「やかましか / うるさい」 (Yakamashika / Urusai)
“Annoying / Loud”

If there was one thing I loved even more than Naru, it would have to be the core values and lessons the show sneaks into the story without even trying. Because if there’s one thing I love more than a good story, it’s a good story that has a valuable takeaway.

The Value of Hard Work versus Talent

Even though it only took up about a third of the episode, the introduction of the Village Elder’s son Hiroshi did so many things right that it’s hard to list them all. On the surface, it was a nice surprise to see things from a different perspective since I can only handle so much of Handa. But things started to get interesting when they decided to use Hiroshi’s lackluster attitude toward life and Handa’s writer’s block to simultaneously build off of each other. Shedding a little light on just how hard Handa has been working to find his groove and that hard work can give you a somewhat event footing against those with talent, it was pure bliss watching Hiroshi put it all together all the while getting inspired to work a little bit harder. And never once did the show spell anything out.

Those Around You

On the other hand, the message can be something as simple as noticing the people around you. Seeing how Handa is the prime example of a city boy, it’s nice to see the story make an effort to really show us how out of place he is as well as the hurdles he’s been facing as he tries to integrate into the community around him. All I know is that each and every time Handa decides to open up to others I start to feel good inside.

Humor & Naru<3

Sure a story with a great takeaway is nice but even if this show didn’t have that, I’m sure the show’s humor would be more than enough to keep me coming back. Between watching Handa set himself up to be the butt end of a lot of jokes and the rotating cast of side characters who accompany Naru as she pesters him there’s more than enough variety to tickle just about anyone’s funny bone. That said, I’m really hoping that as the story progresses the variety of jokes will change with it.

Also, Naru. Because she deserves her own sentence.

Looking Forward

With Handa slowly integrating into the village lifestyle and taking a bit more time to metaphorically smell the roses (whether or not he means to), the story seems to be rolling along quite smoothly. Seeing how most of the prominent characters from the opening sequence have also appeared in some form or another, I’m hoping that the next few episodes will start to dive into the deeper end of things.



  1. I actually didn’t like how they paced this episode since some of the material was mixed around. Such as when Seishuu went to the hospital due to overwork and Hiroshi went to deliver his mom’s champon to Sensei(It felt broken up in a way that I think they needed to be separate topics to delve into).

    I enjoyed the simple values that it was subtly advocating, but the comedic bits felt rushed and unorganized; maybe the episode should’ve focused more on Hiroshi or the hospital event, otherwise that would be my only complaint in this episode. I still love characters like Naru and Hina, who then are part of the whole community that help inspire and teach Sensei and I still am enjoying the series for now.

    1. I knew there was something off about this episode. I hope the formulaic realization-of-real-kindness-from-warm-people-oriented-townsfolk resulting in calligraphic epiphanies ends at this episode as well. The protagonist is still too disinteresting to capture my interest: I need to see more than him failing at his craft and acting cold towards people.

      Petit Orenji
      1. Well I can’t say the epiphanies are going to end, but they are entertaining since throughout the series it will show his overall growth and his appreciation towards the people that he has met. If the studio plays its cards right, they’ll show how Sensei has really come to be a part of the small town, whether they mess with him or inherently teaching him a thing or two on how to approach his obstacles in life.

      2. The protagonist is a normal person , of course he isn’t interesting ,this show/serie intention is about how rural life style and people kindness can warm you up plus positive environment can motivate people.I must admit that the pacing jump up pretty high from 2 chapters in episode 1 to 5ch/1ep plus the whole sick sensei thing out of nowhere. This show still hilarious and crack a smile on my face , so I say that it already serves it purpose as comedy slice of life.
        If another episode still doesn’t give you the chilling and enjoyable experience ,I suggest different genre of anime! I can actually relate to sensei that’s why I really enjoy it but this may not be the case for everyone.

  2. If teens or kids decide to make my home their base, I would flip. But I guess in tight-knit homogenous communities, being strict about violation of space would make you uptight.

    Btw… Is he on a sabbatical or something? I forgot whether his parents were covering for his living expenses from episode 1.

    Petit Orenji
    1. As it was his father who sent him off to this island, he surely is the one to cover his living expenses. Otherwise there would be no reason for MC-kun to actually come here in the first place, as he could just say “no”.

  3. I’m liking the series so far, though wish some details were put in like how
    Show Spoiler ▼

    It helps explain Tama’s later death glare when Hiroshi showed up.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Then again, I’m just nitpicking here, overall it’s a great show.

  4. “‘Cuz I’m yer commuter wife!”

    This is one of those rare shows that leave you feeling like you’ve
    watched more than 22:50 minutes of an episode (in a very good way).

    Miwa-nee and Tama completely had me in stitches – and the phrases they
    were “teaching” Naru – I could see that happening in real life! So funny —
    he was more concerned for Naru knowing them in passing then the young
    teenage girls actually knowing the phrases true meaning
    that was the real joke, IMHO!!!

    Then he gets caught with “Esu Emu”? Who’s the adult here?!

    Humour aside, the episode did an excellent job of story telling. Everything
    flowed together and it had a lesson to teach. Now that I’m hooked, I’ll really
    look forward to this on a weekly basis!

    @Takaii — Hope this will turn into a weekly coverage!

  5. Handa, the city boy is liking the countryside <3
    Surrounded by lively villagers must be fun every day.
    Hiroshi seems like a good guy despite his complaint in the beginning.lol And yes, I immediately looked up his seiyu…Uchiyama Kouki!!! <3 voice

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Barakamon/Barakamon%20-%2002%20-%2033.jpg No NTR allowed in this hospital Handa lol

    I love it when the side characters are just as interesting and funny as the main ones. It’s starting to remind me of my favorite comedy show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (shameless plug?), the side characters make me laugh just as much as the main characters.

    https://randomc.net/image/Barakamon/Barakamon%20-%2002%20-%2001.jpg I didn’t even know this guy had a wife and son.

    I know Hiroshi’s family is going to show up again, but the Nurse definitely has to come back lol. Naru was just as awesome as always. I like the teens too.


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