「狂気の仮面」 (Kyouki no Kamen)
“Mask of Madness”

While the pacing felt a bit off and the story couldn’t decide if it wanted to build our emotions or blow us away with awesome action scenes, I must say that I enjoyed this second episode a lot more than the first. Maybe it’s because the first episode got the plot-vomit out of the way?

Promoters and Initiators

Even though we haven’t gotten a legitimate answer behind just what it takes to be a Promoter, I’m going to go out on a limb and make the assumption that they have to be more than just physically adept. While it probably doesn’t hurt to look like a giant body builder, I have this strange feeling that there’s more than meets the eye. The bigger question though is why does a Initiator even need a Promoter? I can only think of things like maybe the social stigma that children “need” adult guidance but there has to be something more than just making sure an Initiator has a babysitter, right?

Hiruko Kagetane — World Changing Activist, Evil Bad Guy, or Just Pissed Off Daddy?

After his abrupt appearance during last week’s episode, I must say that I’ve become quite a fan of Kagetane. While I’m not a huge fan of those who use violence to make their point, I can totally see what would motivate him to kill regular people without so much as a second glance. Just from what we’ve seen this week alone, the social stigma against cursed children is so strong that the local police will go as far as to dispose of them instead of returning them to the not much better slums. And if I had a daughter with the Gastrea virus born into a world like that, I to would fight for a world where she could live normally without the fear of prejudice staring straight back at her.

But does that mean I would want to bring destruction to everyone else? Probably not. But as much as I don’t like Kagetane’s lack of empathy for the innocent there’s something else that makes me like him so much — how he brings out all the good things in Rentaro. It’s painfully obvious that he could have killed Rentaro five times over by now but hasn’t — and its probably because of the potential he sees in him. Ignoring any crazy physical abilities that he may be hiding, his philosophy of viewing cursed children as living, breathing humans and not tools that can be abandoned after they’ve served their purpose is probably the best thing about him. And just like us, I’m sure Kagetane also knows this and wants to empower him for being such a forward thinker.

Enju — Why u so kyoot but stoopid?

In the excerpt, I said that I was a little confused with the pacing and by that I meant the whole deal with Enju randomly deciding the run away. I personally don’t understand why she would be so broken after her “secret identity” was leaked. But on an even more fundamental level, I also don’t understand why she’d run away from Rentaro even though he’s clearly shown that he’s going to be there for the long run.

Looking Ahead.

While I don’t want to even start the conversation about how shitty the world treats the little girls who are their only effective weapons against a virus that nearly wiped them out, I do want to make some assumptions about the role Kagetane is going to play in hopefully changing the world.

Best case scenario, I think Rentaro may be able to convince him that mass murder approach is probably not the best and have him reconsider what he’ll do with himself. Almost best case scenario is that Rentaro takes him out but that leaves the issue of creating another orphan who will probably come back to kill him. Worst case scenario, Enju gets her own spinoff and I stop covering this show c:

Seriously though, I’m so happy with how this second episode ended up being. Even with some hiccups, I’m finally beginning to get the feels that the manga gave me. Till next week!


ED Sequence

ED: 「トコハナ」 (Tokohana) by やなぎなぎ (Yanaginagi)



  1. Kohina, cut off his right arm.

    Kaji Yuki characters seem to encounter this situation frequently, whether it does come off or not. What does the anime industry have against his character’s arms?

      1. Could you please elaborate on which of the characters she’s voiced have been threatened like that, because I’m pretty sure Eren from AOT wasn’t threatened as such, thanks

  2. About Kagetane: A simple and blunt statement, but he’s a typical single parent that just happen to be in position of epic power.

    Who won’t protect his own child while he can? At all costs?

    Anyway, all those world view of the cursed children is just cruel, my mind went blank during the first part of the little thief sequence (then went dropping down a cliff during the second part). Though it was normal during that “massive” meeting before…

    1. Wow, scenes like that (child abuse of all sorts) really hits me like a gunshot to the belly. I just skipped the scene and moved on. The saddest part is, its even worse IRL. Adults like that should be given the 9mm retirement package, to remove them from the genepool, and prevent their twisted ideologies from passing on.

      Crap. Now my mood turned dark. I’ll have to watch MOE anime and SitComs to feel better.

  3. I don’t think Enju left because of how broken she felt with her being discovered as one of the cursed children, but in her own way of doing things, she decided to go for Rentaro. If she’s discovered and whatnot, sure, it’d be painful because of the discrimination and whatnot, but Rentaro would be left picking up the pieces. He’d have to deal with the school, and go through some pain himself. I’m not exactly sure since I don’t know much about her character, but I’m feeling that she wants to either save Rentaro from future pain or she’s running away from an issue she can’t face herself regarding her insecurity as one of the cursed children because of how they are looked upon in this society. Those are the two possibilities in my head, but I’m leaning towards the former over the latter.

      1. When my fiance and I were watching this, I remarked on how I thought the show may be better if they built the relationships and analysis of the “little girls of mass destruction” in a manner similar to Gunslinger Girl. I do agree that this episode was waaay better than the first one. The first one gave off this rom com vibe with osananajimi and loli love interests and a supernatural twist. This episode gives me a stronger grasp of what this series is. Maybe because I had been inundated with naked lolis from Seikoku no Dragonar that I had such a huge bias going into this one. Guess that’s a lesson to clear your palate before sampling.

  4. This is the only series where I actually wished the hero would join the bad guy and start killing people. Seriously, murdering little girls? Guys in other shows have been murdered for less. *cough* Elfen Lied *cough*

    1. @CTT: Guys in other shows have been murdered for less. *cough* Elfen Lied *cough*

      LOL – for Elfen Lied, it’s more like who doesn’t get killed.

      On a positive note, I was glad to see that the little girl will live. Would have been tough to watch otherwise.

      1. I’m glad the little girl lived, but it seemed like a copout, as it’s pretty exploitative to show a kid get killed, which is bad enough, and then bring her back to life, which was kinda of like saying, just kidding. it ends up cheapening it. they should just go for broke and make it grim, let Rentaro go down that rabbit hole.

        a box like Hippo
      2. I was actually hoping that the girl would factor back into the story somehow, since they went to the trouble of having Rentarou save her and all, but looks like that ain’t happening.

  5. @Takaii: Even though we haven’t gotten a legitimate answer behind just what it takes to be a Promoter…

    I’m sure that there are some requirements to be a Promoter – the primary one IMO being combat ability. I would have liked to add good parenting skills to the list, but obviously that’s not a requirement if many Promoters think of Initiators as tools. Obviously the Initiator takes the lead role for combat against Gastrea, but the Promoter isn’t just an innocent bystander either. From what I can tell, both participate in battle, and a combat weak Promoter is simply a liability for an Initiator.

    The bigger question though is why does a Initiator even need a Promoter? I can only think of things like maybe the social stigma that children “need” adult guidance but there has to be something more than just making sure an Initiator has a babysitter, right?

    JMO, but that’s how I view it though “babysitter” may not be the best term. Initiators are 10 or 11 year old kids with “super powers”. That’s a potentially dangerous combination. Ideally, a Promoter is like Rentaro who act like a second parent/older sibling. However it seems clear, as noted above, that at least some Promoters think of Initiators as “weapons” or “tools”. So maybe “warden” is a better term in that instance. Point = these are not kids you can just leave unsupervised and/or without any measure of control.

    In EP 01, Enju is shown to need daily shots (something to do with the virus). You can’t expect an 10-11 kid to be mature enough to diligently take shots every day even if you explain to them the importance of doing so. Worst case scenario = Promoter is first line of defense against an out of control Initiator which ties into my notion above about combat ability being a primary requirement for Promoters.

    Almost best case scenario is that Rentaro takes him out but that leaves the issue of creating another orphan who will probably come back to kill him.

    Sorry to be a bit grim/dark here, but my impression is that you cannot take out Kagetane without doing the same for his Initiator. Given the way those two act, I think that’s a “package deal” if you decide (or are forced) to go that route. The daughter seems just as blood thirsty as her dad.

    Overall, I thought this was a better episode even if the pacing was still a bit fast for my taste. “3 episode rule” or not, at this point this goes on my “season watch list”. Maybe I’ll get burned by this statement in the future, but given what I’ve seen so far, I honestly don’t think anything in the next episode or two will change my opinion of the show.

    1. Point 1: Warden does sounds better.

      Point 2: The almost best case was a bit sarcastic but I totally agree. If ones goes, I’m sure the other will have already had passed or will be close to it.

      Season watch list? As in watch as it airs or binge later?

      Anyways, I love comments like these. Appreciate you reading the post and taking the time to put your input. <3

      1. @Takaii: Your welcome & thanks for taking the time to blog the show.

        RE: my “season watch list” – that’s my term for plans to follow a show for the entire season as it airs. “Only” two episodes, but what I’ve seen so far is good enough for me in that regard. Hopefully the show will continue to improve throughout the season as I find the setup interesting.

    2. The shots lead to a couple of questions. What happens if they don’t get the shots and where are all the feral Cursed Children getting theirs. I can’t believe the “Elder” is able to both obtain the stuff and can manage all the children that appear to be out there. The government is obviously screwed up to let a dangerous threat run around loose. What do they think is going to happen when these ultra powerful kids get old enough to take on the police?

      1. Don’t worry about Elder. They are “funded” by govt so he has no issue getting the medicine Given that only powerful(high level of virus) Initiators need regular shots , it is relatively easy to take care of them.
        In the book, he got help from time to time from the parents of the cursed children.

  6. Goddamn scene with the police is so fucking fucked up I can’t even pretend to avoid invective when talking about it. What sort of fucking monsters pass themselves off as police while murdering children and then casually walking off as if it’s just a routine part of work?! …Just… fuck.

  7. Was thinking of dropping this after the first episode, but this episode was much better. I wasn’t thrilled with the whole kid getting caught and shot by the police sequence, as it was pretty exploitative, but Kagetane’s character is really the highlight for me, as he calls into question the world these Promoters and Initiators are protecting. At this point, I wouldn’t believe Rentaro could at any point take out Kagetane, he’s just too powerful for him, but we all know how this is going to end more than likely.

    a box like Hippo
    1. Man you have no idea. Dark does not even begin to describe the shit later. Just a small hint, this show kicks infant immortality around the curb like a battered and ruptured soccer ball. Make no mistake though, if they decide to animate as it is, it will be EPIC.

  8. Yeah, completely agree with Takaii about the pacing. Though honestly, i found the 2nd eps starting to make sense and things began to look smoother. Till this point i still find myself scratching my head about Kagetane. He’s a mysterious villain to be sure, but not very interesting one at that. What’s with barging in unnoticed to meeting room, beheading someone, and ambushing Rentaro yet retreat immediately afterward. It just gives me impression that the show is trying too hard to make him a super villain.

    Also, i rather failed to capture the supposedly sad/melancholic nature regarding Enju’s past and the cursed children. Put her pervertedness aside, she’s a pretty interesting tragic character, which unfortunately the show failed to portray properly. I really wanted to emphatize her, but i couldn’t, simply because the show didn’t give me time to do so. The transition between her happy-go-lucky nature into total angst in mere 10 minutes just ain’t even remotely believable. Doesn’t help that the show didn’t give clear details as to how her friends’ reactions at school and we were merely given a little glimpse from her teacher. It felt forced and overhammy, and i simply couldn’t digest that.

    The only thing that i found amusing in the eps was Rentaro’s genuine struggle to bring Enju back. The scene of him pissed and screaming at the dude looked like something that came out straight from dramatic scene in shounen manga, not your standard LN adaptations. And i liked it.

  9. Hmmm lets look at this checklist of how this episode baffled my mind with it’s genuine lack of good story telling.

    1. Generic villain.

    Good god is this guy is stale. In the first episode i was willing to overlook his demeanor but Jesus he just got more and more boring as the episode went on. Yes we get it……you are evil and powerful……..can you do something interesting for one second? He even had the gull to pull the “Join me Luke” line which just made me laugh profusely. Can this guy be anymore of a one note character?

    2. Main character.

    First things first. He’s basically Eren from Attack on Titan (same VA too). Gets mad over everything, is very naive but a caring person. So far i really can’t get behind him because there just isn’t anything interesting about him. He’s just such a typical male lead that there is really nothing for me to like about him. Though I need to take into account the scene with the curse girl getting taken away by police. While i don’t think that it would be responsible of him to start beating up cops I still think it was stupid that he didn’t even try to do anything even after seeing Enju so upset. He could have attempted to pretend like he was her guardian or say he would take responsibility for her theft. Better yet can’t he flash a badge or something to show that he is an Initiator? Oh wait he can’t…….which leads me to my next issue.

    3. Why the cursed children’s efforts haven’t been reviled to the public

    This is was the thing that baffled me the most. Why exactly is it that the Initiators are a secret agency? That makes no freaking sense to me. In a normal society sure this would be reasonable. But here? No.

    Now isn’t the time for keeping secrets especially when it’s the causing the death of your agents via hamfisted discrimination. To add to that I’m pretty sure some people would have witnessed the cursed children and Initiators fighting too since they fight in public sometimes. Making me believe that they have fought these monsters IN PUBLIC and somehow NO ONE IS AROUND to see them just requires WAY to much suspension of disbelief.

    Are people really going to start a ruckus over it when they are already on the brink of destruction? That’s like a patient killing his doctors because they had an unsuccessful surgery before and ended up dying afterwards. It just makes me scratch my head. All they have to do is video tape a fight taking place or something of that nature. But nope lets just make it so the entirety of society is indifferent to these kids. It’s such a pathetic setup to basically tell us the same song and dance that people lose their humanity when times get tough which has been done to death for ages now.

    And finally….

    4. The depiction of the public

    Discrimination is a very simple angle of society to exploit. Discrimination has gone on for as long as we’ve been around and it’s probably going to stay that way. But it seems to me anime always portrays humans as unfeeling beings towards super natural forces and thus means that killing them is perfectly within reason. Yes there are a good number of countries/people who might be like that but one thing i feel gets left out of story telling like this is the few people who ARE willing to try to sympathize with beings like this or work with them (not talking about the Initiator agency) . Activists, protesters, normal genuinely nice people other stuff like that. After all we have folks who will put an animals life on the same pedestal as a humans so I’d think there would be some people against the act of murdering children even if they spawned from monsters. And having our MC as one of the only people who seemingly treats them as real people seems completely unrealistic. Even the old man keeping the kids saw them as tools which only adds to how shallow the narrative is here.

    It is only yet another plot device used to make the MC question why he is fighting for humanity and it’s a bad one at that.

    I recall playing game where Humans and Monsters were always butting heads. There were many towns that obviously didn’t even allow monsters in their village which makes sense. But then when you continued going around you found towns that peacefully coexisted with monsters. Heck some villages worshiped them as gods. And there were others that only let a certain type of monsters in. It was a rather refreshing take on this type of situation and I think it would be a really neat feature to explore in anime instead of this tired mess.

    I really hope the next episode turns things around because this one almost broke me with how nonsensical this setting is.

    1. 2.) That’s assuming the Initiator has an elevated status throughout society and is well-known. Rentarou is just a little low on the ranking rungs. I’d admit it’s hard to like almost any character now (maybe except for Enju) since there was too little focus on the character and their backstories.

      4.) Let’s see…The things that damn near wipe out the entire human race only for them to survive thanks to some mysterious giant structures. The virus that was in them is now in the little girls. You gotta be pretty brave, crazy or just plain happy-go-lucky to be going around making friends with them when the apparent majority of public opinion is deep fear, anxiety and hatred towards them. You might have missed part of Seitenshi’s speech too, where she was going on about giving the Promoters a place in society.

      1. Here is the problem i see with that. You are overlooking the fact that they have done absouletly NOTHING wrong up to this point. If they were such a dangerous threat doesn’t it seem strange to anyone that they act just like normal people? Let’s look at Enju. When she suddenly stopped coming to school no one cared. The teacher acted in the same way because they found out who she was. But if you take into consideration the amount she spent there i think that at least one person should have spoke up and stood in her defense or at least be slightly worried about her. Your telling me that with the amount of friends she had that just because they find out something that OBVIOUSLY has very little relevance to her humanity that they are all just going to abandon her cold turkey?

        Seriously i’m so sick of that kind of logic. Not all humans in normal society are brainless, unfeeling, heartless creatures and it sickens me to even think about entertaining such an idea. By this logic Initiator’s should be looked at as the bane of humanity’s existence for trusting them in the first place.

    2. The old man didn’t see them as tools, he was purposely egging Rentaro on to gauge his reaction. As we previously saw, most Promoters don’t give a damn about their Initiators as people so he played Devil’s Advocate to see if Rentaro was the same or not, that’s why he wondered why Enju ran away after that scene.

      1. Adding on to that, Enju actually did have a best friend in school. The thing about this episode is that they neglected (or simply didn’t have the time) to include her in the episode, which might have made a greater impact.

        It boils down to the question of whether you want to uphold your brand of justice and be brave to stand out and speak for the extremely marginalised, or you want to play it safe, go with the crowd or just keep quiet in case you yourself get ostracized and hated on. It’s kinda idealistic to think that everyone would just ignore their own survival instincts and go out on a limb for someone they don’t even know.

      2. @Owaranai

        Yep, for someone who actually understands Cursed Children and empathise with them, there are only two options:

        1. Pretend they don’t. Ignore all the abuse, all the cries for help, etc.
        2. Help them and get ostracised along with them. Eventually, they’ll be despised and hated on the same level as Cursed Children.

        There are some exceptions (like Seitenshi), but that’s generally how it works. Regardless of whatever they choose, the end result is filled with despair.

        Eventually you’ll get people who have had enough of making those choices. People like Kagetane.

  10. Yessir. You echo my sentiments perfectly when I watched the episode.

    More than just a lack of pacing, I felt there was little room for development. It can be a good or bad thing to throw viewers almost into the fray. Perhaps it alludes to the urgency and reminder of how humans are living in frail peace, but on the other hand the lack of focus spent on individual characters might leave some viewers not feeling much for the characters, though perhaps some part of it was rescued by the relationship dynamics shown between Enju and Rentarou.

    The discrimination was a nice little touch IMO. In a way it shows how people or society in general might react when pushed into a corner and are ‘forced’ to live their lives with ‘things’ that have an undeniable relation to whatever that hunts them and hunted them to NEAR EXTINCTION. It’s nasty, it’s ugly, but it does help in providing tension to the story, what more with the victims being shown as little girls. If being hunted to near extinction doesn’t make one immediately afraid of or at the very least be apprehensive about the Initiators, who have Gastrea viruses in them, I don’t know what will.

    Discrimination might be overused in settings like these, but it works to build up a dark setting for the show (which incidentally, hasn’t quite matched up to the gloom and doom feeling I got from the manga, but it might give or take several episodes). And that gift box. Nice touch.

    Overall not a bad episode, though the pacing could be better and hopefully there will be more focus on the characters. I’ll probably be sticking with this.

  11. I was told that this series was dark but I couldn´t belive my eyes when those policeman just shot a little three times! Those kids fight for them, die for them and are victims of the Gastrea War more than anyone and what do they get in return? discrimination and death! The society in Black Bullet sure is messed up, makes you wonder if there is any worth in fighting for a world like that and that´s what Kagetane seems to be looking for in Rentaro.

  12. okay, this Anime has a Serious “red Line”… Was not on my Screen to watch, but thanks to RC i am now curious how Episode 3 turns out… From 0 to “hero” in a flash, thanks RC 🙂

  13. I was kind of iffy at first but I am beginning to enjoy it with the second episode. I am not sure if that little girl is really the mask man daughter but I can see why he would want to break down the walls and punish people in general if not.

    Being the type of setting and inhumanity world that it is I can guess he went through something truly mind breaking that made him go “Fuck it.”

    As for why there need to be a promoter for the cursed children. I have a theory. Girls in general and little girls at that are usually eager to please. So if you give them any sort of guidance at that young impressionable age then they will listen and do what you want.

    It sounds bad but I believe that’s the way it is, hence why they always pair someone up with those big looking adults is to maintain an authority figure. Sure those girls could probably kill them but why would they when they get the attention they so want?

    Remember most children sometime even bad attention is good attention. I mean you can clearly tell from the blond hair guy that he treated his little partner as a tool. She even went so far as to say she’s hungry hoping for some pity and most likely to be fed.

    I can see why Satomi would be a great choice for his type of thinking in that respect. I can also see why people in general hate the curse children. Keep in mind the Gastera killed most of humanity. Then to find out your wife have been infected and your child is mostly gastera?

    We all know from the anime that the gastera can infect people and thus turn them into those bug creature. It is understandable to me that society would be scare of those little girls who know if they turn into a giant bug and start killing them right?

    Still, this is looking to be a brutal bloody anime and by using little girls as the weapon and catalyst to tug at our heart strings, it will get really dark before we see any light.

    My hope is to see the masked man actually get his wish and have the gastera attack the city only for the cursed children to come in and save the day.

    As for why the little girl can still live after being shot, I can chalk that up to her constitution.

    Looking forward to more of this anime I know next to nothing about the LN or manga.

  14. Very nice second episode. While I’m not one to usually complain, I must say the first episode definitely felt way too rushed and just jumbled up to really digest the entire first episode smoothly (but it was still good, just not the best way to go) but this second episode, I felt it kinda got it’s act together and started to expand and really make the pacing natural. Either way, really liking the second episode, but man at this rate, the anime is going to pass the manga very soon because this is literally like the chapter 7 or 8 (I don’t remember) of the manga next episode.

    PS Enju too cute! I don’t see how people can discriminate to something so cute XD those heartless bastards, who are the real monster, the “cursed” children or they themselves? Protect our lolis!!

      1. lol yeah I know, I’m just saying how the manga I’ve been waiting patiently for like over a year for updates and I was just surprised at how fast the anime will pass it 😛 but yeah I think there are 7 volumes of the LN out right now, I could be wrong 😛

  15. I can think of a couple of reasons that she ran away. The primary one is that she had lulled herself into thinking that she could have a normal life and maybe even thought of herself that way. Then she see’s someone who is the same as her being abused and her protector and, I guess onii-chan, as letting it happen. When the rumor is spread around school, the fantasy she had of being able to pass as normal is shattered. Staying with him makes no difference. You will still be seen as someone to be shunned and hated.

    If you want a metaphor, think of a Jewish child that is being raised by Christians in Nazi Germany while hiding her identity. She watches the police beat up and take another Jewish kid away. Then a rumor is spread around the school that she is Jewish. Even attempting to renounce who you are makes no difference. Others will still still see you as an outsider and something to be looked down on. In her despair she retreats to the Ghetto to be with her own kind because that’s where she thinks she must belong. She may even feel that her Christian family must think of her the same as others but just hides it better.

  16. Oh well… ignorance and prejudice seem never to go extinct, even in face of humanity itself facing extinction…
    I still don’t like the masked top hat clown – apart from randomly murdering people and planning to rush the possible extinction of mankind, he is just annoying with his haxxor powers.Boring Invincible Villain anyone? Though at least I now understand some of his motives. Secondary, he might be a Well Intentioned Extremist, and Cursed Children do really have it rough – but certainly enough there are some people like Satomi or the Elder who try to help them, and he is intending to kill them too. Also, I’m not sure Cursed Children would survive that well if left alone in the (Gastrea infested) world by dying mankind.
    Enju probably doesn’t want Satomi to get burdened/endangered by her – this is how she sees their situation.

    1. I am not sure about that , if the people are GOOD people then they would befriend a curse children and those cursed children would protect them.

      I think that is the mask man way of weeding out who actually good and who’s bad. If you have no problem with curse children they ‘ll come to your rescue, if you been a dick to them they’ll let you die. After all the only people that really would die is the regular people .

    1. The war with the gastrea happened ten years ago and that is when the virus infected humanity, as a result its impossible to have a cursed children older than ten years old as humans did not contact the virus until ten years ago.

      The virus infects females most likely because from an evolutionary standpoint first gen cursed children being all female would almost guarantee the gene spreading to future generations.

  17. I don’t think it’s a problem with the pacing so much as it is a problem with the world building and transitioning. All of a sudden, we see that the Cursed Loli Girls are apparently mistreated but given no explanation for it. We also see Enju randomly run off for no reason… We aren’t getting an explanation or rationale behind Enju’s reasoning. Makes it tough to follow, because you get the feeling the story expects you to already know all of this. I’ll give it one more episode to clear things up, because we can still get a reasonable explanation.

    1. Badmouthing is not a reason for you? They are Kids. And this hurt a lot. Sure we Adults have more self control. You are trying to use Adult wisdom and reason to understand a Kid? That’s impossible. You must see a Kid with the Emotions without the reason “Brain”, thats a Kid for you. The Brain is what keep the Emotions in Check in us Adults

      1. Let me try this.

        The Emotions is our Engine, the Horsepowers that move us

        The Brain is the gear that guide this power in a good or bad way. The decision is called conscience, experience of life or Parent example

        A Kid dont have a efficient Gear build in.

    1. Well think of it like this…those children are viewed as bugs. They say so themselves those children from from gastera infection from pregnant women.

      So pretty much they would have to fall in love with a literal monster no matter how you dress the girls up as.

  18. Wow did they blow through a crap ton of content. There was so much character building stuff they by-passed to make it flashy, and although the episode was good to get people in who don’t know the plot in with all the action, I felt they could’ve drawn out all this stuff into 2 episodes, the shooting of the cursed girl really didn’t play in as hard as it did in the light novel, not to mention some of the things people are confused about were explained in these character developing moments too.

  19. So the Masked Guy want to Destroy the Shield System that Protect the City. Perhaps he was a Victim in the past where they left “outsiders” (aka Village Peoples) to Die outside of the City Barriers. So he is on a Revenge Trip, to kill all that left him out there to Die.

    And how many of him is still Original Human? Well at last not his Neck. Thats for sure 🙂
    Perhaps he is a Prototype Cyborg the first Generation Anti-Enemy try of Humanity against his will. Perhaps the Cyborgs was not effective enough and they began to use these innocent Children as “Tools”. Even his Wife was slaughter for this reason to get the Kid into fight.

    Thats my Dark past for him, out of my imagination corner

      1. or the Children was the only Protection against these monsters, until they found this Barrier System. And the “usefulness” turned into “Scum” or “Monster kid”…


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