「風の星で」 (Kaze no Hoshi de)
“On the Windy Planet”

It’s now appearing as if the middle section of Captain Earth is going to consist largely of the weekly introductions of all the missing designer children. Whatever you may think of that in narrative terms it kind of makes sense, since we’re likely to see that take us up to the cour break (it was revealed in the preview that there are only two more after this episode, and we met one of them already) with the story entering a new phase as the summer season kicks in.

This week’s entry is Lin – Planetary Gear name Lieben – played by none other than Megumi Han. I’m anxious to see her get more lead roles because she’s displaying a ton of range, but for now Han-san seems mostly to be surfacing in supporting roles like this one, a designer child who’s much less dissimilar to her PG form than any of the others we’ve seen. Lin is a biker chick with a need for speed, and participating in a shady research program called “Install” under the direction of a doctor who clearly knows a great deal about what’s really going on here than a simple college professor should.

Lieben gets the usual wake-up call (this time it’s Amara who gets the spit-trading honors) and her run in with the Midsummers Knights is pretty stock and trade to what we’ve come to expect from Captain Earth by now – long launch sequences, great animation, not a tremendous number of surprises. The twist here is that she actually engages Daichi in conversation before they battle – the most interesting part of which is her reference to the PGs as the “real” humans” – and that he lets her slip away in the end, actually turning into a Kiltgang. Fortunately this gives Teppei a chance to earn his stripes, as he’s been back at the lab working out his new capabilities with Westvillage. Teppei’s been feeling the strain of not doing his part, but he launches his newly named “Nebula Engine” and with his Livelaster manages to defeat Lieben and save the planet for another day.

Lieben was more interesting that the last couple of designer children (thanks in part to Han’s usual excellence), and I like the fact that she seemed to retain so much of herself in either form, but I do find the pattern here getting a bit repetitive. I’m ready for the story to move onto the next stage, but we do have those two additional DC to deal with, and me see the first one here – Setsuna (Kudou Haruka, who’s actually also playing chibi-Livi on Soredemo Sekai this season). She’s linked in with the doctor in charge of Lin’s experiment and has a psychedelic squirrel of her own, so it seems safe to assume she’s going to enter the story in a quite different fashion from Lin, Zin and Ai.




  1. So we can assume that somewhere down the line that Akira and Hana will also get an engine. then they will all combine into a much bigger, Cough cough let not going there we all know that Daichi final move is some giant boomerang

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Captain%20Earth/Captain%20Earth%20-%2010%20-%20Preview%2002.jpg “There can only be one!”

    Kinda tired of the generic “villain must talk shit before, during, and after a fight” cliche. Why can’t we just get a villain that doesn’t talk at all and just starts wrecking people?! Throw in a couple of menacing smiles once in a while. I mean seriously, every single designer child just talks that shit and then gets their ass whooped. It’s annoying as hell to watch that every episode.

    Bring back Teppei’s awesome dad, we need more of him. Also, I’m tired of Hana’s boobs, we know they’re big, bring back belly button forte!

  3. I don’t understand this show. Can someone explain where these ‘designer children’ come from? Did I fall asleep and miss some critical piece of information??? I am pretty lost. This show is so weird too me. Plus, why are we entrusting the fate of the whole world to these little kids? No adults or soldiers travel around with Captain Earth for protection? This show just seems to make no sense in that regard.

    I can usually accept child heroes no problem but for some reason this show seems to make a lot less sense than usual. For instance, in “puella magi madoka magica”, I understodd perfectly what was going on and why we had child heroes. I didn’t even give it a second thought. But this show it makes a lot less sense.

    Besides those bad points I find it enjoyable. Really like Akari. I find his relationship with Hanna quite heart warming

    Rick Anime
  4. Someday Akari will use her Navel Forte against the Kiltgang, to devastating effect.(σ-`д・´)

    Also the kids need another friendly alien on their side. The mean, crazy and strange alien opposition is increasing in number.

  5. Just noticed inside the expansion stations the letters changed from ‘EEE’ to ‘NEE’, so I guess the first letter stands for ‘Earth’ and ‘Nebula’ respectively.

  6. I’m getting the feeling that Lin could possibly end up switching sides in the future considering her conversation with Daichi coupled with the way she was shown after being defeated by Teppei.

    It’d be nice if she did as I was hoping that, considering the failure of getting Ai last episode, she could be the one to be reached by the Earth gang first this time and I just like her character more.

    That said, it does seem confusing on just who or what the Designer Children are. How do they know where the others are who, for some reason, lost their memories? What the heck IS Pitz and the other squirrel thing, alien creatures or something?

    In the meantime, the Angel’s own potential critical hit was intercepted by a timely Akari appearance!

  7. Now that we know not just Malkin can do the memory kiss, but any of the planetary gears, there is a solution that could quickly gain allies for the heroes.

    Just have Teppei go around and kiss anyone who looks down. Eventually, he will end up kissing one of the sleeping designer children. He just has to insert his memories of being satisfied with a normal human life and convince them to join Globe.

    Problem solved!

  8. Fun little point about this week’s ep – it has an absolute tonne of sequences that evoke Sailor Moon S (the venerable show’s third season). Of course, a good few of the production crew for this show worked on Sailor Moon and the show is getting topical again (with the remastered releases and a new series due shortly) so that’s perhaps not entirely surprising.

    The most obvious connection is Lin’s motorbike-introduction, which almost exactly replicates Haruka/Uranus’s, but there are lots of other little shots in there as well.

  9. at the end of every episode, in my head i hear, “looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off again!”

    I would welcome some tragedy/plot twist to this story. Like some Urobutcher tragedy. Mudddle the mixture. Do something… because i’ve watched the same events unfold for the past few episodes. I wouldn’t say it’s boring…but i hope that the story will take an interesting turn soon.

    1. Yeah, honestly we’re getting a different character doing the same thing, over and over. I personally hope the next child won’t turn evil in a simple manner like the rest, or just won’t at all.

  10. With how the “real humans” are defined, I’m expecting a battle royal with severed heads flying once all the designer children are awakened. In Mai-Hime it also didn’t start right away, so… Ah well, who am I kidding…

  11. I wonder if Lin/Lieban might be the first to jump sides. Of all the Designer Children so far she’s the only one who seems happy to just be herself. With her interest peaked about the “Wind” I wonder if maybe there will be a tipping point where she’ll change sides or at least start questioning the whole destroy earth thing.

  12. The only problem I have with this is the lack of explanation regarding the Designer Children and the Neoteny, if the manage to give me a satisfactory explanation before the end I will be happy.

    1. I doubt if they will ever explain where the designer children come from. Just seems like such a ridiculous thing to gloss over this far into the series. I’m fine with mysteries and all but this is just too important to not even at least address in some form

      Rick Anime
  13. Also, Neoteny is apparently a stage in human development where child like qualities are carried over into adulthood. However, I don’t know how that ties into this series.


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