「友達との過ごし方。」 (Tomodachi to no Sugoshikata.)
“How to Spend Time with Friends.”

Continuing off of last week’s momentum, this second episode of Isshuukan Friends brought a nice balance of exposition with some downright heartbreaking scenes. Heartbreaking scenes god damnit.

What can you do in One Week?

This week’s episode did a fantastic job of reminding us just how horrible Fujimiya’s curse really is and why she tries so hard to keep people from getting close to her. Because as much as I want to fault her for being so stingy about how she treats her other classmates, I probably would have done the same if I were in her shoes. I just can’t fathom the idea of creating bonds and memories with others (especially others of the opposite gender) only to dread the coming of another week. Just thinking about it gets my emotions all riled up!

While I don’t know how I would feel if she somehow gets over her selective amnesia (I wonder what the root cause of it is anyways?), I can’t wait to see how she and Hase try to work around this awkward limitation in their relationship. While a diary is good and all, I’m hoping that maybe something influential enough will happen for a little of Hase’s figure to pop up in her memories.

All the feels, All of them.

Unlike many other shows that lure me in with the promise of an emotional rollercoaster and leave me feeling like I rode some kiddy ride, this one is definitely one that the big kids would enjoy riding. Sure we may only be two episodes in but the way that the story plays with my emotions by switching the mood from insanely bubbly to dark and dreary within a matter of seconds is something that’ll never grow old.

Looking Ahead

I’ve said it in a different post but I’m not typically the kind of person who reads the source material before watching something because I love the thrill of jumping into things blindly. That said, I had to do a bit of research on this show for the Season Preview and spoiled myself a bit (I only read two chapters!). But seeing how I’m in the strange position where I already had an idea of what’s going to happen and the one scene I’ve been dying to see is going to open up next week’s episode, I just wanted to give some credit to Brains Base for how well they’re adapting the story. I personally love how they’re cutting things up and it alleviates some of the fears I had about them going through material too quickly.

Random Thoughts

  • Fujimiya has one of the cutest smiles / Best Resting Bitch Faces I’ve ever seen.
  • As derp as Hase is, you have to commend his resolve.
  • Shougo strikes again and offers some solid advice while still busting Hase’s chops.

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  1. This whole Memory reset on Monday (another reason to hate Mondays XD) ordeal has to be some form of side-effect from a trauma of sorts (memories stores time). Last time I checked, biological diseases don’t have the concept of time encoded into them lol.

    1. Well, perhaps so… Maybe some things are just not explainable. Hey, did you watched 50 First Dates (Movie? Adam Sandler?)?
      The main character’s lover conditions was way bizarre (reset everyday!) and I was like… if Hase were to deal with this kind thing…like how???! xD *maybe my reply may have no sense at all, sorry!*

    1. How awkward and incredibly sad would it be wake up next to a stranger everyday? :/ I HOPE for a happy end….

      Watching this show really reminds of One Liter of Tears and A Moment to Remember. Both Incredible titles to watch. It’s no wonder i get all teary-eyed because of this show.

    2. I really do hope that they get together and get married at the end of it all. These two characters are my pick for best couple of the season. Nike and Livius from This Word is Still Beautiful/Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii are slowly behind because the feel train is not slowing down for Issuukan friends even if the second episode of Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii was fantastic.

    3. Considering, she ONLY doesn’t remember friends but she remembers her family..etc.
      I agree she’ll remember him if they were family 😀
      Through, I wondered, if he was her boyfriend, would she still remember him then (as they’re not “friends”, almost like EF – A tale of memories -)?

  2. @Takaii

    I’m really hoping for something more concrete than a diary as well. In the ED there’s a shot of her poster peeling off her door. I hope that doesn’t mean something happens to her diary (basically her link to the past) and we get just thrown into a deep depression.

    Two episodes in and i’m already loving this show. To be honest, i knew i was going to love this show with the PVs. Yea they didn’t tell us much, but i like to gamble with my anime and this one definitely is a winner.

    “Fujimiya has one of the cutest smiles / Best Resting Bitch Faces I’ve ever seen” – Takaii

    Oh yes she does xD

    1. Yes. Show Spoiler ▼

      Poo Poo
  3. Soooooo sweeeeeeeet, with just a hint of bitterness that makes watching this such a wonderful experience. <3 Isshukan Friends makes me melt into some mix of happiness and sadness. You can't help but root for this couple!

  4. This is almost like those parochial, soft, and atmospheric SoL shows that seemed have disappeared as of late. Isshuukan is slow with no major progression per episode (so far), yet it fits the ephemeral and emotional nature of the plot which helps to illuminate Hase’s struggle to help Fujimiya remember.

    Looking forward to the next episode, I really miss these types of subtle and simple shows.

  5. That last 8 minutes was just, ugh, between sad and happy. I’ve no idea what’s that feeling called . .

    Just like Mushishi, the genuine human emotions shown in this show felt like a hard punch in the gut. Yeah, yeah, i can feel you, Hase. But with things resetting every week, i don’t know how long Hase will last till he breaks.

    1. Just listening to that makes all dem feels when I watched the Ef series come back. AGH! I need to watch them again,although it won’t be the same since I remember everything too well even thought I only watched them only once and it was about 4 years ago.

    1. I noticed haha. It’s airing through crunchyroll but technically is on break until next month I believe.

      I’m contemplating covering what I missed but I think I’m possibly going to invest that time into continuing coverage for more shows this season.

  6. You guys are a bunch of softies. I’m perfectly fine after watching this episode. Uhh, my vision just got blurry and leaking some sort of liquid for some reason…

    …God damn it. The feels got to me too.

    I recalled ‘Ef: Tales of Memories’ as well, due to this memory reset stuff. I just want to see Hase & Fujimiya be happy together till the end.

    Danny Zeto
  7. the last memo for herself…ached a lot inside of me kokoro ;___; god why do you have to put a curse on such a cute and adorable girl like Kaori

    Loneliness and fears are what Kaori faces everyday. I’m glad that someone like Hase is around. I really hope he wont gives up on her no matter what her circumstances are. If he does, imma break to pieces watching this ;____; kiss her already! every Sunday! Pleaseeee! ><

    onion warrior
    1. Thank you for the heads up <3.

      I’m thinking of maybe combining the posts (great suggestion from info600) but we’ll see since I’d like to pick up some extra shows this season to round out the site.

  8. Even better, they should at least try to take videos as much as possible lol.

    On another note, I’m kinda getting scared of the incoming drama. They look so sweet together and I think I can’t bear to watch their future heartbreaks.

    The Story You Don't Know
  9. The kyoshitsu was the place
    Where I first saw your face
    We liked each other right away
    But you didn’t remember me the very next week
    Forgetful fujimiyachan
    Has got a nice caboosey…

    another reason to look forward to next week.

  10. Beautiful episode. Sorry if I’m a bit slow on this one but I’m still pinpointing why she cried even if she had a diary to tell her all about what happened. I’m guessing that in reading about the past week, there’s a world of difference between simply reading about what happened, and reading + experiencing what happened + reminiscing about it. I guess it is unfair for her that only Hase remembers and she doesn’t, so she has to force herself to smile and act like she remembers.

    1. I felt she cried because she realized how much she enjoyed the last week and then could no longer remember it. Not to mention the prayer in her diary. I don’t know about you, but I think if I were in that situation I’d just crumple up with tears. She forced it simply because she didn’t want to hurt Hase by telling him she had forgotten everything.

      Man. This show. Always in the feels. And we’re only two episodes in.

      1. So true. I see what you mean about the diary. It’s way different for Kaori compared to other people who keeps diaries, because it’s all new to her. Like I read in a forum, she can read her diary but it feels like she’s reading another person’s experiences, even if those memories are hers. You really can’t blame her for not trying to make memories at all if it’s just going to end up tearing her up inside.

    2. My good friend Gonabe asked me a question after I made him watch episodes one and two — “Would you rather your soul mate lose their memory everyday or you lose yours?”

      I thought about it, and both sides of that coin are absolutely horrible q.q

      1. That’s a lose-lose situation right there, Takaii. It’s bad enough for the one who doesn’t have memories of his/her soulmate, but it’s just as worse for the other who isn’t remembered.

  11. As ashamed as i am to admit it this show just shot a giant cupid’s arrow right into my crusty heart……..

    I’m willing to put the whole weird amnesia thing aside for now since it’s going to be explained later. Whether it’s good or bad that isn’t particularly important right now. I really do love the cute interactions two have together and how Yuuki is actually capable of realizing how Fujimiya feels. So glad to see he isn’t an oblivious idiot in that regard. I really do feel like Fujimiya’s reactions are rather realistic considering the situation. I thought she would be a bit more shocked when she found out everything that had transpired but seeing that blank drawing of Yuuki when she talked on the roof with him was a very effective visual cue for the scene.

    This is truly a heartbreaking/heartwarming series that has certainly become of my of my picks this season. Of course whenever i have high hopes for shows early on they usually end up sucking so i hope i can be right for ONCE this time….

  12. Argh I can’t, I just know something dark is down the road but these 2 are too perfect for each other and I’m afraid that something will happen! I am torn between watching it because its so awesome and saving it for one go because I don’t think I can handle waiting one week for the heartbreaking moments!!

  13. The source material is brilliant and I can’t describe how happy I am that this is now an anime – a well done at that, good job Brain Base!
    *more feels incoming* *wink* 😉


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