「自転車」 (Jitensha)

This week’s episode felt like someone with schizophrenia got a hold of the reigns and decided to drive the damn thing off of a cliff. Because if watching a majority of the characters have a sudden change in behavior that would make you question if you’re watching the right anime, the studio had the gall to put in such a crappy sexual innuendo that it pains me to even think about it.

An Episode of WTFs

The aforementioned title is exactly how I feel about this week’s episode. Instead of building on some of the tension that Kakeru brought into play last week by being his amazingly wholesome self, we were instead subjected to one of the strangest episodes to date. While I’m starting to have an idea behind what the overall “goal” might have been after re-watching the episode a few times, it doesn’t the complete change in behavior.

No. 1

I have no idea when or how Sachi started dating Hiro and apparently Hiro didn’t either. Surprising both the audience and her boyfriend with such a sudden confession that awkwardly came in the form of introducing Hiro to her mom, the whole thing was rather abrupt. But you know, I’m the kind of person who can accept serendipity because I’m sure Hiro was in a state of pure bliss after receiving such a pleasant surprise. So, how do Hiro and Sachi celebrate finally becoming a couple? Well, it involved Sachi creating some elaborate scheme to ruin Touko’s date and using Hiro to do the dirty work. Which of course lead to Hiro finding out and quickly wanting to cry into the nearest pillow.

All that said, I want to believe Sachi just let her passion for Touko cloud her judgment. She obviously understands what she did was completely screwed up and I hope she can somehow make it up to Hiro. Also, did you notice that Hiro’s older sister’s seems to be in a bit of a pickle as well?

No. 2

What the hell is going on with Kakeru and his two clones that are only visible to him? All I know is that I can’t wait to see how P.A. Works tries to explain it. While I’ll be extremely disappointed if it ends up being something magical/fantasy related, I do think it’d be pretty interesting if it ended up being some kind of strange mental disorder. Maybe something along the lines of he projects emotions he doesn’t express as different versions of him that people would probably like more.

No. 3

Sexual jokes about Pianists and their powerfully skillful fingers. Just, no.

Looking Ahead

After going through all of that, I think my favorite part of the episode was probably any scene that had Touko’s younger sister. Not only did the episode title seemed to be focused on her (I didn’t see any other bicycles) but I thought it was kind of cute how her swim team seems to be madly in love with Yuki.

Anyways, I really hope things start turning around soon. Because with five different characters who all have their own unique personalities, I really don’t think side characters are the ones I should be focusing on.




    1. This is the part where they start to figure out that the visions aren’t about the future, but more about the feeling or abstract state of the people they’re about.

      Kakeru is falling, since this is all new territory for him. No safety nets here, especially if you are going to lose your comforting duplicates.
      Sachi and Hiro are becoming closer together, but stagnate there. It’s mostly the hospital room.
      Yuki is seriously irate and mad at Touko and Kakeru, and this is reflected in the movie ‘Birds’ attacking Touko.

    1. Well, she did mention it, but I think that it was more of a group decision. If you remember, later on, Touko said she allowed the group to start dating if they wished…although that was meant to be a way of helping Yanagi…not that it helped much =P

  1. *Alicia keys voice* Yanagi is a biiiiiiiitch

    Seriously, what the hell warranted that response to Kakeru’s arrival to the neighborhood and wanting something of a friend?
    I mean goodness, didn’t he get a bit of what he deserved already? Extreme mode.

  2. I don’t know about the other two copies of myself, but I really didn’t like this episode. And I can’t understand why Yuki being attractive is so important! Well, I can’t understand a lot of things, but that one just bothers me more.

  3. Sorry you didn’t like the ep. Personally I enjoyed it. Things needed shaking out of their comfort zone and it was good to see another side of Sachi. It’s good that she is not just the innocent sickly girl many dismissed her as, and that Hiro reacted with some dignity and integrity.

    The imaginary Kakerus are odd, but I liked it and I’m fine with waiting for an explanation later in the show. We are talking about a show where people get visions of the future so it’s not like it’s completely out of place.

    The one thing I didn’t really get was Hina riding after Yuki just to shout “Please don’t become unattractive!”. Seems like she has a screw loose or something. I’m a bit surprised Yuki didn’t tell her she was being annoying.

    1. That’s because the translation is a bit off (though not really…ill explain). She is telling Yuki to never stop being cool. His little fanclub adored him because (besides his attractive looks) he always gave off a cool demeanor, like he was always in control. But lately with all the drama going on in his life, he has begun to lose that cool demeanor of his that made him attractive. It’s sort of like finding out that this person that you thought was so smart and intelligent turned out to be a fraud that just leeches off other people’s intelligent ideas. That feeling is what yanagi is starting to get from Yuki because he’s no longer taking charge; he’s not cool anymore and his lack of confidence was starting to become so apparent that even touko’s sister and the swim team could see it. I get why the subs used “attractive” because cool in that context was implying a sort of attractive ambience as a result of a confident and strong person. But still, the more fitting translation would be “cool” not “attractive” because they are not referring to his looks as a whole, but rather the way he carries himself. They were saying “kakkoi” not “miryoku-teki”, which is what you’d say if you were saying someone is attractive as a whole or implying that you were into that person.

  4. “This week’s episode felt like someone with schizophrenia got a hold of the reigns and decided to drive the damn thing off of a cliff” by Takaii, someone that can resume completely an ep into one line, grats. By the way, Kakeru might have schizophrenia as well.

    But I don’t care at all about any of that, just don’t stop being cool, Yuki-kun


  5. So Touko is in love with Kakeru who seems to have a split personality (or talks to himself or three) and lives in a tent (which makes little sense given the size of the house, though it might get crowed with three of them in there). Kakeru might or might not love Touko. Yuki certainly does but so, it appears, does Sachi who isn’t above using Hiro to sabotage Touko and Kakeru. Yanagi doesn’t have a problem confessing to her step brother who she knows is in love with her best friend… Is this a remake of a Korean soap opera?

    So what are the bets on how Kakeru falls? Jumps, pushed or trips?

    Will Sachi survive or is she going to go?

    1. Is this a remake of a Korean soap opera?

      Things went downhill pretty quick, didn’t they?
      I had decided to give it another chance after romance kicked in but after this cheap melodrama with random ships sailing and mental disorders included, I’m not so sure.
      Talk about an absolute trainwreck…This is clearly bad writing and bad direction.

      Helvetica Standard
    2. perhaps this is what kakeru meant when he said he felt fragmented and incomplete last ep; if those other Kakeru’s are multiple personalities rather than just representations of his inner thoughts, then what he said last ep actually has more weight to it

  6. Kakeru and his talking to touko is totally weird i dont understand the connection there, i dont see him in love at all , he just talks in circles if you are in love say it, if you are boyfriend and girlfriend say it and thats all, he always was eager to talk about other people feelings of people he barely know but when is about him he cant say out loud what he feels and satrt talking with imaginary friends wtf??
    Touko totally change her personality in this last episode she doesnt look happy to be “in love” she is not her bubble self, it seems to me that she is getting the “okikura disease” acting more like him least like herself, to me she is forcing herself to like okikura with all the people telling her that she likes him, that she seems in love, and the dreams and all that she just get suggestible maybe she is attracted to him but she is trying way to hard to be in love with him.

    1. I would say touko’s behavior actually has to do with how she is starting to see how her relationship with Kakeru is hurting the group dynamic. Not to mention that she still doesnt have a good understanding of her visions, with this ep being the first time her visions truly started scaring her (twice in this ep).

  7. I think I’ve finally realized why I can’t seem to care about these characters – I know next to nothing about them as individuals; they are only presented in the context of their relationships to each other. The different relationships themselves ARE the characters, if that makes sense (which it might not).

    This can work on shows like Nagi no Asukara, where there is an overarching plot that is able to develop the characters based upon how they react to the changes happening around them, within the context of their relationships. Glasslip (seemingly) has no real overarching plot and thus its characters come across as flat as cardboard and exist solely to fill the roles of “Girl A” or “Boy B”. Sure there is the quasi-precognition/supernatural angle, but that almost seems like an afterthought that merely exists to bookend the episodes to keep the audience engaged and looking forward to more.

  8. Sachi was really the only interesting part since she became more than just a quiet, cute bookworm that just seemed to be going with the flow of things most of the time.

    At least, as mentioned, she knows what she did was quite wrong; using one friend to potentially hurt another friend by ruining that friend’s (potential) relationship with a new friend, then admitting it to the friend she used thus jeopardizing her own relationships with that friend AND the friend she tried to sabotage…

    Most other things, also as mentioned, came off quite weird…

  9. Well that was a strange episode not slow as the previously ones.
    But I love it.
    This show is like a piano with different rythms and melodies.
    I understand that many of u can’t stand the show but i’m enjoying
    very much this serie.
    Sachi will die ? The reason of sister’s tears. Do she loves Touko ?
    KAkeru just sleep outside because he loves nature. The others kakerus
    are maybe mere pictures of his personality not mental disorder.
    With yuki we can see one of the thesis of nagi
    ” I love him (yuki) but I love the one who love my friend (touko)”.
    Can’t wait for ep 8 and I just love how kakeru is a disturbance.
    Kakeru X Touko FTW.

    1. It’s funny that you say this.
      During the Nice Boat “episode” they played Bach’s “Air on the G String” whitch is also part of the Glasslip soundtrack.
      Coincidence? I think not…

  10. I didn’t expect Hiro to go home after the talk with Sachi. Well I’m just glad he is not hiding his unhappiness with her actions, because all along I thought he was the kind of person to just keep it to himself because he didn’t want to make her displeased. I suppose Sachi did whatever she did despite knowing how bad it was, and she has her reasons for it, but I’m glad that Hiro somewhat made her realise that was she did was not really the best thing to do.
    The multiple Kakerus confused me a bit there, so I hope there will be a proper explanation for it soon. Yanagi was my favorite character after the first few episodes, but now I don’t know what to make of her anymore… I’m hopeful for the series, but I don’t really understand a lot of things and my expectations for it are somewhat lowered. But I’ll still continue to watch and enjoy the show – I definitely still want to know what will happen next.

  11. This episode felt jarring to me, for one thing, the whole 3 Kakeru’s, huh?? Then, Sacchi wanting to basically go ham on Kakeru (there goes my decent ship for this series, poor Hiro) for making the group seem split up. Their entire friendship must be a pretty shallow thing for it to hinge on that one person(though yes, friendship circle’s like the do exist with 1 person as the central pillar). Guess they aren’t as well connected as they thought. Toukou’s sister’s comment to Yuki was a funny wtf moment though. Yanagi piling on more hate on Kakeru is not helping matters either. In the end I’m just really freaking feeling bad for Kakeru, sure he’s overly blunt and says stuff that’s out of whack as well but come on, all this damn shit storm on 1 guy is really making me dislike the rest (minus Hiro and Toukou , Sacchi is on thin is right now for me). Only good thing I can say in terms of the hate on Kakeru is that at the very least everybody is being honest in their dislike of him. Overall, I can’t say I enjoyed this episode.

  12. I’m not really following this anime with much interest but ever since the 1st episode it was just plain bad pacing in my opinion. Each time something happens it just raises further question and I’m just soo lost with the relationship each character has with one another atm.
    Like when Sachi introduced Hiro as her boyfriend, or how Touko and Kakeru are already acting like boyfriend and girlfriend like as if they confesses their love to one another. I just don’t get it…

  13. Why they must be always well structured basis to start a relation in a serie ? OK it is a little bit to fast but it was kinda of obvious that Sachi was going out with Hiro. Even if you can have some doubts, he always come to her house, sticking at her side so when she says “it’s my boyfriend” to her mother, its not very surprising.
    Glasslip try to cut some clichés, we have to deals with some hiding details that are always said in mostly of the anime. It is not for nothing if we focused on yuki, touko, kakeru and the one who loves hiro lately while Hiro confessed his love to Sachi. It is not coming out of the blue.
    Moreover they kinda all confessed their love at the beggining so the main purpose is how they will react toward Kakeru the responsible for breaking their equilibrium ? It is kinda interesting and we see that Yuki, Sachi and Yanagi deserve a punch on their head. Hiro and Touko are far the more honest.
    Finally Touko and Kakeru acting like boyfriend ? Not very surprising too. Touko experimented the first kiss with Kakeru so she is closes to him even if Kakeru didnt do anything. Kakeru came at the begining for Touko and he is not the kind of a normal guy so Touko can do what she wants with him, he will follows.

  14. This week’s episode brought to you by the letter W, T and F.

    Seriously, WTF was that? I kind of felt like this series could go either way from the start… now it looks like the General Lee is heading towards the cliff at full speed, and Boss Hogg cut the brake lines while the Duke boys weren’t lookin’.

    Kids, don’t write dialogue when you’re drunk. Or on drugs. It’s not only bad for you, but you hurt the viewers, too. (That beach scene … it was like they were having conversations with 4 or 5 different people all at once. And the little sister suddenly running up to Yuki and begging him to be cool? Non-sequitur much?)

    Come to think of it– they’ve all (exc. David) been living in the same town all their lives. How come little sister doesn’t know who Touko’s friends are? That’s *also* weird.

    David may be a little odd, or he may have full-blown MPD. It could be a coping mechanism gone horribly horribly wrong, or just an innocent way of expressing his inner narcissist. Or he could be a ninja. At this point, I have no clue where the writers want to go with this.

    Touko is about to break, though. Looks more like the visions are metaphors than visions, huh?

    On the upside, it was refreshing to see the hospitalized, sickly, “nice girl” Sacchi being such a nasty, malicious person. It makes her more human, and it broke the cliche a bit.

    Poor Hiro probably has just realized, “Holy crap. Girls are scary as #### when they hate you.” And Hiro escapes into the realm of 2D, never to return… oh wait, he IS 2D. Well, 1D. “I love you Point-chan!”

    So much WTF. Oh well, maybe it will make more sense next week. Like if I drink a lot before watching.

    Not gonna drop it now when there’s a train wreck in progress!

  15. After last episode, I was looking forward to what Glasslip would bring us next. After this episode, I have no idea how they could completely and utterly ruin any hopes I had for this series getting better. I was just confused as to how drastically different everything seemed in this episode. Heck, maybe we find out that whole group of friends is schizophrenic and that’s what this episode just did to us. Either way, I am only watching the rest of this series because I’ve already invested so much time into it. If there were another cour like Golden Time, I would have considered dropping it if the next episode was just as bad. Just…I dont’t even know…

    1. Gotta get ’em all!

      Waaaaaait… maybe Sachi is really not so much after Touko’s sparklies, but after TOUKO! That would kind of make sense. Her using Hiro as if it’s nothing, her hating David, her chasing Hiro out when Touko comes…


      1. dun dun dun!! wow. that sneaaaaky wench! david even snatched up touko fair and square! won her heart and everything! all there left to do is GET IN HIS TENT AND MAKE WITH THE SLEEPING BAG!! total privacy lols!

  16. Now even the little peaceful Hiro/Sacchan moments are gone…that’s kind of sad, as those were my favourite bits of the episodes so far. I hope that those moments return soon…because although Sacchan’s intentions were mean, she DID tell Hiro about it, and it seems that she does regret it. I think it might have just been a last-ditch effort to stop the group splintering? In any case, she’s just human like the rest of them, so it is a bit unreasonable to expect her to remain serene all the way through the series, not with all the drama swirling around her. In any case, I’m not saying that she was right to try and break up Touko and Kakeru’s date, but I don’t think that it would be fair if she was hated completely from this point.

  17. hiro and sachi better get together by the end or I’m going to be pissed! if they go the sachi/touko route then hiro’s presence would have been for nothing except to stir up drama and I don’t want his character dealt like that.

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