「大切なトモダチ。」 (Taisetsuna Tomodachi.)
“Important Friends”

If there’s one thing this show can do week-in and week-out, it’s the way it manages to surprise me in the strangest of ways.

Sleight of Hand

With a premise like “Girl loses her memory of friends every week”, you’d assume that one of the overarching goals would be to trying to figure out just why said girl keeps loses her memories — and for the past 10 episodes it’s felt like we’ve been fighting an uphill battle, scraping at whatever bits of information we can get. But in one swift move, this week’s episode did something that caught me completely off guard.

With the focus subtly switching to Hase and how he’s trying to deal with the emotional stress that comes with a problem as unique as Fujimiya’s, I can’t believe I felt almost nothing when the show finally revealed for the most part the reason behind her memory loss. While at first I thought it might have been because the ball was currently in Hase’s court, maybe it’s actually because the meaning we’re supposed to get from the story isn’t necessarily the instant gratification from figuring out what caused the problem but the trials and passages we went through to get there?

All I can say for sure is that what did get my stomach feeling like crap was watching Hase slowly pull away from Fujimiya. Be it because he feels guilty about how he’s stealing Kujo’s chance to reconnect with a childhood friend or because he just can’t deal with it anymore; all I can say is that I hope someone or something manages to knock him back on track. Because from the way things look, I can clearly see things going toward a catastrophic ending.

The Power of the Diary

I’ve thought about it for the longest time and ever since Kujo showed up I’ve had this horrible feeling that someone was going to mess with Fujimiya’s diary. Besides completely ruining everything that all of our characters have built up since day one, I can imagine myself kicking that someone into a ravine with weights strapped to their legs. But what if, and mind you this is just speculation, the diary ends up being something Fujimiya can use to get past all of this? It feels like we’re at a huge turning point and what theoretically should be causing Fujimiya’s memory loss has finally been revealed. So why hasn’t she had that classic magical moment where she snaps back into reality? If I were to guess, I’d have to say maybe we haven’t heard about everything yet or maybe something is holding her back?

Looking Ahead

I don’t know if it’s because my copy was bad but there wasn’t an episode title at the end of the preview. And I’m sure we all know whenever things start to change in the opening, ending, or preview sequences it means something is about to go down. While I have no idea what that “something” might be, I’m really hoping for a happy ending at the end of the story. But as things currently are, it’s going to take a lot of work and a bit of luck to get there :/




  1. https://randomc.net/image/Isshuukan%20Friends/Isshuukan%20Friends%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2001.jpg
    I fear the minute that the anyone of the four Kaori snaps because I don’t think her having 3 diaries on her at all times would help in the long term.

    At least we (finally) know what actually transpired for Kaori to be like she is now. And it just might repeat again.*cringes*

    A lot of work, just a lot of work. (Hase! Get your act together!)

  2. It irritates me so much how incapable Hase is with these whole stuff. I mean, you love Kaori, but you’re not even doing anything to defend her! So much with all those jealousy and possessiveness he shows along the series, at the end, he backed out when she need serious emotional support! Kaori trusted him when everything betrayed her and yet he avoided her at the end of the episode!

    For me, the scene at the family restaurant proves everything about Hase! He’s just standing like an ass being all dumb when Kaori’s crying. I’m glad Saki was there. He’s just a load of BS wimp at the end of the day. Poor Kaori, she’s gotten more and more confused with everything! I’m not approving this! Hmph!

    onion warrior
    1. Hase crying = what a wimp. He is such a loser that he can’t be selfless for once and stay by Kaori’s side when she needs him.

      Kaori crying = Hase’s such a wimp. He is such a loser that he can’t be selfless for once and stay by Kaori’s side when she needs him.

      You have a great double standard there and it reflects the double standard found frequently in today’s society. Hase has feelings as well and these incidents affects him too. A “male” is not entitled to be “strong”, “confident” and “appealing”.

      I feel like me and you watch a totally different show because you don’t seem to understand what Hase is suppose to be like. Heck, if he suddenly mans up for no reason, it would be so inconsistent that a lot of people will find it confusing. He cares about her way more than you think.

      Is jealousy not a normal emotion? Your irrational hate towards Hase is just as negative as the feeling called “jealousy”. It also seems like you don’t understand the term possessiveness.

      Moreover, there are things only friends like Saki can do. You don’t just run up to your crush and hug her out of the blue. Have some tact dude. I think you should drop it now because you will hate Hase more later. While others who can relate to him will feel for him, you’ll probably be raging and screaming like an angry mob every episode from now on.

      His actions can be seen as selfless because he is thinking about what Fujimiya wants. If the girl does not like you, would you force yourself upon her? He is hesitating because he does not fully understand her. Stop assuming that he knows everything about her, from her memories to her feelings and knows that she needs him as her emotional support. He feels guilt. Why? Because he is possessive? HAHAHAH, so funny. He feels guilt because he feels like he is stealing away Kujo’s chance (as said by Takaii)and also stealing away the happiness of Fujimiya.

      Let me tell you one thing, the things you want Hase to do is actually more selfish. If Hase just force himself upon her without even caring a single bit about her feelings, it is much more repulsive. Acting on his feelings without consideration for the one he love. Just because you love a person doesn’t mean you can do everything for her. Have you considered that his actions could potentially cause more harm when he doesn’t know how should he act?

      He needs guidance and support too. Stop disregarding Hase as a person just because he is male and that Fujimiya is so cute. Sorry if I sound really rude, but I am just really angered by your hateful comment as I can sure as hell relate with Hase.

      1. I don’t think Hase is backing away out of respect for Kujo. I think he does have a certain “it could have just as easily been me” compassion for him, but I don’t feel like he’s planning on just backing down for Kujo’s sake. I think Hase’s just truly emotionally exhausted by the whole ordeal and questioning whether or not he has what it takes to be as important to Kaori as he wants to be.

      2. Hater really did sum up this situation to a T. While some people are pumping what they feel about this clouded messy situation, it’s good to read a bit on just what Hase could be thinking. Those clouded judgments & name-calling is just as incompetent as Hase deploying some archaic means of taking hold of the situation. That self-destructive nonsense would put off far more people than the few that think he’s just being a wimp. This situation doesn’t deserve such a simple answer, especially since it would be clearly selfishness poured on a person who already has bits & pieces of the situation in her mind, while the other has been emotionally pounded several times over because of it. Tunnel vision is a disease only the watcher can cure.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Isshuukan%20Friends/Isshuukan%20Friends%20-%2011%20-%2029.jpg
    Hase-kun is just being a bitch again! Shobro was trying to get him to snap out of it! But, this time even shobro got his probs to deal with! so DEAL WITH IT on your own hasebitccch. Really, he better snap out of it or lose the LUBs of his LIFE! cute baggage girls like that wont be single for long!!! KOJO will be ALL OVER TAHT! SWEEEET SWEEET KAORRRI-CHAN! LIKE POOH AND HONEY!

    see that look hes thinking quit being a bitch Hase you got this far no quiting now bitch!

    LOL Hase acts like hes in same league as kojo not even close! kojo was the IT BOY! Hase is just some weird “thirsty” persistent kid no other girl is going get mad jelly kaori gets with him anyway. Ok, good point though he might feel guilty about kojo not having his real shot at kaori.

    good job kojo he should punch some sense into that bitch! ohhh maybe kojo will actually be the bigger man! Hell be like watever hasebitch me and kaori are history you are here and now go for it! But, if youre going to be a bitch not my fault if I retake what is mine!! last chance! Then finaly hase be like nooooo ok I stop being bitch please no take my SWEET SWEET KAORIII!

    lol at saki thinking shobro is mad, more like, Hes hurt! SHE PUT THE HURT ON his pride! Like, Common! Getting proposed to before he can even make his super true confession! YOUUUU SNEAKY GIRLLL!!! poor shobro! He is just too embarassed!

    you wronged shobro make it right nooww other bitch! Hase the real bitch though.

  4. Hase’s making the classic relationship mistake where he fears potential harm so much that he’s causing actual harm; sooner or later someone needs to clue him in that withdrawing from being friends with Kaori is not going to help her fear of having/making friends.

  5. Good point takkun – I too didn’t really feel anything when the reveal happened, because the reveal isn’t the point. It’s all about the journey, like you said. (Well, that and the end point, which we aren’t at yet.)

    Also, need more Saki x Shoubro. They am best B-couple.

  6. I don’t think Hase is backing away out of respect for Kujo. I think he does have a certain “it could have just as easily been me” compassion for him, but I don’t feel like he’s planning on just backing down for Kujo’s sake. I think Hase’s just truly emotionally exhausted by the whole ordeal and questioning whether or not he has what it takes to be as important to Kaori as he wants to be.

  7. Basically–what I got from this episode–Hase thinks he could easily be just like Kujo and instigate what caused Fujimiya to lose her memories in the first place. Whether that is being compounded with being worn down from trying to keep their friendship afloat and/or him wanting to be more than friends and realizing how difficult that would be, Hase is ironically moving in the direction of doing something he doesn’t want to do–hurt Fujimiya.

    His over-thinking and subtle ignoring of Fujimiya is doing the exact opposite of what he thinks he’s doing. He thinks that his situation is the same as Kujo’s from the past. What he doesn’t understand are the current circumstances. In this state, Fujimiya is trying her best to hold onto what seems like a “special friendship” that even by reading her diary, she can tell that Hase is special to her. By pushing her away and, God-forbid, trying to not be friendly with her anymore “for the sake of not causing her to suffer”, Hase is moving down the path of doing exactly that. Yes, learning from the past is important, but so is analyzing the information you have from both the past and the present. He is not Kujo and super popular with the girls. No one is going to backlash at Fujimiya for “stealing” Hase. Fortunately for this show, this type of behavior is completely believable from someone as emotionally driven as Hase.

    Yes, it conveniently adds drama to the story for the finale, but in the end, our supporting cast will push these two in the right direction. This has been the way the series has gone all season, and I don’t doubt it now. The girls and Shougo are truly people you can call friends. If it weren’t for them, Hase would probably have either given up or messed up somewhere along the way, but that is the beauty of friendship that this show is trying to convey–friends are there to cover for your flaws, and vice-versa.

    1. *claps* nice post

      Im sure Hase still waiting for another good kick in the kaboose either by shobro or kojo to come back to his senses and do whats right! Confess stop wallowing in his doubts! ehheh

      Yes, we await the bad end, ending looool where noobs would think its a good end because they remain friends but you didnt win! No girlfriend so actually you lose Hase!

  8. https://randomc.net/image/Isshuukan%20Friends/Isshuukan%20Friends%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2021.jpg
    My heart hurts. I can relate to Hase so much it’s like watching my past in an anime. To the select few that think Hase is being, for lack of a better term, “bitch”, check yoself before you wreck yoself. It’s hard to have a crush on someone and find out you could be “another one”. The amount of doubt and self-loathing builds everytime you see her/him to the point where you eventually outright ignore the person you love. IT. SUCKS. I really wasn’t expecting to get all emotional but when i see Hase being all mopey and just start to cry, i can’t help but feel like i’ve been in the same place more than once.

    “I’m gonna be doing a lot of ass kicking next week. What a pain.”

    1. I RATHER WRECK MYSELF A MILLION MORE TIMES! than wonder what could have been? fine I might been too harsh on him but really to put in all that work and to giveup like that is so weaaak. I agree with Annyms everyone will pitch in and help those two get back together without fail. I guess thats where this series gets its draw… some guys can relate to Hase and the harsh days of youth!

      SHOBRO and Saki will be up first tho 😛 because they are the poor poor second couple. Hase and kaori being main characters will go last for more impacto!

      1. You need a little more grammar check. A few run-on sentences makes it hard to read what you are writing. Feels more like drunken ramble. I admit that I relate to Hase and he acts like a bitch. Not many teenagers can act like Shougo who is ALWAYS levelheaded about everything.

  9. I didn’t really relate to it much before i read the analysis here. but i can sympathize with hase. i don’t know if any of you have ever been in a relationship with someone with baggage, but man that stuff can be tiring, especially when reality sets in about “just how hard this is gonna be” it takes courage to not cut and run, especially when your best efforts don’t seem to be helping that person. every time i encounter people hating on a “wimpy” mc, i think its because we’re so used to protagonists like tatsuya shiba (to use a character from this season) that when they act like normal people, we expect too much of them. and maybe my defense of hase’s character is a bit blind, but im confident in his character development here. its not so much hase growing a spine as it is remembering the spine he had to stick with it this long! (i mean its been about a year right? so far in anime time?)

    1. haha maybe im just comparing hase with usa kun too much even tho usa is shy hes not such a bitch!!! yeah.. theyre two different types one more serious other more comedy :/ it really is sad that both series are so short D:

      1. Next Question:

        How would you feel when someone who said you were a special friend completely forgets you and looks at you like a bug when you go to help?

        I think like some other posters that Hase is simply worn out. He’s the one doing all the hard work to keep the friendship alive week to week with little to show for it apart from painful Mondays


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