「遊星歯車装置の強襲」 (Yusei Haguruma Sochi no Kyoshu)
“Assault of the Planetary Gear”

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the Kiltgang. Composed of designer children representing the Planetary Gears Amarok and Malkin, they’re led by Macbeth Enterprises and they’ve come to feed on your libido (and sell crepes on the side). Because you want them to. Or something. Ask Pitz. S/he knows what’s up. I think.

In any case, Captain Earth’s fourth episode ends up being one where the puzzle pieces start coming together a little bit. Of course, we’re given more questions in their place, but it’s nice actually get some background information onto the company behind Machine Goodfellows and some more clues as to what exactly the Kiltgang are and what they seek. The fact that Teppei was apparently taken from Macbeth Enterprises in secret (along with the interface for Albion) ends up being a pretty interesting development in particular, but it’s something that pales in comparison to the fact that each of the designer children seem to literally become the Gears that they pilot. Top that off with the apparent awakening of specific memories and personality traits upon utilizing this interface for the first time, and it’s quite clear they’re nowhere near done laying on the levels of complexity here.

For now though, the big thing here is that Teppei’s apparently no longer the same person he was before as a result, and it’s a notion that throws a wrench into things in terms of where exactly his allegiance will lie and what actions he’ll take from this point forward. It’s likely a sure bet that he doesn’t end up betraying Daichi in any significant regard before it’s all said and done, but the fact he can utilize his position to manipulate the Kiltgang could end up playing dividends in the future in some shape and form, and there’s really quite a bit of similarity here between Teppei as a character and Sugata from Star Driver.

With that said, one has to also mention how Daichi’s also quite reminiscent of Takuto from Star Driver (mixed in with a bit of Renton from Eureka Seven), and I quite like how he’s become a character that both does what needs to be done and says what needs to be said. His take down of the mobile weapon the Kiltgang come in with and his assertive push regarding Teppei belonging with him just highlights this especially, and although there’s a bit of oddity in terms of how he seems to act—he seems unnaturally calm and acts not quite his age at times—there’s a lot to be said about how he and many of the characters are coming along in this show in general. Nishikubo (I feel we could all use someone like him as a mentor or something in our lives) and Akari (the reactions she gets are priceless) are two good examples in particular, and Captain Earth’s side characters are really shaping up in their support of Daichi and his fight against the libido vampires.

Notably however, the aforementioned aren’t the only things we get this week, and I quite liked how they stuck in a little bit about Hana having unknown organelles within her cells that humans don’t have. It was pretty clear she wasn’t exactly human to begin with, but I felt that that small factoid really helped hammer in the fact that appearances don’t always represent the truth, and it was nice that they put in the effort to try and explain some of that in the first place. There’s also the fact that Teppei’s hand seems to have a eight sided symbol (for eight planets?) of some sort, the fact that Globe HQ has some pretty crazy anti-personnel laser systems as defense, and ultimately it was an episode that while lacking its usual flair, was quite filled with content. Looking forward, it looks like our group goes to space next week, and it looks like there’s going to be plenty more there as well. Until then, I guess we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves with some belly button forte screenshots… Oh and don’t forget that there’s a difference between actually feeling and wanting to feel something, because you can probably bet on that popping back up at some point in the future.




    1. they mentioned it in the earlier episodes that if they materialize in their Kiltgang too close to Earth, a “libido burst” occurs, whatever that means. plus in their “human” forms, they probably can’t “eat” since that’s not their true forms. we’re not even sure how they eat anyways, since libido isn’t exactly physical/tangible.

      1. To me their human form seems to be their true forms and their robot are just avatar. Case in point when the girl was piloting the pink robot, she was interface with it but STILL retain a human body. Same thing with the guy. It seem the robot form is expendable…also they could apparently launch an all out assault on one of the most secure base in the world and couldn’t do that before?

        So many plot holes. Still like it look to be your typical friendship is magic thing though, I was thinking it’ll be more on the high text side really more deep like Evangelion or even Nadesico…

  1. Looks like I interpretted a few things differently than you did, I don’t think that Teppei is a different person now that he’s piloted his mech, rather that the other gears were wondering if he had simply forgotten what he was (I imagine going from their true forms to the designer children bodies could have involved a bit of memory loss). It seems like Teppei did remember some things but was trying not to remember all of it but, as Daichi has put it, he’s still the same person he’s been all along. Oh and for his hand, we saw in the first episode that pink and blue made some hand sign at each other where the gears also appeared, it just looks like Teppei is able to do it as well (and, if they are representing planets, I wonder whose who, hadn’t thought of it like that….)

    1. Ah well in that I meant he’s a different person than he was in terms of how he acted before and after he piloted the mech. I definitely agree with you that it seems like it was more that he forgot some memories (perhaps in his genes?) and that he regained them following his piloting of the Albion.

    1. I nice counterattack by the magic girl for the angel’s weapon of mass destruction of last week. Is hard to choose sides in this war.

      I understand you retsurai, my keyboard back button got a little tired…

      Kazuo Teramoto
  2. The whole thing about libido reminded me again how much of this is similar to Star Driver and it’s main source of force/magic,Libido. Then there’s Orgone which is related to the Freudian concept of libido.

    So seeing this isn’t really surprising: I think this show will be filled with youth and libido from now on.

  3. Now next Episode will explain, where the “Design Children” originally came from. They are modified Human DNA Bodys. I dont know, if they mix some “alien DNA” with them, to control the Mechas. But most likely, and now they thing themselves as Ubermenschen. And Hanna is perhaps a Alien mobile Mecha Power-source on two legs. Because the Kiltgang need the Big Crystal on the Dark Side of the Moon to create their Mechas… Hana is just a better “power Crystal”

    It is all my belly telling mixed with experiences on this kind of shows.. Let’s see. Surprise me

    if i hit the bottom of the Anime, then let it be, and let me enjoy

  4. Yeah Daichi’s character has been bothering me for a while now too. While it is nice to see a character who is gong ho about everything in a mech related show it also makes me very…..unattached to them. They don’t feel like real people after a certain point. He hardly shows any raw emotion about anything and is just upbeat and happy about most of the situations that have fell upon him. For a kid his age that doesn’t really seem realistic to me. I believe this is a 26 episode series though so there is plenty of room for him to develop but i can’t say i’d be happy if he just continued to be happy go lucky about all the challenges he faces.

    I’m not talking about him crying about not wanting to pilot the robot or anything like that. It’s more he hasn’t been as phased by the situation as you’d expect for someone his age to be. For example if i was fighting giant robots in space in a giant robot that I got thrown into moments earlier I’d be a little scared/nervous. I think saying that you would be unphased by this whole process is a tad much.

    I’m totally fine with the fact he’s been taking these challenges head on. But I think it would be more reasonable to at least have him experience some kind of emotional struggle at some point. But this episode made him come off as very cheesy and uninteresting since he just spouts lines of friendship as he stops the mech.

    1. The thing about Daichi’s character I’m starting to wonder is whether or not he was affected somehow himself (or still is) by his activation of the Livlaster. They hinted at that possibility back in Ep 2 already and I’m thinking it has something to do with it, along with his rather detached personality we saw back in Ep 1.

    2. He seems to be a lot like Takuto from Star Driver in the sense that he doesn’t really grow up in the series, but rather we find out, little by little, what makes him the way that he is and it helps us to understand him better. (I still love the moment where he punches out his enemy of a ‘father’. Hands down, one of my favorite SD moments.)

      I understand where you’re coming from. Personally, I think a kid that can keep his relative cool in front of the guy that killed his dad is either cracked or has something going on with him that we don’t know about. In retrospect though, you could say the same about Hana, Teppei and even Akari. They all act well beyond their ages; some for reasons we’re just starting to grasp and others that haven’t been revealed quite yet.

      That there’s a reason behind it all is something I don’t question anymore though.

      Ryan Ashfyre
    3. Yeah, that’s the thing that has been bothering me since Daichi got into the cockpit of Earth Engine. It’s not realistic behavior, especially for a young boy thrown into unknown circumstances he doesn’t understand. I just can’t buy this characterisation. What’s more irritating, it all seems to work for him every time – he just gets what he wants and saves the day while everyone else (except Akari) just stands on the sidelines and stares.
      It’s a pity, since after first minutes of the show (when he was thinking about how reading about his interest isn’t considered learning, and how something may be wrong with him) I was happy to see a protagonist so refreshing and relatable. Now he’s just another determined shonen hero who declares everyone friends and/or family.

  5. Something feels off for me this episode. Perhaps it was due to the lack of giant robot action that we’re usually treated to, but there were some forms of development here that answers some of our important queries.

    I’m a little confused here now, though. It is apparent that that Amarok and Malkin are probably the same kind of people as Teppei (the Designer Children). Are they really aliens? And what’s with the Neoteny thing that Amarok was talking about? What about Hana?

    Daichi himself is a mystery, and I think many a viewer who prefer logical answers wouldn’t be satisfied with the lack of answers here. There are probably some of us here who haven’t quite come to terms with his change in personality yet.

    With more answers come more questions, and that could go either the good or bad way for a show like this. Leaning more towards the latter though, and I get the feeling progressive development’s on the way for the next episode.

    And dat fanservice.

    1. Yeah, plus along with her own awesome facial expressions Akari gets some of the best reactions I’ve seen in a while.

      Plus I’m quite interested in the mysteries surrounding Teppei and Hana.

      And ofcourse Nishikubo.

      I think the characters are off to a really good start.

  6. Does anyone die in this show (except Daichi’s dad)? Had some GI Joe vibes when soldiers had time to get out of the APC’s before they blue up.

    Not that I’m complaining. I’m more amused actually.

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  8. My big problem with this show is that is is about something as serious as fighting for the survival of earth, something Daichi’s dad gave his life for. Yet they pull off this team rocket bullshit with a 20 meter truck with a barely dressed saleswoman selling crepes?! Expected Eureka seven, got Pokemon. Dropped.

    The Shizard
  9. I see both sides are confused about which show they are in. 🙂

    Akari thinks she’s in VividRed Operation
    Malkin has a plan that would be optimal in A Certain Scientific Railgun.

  10. Ep 05:

    This Episode is nearly no Action. Just some Sneaking Operation with a bit Gun Shoots (in a Space Station.. All right…)

    This Episode is focus on around Teppei. Even if Hanna make a “joke” in the beginning. Perhaps she fill in for the Fan service+Joke this time


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