to be more rom/com than Hyouka and the protags are definitely very different in personalities.

  8. Saw this show PV back in Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) in-game screen and now they show Nanana playing it. Cross promotion huh ufufu~. Liked it so far, will definitely watch this~

    Kuma Kuma
  9. Bunchin Stand mitsuketa!


    Someone in this show’s design team must love Sony’s Monolithic TV from 2011-2012 lineup. The one depicted here resembles 2011’s NX720 more square-ish variant instead of 2012’s sleeker HX850 (round corner).

    It’s interesting to see it resurface here since this particular TV design is no longer to be found in 2013 and 2014 lineup.

  10. Nanana is actually drawn and animated very beautifully

    Ponytails are my kinda thing so definitely Nanana was my instant favorite girl in this series. That’s a pretty good advantage she has too in a fight where she can hurt you but you can’t exactly hurt her.

    1. Actually i don’t that’s completely true. I think her powers work much like Tobi’s from Naruto. If you just try to attack her normally you’ll just pass through but she has to make herself tangible in order to hurt you. That’s why he was able to block her first kick. So basically in order to beat her you’d have to attack her while she is attacking or you can dodge and quickly counter before she goes intangible again. Not exactly easy since she can teleport and junk but possible.

    2. *I don’t think
      Typos ahoy >.>

      By the way the only reason I’m elaborating on this is because I’m guessing that this will come into play later on. I mean in what show do you know where you have a character who can clearly fight well and it was never brought up again afterwards? Either we’ll see here fighting him again at some point or she’ll be using her abilities against a new potential enemy.

      1. Nice explanation. With the way you put it, it made sense now to me how Juugo managed to touch Nanana’s chest. A ponytail girl who is not only a beauty, but also a skilled fighter. I’m liking Nanana even more. Still kinda irks me that somebody would kill a beauty like her. I better put these under spoilers just in case but Show Spoiler ▼

  11. You know, for kids!
  12. Although not the 1st cute girl haunts boy, this first episode
    had a lot to offer – great visuals, a well introduced back story,
    and a strong potential for a great execution of a murder-mystery plot.

    This reminds me strongly of Tasogare Otome × Amnesia which I enjoyed.
    I have high expectations for this one!

  13. I like where this is going. Part Dusk Maiden, part generic urban-island adventure. While the feel is new and refreshing I’m praying it will have enough plot to keep me watching. Giving it the 3 episode rule.

  14. this was a weird one. the end introducing a bunch of the other characters was abrupt. after a few minutes in, I wasn’t sure if I’d continue watching, but mysteries and treasure hunting certainly piques my interest, so another show to add to the list!

    also unless the sub was inaccurate, armbars don’t dislocate shoulders, they break elbows. Odd since the Japanese would be well aware of their with their judo/jiujitsu background.

    a box like Hippo
  15. Cherrie, even though you said you had bad luck at picking noitamina shows, I must applaud you to stick through it. I’ve drooped Sam flam when the gorilla happened, but I continue to read your posts because I admire that commitment.

    Regarding this show, it’s pretty light and enjoyable. There are plenty of hints, maybe foreshadow of a more sinister plot behind the fluff. It feels like the right kind of anime to add your amazing anime coverage. You are currently the most diverse randomc blogger while other writers continue to cover the same types of shows in their repertoire. So, I hope you continue this if you are interested, if not choose something you cherish! Will look forward to your next coverage.

    1. Thank you =) that comment made my day. I don’t expect too many people will actually remember the amount of writers here – let alone, remember what we blog, but I appreciate that ^^

      I actually personally enjoy a wide range of anime (uh… not really horror though =X) and try not to discriminate based on genres or studios alone. If there’s anything I like and no one’s picked it yet for the season, I’ll likely blog it =) Thanks for reading ~

  16. Both main character’s eye color are very beautiful to me. And all that animation~
    What’s curious to me is Nanana’s necklace. Maybe it’s one of those treasures of hers and it’s what keeps her ghost there?


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