「友達なんかいないって」 (Tomodachi Nanka Inaitte)
“Don’t Have Any Friends”

“Makeup is scary…” Usa says. Of course it’s scary–it hides a reality for better or for worse. Remember everyone, makeup in moderation does wonders in transforming the face.

There is something hilarious about seeing Sayaka Nabe-chan on the losing end of the battle for once. For her to finally get her battle scars of embarrassment feels satisfying, both for us watching and of course, Usa and the ever-suffering Mayumi. Eventually, she too would have to go through the rite of embarrassing passage in the show. What better debut though to make this embarrassment than her best friend Tsuneda!

Of all the main characters in the show, Sayaka wasn’t the most interesting or engaging of them. She has a sharp tongue and amazing makeup abilities, yet she didn’t have much weakness for the rest of the cast to poke fun at. Now that her armor has been pierced though, boy is it both hilarious and healthy for her character development. Many things about Sayaka actually get explained thanks to this episode–the quick ability to kill bugs, her above average strength, and her insistence on putting on makeup were all by-products of her countryside tomboy experience. It all pieces together now and I appreciate the work that went into making Sayaka’s character as a result. Although people are saying that Sayaka’s past doesn’t get much screentime other than this, I’m secretly hoping some future chapters will expose more of Sayaka’s past nature. Who doesn’t want to see a tomboy kick butt and read yaoi on the side?

As for the second half of the episode, it was a grim reminder that the show is coming to a close. It felt a bit rushed, but this seems like the proper setup to contrast the ‘let her come’ approach Ritsu has at Kawaisou as opposed to the more straightforward inviting nature of her new buddies. There’s nothing wrong with dragging your friends to go out, but when it starts cutting into their lives, there’s something wrong going on. If done properly, we could see a nice message about introverts and socializing–it’s not that all introverts are unsociable, but that they need more space and time away than an extroverted crowd. That’s why Ritsu was more than happy to socialize with other bookworms like herself, but not in an extroverted or continuous environment as she’s gotten herself into. Next episode will bring in Usa and friends to save Ritsu from some awkward flirting moments as usual, but I’m anticipating they won’t leave us completely hanging and leave us with some thanks from our lead heroine. Heaven knows Usa deserves some despite his stalking nature.

It’ll be hard to write the finale post, as with every finale beforehand, but it’ll be bittersweet to say goodbye to this show. It’s been awhile since a romantic comedy made me laugh out loud, so I appreciate the show for being funny and adorable at the same time. See you guys next week!




  1. Remember everyone, makeup in moderation does wonders in transforming the face,

    Meh. I’ve always disliked makeup. Humans are not walking pieces of art and should stop treating themselves as so. It has been impeding human evolution literary since the neolithic age (or somewhere are then). Humans could have been more genetically sound today if people (yes, both women and men) didn’t jump onto that bandwagon and are still riding it with glee.


    Am a huge fan of pre-girly-girl Sayaka. A young person who knew her own mind. I’m hoping for some solid char-development for our sempai-san as all of the other characters are now more interesting than she is.

    Petit Orenji
  2. but but i dont want my imaginationnnn i wannted to see her without makeupppp haha! YOU FORGOT HER Kryptonite cuet WAAABIITS!!! YES WE ARE FINALLY SHOWN HER WEAKNESS! WORTH THE WAIT!!

    1. I’m almost certain though that Sayaka’s real read-between-the-lines kryptonite is the (heavily implied all season long) fact that she’s actually quite plain in terms of (her natural) looks without makeup, probably at least as plain as her childhood friend (Or worse judging by how Usa’s horrified look). The rabbit worked more like a plot device to scare Sayaka out of her room right after having woken up and reveal her true face (without makeup) to a very surprised Usa…

      1. For all we know she might have had a facial creme on. My guess is that it wasn’t just that she looked plain, but that she was looking at him with murderous intent if he ever said anything about how she looked to the others. Given that she took down a shed with a baseball bat, I would have to believe that she can look very scary (in the sense of dangerous) when she wanted too.

  3. Usa-kun is such a good guy (except for the stalking). How he rushed home to get Mayumi, Sayaka, and Shiro in “presentable shape” was a nice gesture. I might be falling for him *swoon*

  4. Why did Usa seemed so scared? how much different can Sayaka be under that make up? (I’m guessing kinda like the less attractive half of the victims in the horror movie)

    By the way.. next week’s the last episode and yet I think I saw an appearance of a love-rival in the preview… damn. I hope Kawaisou is popular enough to get a second season…

  5. I like the way they’ve been handling Ritsu’s introversion so far. The others find it strange and difficult sometimes, but the way she is has never been presented as a bad thing. I think the author seems to have a good handle on the nature of introverts and I expect that will carry over into the (sob) finale.

  6. I had a strong feeling Sayaka might have been from ‘the sticks’ when she expertly handled the centipede a few episodes ago. That was the professional speed of someone who has been dealing with them all their life. I would liked to see the other side of Sayaka. Besides Christmas cakes, I have a thing for tomboys too. And for women like her friend….I like women in general hahaha. I didn’t read too much into his grimace at Sayaka’s natural face. He’s frowned at, sneered, and ignored Mayumi in all her (disheveled, mismatched underwear) glory, so I just chalk it up to him being shocked at the difference. After all, Sayaka’s friend was at the very least generically cute, so I don’t imagine her being being far from that. Poor Ritsu. I guess its her turned to be saved from the social callousness of teenagers. If she was as blunt to this new girl as she is to her fellow tenants, she wouldn’t be in this situation. Conversely this new friend’s reading:socializing ratio looks to be the exact opposite of Ritsu. Ah well. It’s a learning experience. Her new friend she be a bit more sensitive to how Ritsu functions, and Ritsu should express her boundaries more clearly. Not everyone is as hyper aware as Usa on how to handle her. If Usa saves the day dressed in his page boy/apprentice outfit, I feel things would have come full circle and it would make me smile.

    The Walker
    1. Ritsu may be able to deal with the other tenants, but she seems to be almost afraid of offending her female classmates. Remember how friendly she acted with her former junior high classmates even to the extent of exchanging numbers (knowing they wouldn’t call)? She also kept up the texting with the other girl even when it became agony for her. Can’t seem to say no or beg off.(lacking the ability to tell white lies?)

      1. Yeah, she definitely tries to not spoil the mood at the cost of her own well being. I can identify to an extent. I’m saying that she’s gotta learn to stop that. For her own good. Ritsu isn’t my ‘bes girl’ , but I don’t want her to suffer like she is. Baby steps to happiness is fine, as long as she’s moving forward.

        The Walker
    1. Well, it’s not like she was subtle about it as far as Mayumi is concerned. At this point I consider her a singularsexual. Mayumi is the one she’s been the most faithful to this whole series. You could almost argue those two have gotten farther together than Usa and Ritsu =p

      The Walker

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