「友達とトモダチ」 (Tomodachi to Tomodachi)
“Friend and Friend”

I know we all probably saw it coming and it looks like the house of cards has finally started to crumble. The question is, can Hase and everyone around him pick up pieces and put it back together?

Will You Be My Friend?

A phrase that we’ve heard many times throughout the season, I think this week’s episode really made a point about just how hard it is to say those five simple words. Words that when combined together make such a powerful phrase that it can bring both happiness and sadness depending on the context. We’ve seen all the good things that come from those words and it feels like we’re getting a remedial lesson on all the negatives. Sure we may not ever come into contact with a situation as unique as Fujimiya’s, but in that context I don’t know if I could handle losing the connection and emotions I’ve built with that special person in my life. Because in the end, it’s all the small things you create together with your special someone that mean the world to you.

Which is probably why I started to really feel my chest tighten when Hase just couldn’t hold it in anymore. Even with his awkward personality, character faults, and submissive personality I wouldn’t wish what’s happening to him on even my worst enemy.

Shoubro (or maybe Tsunderebro) and Saki

After the little hints that the writers have been dropping, I’m sure it wasn’t too surprising to see Shougo and Saki end up in their own awkward romantic situation. While I never thought we would ever see Shougo admit to his feelings, I also never thought Saki would be the one to take the initiative. Which I guess is kind of funny since I always thought Shougo would be the one to make the first move. But if there’s anything we’ve learned from this series, that’s the fun part about romance isn’t it? Things don’t always go the way you want them to but it’s about rolling with the punches!

Looking Forward

Having coming full circle and starting back at square one, I haven’t the slightest clue what’s about to happen from here on out. With Fujimiya’s memories completely reset and Kujo single-handedly messing everything up without even trying, I don’t see much light at the end of the tunnel. That said, I believe that Hase will come up with something to bring back the Fujimiya we’ve grown together with. Because even with all the negative things I’ve said about him, he ain’t a quitter.

Till next week everyone!




    1. Eh, I blame Hase.
      He should have taken the opportunity to ask Kujo about what happened in the past, and try to work out a way to make things better for all involved.
      Instead, he just got angry at Kujo in a very one-sided manner, which only worsened the situation.

      1. u mean after he punched him right? give a punch then ask question 🙂
        ps: c’monnnnn there wont be time for a nice romantic make up with 2 episodes left it will be a rush, i wanna see shogo x saki and kaori x hase at least saying they love eachother \o/

    2. hohoohoh i like the way you think but if they do it your way theyll become best buds after the fight! its how men create bonds with fists and elbows and knees and foot!

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Saki is able to push Fujimiya into Hase’s arms again; she may be an oddball, but she is a priceless friend too who isn’t easily deterred.

  2. the feeling that hase have right now is the same as many of those whose family have been inflicted with alzheimer, despair, frustration, sadness, anger when the one they love suddenly see them as nothing but stranger; just like fujimiya they try very hard at pretending to be family. the only way the situation could remotely get back to “normal” is basically starting from stratch again..

  3. *fan grilling intensifies*

    Finally… A confection! Albeit it got blocked by the gentle playful hit to the head.

    Seems like the Tsundebro ship has finally set sail!

    That being said, what’ll happen to our main couple now?

  4. The end of last ep and the first half of this episode already feels like the collapse of that straw house for Hase. At least he’s been shown to trying to rebuild and improve that mental brick house at the end of this episode.

    HOWEVER, the only thing that I find very strange this week (no, not Shoubro’s observation of Kujou since he didn’t know about the details of his and Kaori’s elementary school history…nope, that too) is how short-fused the named guys were, from Shoubro to Hase and to Kujou, they were all shown to come to a conclusion in a very short time without all the facts being shown to them (Also made me almost yell at the screen at them).

    Also, Kaori at the end – *gasp* she’s not writing anything down! Hase has a lot of work ahead of him in the re-destroying Kaori’s mental barrier. A very dark path for Hase indeed…

  5. Hmmm… Fujimiya’s memory flash seemed to suggest a deeper history with Kujou, just as I thought.

    My theory: other girls didn’t like her getting close to Kujou, which led her to being bullied/abused, which led her to do something bad to Kujou to escape the abuse. On the day of the accident she had an opportunity to make things right with him… but of course she missed it. Hence the tremendous guilty feeling she continues to harbor.

    le barto
    1. yeah its no wonder she dont want friends those girls were supposed to be her friends too but instead they were just mean jelly bitches that deserve to be ignored! whoever suggested that its gonna be one of those just friends ending prob right theyll never give you the satisfaction of a clear cut ending! +++ possible s2 if its open end too.

    2. It seems Fujimiya and Kujou were close up to the point of the accident and her losing her memory, so I doubt she had done anything bad to him up to that point. It seems she and Kujou had a promised meeting for that day and her missing it (along with never contacting him again due to her memory loss) is the reason he acts the way he does to her now.

      I think think one of two things happened. Either she ran into the girls, that had previously been her friends, shown in the flashback or she arrived to the meeting early and overheard Kujou say something he probably didn’t mean due to being teased or something about liking Fujimiya.

  6. All in all this has been a pretty decent study of how superficially teenagers view relationships. I wonder how long it’ll be before Fujimiya actually does something. Surely she’s not dumber than Hase, even with her “condition” (after all she has the benefit of a clear mind, especially with her diary). Hopefully she cares about actually being a friend, not just having them. I’m not yet convinced. All of these characters have serious social problems, it would be shame to reduce it to a Hase hate-fest.

  7. About the only thing that vaguely redeems Hajime Kujou’s character is the fact that he looked surprised about Kaori’s accident. I think if he had known in the first place he might not have just ruined everything. But asides from that little moment of surprise , everything he does/says just makes him seem like a total jerk. The full story is needed here…

  8. there is this one time that i called my best friend a traitor because he leave me on top of the 3000m mountain in China , but we made up after ward , he was very sorry and explain that he forgot his friend and was so upset at himself too, after that everytime we travel we were having a really good time and he always invite me to go different place!

    Lesson to learn : Man up , treasure your friend , if you make a mistake face it and apologize , say what’s on your mind , understand each other , make up and be BFF.
    on topic : i would punch Kujo and Hase , both are as ignorant as heck , some blood lost might clear up there mind. And for Choubro, You ROCK!

  9. Shoubro, there’s no shame claiming a lady for yourself. She’s practically walking into your arms.

    Seriously, though. I’d really like for ShouBro to rip Kujo a new one.


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