「邂逅の二人 -The Boys of Earth-」 (Kaiko no Ni Nin -The Boys of Earth-)
“Encounter of Two -The Boys of Earth-“

Could we be headed for another “Han or Greedo” controversy?

Han shot first.

That was certainly a lot to take in, in a good way. Mostly we got an episode delivered over to some of the best action of any series this season, but it finished by unzipping an enormous bundle of intriguing questions that should have a huge impact on the future direction of the series. And for me, this was the episode where Inaho’s strange inscrutability was most effectively utilized, thanks to those last few minutes – not knowing just what he’s thinking gives him an intriguing air of menace.

After what effectively amounted to a three-minute recap pre-credits (I really dislike those) events picked up right where they left off, and they certainly hit the ground running. It always seemed likely that we were going to see Inaho and Slaine team up at last, though I think it’s fair to say my expectations were exceeded. Not only did their respective brands of genius prove to be quite compatible, but we even got a de facto gattai move. Surely this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

Ah, well – alas, for now at least things are a bit more complicated. There’s really nothing too noteworthy about Femianne and her Hellas – we see the exact pattern repeated for the third time. The Martian kataphrakts are strong with a fatal weakness, Inoha exploits it, and they’re destroyed. Like her predecessors she a plot device, but the results are good – not only is the entire battle sequence superbly executed, but it was really interesting to watch “Orange” and “Bat” take the measure of each other and figure out how to work together. Slaine is quick on his feet, instinctive and quick to adjust – Inaho analyzes and deconstructs with calm deliberation. Their combine move was literal and figurative – they made a powerful team. And it’s not insignificant that it was Rayet that took the final shot and killed Femianne, noting that “All Martians will pay for father’s death”. I think that settles any questions about where her loyalties lie.

It’s now that the questions start arising. I don’t think anyone should be surprised that Marito’s buried report turned out to be true, but we still don’t know the full import behind what was discovered at Tanegashima this week. We see a Martian kataphrakt – the “demon” Marito saw 15 years earlier. Presumably the Terran kataphrakts were reverse-engineered from this prototype, but without Aldnoah were nothing more than the walking tanks we’ve seen in action. But what was it that made the Captain and the others gasp in shock when they saw it? Was it the flying battleship that soon made it’s appearance, or something else? And why have the Earth authorities kept the existence of this secret base and its contents secret for 15 years – is it simply a matter of being unable to exploit them because of the lack of Aldnoah?

“Exploit” is a big word in those crucial last few moments of the episode. If Rayet has confirmed her loyalties to us, Asseylum has confirmed her identity to everyone by taking control of the battleship – presumably the only way it could be used unless or until she grants Aldnoah to someone else. It seems natural at this point for Slaine to join the cause officially, but this is where things get dodgy. With the immediate crisis over he and Inaho have time to really size each other up. The most simple explanation for what happened is that Inaho suspects that Slaine is one of the Martian faction that tried to kill Asseylum, otherwise how would he know she was alive? He gives Slaine a chance to explain himself, and Slaine refuses – he simply demands to see the Princess.

Inaho’s sphinx-like nature lends itself to another possibility, though. Slaine asks him if he intends to “exploit” the Princess, and his response is “Would it bother you if I did?” Slaine asks if Inaho is his enemy, and Inaho replies with “You are my enemy.” It’s a fascinating exchange, that, and here’s a question – Inaho has shown himself to be astute to an almost Marty Stu (Gary, if you prefer) level so far. Would he really so badly misread the situation here, after Slaine has just risked his life to help him? Or is it just possible that he has a plan to “exploit” Asseylum to stop the war, and he sees Slaine – whose role in all this he’s correctly sussed out (remember, Asseylum has talked about Slaine to Inaho) – as an obstacle to that plan?

Or, he could just be hot for her and doesn’t want the competition.

I suppose we’re going to know a lot more after the next ep, but it’s certainly intriguing to ponder. As to their exchange of hostilities, if you watch carefully it seems clear that it was Han Slaine that fired first. Also, it seems that Inaho fired a disabling shot rather than one intended to destroy Slaine’s ship. In any event it’s a wild finish, and it leaves Slaine in quite the bind. Saazbaum – who’s happily proving to have at least a modicum of intelligence – has now located Slaine (and seems dismayed to learn that it’s Tanegashima that he’s headed to). It seems there’s no refuge with the Terrans despite his assistance against Femianne, and soon enough he’ll be facing the threat of capture from above (though he does have the advantage in that Saazbaum needs him alive, making him a a far more difficult target). This is the sort of cliffhanger every action series should aspire to, and the anticipation starts as soon as the credits roll. Well played, Aldnoah.Zero.

Zephyr’s Impressions:

Dang. I didn’t see that coming. Regardless of how you feel about Inaho’s personality/development so far, one has to admit it’s that same (generally) emotionless facade that feeds right into the series’ most surprising development so far: Inaho shooting down Slaine despite their successful but short lived alliance. To say the least, it’s interesting to see that Inaho may not be the knight in shining armor he seems to be, and it all boils down to Slaine being the only one without any nefarious intent towards her highness.

The sad part is Slaine’s gotten the shaft once again, and one could almost see the machinations of Gen in the background (and his laughter) in this regard. I fully expect Slaine to get one up on Inaho at some point in the future though—it’ll be some sweet revenge—but for now, there’s no way Slaine’s going to get close to the Princess with Inaho around, and I’m getting this nagging feeling that Inaho’ll end up persuading everyone to just leave Slaine for dead by the time next week rolls over (just to add to his misery).

With that said, the ending sequence “aLIEz” suddenly comes in as more meaningful because it turns out Inaho x Slaine focus was a foreshadowing of their future confrontations more than anything, and it looks like it’ll be a long way back for the latter. In the meanwhile, our main cast is flying high (literally) with their Martian battleship, and it’s quite the upgrade if I do say so myself. With a third Orbital Knight down—Femieanne really got owned didn’t she?—the dynamics are beginning to change in more ways than one, and there’s definitely a lot of ways things can work out here.

In particular, it’s up in the air whether or not Inaho’s involvement might actually lead to Cruhteo’s death rather than the defection we anticipated, and ALDNOAH.ZERO’s getting more and more interesting despite the occasional questionable development (Asseylum’s sudden regrets this week felt a bit off). Here’s looking forward to next week (and some more kick-ass BGM). Before I go though, who else got that slight Code Geass nostalgia again from this episode? OH HOW I’VE MISSED YOU ORANGE-KUN.

EXTRA: Aldnoah Zero OST Preview


  1. celebrinen
    1. Well, Inaho certainly got Slaine’s back (of the Sky Carrier).

      my contribution:

      MMMM incoming, Slaine!

      …and everyone else is facepalming/turning away from this childishness…

      Mizusaki: We have sucessully docked.
      Magbaredge: XO, let me tell you why you can’t get a date…

      1. Also I don’t think the relationship was appropriate. Darzana holds Marito personally responsible for her brother’s death whereas Femi didn’t kill Rayet’s father, Rayet is just out for general bloody revenge.

      2. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2039.jpg
        “what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very brief career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my planet go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.”

        “oh shit!”

        Impel Down Hippo
      3. @ fragb85 – can’t have enough likes for that one… most befitting of all memes here

        other than that:
        let me put my smug glasses on – quote from my previous episode comment:

        …about the Aldnoah drives make the battle still hold hope for the Earth side: (As)Seylum probably can use them, so once one is captured intact we have probable pilot ready.

        but, boy, I did not expect not only kataphrakt but whole space battleship!

        as for Inaho’s cryptic behavior and mentioning “using” the princess…
        Show Spoiler ▼

        Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Of all things, I never expected Inaho to be a Yandere. Killing of possible ‘threats’, like that.

    P.s: I don’t think Inaho intended to kill Slain. Given he only shot the wing.
    “Bat” and “Orange”… Huh?

    1. As far as Inaho is concerned every Martian is a threat and possible conspirator.
      My only issue is that he downed the sky carrier when it and Slaine could have been of more use later on.

      1. Yeah, I’m very curious where they’re going with this. Inaho already has been established to not have the rampant hatred for Martians that others have had, so it’s not that most likely. But at the same time he’s aware that the vast majority of martians are conspirators trying to kill them all. He’s even had it explained to him by the princess herself.

        So he might be just removing a risk factor. But I also don’t think the next episode is just going to be ‘oops, my bad, I guess we can be friends.” I think it was played menacing because we’re supposed to take it as menacing.

        As for the idea of him ‘exploiting’ the princess I think that’s probably spot on. She’s a valuable factor on numerous levels. As the ship shows (though Inaho might not be aware of that specifically) she’s vital to their group’s survival, and he may see that whether through Aldnoah or simply as a political pawn/hostage.

      2. He didn’t kill Slaine, or at least I don’t think he was trying to go for the kill shot. Just downed his ship. He probably stopped giving a damn about the sky carrier once he saw his own OP flying battleship.

      3. He intentionally winged him to down his craft, taking out the weapon threat first. His he wanted him dead she would have aimed for the cockpit!

        I just REALLY hoping they take Slaine out of the drink and not leave him there to fend for himself again. That would be as asinine move and strategically not a good one. Take him prisoner makes more sense.

  3. After watching this ep, I got the feeling that Inaho is a lot more calculating and devious than i had initially anticipated; he sure isn’t gonna get any favors from the princess if she finds out that he’s bullying Slaine that’s for damn sure. On a side note, it’s always good to see tere are some supporting characters that are competent, with Inko being a notable mention (though i think she is billed as a main character after Asseylum).

      1. Asseylum didn’t know that Slaine was out there i dont think, which makes it worse because if Inaho keeps it a secret, we all know she’s bound to find out about him sooner or later, and when she does, she’s not going to be too happy about it. It’s just going to cast him in negative light in her eyes most likely.

      2. I don’t think Inaho knew it was Slaine either. If he did, he’d keep it to himself. Regardless..

        “The enemy of my enemy is not my friend, but may be useful”

        Inaho already decided Bat is an enemy, and the conversation just confirmed his intentions. Not worth the risk, and definitely

        Even though Slaine aimed first, he blinked, and didn’t have the conviction to follow through immediately. Inaho already thought this through, and doesn’t miss a beat excuting his plan.

      3. Does Inaho even know who Slaine is at this point? Other than the princess mentioning his name with the sky explanation? Because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t. I’d have to double-check but I don’t think he’s ever had Slaine’s existence explained to him, has he?

      4. He has heard of the name Slaine when they were talking about why the sky is blue. There wasn’t like there was video contact from the sky carrier and Inaho’s mech. Inaho has never heard Slaine’s voice before nor personally seen him from pictures. He can only calculate in his mind if this person is truly the enemy or not when they were talking at the end. Slaine was the one who didn’t convince him he wasn’t at the end. He was being pushy and demanded to see the princess, even go so far as to point guns at Inaho to comply.

    1. Right now there’s no indication that Asseylum knows Slaine is out there, as far as she is concerned Slaine is still serving as Count Cruhito’s aide. Personally doubt that Inaho will tell her about him too, it’s likely that Slaine will find his own way on board and through Asseylum be forced to come to a peaceful agreement with Inaho.

      1. I don’t think Inaho realised that was even Slaine in the first place, just some “stray Martian” that he became even more distrustful of because they (Slaine) knew the princess was still alive. I can’t see any other reason why Inaho would refer to Slaine as “Bat” and Slaine to Inaho, “Orange”.

  4. He gives Inaho a chance to explain himself, and Inaho refuses – he simply demands to see the Princess.


    should be He gives Slaine* a chance to explain himself, and Slaine*…

    anyway, seeing Slaine and Inaho work together was great. Hoping to see more of it, but Inaho why

    1. Inaho made the correct tactical decision. A bit an a-hole move but from his perspective, it made the most sense in all sorts of ways no matter what Slaine’s true intentions were. It was just annoying because we have seen Slaine got screwed around every episode so it’s kind of sad to see him once again get screwed. But Inaho should’ve treated Slaine like an enemy after that exchange at the end.

      Of course, it’s also possible that underneath that blank face, Inaho has the hots for the princess and just want to get rid of the competition.

      1. Yeah, and that’s really the emotional crux of it at this point. This show really loves to crap all over Slaine. As much as the show has up to now definitely been Inaho’s show as far as being the hero goes, they’re definitely building up a lot of feeling towards Slaine, who just can’t catch a break.

        Which is why the moment worked so well. Inaho is the ‘hero’ yet he attacks a guy who we know to be a good guy, and who at this point is like a kicked puppy, so where will they go from here?

      2. What would happen if Slaine is NOT an assassinator(which he is not)? Inaho knew Asseylum had always wanted to talk the Emperor into stopping the war. So if he actually came to save her, he would bring her back to Mars. But what if the war doesn’t stop against her intention?
        Then, without the Princess Eathians lose Aldnoah and the war still goes on, and everyone gets killed. This is real possibility and I believe Inaho knows that.

      3. Okay, first off at this stage it’s really unclear what Slaine’s plan is anyway. Unless the Sky Carrier is hiding some serious hardware, it’s a plane. Not a spacecraft. Meaning it can’t get them back to Mars. Add to that the fact that he is now being hunted by pretty much all the forces of Mars; forces that he knows are also trying to kill the princess.

        So even if he did manage to get her and get her in his plane (which seems to be a one-seater, so I’m not sure how that would work) where would they go from there? They have no allies.

        Frankly, the fact that Slaine didn’t just stand down and hand himself over and ask to speak to the princess is fairly stupid. He has no tactical leg to stand on. He has no weapons and no allies.

  5. Some errors though “He gives Inaho a chance to explain himself, and Inaho refuses – he simply demands to see the Princess.” Inhao should be Slaine 😀

    But overall love the last part where Inaho and Slaine were sizing each other up 😀

  6. I’m thinking Asseylum’s sudden regrets this week is more of the realization of how naive her previous world view was.

    That up until the point where her grandfather Declared war on Earth, she was thinking that the assassination attempt on her was the work of unaligned terrorists and just now realized that the Vers empire was behind it

    1. Also, this is really the first time she’s had to reflect. When you’re busy simply trying to survive, reflection can wait. (Admittedly, it *could* have happened last episode–eh. *shrug*)

  7. It happened pretty fast but Slaine shot first, Inaho only shot back.

    While the Orange was strong with this one, the two nostalgia I felt the most was Martian Successor / Harlock. I for one am glad the opening didn’t spoil the Martian Battleship.

  8. I thought this was the best episode since it all started.
    As much as I like watching Inaho being the calculated battlefield demon. Nothing beats watching everyone get a slice of badass pie. Especially when this show regularly puts out some pretty damned good stuff.

    That twist at the end. Looking back I say it made perfect sense considering Inaho never considered Slaine an ally in the first place. He did hit us with the “enemy of my enemy is, I suppose, my friend” bit.

    I like that he shot Slaine down. I want to see more of what happens as a result of them not teaming up just yet.

  9. Well guessed right that the Earth Aldnoah would be found in Tanegashima, but did not expect that battleship as well. It looks (at least to me) though that everyone was shocked about the presence of this ship in addition to the Cataphract rather than something else; one made sense given previous circumstances, the other did not. Also building off the obvious Greek reference to the Vers Cataphract destroyed, Femianne is the Talos to Tanegashima’s Crete, protecting the island and its secrets. Quite convinced this is where her character’s inspiration came from too as Talos threw rocks at its enemies, similar to how Femianne threw her Cataphract’s fists 😛

    The lack of previews has been annoying, but it’s especially felt here as there is no clue where the story heads now. Can be assumed Asseylum has now outed herself (considering her appearance and state during that one scene) and that Slaine will be remaking contact with the Earth forces sometime soon, but other than that it’s back to the weekly guessing game. With five episodes remaining in this cour though I’m fully expecting something “big” to happen pretty soon.

    1. I dont think that’s not what really happened. The way the scene was framed is what made it seem like Slaine shot first. Inaho wasnt retaliating to Slaine’s shots; They essentially both shot at each other at the same time, it’s just that the scene played Slaine’s shots first. Notice how inaho’s shot follows a split second right after slaine’s during the scene cut; that’s not to illustrate that Slaine fired first, but rather they both shot at each other nearly at the same time (Although im not completely dismissing the fact that Slaine got aggressive first, the way that whole scene played out more than likely leans towards them having fired at each other simultaneously). Both of them were pretty aware that shit was about to pop off after what Inaho said. After Inaho’s provoking, both Slaine and Inaho realized that they had pushed each others buttons and were ready to fire at each other to get the jump on one another. The result was pretty much a western gun duel in which Slaine’s draw was a millisecond more swift but Inaho’s aim was just better.

  10. As for asseylum revealing herself?
    The struggle bus just came to welcome her aboard.

    My assumption is that this’ll be the their new means of transportation, but it now makes them a hot spot for the war. I’d like to think that the Martian’s will prioritize removing the Aldnoah element from their side, wish to uncover who the hell is providing them with aldnoah (unless they determine it must be the princess and then those apart of the martian coup work toward eliminating her while keeping the appearance of this warship secret from the ruler), and other good stuff.
    Then there’s the problem with her revealing herself to a ship full of terrans full of despair and hatred toward martians. How’re they supposed to just be okay with essentially working with and sheltering the princess of the martians?

    Good stuff now.

    1. Like the sisters in Kill La Kill?
      I’d also say like Aang and Zuko from Avatar series, but that’s an American production an not anime….though the creators have acknowledged taking inspiration from anime..
      Anybody watching Korra Season 3 btw?

      1. I think Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen would be a really good example about rivals who became “friends”.

        Their clans were rivals in war in the Sengoku Period. There was a time when the country that was supplying salt for the Takeda Clan stopped sending them salt purposely which led to the slow fall of the Takeda Clan (Salt was primarily used for food preservation back then). Upon learning this, Kenshin made his merchants sell salt to the Takeda clan in a fair price and told Shingen that “Wars are to be fought with swords and spears, not with salt and rice. Bring your best army and let’s meet again in the battlefield.”

        The Story You Don't Know
  11. Another great episode from what looks to be the best show of the year so far. I did a quick re-watch of the show from the beginning after seeing this episode.

    But, I take issue with something written for this episode. While there are numerous current shows with absurd heroes who might be called Mary Sues (I don’t see the point in changing it to a masculine form — Mary Sue came first), but I don’t think this is appropriate for Inaho. He’s a great character but he’s not impossibly perfect. He has some wonderful talents which the people around him appreciated to an extent before all this, but it is really only in the madness of the Martian invasion that they can flower. Yuki called them crazy stunts but while I’m willing to go with crazy, they aren’t stunts.

    Also, he isn’t always right. In this episode, he was wrong about the extent of Femieanne’s cataphract’s powers, and he missed the fourth fist the first time around, opening the way for Slaine to enter the fray (or for them all to die). But he’s smart, knowledgeable, talented and very observant. He acts quickly and observes the results of his actions, as well as others. While conventions have reasons for existing, the Martians have developed and they use their technologies to be able to crush conventional responses to their invasion. Inaho has a genius ability to marry unconventional and effective and it makes him a pretty good hero but not an overpowered one.

    As an aside, reading this reminded me of Roger Ebert’s review of The Day of the Jackal

    He keeps running–and always convincingly; this isn’t a movie about a killer with luck, but about one of uncommon intelligence and nerve.

    I’ll also add that while the terrrans have been dependent upon him to a great extent, the rest of them have needed to carry their weight as well. Magbaredge and Mizusaki have been wonderful, as have many of the others.

    N.B. In the last sentence of the ‘exploit’ paragraph, I think you have the names reversed.

  12. Pajama with the patches, Marax, Botis, Ronove, Halphas, Raum, Vine, Bat, and ORANGEEEEE-KUNNNN…
    This anime will for sure go down as one of the best name callings in anime history.

    Just A Random Guy
    1. The names of the fists are actually demon names. They are more or less messengers from Hell, thus why she calls them her “messages” and in turn I think she sees herself as Satan since she calls them “her children.”

      Jaywon Lee
  13. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend. But somtimes, the enemy of my enemy is just another enemy. The trick is knowing wich one is it.”

    Raymond Reddington

    Inaho sure is learning from the master.

  14. Inaho trolled the hell out of Slaine. Lol i hope Slaine merely get’s stranded on Tanegashima as a result of Kami-naho giving him divine punishment.
    It’d just be too easy if those two teamed up already.

  15. I have too disagree with Enzo assumptions that it would be ‘natural’ for Slaine to join the crew. Given the fact that Inaho sort of ‘shot’ down any chance of him coming near princess, I find it much more probable that Slaine will be finding himself either stranded on Tanegashima next week or picked up the Orbital Knights for ‘questioning’.

    That being said this episode finally shows some real aspects to the dynamics of Inaho and Slaine, not just there strengths but there weaknesses as well. We see how Inaho uses his logical analysis and extensive use of scientific knowledge to ruthlessly destroy his enemies, but at the cost of being socially cold and jumping to logical if incorrect conclusions. In contrast with Slaine who uses his intuition and emotions to perform spectacular feats of bravery and genius, contrast that with his tendency to jump the gun and perform acts that are counter-intuitive in his ‘quest’ to the rescue the princess. This is important because it determines how this relates the princess, because both seem to have different intentions for her.

    I doubt Slaine has any real plan, besides rescuing his love from what he probably feels is a chaotic and dangerous situation, he’s more or less making it up as he goes along I sense. Inaho on the other hand does suggest he has a plan in place, but it’s certainly unknown what effect it has on the princess’s well being, honestly I doubt it’s any good.
    And then’s rayet which has certainly by the end finally declared where her intentions lie, shows that for now while she isn’t a threat for Assyleum’s safety I don’t think for one moment that she wouldn’t gun her down if it needed to happen.

    Still the episode was fairly interesting, though I can’t say it was as entertaining as previous episode have been purely because it seems like the stakes have lessened to a degree. They now have sparkly new ship, a super prototype and a living macgruffin that can give them immense power, it just seems to good to be true. I think we’ll learn in the next episode that it is to good to be true, and not everything is sunshine and rainbows for the cast, their problems have if anything but increased. (What will Earth Command think when they start coming by with their great new ship or the princess that was thought to be dead, but is actually alive I wonder.).

    1. I agree with you. Its great the way they operate has been pointed out but I disagree that Inaho’s conclusions have been incorrect. What do you think he was wrong about? On the other hand, Slaine definitely wears his heart on his sleeve, and that gets him in trouble.

      Slaine would not have adjusted well with Terrans, and would have tried to seperate the Princess by the seat of his pants… causing trouble for Inaho’s plans. Slaine is not Terran. Slaine is an unknown to Inaho and Earth Command, but only one thing was certain: Slaine was trouble. Inaho is not the type to act illogically, jeopardizing his own plans for a stranger whose feelings and actions would disrupt the key to victory, Princess Asseylum.

      Inaho sussed that out and confirmed Slaine’s enemy status in the conversation in an instant, holding his cards close until ready for sudden reveal. Don’t need a wildcard ruining the bet.

      You are my enemy. I think Inaho is referring not only to Slaine, but what he represents: Fools. Inaho is not only directly opposed with Slaine and his desires, but his entire way of being, from thought process to ideals. He is diametrically opposed, as you point out, as cold intellect clashes with hot blooded bravado. It would not work out, and better to cut the problem off at the head than to drag through a bloody mess.

      1. hmmm i dont know; the fact slaine asked if Inaho was his enemy indicates that had he initially thought that they could be allies, meaning most likely, he wouldnt have been inclined to think Asseylum needed to be taken away from the terrans. Plus with a little coercion from the princess herself, Slaine would have most likely been a team player with little to no coercion. Together, Slaine and Seylum would have probably attempted to contact her grandfather so that they could put a stop to the war (though im sure someone would have found some way to make the war continue)

      2. You’re putting a bit too much magic in Slaine’s hands here.

        I agree that he likely would have allied himself quite easily with the Terrans if the prince had told him to, but that doesn’t mean his actions there weren’t poorly thought out. He basically should have surrender or just asked to talk. He has nothing of value to offer the terrans, no way of fighting them, and no safe place to take the princess to even if he could get a hold of her. Being even remotely combative in that situation was pointless and (as proven) counter-productive.

        And this idea that if they got together they would just magically contact her grandfather and end the war is naive based on what we know. As far as we’ve been told, Earth doesn’t have magic communication with Mars, the Martians do, meaning that even together, they can’t do anything since the Martians still hold all the cards.

        Also, Slaine clearly was not just open to trusting the Terrans or the whole conversation wouldn’t have gone that way to begin with.

      3. @kaleRylan

        It doesnt matter if contacting the martians is not as eay as one two three; the intent to contact Asseylum’s grandfather what im emphasizing would have been the course Slaine and Seylum’s reunion would have brought forth. Slaine would have most likely explained to the princess what was going on up at mars and they may have came to the decision to make it a priority to talk to the king (their Naivety supports this). Plus, we arent sure if Slaine doesnt have a way to communicate to the citizens of Mars through his ship, so actually it would be incorrect to assume that there isnt a way to make contact with them (there wasnt a to do it before, but slaine’s carrier brings doubt to that fact now). And saying that Slaine shoulnt have been combatant, while true, doesnt make it any less wrong for him to have done. He may have hoped he could be allies with the terrans, but he still needs to know if he can trust them. He cant just tell them his intents right off the bat; in a situation like that, it would be silly to do that. The whole point of Inaho and Slaine’s confrontation was that neither could be sure of what the other wanted, but its when Inaho said something about exploiting the princess, did things start to get really heated.

        With the conspiracies going on, slaine needs to be careful. Let’s say Inaho’s goal is to truly exploit the princess, if Slaine did explain himself and said he wanted to try and convince the king to stop the war, you think that would be good enough for Inaho to let him on the ship? Not in my opinion. The point is, if Inaho had been less combative himself and let Slaine see the princess, their next step would have most likely been letting the king know that she is alive (that’s was his and the princess’ goal in the first place so why wouldnt that happen?). The princess’ influence would have made things work; there’s a reason why the princess still doesnt know that slaine is out there and who knows if Inaho is going to let her know. Perhaps they could make Slaine a prisoner on the ship and fix things eventually, but right now, we dont know.

      4. I’m sorry, but no. You’re just wrong.

        Slaine is, at this point, not some secret superhero. He’s an idiot. An idiot with very good reasons, but an idiot nonetheless. He has no allies, he has no power, he has no plan. Slaine has, literally, nothing. You say he has to hide his intentions. What intentions? Slaine’s only intention is to get to the princess. He’s not getting to her to save her since he’s well aware that she’s actually safer where she is and that, at the very least, large portions of her own people are actively attempting to murder her. And he knows that she’s with the only guy who has successfully taken down any of the Martians. She’s literally in the absolute safest place on Earth right now for her.

        He’s not getting at her to get to Mars since he has no way of going there and the people who do have a way are actively trying to murder both of them. And while you’re right that we don’t know for certain that his plane doesn’t have a way to contact Mars, if it does that is ridiculous, since they’ve established that they use a magic holographic telepresence machine on the landing castles to contact Mars. If they can just call up Mars on the freaking radio it sort of defeats the purpose of having the forbidden super-technology.

        And there is not ‘all the conspiracies,’ there is one conspiracy. The Martians trying to kill their own princess to foment war. That’s it. The issue is not actually complicated. And Slaine’s the one person who knows that.

        No, he was wrong to do what he did. He should have tried to parley, and that’s it. Inaho was totally right because Inaho ACTUALLY is dealing with people that keep lying to him and he doesn’t know why. Slaine is pretty much the only person in the show who knows most of what’s going on.

        Now don’t misunderstand me. I GET why Slaine acted the way he did, I liked the scene, and I think it amped up the show in a really good way, but it was the wrong decision. And frankly, that seems to be the point of Slaine as of yet. He makes the wrong decisions pretty much every time. He tries, but just fails repeatedly and generally makes everything worse. I’m very curious where they’re going with that story arc.

      5. Oh, one other thing. Slaine actually doesn’t matter as far as contacting the Emperor goes either. The princess’s goal is to call her grandfather anyway, Slaine changes nothing about that.

        If anything Slaine could actually make that harder since he is currently thought to be a spy and if he’s seen with the princess then the bad Martians might convince the emperor that Slaine is somehow tricking her into trying to convince him to end the war.

        No, at this point Slaine is basically pointless. And that’s fine, I think the interesting thing is going to be seeing how he overcomes that. We also have had hints that he, and his father, are somehow important to Aldnoah, so that’s a thing that will come up. But at this stage he is neither a military or political asset. Though having a plane that can hold mechs is handy.

      6. @kale Rylan

        Actually, there are multiple layers to the conspiracy (which is why i dubbed it conspiracies) and i really dont agree with most of what you have stated because 1. you are neglecting the personalities of these characters and circumstance would dictate these characters to do. 2. you’re incorrect that being the only method to make contact to mars (go back to ep 4 for confirmation) and 3. I feel that you are really underestimating the effects of having Slaine join forces with the Terrans and informing the princess about everything he knows could have had on events. I dont quite understand the logic behind your arguments; Slaine doesnt have to be a “superhero” to make those simple things happen. I mean i get where you’re coming from, and while i dont think your train of thought is absolutely incorrect, you are overlooking many things…but at this point lets agree to disagree yea? It’s clear we have two very distinct views on how things played out and your argument has no concrete facts as to how im wrong whatsoever so lets wait to see how things play out. Either way the upcoming eps will bring us some answers, which im sure will go in line with how things have developed so far. I do like how you presented your case though.

  16. Slaine is Aldnoah’s Eternal Whipping boy.

    Naivete is Slaine’s forte, but Inaho is anything but naive.

    Slaine may have fired first, but his thinking was last. Inaho was ahead of him. I expect further misery for Slaine as he struggles in this series. Like Hamlet, only tragedy awaits Slaine on his return for family.

  17. I think Inaho meant what he said and knew exactly what he was doing. Consider this.

    Inaho knows that the Vers Empire completely outclasses the Earth military. He also knows that the Vers knights were so hungry for a war of conquest that they attempted to assassinate their own princess to create a pretext for war. Finally he’s just learned that exactly two people hold the key to the Vers supertech, and one of them Asseylum.

    If they give her back, sure it ends the war. For a little while. But it’s just another false peace like Marito keeps ranting about. The Vers Empire still has an unbeatable power advantage, the Vers knights are still just as hungry for conquest. At best it only buys a little time.

    But if they keep Asseylum, then she can do things like power that battleship there. Maybe she can be convinced to deputize a corps of Earth knights to use Aldnoah super mechs. Suddenly the playing field looks a lot more even. In a few years, when her old and infirm grandfather passes away, maybe it even shifts in favor of Earth.

    Looking at the long term and calculating the options, keeping Asseylum is the better choice. That’s what Inaho specializes in.

    1. Very good points.
      There is no indication that Slaine would be in a hurry to return Asseylem to the Martians though. Since the degree of the conspiracy is not yet known repatriating the princess could result in her death.

  18. I think this might just be the anime of the season.

    Anyway, speaking of Slaine and Seylum, seems like Seylum has been the mature one all this while albeit she was rather naive previously. On the other hand, Slaine seems to be continuing to dwell into his child-like naivety and from what I see and feel, that’s a huge guillotine hanging above him that being held by the thinnest of thread.

    Inaho on the other hand, seems like the reincarnation of Zero. “Cold”, calculative and analytical. That being said, since when did Inaho became Jeremiah?


    Makise Kuristina
    1. Inaho definitely has long term thinking and tactical ability, but doesn’t have Zero’s trademark charisma– that ability to inspire that transcends Geass powers, nor that flair for openly dramatic. While Zero puts up a show, Inaho likes to keep his cards close. All hail Lelouch!

      1. I agree with you on Inaho’s lack of charisma compared to Lulu….

        So now, would Seylum bestow him with the powers of Aldnoah?

        Inaho – “By the power of the Aldnoah…. I COMMAND THEE TO DO MY BIDDING!”
        Masses – “ALL HAIL INAHO!”

        Makise Kuristina
      2. Unlike Zero, Inaho is not a leader, he’s a strategist, a cleaner if you will. Inaho has no higher goals to achieve like Zero. He didn’t start this war, he’s merely fighting in it to his best ability, where Zero started an all out war.

        Inaho’s only goals are survival, make sure earht comes out on top of this war, and the survival of those close to him and as many other’s as possible.

    1. That’s what I thought as well! I was literally screaming “Yamato!” when I saw it! Plus, the whole premise of finding a battleship in a secret underground dock reminds me of Uchu Kubo Blue Noah (Thundersub for the English speaking), the spiritual successor of Uchu Senkan Yamato and one of my favorite anime of all time!

  19. Well, I certainly was surprised on the things that they were hiding on Tanegashima that gotten the secrecy that they deserves. Cause dat retrofitting of the battleship Deucalion.

    Anyway, I’ll just make a leap and predict that Slaine’s going to get taken aboard the Deucalion minus his escape vehicle (as a prisoner).

  20. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2014.jpg
    Counter maid NTR plan intensifies…..

    “She’s mine dude…. We’ve done plenty of things together….”

    Man in green suit – “God there goes my NTR plan”
    Man in purple sweater to the other girl – “I said I was sorry…. Geez…..”

    “Damn it…. Stupid maid….”

    ———— On the Marito front ————

    “CO….. Truth is….. I have the hots for your late brother….”

    “You have 10 seconds to get off my island”

    “No wonder they’re still on earth”

    Man in green suit – “God why am I in the middle of all this drama”
    Man in purple sweater to the other girl – “I told you I wasn’t after your imouto… Trust me!!!”

    Makise Kuristina
  21. I’m seriously wondering how the Martians are going to come back after losing three Kataphrakts. Its kind of strange how started a war, but in a way they’re so separated that they are beginning to show signs of trouble (It just doesn’t seem wise to start a war when your own military power is divided into nobles that are guided by individual interests, e.g. when that Countess in this episode was exclaiming claim to her territory when Slaine arrived; the Martians are too divided that even with their technology they’re starting to lose knights and more people know that the princess is alive).

    I love the fights but sooner or later the Martian nobles will have to realize they can’t simply have one knight fight at a time when Inaho and the Earth forces have showed that’s not how war works.

  22. “The sad part is Slaine’s gotten the shaft once again, and one could almost see the machinations of Gen in the background (and his laughter) in this regard.”

    Knowing Gen, I’m not surprise at all that this is happening. He’s slowly becoming the Lancer/ Kariya of the series.

    Still, I think there’s more to Inaho shooting Slaine down then we think there is. I think he may be trying to stage it where it seems that Slaine gets shot down, so whoever is possibly following him may think he’s KIA.

    There are so many things to consider, and so many things to look forward to. God, I love this series.

    1. I agree with your assessment, Inaho, while cautious doesn’t seem to act with purpose and cold logic. He isn’t as far seeing as Tatsuya from Mahouka in other players motivations or goals, but he isn’t foolish. It’s likely he knew that carrier was being tracked, but what made him fire was Slaine’s aggression. Inaho has shown a strong ability to aim for vulnerable points, so Slaine would be dead if Inaho chose it.

      I believe Slaine will be picked up either by Inaho or the ship, as most people did see there was a defector, but yeah, he will be a prisoner at least initially.

  23. wow, I was shocked by the last scene, it was sudden and completely unexpected, it felt like I just received a brutal slap from nowhere!

    I’m not too sure what to feel about Inaho at this point: his cold and calculative mind is what allowed him to get so many victories against opponents that had logically far better chances than him, considering their advanced technologies…so this aspect of him is ‘needed’ for humans to win this war, most definitely.
    But I’m having a hard time ‘liking’ this coldness of his just yet.
    He is clearly planning to use the Princess as much as he can, and he determined that whoever ‘Bat’ is, he would get in the way of taking advantage of her. Thinking logically it’s the right thing to do, but emotionally it doesn’t make me feel too good about him ^^;
    Slaine on his side is very likeable.

    This really feels like the opposite of what we see usually in anime: the cold rival and the hot headed emotional hero. It’s actually pretty interesting and we will have to see how that plays out.

    1. I don’t think he was planning to use the princess. Slaine was the one who said the exploit part, and Inaho was the one used the word “if” they were what are you going to do as a test. Slaine didn’t properly explain his reasons and Inaho doesn’t even know who’s in the carrier. He’s only protecting the princess from the evil faction that tried to assassinate her.

  24. Probably my favorite episode so far. I just loved how everything came together in the action sequence.

    Its nice to see Slaine show off some piloting skills cause the kid has talent. And really, how many mecha shows actually display honest aircraft dogfights? And the way the integrated it with classic anime Real Robot actions was seamless. Inaho and Slaine practically hit it off in such a short time and their team work was flawless. Too bad that fell apart quickly. I hope that their animosity doesn’t last too long. “Bat” and “Orange” feels like a team that would destroy everything on their way if they actually get along.

    As much as I love rocket punches, I have to admit… Hellas kinda sucks. Once she loses her advantage, she jobs hilariously. I practically laughed when the flying battleship ran over her. Goes to show how a superiority complex makes people dumb. Did she honestly expect to beat an object that massive in a game of chicken? Getting finished of by a Martian’s daughter is just extra icing on the humiliation cake.

    Speaking of which, I’m glad to see Rayet finally do something and in a cockpit of a Kat no less. Next to Marito, I find her the most interesting character since her motivations are fueled primarily by selfish vengeance.

  25. Inaho looks a little more sinister now. Definitely not your typical MC it seems.

    Guess as we might, answers will probably come later, but I like how Inaho’s character apparently ‘evolves’ from when we see him at first, meaning that he isn’t really a Gary Stu or at least at the level of Shiba Tatsuya. That last scene was very, very effective in creating suspense and tension right before the episode ended and probably had more than a couple of us viewers wanting more.

    There’s an interesting reversal of roles for the male MCs here – Slaine being the apparent secondary MC and Inaho being the primary MC. While the former gives off the forthcoming vibe, the latter emanates a mysterious and perhaps (now) even sinister aura. Speaking of which, Slaine has a huge role to play yet, seeing as he is the son of Prof Troyard, someone who I’m sure plays a rather significant role in the development of Mars.

    We’ve been seeing some flaws and logic-defying parts, but I think it’s undeniable the producers have done a pretty nifty job in creating atmosphere, building the heightening tension and pacing the series.

  26. I have a theory he might be originally from Mars. And his sister is not a real one. That’s why he has not much emotions to speak of other than minor annoyance when he misses the hit. The Martians so far have never had any hint of altruism beside the princess and her maid. Also we know nothing about his background. Don’t know his exact age but I believe he might have been on that Martian bot that came disguised as a comet.

    That’s why he easily sticks out with his overly cunning manner and very calculated move without a flicker of emotion. He seems to have survived so far despite the times he went against the opponents that are overly powerful. If he is not from earth, I’d bet he could sort of figure out how the martians are planning.

    The last attack by Inaho in my opinion is an advantage to Slaine. Martians have been distrustful of him even though he was willing to protect his princess no matter the cost. Now Slaine finally goes to Earth himself, all they want is to prove that he’s a mole working secretly with the Earthling. Inaho’s attack completely discarded that notion. I wouldn’t know if they have witnessed that little fight but all they want is an info from Slaine to gain an edge on the victory. So I might be on my own that thinks it would be good move to pretend to be hostile to Slaine. Even if he were to go back and prove that the princess is alive and bring the princess with him, I don’t think the Martians will just concede that they were wrong. They will just call them fake even before the princess can use her power to prove herself.

  27. I think the whole lack of emotions from Inaho is a bit of a misdirection and may play an integral part in future episodes. While he has shown to not show emotions, there’s nothing to suggest his actions are not based on them.

    For example, the safe method for escaping Trilliam was simply use the smoke bombs to make their escape to the sea, which they knew Trilliam could not have followed. And not actually try to destroy his Catarapht, which was much more dangerous. But he obviously wanted revenge and said as much before destroying the Catarapht.

    In episode 4, it felt like he was basically not going to do jack squat until the princess became involved. At which time time he made a decidedly risky move to buy time against a Cataphrat which he had almost no information on. And I think when he was picked up by Rayet and asked why he made such an impulsive move, he looked at the princess, which showed the motivations of his actions. Whether those motivations are personal or “for the good of his family and friends” we don’t know. But given how it was at the time impossible for him to determine whether she was lying or not, you have to think there were at least some personal motivations.

    Basically, I find things actually point to Inaho having emotions but lack the ability to show expressions. That would make much more sense, as when was the last time a robotic person would actually have lots of friends and hang out together?

  28. we see the exact pattern repeated for the third time. The Martian kataphrakts are strong with a fatal weakness, Inoha exploits it, and they’re destroyed.

    As in Orbital Knight declares intention to battle in one episode, then killed in the second episode featuring him/her?

    I’ve been checking, Trillram, Vlad and Femianne were all briefly shown in Episode 01.
    Episode 02 shows another set of 3 Orbital Knights;
    – one that’s like X-Men’s Cyclops but shoots double laser beams from head
    – one with…..electrical tentacles?
    – one that uses an electrical barrier
    Who knows, we might see two Orbital Knights teaming up against Inaho and co.

  29. Must stop screaming at the awesomeness of great dialogue, action sequences, revelations, 2 guys bickering at each other, plot twists and turns, and then the BGM.

    Seriously. Too much for my heart.

  30. I think what Inaho did shooting down Slaine was the best option at that time. An enemy ship suddenly helping you? At times of war you really can’t trust just anybody who just shoots your enemy out of nowhere. So in conclusion shoot the threat. Better safe now than sorry later. (Poor Slaine though – starting to feel like he is everyone’s enemy while Inaho takes all the glory)

    So I give props to the whole Aldnoah Zero crew specially the writer for giving us one heck of an episode! 😀

  31. …Suddenly, the protagonist found a secret base with a powerful weapon inside it, which they use to fight and turn the tide!

    This is a Genuine Mecha Anime…no mistake about that…

    1. It foreshadowed from the very first episode though, so it’s not as much of a ‘pull as say Valvrave or many other mecha. It is also worth noting protagonist didn’t rush in to use said powerful weaponry and continued fighting mini-boss with normal mech.

    2. How Convenient.

      Now, the problem with the fact is, that the Secret Base was deserted. It was told that UFE covered up the Tanegashima Incident, for the existence of hidden Aldnoah Tech – so it also can be assumed that UFE tried to harness it for possible future war against Martians. That explains the existence of a Secret Pen built into the cliffside – However, it does not make sense that Facility of such Importance was Deserted like it have no importance at all. For God sake, that place houses an Flying Battleship powered with Reverse-Engineered Powerplant of an Alien Mech – No Government nor Military would just left it just because they don’t have the keys to start the damn thing.

    3. Do you think the Uchuu Senkan Deukalion is actually Terran-Made, only powered and made using reversed-engineered Aldnoah Tech? The Bridge looks…Down-to-Earth rather than Versian in appearance.

      If so, I think Inaho won’t be able to pilot the Mech by himself, and have to fight with fellow UFE Combatants using his wits, since it is attached to the battleship – Which is a good thing.

      1. Well, perhaps there where Peoples on the Island guarding. But what you think was the Mars Mecha doing there? Sight seeing? Of course she wipe the Defense out, or they flee in fear. But then why they dont have the Intel? Because they assumed no one could power up the Aldnoah Core of the Battle ship? Or the Ship has the same drive, but Human useless Weapons? or do we see Laser beams out of these Cannons?

        And how convenient, that through the Rock there where holes for the Rockets to fly through.
        We have only confirmed, that this battleship fly with the Help of the Princess. But we dont know, if they posses the Firepower to be a Thread to the Other Mars Mechas. Or in the Big Storage Belly of the Ship, there are the first Earth Aldnoah Prototype Mechas, too

    4. To take out all elements of luck in any story is both unrealistic and pointless. If you read a non-fictional book on any historical wars, you would find massive amount of “luck” that happened for each side. If you choose to read through the life story of any successful businessman, you’d have a lot of “luck” involved. No one can be successful without any luck.

      If the story doesn’t allow for the existence of any weaponry on par with Aldnoah powered gear, there would be no chance for Earth to win. None at all. Inaho can be 100 times as smart and it still won’t matter, because at some point, his enemies won’t be stupid enough to face him one-on-one, or he may have to fight on land when the Martian Kataphrats don’t have these water weaknesses he can exploit. In order for this anime to work in the first place, there would have to be some way for the protagonists to get their hands on some Martin-level weaponry. Otherwise it would be even more unrealistic. Given that Tanegashima was a focal point of the backstory, and the reasons for them going there made sense, this is as realistic as it can be.

      Because if we want true realism, this anime would’ve ended with two episodes. In the second episode, Orbital Knights take over Earth. Kills the princess for real a 2nd time when she shows herself. The End.

  32. I have to say that I really hate Rayet. It’s the kind of bad guys doing bad things and when karma strikes back, they act like they are the victims. Maybe she didn’t participate in the assassination but it’s still so stupid to hate someone you tried to kill first.

  33. So the found the Earth Aldnoah Version before the War started. I mean the Battleship. Before the War began, there where technology transfer from Mars and Earth. It reeks of Earth Battleship Design, but the back let is looks like, he is the First Generation of these Space Castles. Something like German and Russia Submarines had the same Design in WW2. Just Compare the Back of this Battleship, with the Back of the Knights Space Castles. But this Mecha in the cave, is a War Relic. And i bet, if the Princess try to expand her Aldnoah Powers to the Mechas, they surprisingly have a Aldnoah drive, too

    But how this Work? i think Grandfather is still alive, or is it not important?. Ah well

  34. Enzo pretty much explains this. From Inaho’s point of view, The only Martians that would expect the princess to be alive would be part of the faction that conspired to kill her.

    1. I will just add, from Slaine’s POV the orange unit is a tactical genius that uses whatever is at hand to win the fight. So it makes sense that he asks if Inaho is exploiting the princess.

  35. It took reading for weeks that Slaine has a more important role than Inaho, that Slaine in the second season will be vital for the storyline… Such a waste…
    I’ll be honest, I like it much more Inaho over Slaine.
    Inaho would be nice to find something of Noah Driver, like in Gundam Seed, the start who lead to a counteroffensive against the aliens …

    A Asseylum (Lacus) duo with Inaho (Kira) will be fantastic … But with the last scene of the Opening, I think, that the princess will end revealing against Inaho … allying with Slaine. Cracking the show into three factions, the humans with Inaho and Rayet, Slaine Asseylum and some allies to their cause (Crutheo?) And the Emperor and his knights.
    What’s more, lets praise that the knights do not betray the Emperor … at the end of the season.

  36. I’m surprised that people have so little to say about the convenient plot twist of the week, the “accidental” discovery of the hidden base. It’s not that it’s anything novel for a mecha series to have the protagonists find a secret weapon of their own, but the way it happened here was pretty damn off-handed and lazy in my opinion.

    1. Well, if everything is a plot had to be predictable we would have a pretty boring show here. Deus Ex Machina is a fine plot device as long it is not overused.

      Even freakin’ Shakespeare was a fan of it and used Deus Ex Machina in many of his stories.

    2. But does Femianne know about what it is? Salzbaum seems to know, judging at his reaction. It is possible some Martian Ringleader sent her there, possibly Salzbaum himself – but then I’m wondering, Is she a Count? She wore the Red Coat with Golden Epaulettes – no way a haughty, glory-hound of a Count would want to be ordered around by other Counts (Say, we haven’t seen a Versian Duke or Marquis, hm?) to guard a deserted Island far away from the frontline – a Count have their own Landing Castles, She’ll do drop anywhere she wanted, and have the full support of her subordinate Knights (Such as Vlad is under Crutchteo, a Baron, maybe?) She can send one of them to guard the Island.

      If She aware of the Secret below Tanegashima, She must known that anything hidden is something powerful – and yet she played Chicken with a bloody Sky Battleship!

      1. I assumed Femianne a Count since she’s dressed in the same fashion as Crutchteo and Salzbaum. Vlad and Trillram, lower ranked Knights, wore Double-Breasted Gray Tunic with red Facing.

      2. Your guess is as good as mine.
        My assumption was based on the fact that none of the counts have bothered to dirty their hands yet. An if they did they would be piloting something massively OP and have escorts, squires and the like.

    3. Sure, it was foreshadowed that something big was going to happen at Tanegashima, but say what you will, I still think the actual disovery was poorly executed. Uncovering the entrance by accidentally shooting at the rocks? Come on, don’t tell me there was no better way to make it happen. Very lazily done.

      1. Those fists punched a hole on their carrier ship from the top, all the way from the bottom. That’s through decks and thick layers of steel. You don’t think those fists couldn’t do that through a small layer of rock?

      2. Huh? I said nothing about whether it was possible to collapse the rock there with the means available. I’m talking about the BS way to do it by some random accident. Although, come to think of it, the way the opening was blown open in one shot neatly enough for the ship just sail right through was an added layer of BS. Like I’ve said several times already, lazy thinking by the writers.

  37. Inaho capture Slain. He shoot the Engine, so that the Sky carrier would lose the Power to Lift him up. Then he shoot a Hook and Jump on ground, to pull the Carrier out of the Sky. The Impact on the Water could get Slain unconscious. But Inaho still have the Fish on the Hook. He can easy pull him out of the Water with the Carrier. Well, if the rope not broke, when he was force him out of the Sky, then it would not rip apart when securing the Sky Carrier out of the Water

    He will see the Princess, but as Prisoner

  38. Inaho doesn’t know who is Slaine personally. He doesn’t even know who’s piloting the carrier. I seen him testing Slaine to see if he’s one of the Martian factions that wants to kill the princess. If Slaine properly answered, I am sure he would have allowed him to see the princess. Slaine shot first and in the end his carrier was disabled.

  39. From the brief talk between our two main males, I assumed that not only does Inaho not know it’s Slaine, but that he’s asking Slaine why the Martians began the attack on Earth if they knew the princess was still alive (since Slaine’s own words imply that he believed her alive the whole time). When all Slaine does is insist on being taken to the princess, Inaho takes that as the Martians trying to regain the one piece the Terrans might be able to use to save themselves.

    So his natural answer to Slaine’s question of whether they are going to exploit her would be along the lines of either ‘duh, of course’ or ‘why should I care since your aim is to destroy us no matter what.’ But since he’s not a talker (and Slaine has also failed to clearly communicate his own position) he concludes that ‘the Martian’ just wants to steal back the Terran’s possible ace in the hole.

    Or that was my reading of the situation. This episode brought me back to the series; I was seriously considering dropping it (time constraints) but now I’m quite intrigued to see where all these formerly divergent characters will end up. Also, the possibility of Inaho being a stone cold decision maker in this fight feels refreshing (recalls other young pilots over-angsting over mid-battle decisions).

  40. This show has been a pretty fun romp to this point.

    Theorycraft Time:

    Femianne was talking about her children when each arm/hand was destroyed.

    The robots require the ‘permission’ of the King to work.

    Seems like the robots have their own ‘will’ since they only work for the person it has been registered to.

    To have a will, they need to have a human-like A.I.

    But what’s better than that? An actual human.

    I’m thinking the surprise reveal will be that the core of the Aldnoah will be humans. That it requires the King (or his lineage) and the Knight (or his lineage) giving up their own flesh and blood to make it their own power. It would also explain why there are only so many Knights.

    Would you be willing to make your child into an abomination for power? That can’t act or do anything without your say-so (as the hibernate Kataprackt showed)?

    Inaho has been able to guess things before with limited information. I’m thinking that he might’ve guessed from what little he has as to why the Aldnoah are the way they are. It would also explain why he’s protective of her Highness (sorry, I’m terrible with names), as something like that could crush or destroy a person. Its going to be hell for her, but its their only way to win.

    It also is probably why he questions Slaine the way he does about exploiting her. It isn’t actually a choice. To utilize the Aldnoah, they’ll need to exploit her Highness. They must as that’s the only way for power. It also is why Slaine (for now) is Inaho’s enemy. The Martians are doing this for power without even thinking about the moral implications. It is screwed up and Inaho seems protective of her Highness.

    This is probably how the Princess gets sympathy. To become her Knight, she needs to do this? Create a child that has to live their lives as a war machine? It won’t win everyone over, nothing ever does, but frankly this is the thing that I think will tip things in her favor. The Martian system is entirely built on exploiting the Royal Family (another reason why Inaho poses the question). Would you hate someone who’s basically only there for reproductive needs?

    I will say this though. If I am correct on this little theory it likely means the following:

    Dr. Traynard’s work is probably genetic/cloning research. This would likely explain why the Knights want to get their hands on it. It would also explain how the Royal Family still has power, in that their genetics haven’t been solved and/or cloned yet. Chapter 101 in the “Slaine Can’t Catch A Break” book, because he’ll likely need to figure this out.

    Slaine supposedly will have heightened importance as the story progresses. I had originally assumed it was because of Dr. Traynard’s work, but I’m now thinking it will be because of him becoming her Highness’ Knight. Chapter 201 in the “Slaine Can’t Catch A Break” book with the sacrificed child.

    The opening with the parts of her Highness laying on the water take an entirely new meaning. It means at some point she will grant Knighthood to someone. However, she’ll likely come to regret it and not want to go through it with another. I’d say it gets hurt badly, just so that a) she realizes she never wants to do it again (the gun scene of the opening) and b) Chapter 301 in the “Slaine Can’t Catch A Break” book because it’ll likely be him who gets to be the first Knight.

    It could also mean that Inaho is a former Aldnoah core. That alone would explain why he’s shown very little emotions, doesn’t seem socially good with others and also why he’s so logical with his thinking. His former coreness would also explain why he acts “reckless” when it comes to her Highness. If this is the case, it could also grant hope for anyone who has become an Aldnoah core and be another reason why Slaine’s importance jumps up because he’ll figure out how to separate man and machine. Chapter 401 in the “Slaine Can’t Catch A Break: Final Chapter, He Does” book.

    …wow, this so ended up longer than what I planned and it just kept building on itself the more I thought about it. It is a theory, so I’m quite sure I’ve got holes in it. But theories like this are fun and I figured I’d share.

    1. @Dorian

      Pretty impressive theory. However, let say ‘if’ your theory is correct, why did he asked Asseylum in episode 5 (What is Aldnoah?).

      That aside,Inaho seemed to be ‘infatuated’ with learning (that might explain why his explanation is technical to some of the characters) like a curious child, or maybe a man-machine?

      As for the Princess, I believe only the bridge crew knows the truth (apart from Rayet), and how I love the look on both Magbaredge and Mizusaki’s face… The conflicting thoughts of having to rely on a Martian to defeat a Martian (well, Rayet is technically a Martian, and so does the Princess) as well as being force to use Martian’s Tech and also the ‘bijin’ brunette is actually the presumed dead MARTIAN PRINCESS!

      And finally, the end result was Slaine’s own fault for not replying/answering truthfully to Inaho’s 1nquiry… and of course, Slaine didn’t intend to actually shoot Inaho; it was more like a warning/threatening shots instead of killing shots. I mean, look at Slaine’s face after realizing that Inaho did actually shot him… his facial expression was like: YOU FRIGGIN’ SHOT ME, ORANGE-KUN!!! Man, his expression was priceless.

      But I have to admit… Damn… That escalated quickly…

  41. I wanna ask: still Urobochi has a rules on this anime? Wasn’t he dont write script anymore from episode 4? so why there are peoples still talking about “Because urobochi bla bla bla” at this time? Isn’t he just a creator?

    Can anyone explain it to me? 🙁


    1. Urobochi is actually pretty inexperienced doing scripts for anime. The first time he wrote the actual script was for Madoka and he commented he found it difficult. His main strength is in the creative department, as in actually coming up with the ideas. For this anime he’s the ideas man plus wrote the script for the first few episodes. That allows the other script writers to get a good handle on all the characters and set the start how he wants. He’ll probably have written the scripts for the last few episodes as well.

    2. The reason for Urobochi’s continued mention is because he largely created the Aldnoah universe and is responsible for the overall story. Nearly all of his works have had a sinister twist/shock in one form or another so people are expecting something similar to arise in Aldnoah as well even though Urobochi isn’t as “hands on” this time around.

      1. “The reason for Urobochi’s continued mention is because he largely created the Aldnoah universe and is RESPONSIBLE FOR THE OVERALL STRORY.”

        I’m happy to hear about it 🙂

        and from where you got this info? I’m sorry I’m just curious and it can’t be helped. until now i have thinked that the most important role in a film is scriptwriter and he holds all of story.

        thanks 🙂

  42. For a second when I saw that battleship all I could think of is “Hey that looks like Meta Knight’s Halberd” without the mask at the front and the crazy wings at the back lol

    Jason Isenberg
  43. I think an interesting point that perhaps has not been discussed enough is the implication that to use Aldnoah tech you have to personally knighted by the king or princess. This means that there will actually be very few people that can use the martian tech and hence explains why we have these solo knights attacking and not full blown landing parties. What this also means is that the loss of the 3 knights so far could actually be serious for the martians as they can’t easily replace them. PLUS you will need someone to stay home on the flying fortresses (the count’s job I guess).

  44. Here’s a twisted Plot Twist:

    Inaho exploits princess Asseylum and embraces the role of the Ultimate Villain. He holds the princess as a “hostage” and terrorizes both Terrans and Martians using the newly acquired Martian battleship and Kat. This leads the Terrans and Martians to form an alliance to defeat the evil genius Inaho. They defeat Inaho, the Terrans and Martians will now have peace with each other.

    Exactly, this is like Operation ZERO REQUIEM from Code Geass. Thus, giving the anime is titled “Aldnoah Zero”.

    The Story You Don't Know
  45. I though this is gonna be the end of the war by bringing the princess safely but everything is confuse by autistic genius boy with his poor communicating skills leads him to anger and misunderstanding. Why would he declare him a threat without explaining first by orderly and intelligently after he saves you.

    And who give authorized to shoot the immobilize Milf it would be better if they show the princess to her whether if she willing to join or not.

    This amatuer happy trigger children recruits might cause another outbreak of war they should need a sergeant to discipline and control them.

  46. Inaho calculating demeanor have its flaws..
    Wasn’t that long ago the martians threw rocks from space where they thought the princess was…
    Since that didn’t work, we going to send the next level, a carrier plane with no ammo, by a amateur pilot that G-LOC himself, with orders to help you and your friends survive.

    Those martians sure know how to kill someone!

    Inaho does lose lots of “Hero”points there.. that agenda of his kill the image..

    What I do expect to see is some results on Slaine’s Father research!!
    Maybe he picking up something that they “left” behind in tanegashima..

  47. I don’t think the flying battleship (love the Battleship Yamato vibe) is martian .. both it’s overall design and bridge design are 100% terran (as clearly the terrans have no problem operating it whatsoever, and it had extra terran-robots in its hanger-bay .. like the one Rayet used) meaning it is probably why the government hid the crashed kataphrakt and the base to work on this project removing the core of the kataphrakt and implanting it into the terran-made battleship .. but of course it wouldn’t work without the right DNA .. which the princess provided.

    I don’t know why but i feel Slaine’s father has something to do with the development of this Terran-Vers hybrid battleship … it would require someone with some understanding of Aldnoah tech to imbed it into a terran war vessel even if he can’t activate it.

  48. I suppose Slaine is purely going after the princess?
    No prior secret mission or promises?

    Saazbaum is a sneaky fellow.
    Poor Slaine the scapegoat.

    For 7 eps when I see Eddelrittuo , I want to hear her say “fuga”.

    No evil smug from Saazbaum yet?
    Are his intentions as Croos’ comments?

    Why was the princess so determined to go down to Earth?
    Whas it her own wishes or did someone give her the idea and encouraged her?

    All this Martian and over-technology makes me think of Zone of the Enders too.

    So Earthers had a piece of Vers tech all along?
    Then why? Lack of Aldnoah activation code?
    I’m seeing what inanis commented last episode.

    Chemistry brewing between Slaine and Inaho.

    Seeing Inaho fight reminds me of playing games, figuring out the weakness of the boss in boss fights.
    Reminds me of the video of Gackt playing Sonic 4, lol.

    Just what is going on there?
    So Earth did develop Aldnoah weapons (or at least a warship) but lack the activation?
    Battleship Yamato!! 😛

    Saazbaum wasn’t so thrilled to heard about that.
    Pretty lucky(?) to have the princess there too.
    Ok, its Deucalion it seems.
    Wonder what else is onboard?

    Some chemistry, but no trust… yet?

    Somehow when you’re late to the comments, its like everything you want to say is already said 😛

  49. This is a good series, but relying on Inaho’s incredible brain and good luck far too much. Marito knew about the Vers technology at Tanegashima; he could’ve encouraged the ship to head for that particularly deserted area, rather than their just finding the giant battleship by a lucky coincidence. Inaho shouldn’t have to painstakingly deduce all the Martians weaknesses either, once he has Slaine around, or even the Princess, who might’ve told him all about them. There’s just too much riding on Inaho and luck for it to be belief-suspendable.
    And Slaine needs to stop being a chew-toy…

  50. Ep 08:

    I must applaud of good Storytelling. You got me, The Story progression made even me speechless of well planed story. in all of my experience of Anime Storytelling, you still surprised me, Aldnoah Drive. I must say, the Story here is Unique, in all of the years i am watching

    Germanguy bows in deep respect

    1. while i am on it. My Pictures Fight round

      XO: Okay Guys, the Captain want to park the Ship in the harbor. This is the only Warning!
      What? Oh Shit, i must get away
      Wuaahhhhh, i need to gain Height, FAST!!!
      Okay, Captain. Slow backward, slow careful
      No Danger in sight!, All clear
      Huh? Why is the Ships Horn active?
      Aww, shit. We ram a Cliff. So much for no Danger in sight!
      Sorry, XO. We just saw in the wrong Direction. We are deeply sorry
      See, Slain. I am now covered in Dust. So much for the Try of the Captain
      Better you then me!
      What!? Why you, come here to Mama, for punishment
      XO: We..we finally docked in the Docks… somehow
      Woman and driving…*facepalm*
      *baehhh* Men are Dummies!!!
      Uh, this one here is not my Fault! Really, it was just in the Way
      Sure, i just barley jumped aside when you where trying to dock

      Sorry, for the Late posting

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