What would you do if you managed to accumulate two Rinnegan? Well, I know what Madara would do: multiple his epic shadows while throwing down the ultimate in technique names. Catastrophic Planetary Destruction? I don’t even. Should’ve figured the first thing he’d do is toss some meteors…

But yeah, really, it gives you a sense of how immensely over powered both Madara and our main cast is, and the scale is literally off the “planetary charts” now. That said, it was quite interesting how Sakura actually takes the initiative this week, even if her offensive ends up doing nothing to our now “eye in the forehead” wielding villain. And well, really that’s all about it to this chapter. To say the least, most of the techniques used speak for themselves, and the real fun (the Infinite Tsukuyomi) doesn’t begin until next week. So… guess we’ll just have to wait till then to see just how quickly his plan gets executed—even though it’s almost a given that even if he implements it, there’s no way it’ll hold our main cast in for long (if at all)…


  1. Wild guess. What if Madara’s technique actually releases the Ten Tails’ body from the Moon? Still counts as a possibility.

    In any case the technique actually works, wouldn’t they have to make eye contact with the moon fro the technique to work?

    1. The ten tail’s body was already summoned, it is now known as the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. Madara summoned it a long time ago. This is why the Statue held the 9 tailed beasts, so that when all of it is gathered, the revival of the ten tails would begin. Which is what happened.

      1. Guess you are right. Forgot about that, sorry.

        Still, there seem to be several loopholes to the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Looking at it with some common sense (well, common sense, from several viewpoints, ignoring immediate-future plot twists), the moon turns into a massive eye that casts a worldwide genjutsu, but wouldn’t it require the target to gaze into it?

        Also, I know it’s not a regular technique, but in any case, it’s not like the moon can shine all over the world at the same time, it is orbiting around the world after all, so I’m kind of expectant on a sudden plot twist directly involving the Ten Tails, not just through Madara.

  2. I’d rather Madara succeeded in casting the Infinite Tsukoyomi. We would be able to escape from the nightmare direction this plot has taken, and it would grant interesting food for thought.

  3. Most likely Infinite Tsukoyomi goes off, and everyone goes into their idealized dream world. Then everyone realizes that they prefer reality and break through the dream world sort of thing…. calling it >.>

  4. Sakura: “Sasuke-kun…doesn’t seem to care…”


    What pisses me off the most is that after all Naruto has done for her, she literally fucking throws him behind the bush the instant Sasuke’s back. No, I will not understand her obsession with him. It’s bad almost to the point of being psychotic/overly attached.

    1. Yeah, it never ceases to surprise me that Kishi can be that bad at writing Sakura. This is the second time we thought we’d be getting Team 7 teamwork, only for Sakura to be completely useless again. And no, being so weak relative to Naruto/Sasuke/Madara in terms of power wasn’t enough. Her still caring about Sasuke is just the cherry on top that tells us she actually hasn’t grown much as a person either.

      1. Agreed. Thus far everytime we see a grow with her she does something stupid. Its like she takes one step foward but then takes two back. Every time she charges i think she just feds her ego(more that Sasuke)

        Kishi mentions he has a hard time writing females. The 2 series that i consider my favorites Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya also had a really and i mean really week female cast.

        Also well many people complain what does Sakura sees in Sasuke, i wonder what the hell does Naruto sees in Sakura? Sakura’s and Ino’s feeling have been somewhat mention as they started as a girly cruch and evolved, Hinata’s afection for Naruto started as admiration and finaly into love, but whats the blonds excuse h is only obcesing with her without a freaking reason.

        but heck it my opinion and people may disagre wich is ok to me, i respect your but i hope you respect mine.

  5. I think people are jumping the gun a bit on Sakura’s thought. I understand why but still…

    At the moment anyway, I’d like to give her a bit more credit in that it’s not (completely) based on past feelings from Part 1, but rather she was seeing and confirming to herself that Sasuke hasn’t yet truly returned to their side despite his proclamation to become Hokage. That, like Naruto and others had suspected before (with the way they glanced/glared at him a few times), there is some sort of ulterior motive to Sasuke helping them and wanting to become Hokage. That he didn’t save her because of being a comrade or friend or anything like that.

    1. Well I don’t mind sakura. At least she’s trying something, I mean if hinata tried to strike madara she would be dead now. Thanks to sakura’s healing ability she was able to stay alive. I still don’t understand where the hinata fans started because hinata has literally done like 4 things in the whole series.
      1. Get her ass handed to her by Neji in part 1
      2.Get her ass handed to her by pain( then naruto went 6 tails destroying any of the black chakra receivers that was impaled in him making her useless)
      3. Getting her ass handed to her by zestu clones until naruto saved her
      4. Neji saving her and naruto from the 10 tails
      Sakura has done stupid stuff that’s for sure, but you can like whoever character you want. I just don’t understand why hinata is more popular

      1. And, no offense to them, but that’s something about Sakura haters and/or Hinata lovers that irks me; the hypocrisy in that they’ll bash Sakura for being “useless”, “stupid”, or something whenever she does practically anything, yet they seem to love whenever Hinata does practically anything even if what she does IS truly stupid like her jumping in against Pain (which her “death” could’ve potentially resulted in getting EVERYONE killed with Naruto going berserker 6 and 8 tails, and even almost releasing that half of Kurama completely were it not for hax seal magic by Minato), and, as you mentioned, the fact that she has literally done next to nothing meaningful (to the story) throughout the ENTIRE story thus far besides being used as a tease for Naru/Hina fans while any time she’s part of the actual action, she doesn’t end up that well in the end.

        I don’t hate Hinata nor do I love Sakura. I love good fanfics, but in terms of the actual story I just don’t see why Sakura gets hated on so much (at least throughout most of Part 2) while Hinata is treated like a “perfect” being when she’s guilty for doing just as bad if not worse than what bashers say about Sakura.

  6. Sakuras way of thinking is correct, even if you’re up against someone who can totally kick your ass, its better to do something rather than stand around talking about it. Making a run at Madara was a brave thing to do.

      1. Just because she’s a healer, that doesn’t mean Sakura, or any healer, can’t fight up front if they have an ability to do so. Her style takes after Tsunade, who uses her superb chakra control to enhance her blows while also being able to tank a lot more than the average shinobi. Yes there are many medical shinobi who are completely specialized in healing and would not do well in combat at all, but ones like Tsunade, Shizune, and Sakura use their chakra control to make up for that otherwise lack of more diverse abilities.

        In fact that very line of thinking (medical shinobi = non-combatant = little threat) is one of the reasons why ones like Tsunade, Shizune, and Sakura have the potential to be more dangerous than your average shinobi; by being heavily underestimated by enemies. This gives ones like them an edge with surprise by an opponent(s) not taking them seriously and gives them more opportunities to strike the opponent(s) openings (because of letting their guard down). All they need is one opening and a single touch by them can disable, cripple, or kill an opponent easily if one has the knowledge and surely Shizune and Sakura would possess such knowledge with both being trained by Tsunade.

      2. Yeah but that dosent mean she can charge head up, i mean, the last chapters that have more of her trying to say she stand on equal ground with Naruto and Sasuke jus because.

        I mean she stated she didnt want to be saved by them and be strong when she became Tsunade’s student but thus far she has need to be saved alot still, despite she wanting to grow and cant help to feel she still needs to actually start thinking and stop using Naruto and Sasuke as an excuse.

        This is personal but 676 and she still seems to be the girl that was to impress others, dont get me wrong as Hinata is no better. Again the series has 676 chapters and well i cant see much of their character develpment.

        Heck filler and movie girls had more character development in a single movie or arc, heck Shizuka showed more in a sinlge 20 minute episode that the entire female cast of Naruto in the entire series even if she is filler.

        Also one thing after seeing theending of the chapter but for a strange reason, if any of you has seen the last 2 episodes of digimon adventure 2 you may know what im talking about, how the character Davis isint afected and then breaks everyone free i cant help to think that Naruto and/or Sasuke will do something similar

      3. Sakura: I think I finally caught up

        .. and then she charged towards Madara without much of a plan.. I wouldn’t call her plan “I’ll tank Madara” a good one.. Good thing is, Sasuke is good with coop play..

        And what the hell is with this reaction? –> “Sasuke-kun doesn’t seem to care”
        He responded to her plan so I wouldn’t call that not caring..


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