「ここはリアルファイト!」 (Koko wa Riaru Faito!)
“This is a Real Fight!”

I think this episode was a good middle ground between giving NOT the freedom to be what it wants to be while catering a bit more to the original audience that the original anime created. That or maybe Patty and Liz are just that awesome of characters?

Patty and Liz Thompson

First off, let me apologize for incorrectly stating that this time period is from before they met Kid. As you can obviously tell, I haven’t read much of the source material so I kind of lost it when I saw the three of them in the preview!

Anyways, I thought it was really awesome to see Patty and Liz before they went full time at being Kid’s partner. I slightly remember them talking about their troubled past during the original but to see the two in their delinquent days was a real treat. That being said, we really didn’t learn too much about the pair. Seeing how they’re so prominently displayed during the opening sequence, I’m hoping we get some more before things are over. Plus, I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves it when Liz shows us her deredere side!

But boy oh boy, was it fun to see Kid. Busting out his trademark obsession with symmetry, there’s never a time where I will object to seeing more Kid. That said it also probably doesn’t hurt that I’m a huge fan of Mamoru Miyano’s sexy voice and will never refuse to watch something he’s in.

Tsugumi <3

A few episodes back, I remember feeling quite sympathetic toward her after seeing the prodigies she has to deal with. Luckily she’s finally getting an opportunity to strut what makes her such a strong person. We’ve seen glimpses of it before but how can you not love just how honest and determined she is? Using this episode as an example, I think it did a great job at demonstrating how powerful it is to face your fears. Because sometimes not only will you grow from what you learn but you’ll be able to help others too!

Sure Patty and Liz may not be evil inside but Tsugumi didn’t know that for sure! So good on her for using her tough personality and getting those two to have a change of heart.

Looking Ahead

With that evil witch stirring up some trouble in Death City, it looks like we’re headed down a pretty awesome path. With Anya finally getting a chance to wield Tsugumi again, hopefully Meme will get a chance to show us what she’s made of. Man, wouldn’t it be awkward if Meme and Tsugumi weren’t able to match their wavelengths? Till next week!




      1. But NOT gives a totally different feel to the Soul Eater I’ve known that originally aired in 2008…and I dropped NOT after the end of Episode 2. Following its coverage on Randomc closely though as I might start picking this show back again if it gets interesting, but so far, no.

  1. … sooooo… I’m not sure WHAT Tsugumi accomplished by the end of the episode. The sisters still act like delinquents. They did befriend her, so I suppose that makes up for it? Dunno.

    Anyway, I got a MAJOR problem with this episode! The Thompson sisters were acting like rude employees. …..why didn’t the master just FIRE them!? I was siding with the angry businessman customer on this one! Why would an employer actually KEEP two staff members if all they do is score a 0% on their assessments?! Why isn’t he DOING anything about their abuse?? He NEVER ONCE stops them at even the slightest provocation! I know they are working there as part of their probation and so they are kinda of shielded from being fired, but they threaten to be several times a day!! What the figgin Hell!?!

    The opening montage of Patti living a good life for once is never elaborated upon in the rest of the episode, and until the rest of this show outright explains that to us, it’s a great example of “show don’t tell” in screenplay writing! 😀

    1. That’s what i said. Sure the water to the face might have been a little much but you certainly can’t say they didn’t deserve it. The way i see it if you act like dicks to people you really can’t expect for them not to treat you the same. Saying that people “don’t understand you” is irrelevant because how can you just expect them to know what you’ve been through when all you’ve shown is unwarranted hostility? Their just lucky that a bunch of masochists like Tsugumi and a few others were walking around lol.

    2. What I got from it is that they grew up in a life of luxury until whatever happened that exiled them / caused their family to abandon them. (Not too much of a stretch if you ask me)

      In terms of their attitude, I think Tsugumi and the Owner of the cafe made it clear that they didn’t mean what they were doing — they just were kind of stuck in that mode from having to be complete d-bags back in Brooklyn. Because you know, it’s Brooklyn.

      1. @Takaii: That’s pretty much how I read it. It’s not that the sisters were deliberately trying to cause trouble, per se, it’s just that the way they were acting was the only way they knew how to act with people. It’s the way they’d needed to act in order to survive living on the streets. Learning how to act differently now that they were in a less brutal environment was part of what they were working there for, and that’s why the owner gave them as much leeway as he did, even at the cost to his business. He knew they weren’t trying to be bitches to everyone, they just didn’t know any other way to act.

        We saw near the end that Patty was frustrated with how things were turning out, saying they were doing everything they were supposed to do. They simply didn’t know how to handle things any better.

    3. I had the same impression when watching this. Was just thinking “geez…who the hell would continue to have such rude girls in their staff?”. Was pretty bad for business as shown in the episode. I do like that they are showing their delinquent story, but my gosh, if you have not been introduced to those characters in the original Soul Eater series, I am sure you would not be able to stand them in this episode. Their rudeness was almost to the point of off-putting.

  2. But anyway, the two sisters, put the Feet of the Princess and the others a little back onto the earth. Not all out there is shining like Heaven. The Sisters let them taste a glimpse of the Street Laws. a hard awaking of Dreams

  3. I only know Soul Eater as far as the anime, so im used to the calm and scaredy-cat Liz and air-headed always smiling Patty, so it was really an eye opener to see the sisters being so scary. And yes there is never a dull moment with Death the Kid. Giving him an obsession with symmetry is a really awesome character flaw.


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