「新しい友達。」 (Atarashi Tomodachi)
“New Friend”

It’s been quite a while since a new character like Saki has appeared and instantly turned me into a fan.

Yamagishi Saki

It’s like the universe was listening to my dissatisfaction with last week’s episode and decided to throw me a bone! Sure Saki may not be the “hyper” character that the preview painted her as but her introduction and what she was able to do is definitely a huge milestone for the show.

I personally think that Fujimiya’s rule of being a bitch in class is pretty stupid. I’ve already gone on and on about how it’s ruined her image and probably made things worse than they needed to be but every time I talk about it I somehow come to the conclusion that it’s probably less painful for her that way. Throw in how Hase seems to share the same sentiments and you have this awkward situation that puts everyone in a lose-lose situation. Then comes Saki, a girl who somehow managed to do something in one episode that I thought would take the entire season to do. Effectively refuting all of Fujimiya’s points without saying a single word, she managed to put to rest Fujimiya’s silly “rule” while simultaneously fixing up her public image. And all it took was some persistence and a crepe!

In all honesty though, I think it’s great we finally have a second girl in our main cast. Besides opening the other half of the world for Fujimiya (girls hanging out with girls is totally different than girls hanging out with guys) her slightly air-headed personality provides her a legitimate reason to push forward while facing uncertainty straight in the face! That and it also makes her look super cute too, haha.

Hase is slowly growing too!

After last week’s disaster, I’m happy to see that everyone’s grown a bit. In Hase’s case, I was extremely pleased to see that he didn’t turn into a sulking mess as Saki entered the picture. Not only because it would be a thousand steps in the wrong direction but I just hate it when people are stuck wallowing around in their sorrows and refuse to do something about it. (Disclaimer: I am also guilty of doing this when it was related to my crush so I can totally understand.) Anyways, I’m pleased to see that even with his insecurity showing he’s able to keep his cool and see all the positives that Saki brings.

Looking Ahead

I AM SO EXCITED FOR NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE. With the title double confirming that our next destination will be Fujimiya’s house, I can’t wait to see what happens between Hase and Fujimiya’s mom. Hopefully it’ll answer some of the questions that each episode has brought up? Like, does her mom know about all of this!? If not, it looks like Saki and Shougo are going to interact a bit!




  1. Man, they are blazing through the manga.

    I’m really wondering where they are going to go after they run out of chapters. I guess an anime original ending is guaranteed now.

  2. Honestly, I think the word “bitch” for Fujimiya’s in-class persona is way too strong. She was overly distant, but that usually is a good way to stay below people’s notice, not like she actively hurt people.

    That said, nice going Saki-chan! A change this big happening so soon really was a pleasant surprise.


    Adding Saki into the scene makes it more hngggggg!!! I just love how Kaori and Saki interacting with each other more than with Hase! And damn, aint jealous Hase soo cute XDDD This world needs more people like Saki XDDD (i mean the anime world lol)…she has bad childhood memories, and yes she chose to move on and change to better. She’s not judge-mental and she’s so relax, i like it! You dont find someone like her lying around y’know!

    ahh, i had my boost for today…grinning all the way ^_____^ best girl Saki ftw! cant wait for next week! Hase and Kaori’s mom! i’m expecting some “please take care of my daughter…” from Mrs. Fujimiya XDD

    onion warrior
  4. I watched some of the episode mostly skipping. I am not the target audience, from now on I will only come and read the post. I have never watched callous but for some reason this anime animation give me that vibe.

  5. I really liked how Hase was initially jealous (as you’d expect him to be!) of Saki’s introduction to the group, especially when the girls were on a first name basis.

    But his reticence evaporated once Saki pulled “Kaori-chan” out of her shell in class. That shows that he’s not just a possessive jerk, but really happy of Saki’s influence.

    Adam Skinner
    1. I don’t see how its creepy (well ok I do) but “i don’t trust him” or “im worried about her” “let’s follow them” is a pretty common rom-com played for laughs trope. they did it in nisekoi, GE good ending (manga), and im sure others as well

  6. Cute is the only way to sum this up. No diabetes, just warm and pleasant fuzzies all around.
    Except for Hase, that is some obsessive, BPD-level stalking right there.

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Isshuukan%20Friends/Isshuukan%20Friends%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2029.jpg
    She really does look better with a smile. 🙂

    I’m a little surprised that they weren’t caught while “making sure everything was ok”.

    exhibit A…

    Granted, the small changing room would limit Fujimiya’s field of vision, but i definitely feel like she would have seen Hase poking his head around the shelves. That or she (like me) was entranced by the amount of cuteness contained in a small space.

    and exhibit B…


    Maybe the artwork is throwing me off, but it doesn’t look like that pillar is right up against the railing. In which case, Fujimiya literally could have just looked to her right and caught Hase. Anime magic….. you make me confused.

    All that aside…I’m happy Saki pulled Fujimiya out of her box! 😀 That AND she recognized Hase? Oh man…things are going TOO well. This show is hardcore baiting us to get hit by unexpected feels.

    Despite having finals next week…. Next week come faster!!!!

  8. I like the way Saki-chan brought out the smile from Kaori-chan. :3 And yes, sometimes girls hanging out with girls can bring about more changes in Kaori than if she’s stuck with Hase. Hase being a little possessive is quite cute too. :3 and good thing that what happened with Shougo didn’t happen with Saki-chan. 😀 That’s going overboard if it did.

    Pickled Cucumber
  9. Well, I’m not seeing this anime. I was searching for Love Live s2 coverage and stumbled with this.
    But I must ask… for the screens looks like yuri-friendly. Is this show yuri friendly?

  10. At first, I thought after seeing this post, I would maybe unlike this new character called Saki, but, boy, was I wrong. I wasn’t even annoyed with her, in fact, I liked her, and damn she’s as kawaii as Fujimiya.

    Also, gonna like that next episode

    Red HeartGold ZX
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