「友達とのけんか。」 (Tomodachito no Kenka.)
“Fighting With Friends.”

It was only a matter of time but it seems that reality has finally hit our beloved characters. But when I say hit, I mean it in the nicest way possible. Because as much as I would love for the entire season to be full of sunshine and rainbows, it’s never bad to recognize those road bumps that life tends to throw at us at all the wrong times.

Hase’s Jealousy

I think I saw a little of it leaking out during the end of last week’s episode but this week brought out a side of Hase that we’ve never seen before. Instead of the well-mannered and relatively cool-headed guy we’ve grown accustomed to, out bursts an insecure kid whose hot head and loud mouth ended up getting him into trouble.

But as much as I want to criticize Hase for losing his head when things got tough, I just can’t. Emotions are a delicate thing and when you really have strong feelings for someone, just about anything can throw you off of your game. But even if you look passed something as abstract as emotions, there’s was another gigantic issue at hand — Shougo.

Can you imagine how hard it must be to think that your best friend, the one who’s been giving you advice and guiding you through all the hard times, might be trying to steal away the girl you’ve developed feelings for? On purpose or not, I would have a tough time if I were Hase trying to stomach that Fujimiya could remember her interactions with Shougo and not me. Throw in how Shougo seems to have all the answers that Hase doesn’t and it becomes pretty easy to see how Hase ended up in such a bad spot.

That said, I do think that Hase is pretty hotheaded and impatient when push comes to shove. Instead of taking the time to think things through, he’s taking the shonen path of leaping straight into action without putting the slightest thought behind what he should do. Luckily, it seems that Isshuukan Friends hasn’t lost sight of reality and took the time to remind Hase that not every problem can be solved that way.

Shougo — This Week’s MVP

Again, Shougo ends up being the single most important person throughout the episode. From counseling Hase when he was at his lowest to jogging Fujimiya’s memory with some well phrased hints, he’s the man behind the scenes that keeps everything running like a fairly well oiled machine.

So even though I’m sure I’ll be writing a more paragraphs like this one before the season is over, I just have to give credit to Shougo for being so freaking awesome. Unlike a lot of other romance-esque slice-of-lifes, I love how the little things don’t blow up into huge messes — something that I believe gives this show the potential to create something so big that it’ll unleash some truly powerful emotions from all of us. All of which wouldn’t be possible without the amazing Shougo.

Looking Ahead

With a new character about to appear and the knowledge that Brian’s Base can handle both the lighter and darker side of things, I can’t wait to see what’s waiting for us down the road. Seeing how this new character seems to be a bit on the hyper side, I’m expecting that the story will take a turn and start going down the happy-go-lucky side of things. Or maybe it’s all a trap and we’re going to get hit with a wave of feels?!

Till next week!

Random Thoughts

  • While I wouldn’t consider this a super emotional episode, I can’t help but getting a little teary every time I see these three screencaps.
  • Shoubro!
  • Fujimiya needs to invest in stronger scotch tape. Seriously q.q
  • I think the music in this show is freaking amazing. I want that OST now.




  1. somehow, I am loosing the interest.
    I will watch another episode, but this and Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou are loosing me.
    is very rare that when I start watch a show that I will drop it but there are few of previews
    season that I just lost interest like Strike the Blood and I never watch the las epeisoded of Mikakunin de Shinkoukei.
    I will try i watch one more episode and see.

    1. I hope you stick around….i have a good feeling that this show will deliver what it promised. For me, it already has. I’m captivated by Fujimiya. :3

      Strike the Blood was really repetitive…but it was never boring. Probably because there was an abundance of nose bleeds…

      Mikakunin… there had better be a second season. Even with a few ovas out already, they still haven’t explained a lot. I think that’s where the show is lacking. But it’s good on the laughs.

  2. Another great episode. I’m really loving this series. The animation was beautiful especially during the scenery scenes. Shogo is definitely my favorite character in the series, I love this guy lol.
    I dont know if I’m only the one that felt this way but the drama in the episode was a nice touch. It shows you that our characters here wont always have a good and fun time but they can also work though the bad ones.
    I also want to add I find Hase’s jealousy a little amusing. Now dont get me wrong, I fell for the guy since he is closer to Fujimiya then anyone else and yet no one notices it, I find the scenes where his jealously takes over, like at the beginning when he got jealous that everyone was coming up to Shogo and saying that he hated him, now that right there was funny to me.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Isshuukan%20Friends/Isshuukan%20Friends%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2027.jpg
    I don’t know if i should be crying tears of joy or just screaming at the top of my lungs because i was SO excited for this. I was probably doing both.

    Shoubro does it again! As I said last week, Shoubro is this show’s rock and he did his job so incredibly well.

    This was probably the hardest part to watch. T-T Your love remembering your best friend but not you. I was about ready to die along with Hase.


    All in all, i loved this episode and i love this show. Takaii! I agree on all points. Especially in regard to Fujimiya needing some super strong double sided tape…

    I’m pumped for another adorable member of our feels group. Next week can’t come fast enough…

  4. I’ve been reading the manga and I was thinking that the anime really didn’t add anything so I considered dropping it. Watching this episode I changed my mind. There is something about the animation that really draws me into the character’s lives. I want to watch them interact. I want to see their expressions.

    AFA Hase’s jealousy goes, after watching the anime, I’ve come to the conclusion that his frustration is that Fujiyama has stated that Shogo is her friend, but she doesn’t forget him. She has said that she’s scared of Shogo, so I guess he somehow is an exception to her amnesia, but to Hase that must really hurt. Of course he’s lying to himself that he only want’s to be her friend. He definitely has romantic intentions toward her.

  5. Oh this episode invoked high school nostalgia for sure, I can remember the possessive phase where every little thing gets blown out of emotional proportion and you literally think if you don’t squeeze harder you’re going to lose that crush forever. Quite nice that this was well represented by Hase and his talking past Fujimiya (who was happy in just having friends in the first place).

    Shoujo is definitely the defining character of the show so far though, it’s nice having an intelligent secondary male character who isn’t direct romantic competition to the MC.

  6. I kind of wonder how come Kaori only remembers Shougo and not him. Last week, it is stated per se that Kaori doesn’t see Shougo as a friend that’s why she remembers him. But in this week’s episode, Kaori claimed that she started to see Shougo as her new friend. How come she still remembers him after the week?

    Anyway, I think Hase is a really great guy. At least, we all know he’s human for having the feelings of jealousy when Kaori only remembers Shougo and not him. I want to give him a hug! >.< *There…there…*

    Pickled Cucumber
    1. If you watch closely, she can’t remember what Shougo did for her when the two girls were shit talking her in the classroom.

      I’m thinking normal day-to-day interactions don’t really matter but anything involving real substance gets lost each week :/

    2. In the manga, and I believe it was also mentioned briefly in last week’s episode, she explains that she can remember Shougo because she doesn’t really like him that much – more an acquaintance than a friend.

    3. But it is a little weird because when Hase confronted her, she immediately replied that the only guy he talks to is Shougo. I’m starting to get confused with her disease now. 🙁

      And I’m a little confuse with the difference in the manga and anime. I still won’t read the manga just yet. Hehe. Will be waiting for a few more episode before doing so. Correct me if I’m wrong, so in the manga, Kaori doesn’t consider Shougo as a friend but a mere acquaintance. Hopefully, the anime would emphasize on that better since it becomes confusing. It makes me want to think that the anime tries to force a conflict between Hase and Kaori with Kaori’s Hase-specific memory loss.

      Pickled Cucumber
  7. Fujimiya needs to invest in stronger scotch tape. Seriously q.q

    I’m surprised it lasted that long (it should have been at least a month and a half by now), holding up that large piece of paper.

    Me? I personally suggest packing tape.

    BTW, looks like Fujimiya-san doesn’t need her diary anymore…


    its like this anime is the epitome of kawaii essence of itself lol XDDD Despite how unfair it is to Kaori for losing her memories like that, i cant deny myself that i am sooo taken by her kawaiiness. She’s a simple character with complicated situation, but dang…i just cant get enough of Kaori XDD

    And gotta love Hase…i love it when he got jealous like that…pouting at Shougo for help. Why is he soo kawaii as well? I just dont get it lol.

    Cant wait for the coming episode! Will this be a two cour anime??

    onion warrior
      1. Its kinda mysterious why Kaori been putting up such faces. I know she wanna cut off all friends connection since she got this disease, but it wont hurt if she act a little nicer with people right? its like talking to strangers. It would be weird if you suddenly go evil for your first impression. Just like Hase’s case. You dont know him, but by moral you cant suddenly go harsh on someone you’ve just met. She can just act like, “Gomenasai, i dont really have good memories. Who are you again?” act airhead and go with the flow (like Meme in SoulEaterNot XDD) Eh, did i got it wrong?

        onion warrior
      2. As the legendary Hacchiman said(never gonna forget his explanation about that blonde Hayato,the popular blonde dude),it’s usually people who are content with their lives that are able to act nice in almost every situation and Kaori is definitely not one of them. They could play the airhead for comedy relief but some of the show’s realism would suffer for it.

  9. Hase is totally retarded.

    Why is he suddenly all jelly like that? LOL, he isn’t her boyfriend yet and he’s all possessive? Yeah, I’d be a bit jealous when the girl I like talk about another guy with admiration, but not to the point of where I accuse the girl of things. That’s just shit, and bad, and just makes guys looks like jerks.

    Good thing the girl has amnesia, right?

    1. I don’t really think this was a sudden development. He was getting to be a little jealous at the end of the last episode. I think it’s normal for a high school boy to get a little jealous when all a girl talks about is his best friend when they’re alone. As a consequence everything begins to fall down a slippery slope. First the assumptions, then the accusations, then the inevitable free fall until you hit rock bottom. Good thing Shoubro was there to catch him.

      Side Note: Spread the Word to End the Word. That’s just not OK.

    2. Sometimes we guys are jerks without knowing. Personally, I think this is what makes Hase feel so relateable. Jealousy is a really nasty bug, and most of the time you don’t know when it’s bit you until you fuck something up. Hase loves Fujimiya a lot and he’s just scared of losing her, it’s a really selfish and detestable feeling, this is for sure, but it’s genuine and all too common. The only good thing about it is that it’s manageable, and that trying to get a hold of the situation is just further proof of stronger and more mature feelings.

      You should really take a look at the other side of the conflict though. Fujimiya was quick to action and was very cleanly half the reason why communication broke. Her willingness to understand Hase sunk after he rejected her best attempts at having a friendly conversation, and was unable to sort out her feelings quick enough before they overflowed.

      Point is, there are a lot of better ways for both of them to handle the misunderstanding, but people don’t have the capacity to logically deduce the best-case scenario for every situation. Feelings are instant and they build faster than many people can handle.

  10. I actually liked how this episode showed that Hase is not just always nice and understanding but is also susceptible to jealousy and stuff. Everyone misunderstands stuff and makes mistakes sometimes but luckily for them Shougo is there 😀 I really felt for Hase when he thought to Shougo that Fujimiya might hate him now because of the incident, because while he should know better, it’s only normal that sometimes a person only considers the worse case scenario. I was really happy when Shougo asked him if he thought Fujimiya would really do that. What a great friend 😀
    I got teary eyed more than once here, and I’m looking forward to more! Thanks for the review too!

  11. This whole amnesia thing is probably as someone already eluded to all in her head… my guess once they talk to her mom and shell have a big reveal or clue to what happened in her past or at least when it all started and maybe then theyll find out what traumatized her and the cure would come once she comes to terms/accepts what happened

  12. I don’t blame Hase at all. He’s a teenager and is quite deeply in love, especially with those unique circumstances, so all those emotions were expected of him. Yes, he screwed up but as soon as realized it (thankfully, quickly) he did his absolute best to fix things which paints he in far better light.
    And yeah, those 3 screencaps you mentioned did a great job bringing out all them (good) feels. 🙂

  13. That scene with Hase and Kaori by the river was beautiful. Both thematically and emotionally captivating. The fight and the search for the diary feel very much like metaphorical constructs, where the diary serves as proof that their relationship survived their argument. Note that the moment Kaori calls him ‘Hase-kun’ is the moment he finds the diary again, because they both realise that even if she doesn’t really remember him, she knows on a subconscious level that Hase-kun is very important to her. It’s only further compounded by her decision not to read it, because she doesn’t need to. Astonishingly good scene.

  14. I nominate Shoubro for the following categories:
    Bes Bro/Wingman
    Bes Girl
    Bes This season

    He always comes in with the clutch words in a way I haven’t seen in a while. “I guess he owes me a lunch…” Naw bro. He owes ya a bit more than lunch.

    The Walker

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