「坂道」 (Sakamichi)

After the last few weeks of romantic escapades and awkward love triangles being formed, this week gave us a glimpse of what happens when you try to stretch the ropes of friendship a little too far.

Gigantic Clusterf*ck

Ignoring Hiro’s catastrophic mess up at the very end of the episode for now, four out of six of the main characters are currently stuck in this huge mess of a romantic triangle (square maybe?). With emotions on edge and misconceptions running rampant, it gets a little tough to watch things unfold when it’s painfully clear where they’re obviously heading.

At the same time though, there’s this strange appeal of wanting to know what actually happens since it feels like any of the characters could break free from this vicious circle at any moment. From Yuki showing more emotion and character than before to Okikura actually showing some concern for someone besides Touko — the possibilities for what could happen are constantly increasing.

But as things stand, it feels like a love square is quickly forming and there’s nothing standing in its way. But you know what? For some reason it almost feels like the writers are trying to trick us into hoping for the wrong pairings. All I can say for sure is that after every episode, my feelings about who should be with who keep changing. Because in all honesty, the people who seem to have the strongest feelings are doing a horrible job at expressing it.

Like Hiro. Who completely blew his opportunity with Sachi. I mean, COME ON. kl;asjdf;jklfaj

Okikura Kakeru

Just who is Okikura Kakeru? Besides being an anti-social transfer student who can come off super creepy without even trying, just what purpose does his existence serve? I mean, sure he’s the one who revealed what all the sparkling in Touko’s eye was about and he apparently also has some control over the supernatural but everything else seems to be a shrouded mystery. I don’t know about you but I for one would love to know just why he really chooses to sleep in a tent instead of inside a warm home or why he knows about Touko and her abilities.

Looking Ahead

With tensions running high it looks like next week’s episode is going to finally relieve some of the stress both the characters and us the viewers have built up. While the preview gives no real indication if anything substantial will come out of it, I’m hoping that whatever does gives us some sense of satisfaction.




  1. Some of these ships are going to be fishing some red herring. Get it? XD

    On a more serious note, Hiro falling asleep in the theater is so unbelievable. I mean, how does one fall asleep on a first (probably) date? That’s just impossible, no matter how boring the movie.

      1. I once created a cultural circle among my friends and for the first meeting I decided to go to see the movie about Africans who want to emigrate to Europe. So three of us went there and after 30 minutes I felt asleep. Not because I didn’t enjoy the movie, I was just so tired. I can imagine the same thing happening on a date.

    1. I kinda felt bad for him; he was up all night anticipating the date he couldnt sleep and ended up missing out on his opportunity to capitalize on the moment he created. Like i said last week, there’s a chance Sachi might be genuinely interested in Hiro

      1. Ah when it’s framed that way it feels a lot more believable! I’m not seeing any interest from Sachi to Hiro though. I mean she’s shown much more feelings towards Touka than Hiro so far.

  2. While it looks like Hiro made a huge mistake, I’m wondering if Sachi thinks his sleeping face is actually kind of cute. Who knows until the next episode though.

    On another note, thank you for the coverage!

  3. Hm. The developments are still kid of predictable. I was saying what was going to happen 5 minutes before the exact thing happened (like Touko running into Yanagi and Kakeru and misunderstanding). The show’s not drawing me in exactly like I wanted it to for a P.A. Works show, but at the same time, I’m not hating it. I just can read what’s going to happen like Sacchi reads her novels right now. It’s not necessarily bad, but I’m just not drawn into the story.

    This must be what happens when you expect something like True Tears or HanaIro every time a new show comes out from good ol’ P.A. Works. At least the show has kept me interested enough so far. Partly because being that the female cast is pretty cute…and chickens.

      1. Lynch’s movies are good for dates. After half an hour you and the girl can forget about the plot (which you don’t understand anyway) and just start kissing. Happened for me with “Inland Empire”, it was a nice start of a relationship.

    1. Ya nothing much happens each week except for love triangle after love triangle after love triangle (just like Nagi no asukara). I wanna see a little more of the seeing the future/supernatural part of the story and a little less “Days Of Our Lives”.

  4. Omg… I’m such a drama queen. I hope Touko ends up giving Yuki a chance. He’s growing on me because I can totally relate to the unrequited love feelings and being rejected twice?! *stab to the heart T__T poor guy.

    I imagine that if Touko ever did give Yuki a chance though, I think – or I HOPE she ends up falling for him too… then they might break up because Yuki thinks she still loves Kakeru and after being apart for a while, Touko realizes that she actually loves Yuki and the two get back together! YAY! Ya… too many dramas in my lifetime =X But if Touko ends up with someone OTHER than Kakeru, that’d be a nice unexpected twist. I like any twist that involves “the other person” in the triangles.

    Don’t really care for Kakaru or Yanagi… they’re both pretty bleh for the time being. >_>

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