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So we recorded this podcast a while ago, and then we…sort of forgot to finish and release it. Whoopsies! It may be a bit out of time, but here it is nevertheless. I hope you won’t flame us too much for the delay.

As for what we talked about this podcast, I recall some very intriguing choices on Enzo’s English-language source material question (funny story: I almost picked Manashi for my manga choice. That would have been embarrassing!), as well as a pleasant chat on the pleasant show Ikoku Meiro no Croisée. As for the rest, you’ll have to tune in yourselves to find out!

Special thanks go out to takaii for editing this podcast. It was his first time doing it, so if anything sucks, you know who to blame. (Zephyr. It’s always Zephyr.) Now, as for what we’re going to do with the podcasts going forward…honestly, just wait and see. We have plans to make podcasts a bigger and more consistent part of the Random Curiosity experience, but until we deliver on those plans – something we’ve been remiss in doing in the past – I’ll just ask you to stay tuned until the next podcast. It may be sooner than you expect… Unless we forget to finish it again. Doh!

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  Time Index
  • 00:00 – Opening Song – 「Strike the Blood」 by Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets (Strike the Blood OP1)
  • 4:29 – Enzo’s question – “What are one manga/LN/VN, one English-language novel, and one movie you’d like to see adapted into an anime?”
  • 5:58Manga, Light Novel, or Visual Novel Picks
  • 5:58 – Enzo’s Manga Pick
  • 8:40 – Kairi’s Manga Pick
  • 11:06 – Stilts’ Manga Pick
  • 12:25 – Takaii’s Manga Pick
  • 14:10 – Tangent: Why Doesn’t Yotsuba Have an Anime?
  • 15:40 – Zanibas’s / Xumbra’s Manga Pick
  • 18:23 – Zephyr’s VN Pick
  • 22:23English-lanaguage Novel Picks
  • 22:23 – Enzo’s English-language Novel Pick
  • 25:48 – Kairi’s English-language Novel Pick
  • 27:56 – Stilts’ English-language Novel Pick
  • 30:00 – Takaii’s English-language Novel Pick
  • 32:38 – Zani’s English-language Novel Picks
  • 37:53 – Zehpy’s English-language Novel Pick
  • 43:36Movie Picks
  • 43:36 – Zephy’s Movie Pick
  • 46:19 – Tangent: Snake’s on a Plane
  • 47:39 – Zani’s Actual Movie Pick
  • 49:58 – Takaii’s Movie Pick
  • 53:35 – Stilts’ Movie Pick
  • 56:30 – Kairi’s Movie Pick
  • 58:43 – Enzo’s Movie Pick
  • 1:05:53Ikoku Meiro no Croisée
  • 1:18:45 – Winter Blu-ray Discussion
  • 1:42:53 – Shout-Outs and Outro – 「blumenkranz」 by Sawano Hiroyuki (Kill la Kill)
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  1. I think you guys should’ve thrown in video games as a category.

    My picks
    VN – Muv-Luv trilogy, naturally
    English-language novel – “To Kill a Mockingbird” or the “Space Odyssey” series
    Movie – oh dear, either “Drive” or “The Big Lebowski,” “Her,” “Apocalypse Now,” “The Hurt Locker,” “Moon” the list goes on…
    Video game – “NieR” or “Spec Ops: The Line”

    And Kairi, I remember having to watch “A Life is Beautiful” for Italian class in high school. I cried during class. Great pick and one that would be interesting to see in anime form. And it does have romance!

  2. “What are one manga/LN/VN, one English-language novel, and one movie you’d like to see adapted into an anime?”

    LN – Book Girl series (SilverLink/PA Works/Ufotable) and Zaregoto (SHAFT)

    Show Spoiler ▼

    English novel – Sorry but I don’t read much

    Movie – Letters from Iwo Jima????

  3. Why Doesn’t Yotsuba Have an Anime?

    I think the reason why the author doesn’t want Yotsuba to be animated has something to do with the two “times” of the manga.

    The internal time(line) of Yotsuba is increadibly slow-paced, even for a slice of life manga, advancing not even half a year in by now over 12 volumes.

    Externally, Yotsuba is supposed to be timeless. Every new chapter is always set in the year it is released. For this reason the author will often work in new fashions, devices, cars, etc.
    Now, if Yotsuba is turned into an anime, this timelessness will be taken from it, because the anime has to stop at some point, fixing it in the time of it’s production (except if Yotsuba becomes the next Sasae-san, but how likely is that?).

    “What are one manga/LN/VN, one English-language novel, and one movie you’d like to see adapted into an anime?”

    Manga – Kind of hard to limit myself to one here, since I have tons of stuff I’d like to see as an anime. But if I had to limit myself to one it would be Hoshi no Samidare, a.k.a. The Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer. Hoshi no Samidare is about a college student who is chosen as a knight by a talking lizard, to protect the princess Samidare and defeat an evil magician who wants to destroy the world. The twist is that the princess only wants to stop the mage so that she can destroy the world herself and the main character, who was raised to be a misanthrope, joins her in her wish.

    Novel – Honestly there aren’t any that I really want to see as an anime. If I had to pick though, I would pick some of the discworld novels.

    Movie – Shawn of the Dead could be fun.

    1. Time and Pacing aren’t really the issue here. I can think of two eternal ten year olds who seem to have very successful anime adaptions. One of them goes on a journey to become the very best, accompanied by his yellow, electric pet rodent, and the other one struggles through everyday life with the guidance of his robotic pet cat. Maybe if Yotsuba were to get a unique pet…???

  4. On the discussion about Yotsuba not having anime adaptation:

    Short version: in the author’s opinion Yotsuba’s storytelling style doesn’t fit anime format.

    Personally I somewhat agree. There’re a lot of panels where nothing happens, time just passes (by “nothing” I mean various stuff that happens between the jokes and dialogue, which could be Yotsuba playing, people walking on the street, clouds moving in the sky, Yotsuba sleeping, etc.). Then there’s that one chapter that would probably take 1 minute at most when animated.
    I would compare it to HxH: in both cases a chapter/episode could only take few seconds story-wise, but in HxH, a lot happens, but in Yotsuba, very little happens.

    Anyways, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to adapt, but it would definitely be hard, and the animators would have to be really careful not to rush things but not take too much either.
    Would love to see Yotsuba anime though.

    And also the case of timelessness Zannafar mentions above, although I believe removing that from an anime adaptation wouldn’t change it too much.

    As for my personal pick on Manga/LN/VN to get an anime, I’ll say Owari no Chronicle, Kawakami Minoru’s prequel story for Horizon. (Related: Horizon needs more seasons)
    No idea about the studio, but the director should be the same as with Horizon.
    Stilts should blog it because he did such a magnificent job with Horizon and I imagine he would do pretty much anything to take the honor from anyone else.

    1. Not gunna lie, I’m getting a little tired of these comments.

      I like having Kairi on the podcasts, but it’s because she’s Kairi and I like talking to her, not because she’s a grrl. I know you’re probably just kidding around, but please knock it off. Judge our podcasters by the words they say and the personality they convey, not the pitch of their voice.

      Except for me obviously, ’cause my voice is sekc <3

      1. I have! Those are funny 😀 Should I start taking requests for ridiculous things to say in my awesome voice? “Get to da choppah!”

        Though with this crowd they’d all be embarrassing kawaiiko Japanese phrases, so maybe not. I believe we all remember how my Japanese pronunciation is. And sometimes English…

  5. Oh yeah, I forgot this before, but on the idea of the Snakes on a Plane anime and Samuel L Jackson’s lines being in english while everyone else speaks japanese…
    Did any of you watch Godzilla: Final Wars? Because they actually do that with Captain Gordon (defender of Earth). The entire crew of the battleship Gotengo speaks japanese while their captain speaks english and somehow they still understand each other.

  6. Really great podcast, the otoyomegatari nod is a good wake-up-call for me to pick back up since i was a little too distracted from the manga world last year. Blame 2013 for being the best year in our current decade, you don’t get Gravity, The Last of Us, and Breaking Bad ending in a glorious final run every year. A helluva privilege it was.

    Come to think about TV i also thought the anime adaptation of Hannibal would be nice. :/

    and any Joss Whedon series really.

    I guess to jump into the gist, my general picks for anime treatment would be…..

    Manga : I’m dying for Asano Inio’s ouvre to be give acquire the honor i guess. Solanin is an award-winning brilliance that could have benefitted from a limited OVA run or a movie, it’s narrative just especially screams for a Madhous movie adaptation :/

    It’s already gotten a live-adaptation adaptation so i guess that proves its credibility

    Nijigahara Holograph can also be a very donnie darko-esque entry in the anime industry but i understand the difficulty of putting together its jumbled pieces of narrative for any animator. But it’s an ingenious piece of storytelling that you can dissect in every reading and still find new things.

    But one manga i’d put over these two, my first pick, and one i wouldn’t mind trading off the adaptation rights for those other two mangas for, is OYASUMI PUNPUN. I dunno how anyone’s gonna do the trick of translating it into a form of moving animated pictures, but anybody with the rights to that has a genuine MASTERPIECE in their hands. Forget about it being a manga, it’s one of the best pieces of literature i’ve ever read.

    Movies : Guillermo Del Toro’s stuff would work, not just Pacific Rim (which is an obvious nod to the industry) but i’d wager Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone would translate very easily in anime form.

    Lots of Nicolas Winding Refn stuff getting that kind of a treatment will also be marvelous.

    Novel : Given WB’s unclear stand on its cinematic translation i’d like to see those Japanese animators take the rights to The Stand and show them how to do them right.

  7. Heh, Ikoku Meiro no Croisée was first anime I translated into my language (polish) and one I immensely loved to watch for it’s loveable characters and great mood (very similar to Aria the Animation, Tamayura or Usagi Drop atmosphere with some extra insight into japanese culture – btw all of those are great watch, so if you liked any of these try others). It wasn’t really popular and it’s really nice to see that someone remembers it and gives it some well deserved advertisement.

    Concerning the adaptations… Hmm…
    Manga: I would love to watch Orange adapted into anime and the other choice would be probably Velvet Kiss made into OVA.
    Novel: I think Shadows of the Apt by Adrian Tchaikovsky. It’s great, really deep fantasy with a bit of steampunk and magic and fictional human races based on insects. Check it out if you have some extra time, it’s a great read.
    Film: I don’t know… I won’t force myself to forcibly name something.

    1. I feel very obligated to at least write down my choices. So here we go… =)

      Manga: Liar Game! So much love for Liar Game! I won’t bore you with my proclaimations of love for it =X The only other one that I feel like deserves to be re-animated is actually Fruits Baskets… I loved that ending and it’s a shame they never got there in the original anime.
      Novel: Everyone gave like a action/adventure series so I’ll list a book I think will make a good romantic/drama/josei – Something Borrowed. Don’t hate because I think it’ll make a really good entertaining anime. The formula of the story is very well suited for anime – beats around the bush, lots of love triangles/octagons and very over-exaggerated characters.
      Movies: Ender’s Game (which was actually a novel first so fail on my part) would make for a great sci-fi anime. Movie was meh, but novel is great original material and the main characters are kids! Yay for more anime about kids! My second choice would be Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s fun, full of action/adventure and I think it has potential to be a long-running anime =)

      1. Pirates of the Caribbean, a long-running series? The movies should have stopped after the first one! The others were tripe. I shudder to think what would happen if they were animated. (Unless they just did the first one, or did the first one and then did something else. That would be cool.)

        I’d hate to force any seiyuu to try to out-Depp Johnny Depp, though. It would be fun to see, but I’m afraid they’d fail.

      2. @Windaerie: I’m an optimist =) I’d like to think that in the right hands, anything can be adapted well or at least accurately haha

        @Stilts Onii-chan: WHAT?! I thought the 2nd and 3rd ones were fine =P and they re-used a lot of the same characters and lots of potential couples… it would make for such a fun anime about treasure hunting and immortality ^^ I don’t know which seiyuu could actually pull off Captain Jack Sparrow… but maybe someone with a deeper/grungy-er voice =3

      3. Whaaaaat no you’re wrong. The first one was good because they maintained what was primarily a pirate-themed adventure with the twist of those skeleton crew at the end to make it something grander and larger than life – I still remember the first time I saw the crew walk across the bottom of the see *shivers* – but the other two turned the fantasy things up to 11 and lost all the fun pirate adventure from the first film. Also they tried to turn Sparrow into a good guy, and he was much more fun as a lovable rogue.

        Besides, while the witty quips in the first one were both funny and revealed character – lines like Norrington: “You are without a doubt the worst pilot I have ever heard of.” Jack Sparrow: “Ah, but you have heard of me!”…in that single line they tell us almost everything we need to know about Sparrow! – in the later ones they were just…meh. Witty sometimes, but only witty for their own sakes.

        Yes, I’ve had this discussion before, in case you’re wondering ^^

      4. And I’m with you on that Stilts. It’s not that 2nd and 3rd one were bad or unenjoyable but they definitely were forced money grab and you can feel it in the story and characters development.

      5. Im right with you on Caribbean 2 and 3 being fine (considering the flaws of course). Yes, we all know that the first one was the best but 2 and 3 dont completely deserve to be thrown into the lion’s den the way most ppl do. Only truly terrible movies deserve that fate.

  8. Speaking of the fujoshi pie, I was looking at some of the possible upcoming anime for summer, and I was really surprised to see a lot of fujoshi-targeted titles. First let me get this out of my system: FREE gets a second season?! For a show w/o any substantial plot? My hope for the anime industry died a little inside. Anyways, outrage aside, I see…

    -1 shoujo (Ao Haru Ride).
    -2 shounen-ai/yaoi? titles (DRAMAtical Murder and love stage).
    -2 random shows that I’m not sure about but seem to be centered on bishies (Bakumatsu Rock and Shounen Hollywood)
    -Kuroshitsuji (which has a huge female fanbase).

    I think this is a trend…the anime industry has definitely realized the power of the female market(and perhaps there has been an increase of fujoshi population to make this possible?), but based on these titles I’m not so sure its a good thing. I can’t really speak for the other titles but from the short description of the two random shows…it seems like what we’re getting is more fanservice shows (like Free). Although it’s good to see the anime industry move away from otaku-centric but fanservice shows for girls are still fanservice shows. As a girl I wouldn’t complain if they had some sort of decent plot but…sigh.

      1. Stilts-Senpai noticed me! *blushes in corner*

        Joking aside, I want to thank you and every other blogger on this site. You guys have kept me informed and entertained for so many years. Even inspired me to blog, though I pretty much suck at it, lol.

    1. +1 for Yandere Kanojo 🙂
      At first sight the title is a bit misleading. Yan=Yankee, so Yandere = Delinquent but “lovey dovey”
      It’s a funny slice of life comedy but also a romantic comedy… and the characters all have interesting background stories.
      Just a word of warning: it is being published both on paper and online at the same time, but the chapters appearing online are not the sames as the one on paper. In other words, to know the full details of the story you should read both! So in order to read them all, find a place where the chapters are numbered and ordered correctly, such as chaper 1, chapter 1.5, chapter 2, etc. (the .5 being the paper chapters). For example b*t*t*.net .
      After reading quite a bit, I also wish the did an anime, I would be quite interested to see who would voice Reina 🙂

  9. Great Podcast, guys! I always love listening to these. Also Kairi is right, Immortal Rain is awesome 🙂

    So uh.. We can all throw our picks forward right? In that case..

    Manga: I don’t know how many of you’ve read it, but my choice has to be Magico. I really loved this series as I read it, but it was quite short; it only ran for little over a year. It had a great art style and had a little bit of everything, and did it all quite well. I don’t know who I’d have adapt it though.. :/

    Novels: Has to be Stephen Kings’ Dark Tower series. I’d like to see this one adapted to the screen in some way, and I actually think an anime would be the best fit for it. I feel like saying Ufotable is cheating, but I think they’d be well-suited to the material.

    Movie: Moonrise Kingdom. Or anything by Wes Anderson really, I think his eccentric style and colourful characters would lend themselves really well to an anime format. Oh and give it Brains Base to adapt!

    1. @Enzo: I can totally see that. I now demand a collaboration.

      @Stilts: I think it was actually pretty popular for a good portion of its run, but that started to dwindle when the pacing slowed down. WSJ, being the cut-throats that they are quickly axed it. A real loss, in my eyes. The epilogue was great though.

  10. Good English novel to convert to anime? S.M. Stirling’s Shadowspawn trilogy.

    Who wants a sadistic, incestuous vampire girl who also happens to be a bisexual yandere? How about New World Order-level storyline and a pretty unique twist on the vampire concept? Did I mention nuclear weapons? Yeah it definitely fits the bill 😛

  11. I’ve read, and loved, almost all of Tad Williams’ books.

    The titles of the Otherland series are:
    1. City of Golden Shadow
    2. River of Blue Fire
    3. Mountain of Black Glass
    4. Sea of Silver Light

    This is indeed a great science fiction series that would scratch the same itch as Sword Art, .hack, or Log Horizon. It would be great to see all these virtual worlds brought to life. One interesting feature is that the main hero and heroine are African. There’s a lot of great stuff about a futuristic Africa trying to catch up to the rest of the world in the late 21st century. Adapting this series properly would require a level of racial sensitivity which is, ahem, sadly lacking in the anime industry.

    The Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series is:
    1. The Dragonbone Chair
    2. Stone of Farewell
    3. To Green Angel Tower

    This series would fit nicely into the shounen fantasy adventure genre. Has a bit of grit and a lot of heart.

    There’s also the Shadowmarch series:
    1. Shadowmarch
    2. Shadowplay
    3. Shadowrise
    4. Shadowheart

    This is another fantasy adventure series. Unlike MS&T, which took place is a medieval-esque setting, this one is in a more early-modern setting. They have guns. Japanese audiences raised on shows set in the Sengoku era where swords coexisted with cannons would totally get this series. Main characters are a teenage brother and sister trying to save their country from vengeful elves on one side and an evil empire on the other.

    A big issue with adapting these series into anime is that to do the story justice and get the structure and pacing right, you need to be in it for the long haul. Each volume would take at least a season (To Green Angel Tower would probably take two…it’s over 1000 pages in hardcover and was split into two volumes in paperback).

    I think the best bet for a Tad Williams book to be adapted into anime is War of the Flowers, a standalone novel about a man who gets drawn into a conflict between different factions of elves. It could probably be done as a one-cour show.

    1. Well, in truth we’re just having fun here, because none of these books will ever be an anime! But while the length issue is a real one (these epic series are a few thousand pages each) I actually think Tad’s very early (maybe first?) book “Tailchaser’s Song” would be a great anime, and could easily be done in a cour.

      Oh, and Orlando was the hero of “Otherland”, dammit…

  12. Zani deserves way more recognition for the shout at The Diving Bell and The butterfly. What a magical trip. It almost feels more akin to a spell-binding experience with lush visual around you than a mere cinematic feature.

    And it feels like it can legitimately and totally work as an adaptation rather than just a mere thoughtless call-out just because it’s good. In anime form it can be a much grander visual wonder,

    1. Hey, this was pretty good 🙂 I’m amazed how you guys were able to keep the discussion from being a complete chaos, given how big the panel is. And the audio quality is damn good, something I remember was a big pain in the first few podcasts. I had a good time hearing this, thanks for doing it.

      Some random curiosities:

      -It’s too bad you guys didn’t post the names of the manga, novels, movies and VNs! I was able to catch a few (like Immortal Rain, mainly because they were english names), but there’s no way I’m remembering full japanese names pronounced by non-native speakers :s And it’s bad because I’d really like to check them out, oh well.

      -Really great hearing that winter blu-ray talk and your thoughts on the industry right now.
      >I don’t know much about the specifics and I’m sure I’m missing something here, but aren’t shounens also a big revenue generator for anime that isn’t part of fujoshi or otaku pandering?
      >Also, I completely disagree on that SSY argument. The show by no means deserved high sales in my opinion. It was an original story, but Oh-so-badly executed. The first three episodes or so were great, but after the big revelation the story got convoluted, lost a lot of focus at times and failed at creating a good picture of what this entire world was like. Sometimes it focused on MC’s heterosexual feelings, other times in her DNA-infused-homosexual desires, and then bam! World domination is around the corner, yo!
      >Enzo had some great thoughts during this part, was a pleasure to hear the guy.

      -Methinks that a good alternative for anime staff to make anime and not suffer through the whole process would be to get together, possibly have a good résumé, and go for Kickstarter. If the idea is good enough, people will back it. Look at LWA. That way they can work in a more relaxed environment and possibly produce better stuff.

      All in all it was a good listen, I’ll stick around for next time, or at least to see what the topics are about. I’ll go now and take a look at previous podcasts, maybe just maybe a Divine or *gasp* Omni guest appearance?

      1. “It’s too bad you guys didn’t post the names of the manga, novels, movies and VNs!”

        That. And not only about japanese ones but it’s also hard to catch english title for non-native. I was going to write about it but totally forgot.

      2. Sorry about not labeling them with the choices, didn’t want to ruin the surprise, but you had a good point. Maybe next time we do this sort of thing.

        On Kickstarter-
        Anime cost a LOT to produce. Kickstarter is nice, but very few campaigns get more than $1mil USD, and Little Witch Academia only for $625K! Kickstarters also require a level of fan feedback that can be nice, but can also distract from actually doing the work of producing the content. It’s a nice idea, and for certain projects it’s a phenomenal platform, but not for anime. Anime require too much money to produce.

      3. Are there any sites around to see this stuff – how much did X series cost? I think you’re right that anime costs a lot of money, the LWA campaign proves this and can be used as some sort of parameter to guide upon, but have studios ever divulged budget figures to the audience?

      4. Plenty of times, but I’ll give you the simple math.

        The Little Witch Academia 2 Kickstarter was launched asking for $150K for an additional 20 minutes of footage (from a 20min ep to a 40min ep). That’s almost certainly straight footage only – any salary, management, marketing, production tools, & etc costs were probably already paid for. If a studio were to try to do it all from the ground up, they’d need a LOT more.

        Also, I don’t like the idea of us getting into a habit of buying based upon the idea of a thing. It’s one thing to drop down a few bucks for an art collection or for a webcomic you’ve already read that you want to see in print, but for these things that could end up being shite for totally legit creative differences…ehhh, I’d prefer not to see us go down that path too often. But that’s another argument.

      5. Don’t worry, I can speculate based on LWA’s price too 🙂 Was wondering if we had concrete numbers for an entire series, whether it was from pre2010 or a recent show. Anywhere. It’s obvious that an entire series will cost more than something that’s intended to be 40-60 mins, but often in the anime scene I see people just speculating, and never actually having numbers to prove their points (that’s why I enjoyed the BD sales talk). Once again, I completely agree with you that an entire series is more expensive, but does anyone have any reference as to how much?

        Another (obvious) point that is worth making is that most probably something like 20 mins of regular LWA quality won’t be as cheap as regular Naruto or One Piece quality, shows which cut corners (un-stylistically too) because they have a budget which they must make it last, and added to that even have a manga to take the storyboard from and save a lot of pre-production work.

    2. I’m surprised I didn’t hear anything about any Brandon Sanderson adaptations! His worlds are original, his characters are the right amount of cliché for a TV show and he doesn’t have any content that’s too mature to alienate people. Mistborn or even Elantris could be a good fit, plus I can already see the changes they’d make to fit the show to their audience. Dat Vin fanservice in highborn dresses :s …

  13. Ah, you guys made me watch Ikoku Meirou again. (Not that I’m mad or anything.) It’s cute stuff.

    Man, Claude is such a tsundere.

    I wish they had gone deeper into a few things, like how old IS Yune? She looks like she’s 10, but I think that’s just the Moetron beam. She’s definitely older, but the way she’s drawn, it’s impossible to tell. (I think the manga dealt with it, but I don’t remember anymore.)

    And besides Yune’s sister, I really wanted to know more about her family, and why she came to Paris… and if she ever went back to Japan, or just made pot-au-feu for Claude for the next 50 years or so…

      1. Thanks. I didn’t want to have to plow through all of the manga to find that out. I could have sworn that was in the anime… but I didn’t see any reference.

        At any rate, it was full of the ほのぼのs.

  14. Hahaha i cant believe you guys mentioned army of darkness and didnt think of Gainax as a studio to translate its B-movie greatness….shame on you guys :); they are perfect for that movie..maybe even trigger.

  15. The manga I want to see turned into an anime is the manga version of the famous Chikan Otoko (Molester Man) thread on 2ch: “I was mistaken for a molester.” It’s a horrible name for a series, but the manga is *really* good. Guy gets mistaken for a molester/stalker, realistic tangled love story ensues!

    That and “Himouto, Umaru-chan!” That one would make a “D’awww”-filled short series.

  16. My picks:
    Manga – Sumire 16-sai. This manga is about an old man who controls a full sized puppet of a high schoolgirl and goes to school with it. At first glance that setting just feels so wrong and inappropriate, yet when you read it you will find just how awesome it really is. The manga had me rofl almost every chapter with the lengths the old man went to preserve the act of the doll called Sumire, but it also managed some really heart felt moments with some of the characters she meets.

    Novels – I’m going with stilts senpai on this with the Terry Pratchett’s books, although I would prefer the books that focused on Sam Vines and the proud watchmen of the glorious city of Ankh Morpork, and if there was only one book that gets adapted I want it to be Night Watch. For another pick I would also like the Night Watch series by Sergei Lukyanenko. Its setting of the forces of Light and Dark who do battle against each other in the urban sprawl that is the city of Moscow would be so very interesting to watch. I think either Madhouse or Production IG would probably be able to do it justice.

    Movies – nothing in particular, but if this was a perfect world I would totally love a more faithful anime adaptation of the Lord of the Rings. No disrespect to Peter Jackson, but I think the tweaks to the story he made have changed some of the lore to be worst off, and I’m not talking about just Tom Bombadillo or Arwen’s changed roles. I also felt the films couldn’t quite capture Middle Earth correctly and anime without having to be bound by the need for physical locations would be better able to portray the settings.

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