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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – 07

「マンガ家脳野崎くん」 (Manga-ka nou Nozaki-kun)
“The Manga Artist’s Brain, Nozaki-kun”

The romcom elements return as Nozaki-kun and Chiyo go on a date. Pffft, who am I kidding, it’s still all comedy here!

It’s Not a Date, It’s Research

No part of me ever expected Nozaki & Chiyo’s daito to be in the least bit romantic, nor was I phased by the pump fake at the end that led to Chiyo eating Nozaki’s delicious cooking. Comedy is best when it’s toying with and defying expectations (or telling truths, or…well, comedy is complex), and the fact that I’m starting to pick up on Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun’s beat does mean it’s liable to have less punching power. That’s usually what happens when a comedy reaches the middle of the season. Fortunately there’s more going on her than pure comedy – the characters are so lovable I’d watch it for them alone!

Seems Perverted, For Manga Reasons

I say all that, but while I’m picking up and anticipating some jokes, others are still hilarious and out of nowhere. This week we get a new (but entirely reasonable) side of Nozaki-kun – his secret perverted side! Not – what made those gags so great was that Nozaki-kun looked like he was being perverted, but he really wasn’t. It’s like gap moe for the comedic side – the different between how Nozaki-kun’s action appeared and how they actually were was hilarious! Though for my money, the onee-san’s gossiping about how Chiyo and Nozaki-kun are a great couple was the best. Stop toying with me, guuuuh!

Nozaki-kun Knows Naught But Manga

The other new side we got to see of Nozaki-kun (though it’s been hinted at before) is how he has no hobbies outside of manga. Which was funny in its own right, but it made me wonder…will they ever develop this? Nozaki-kun’s lack of other hobbies seems like a joke they’ll keep going with for a while, but it could actually be a nice way to develop him further as a character.

Compared to a differently hilarious show like Hanayamata, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun appears to be taking the comedy route of having fairly static (though in this case above average in depth) characters and rubbing them together in different combinations for laughs. But I’d like to see them change and grow, and Nozaki-kun’s workaholic tendencies are one place that could be great…and Chiyo could get closer to him. Or just have him really join the art club instead of just taking it over for a lark! Though honestly, I’m probably just wishing this was a slightly different show than it actually is.

Writing Checks Mikorin’s Body Has To Cash

Mikorin continues to be the best in all things. The whole modeling bit, oh man! Shy characters are one of the elements the stories Dogakobo chooses to animate have been doing well lately, first in Mikakunin de Shinkoukei and now this. You don’t get shy or introverted male characters often, or at least not in a role like Mikorin’s. His bluster covering up a lonely, shy, and insecure soul is…it’s…it’s. There’s no two ways about it. It’s MOE! Mikorin best heroine of all anime forever, case closed. And now Nozaki-kun and the art club get to draw Mikorin naked. Mikorin’s life is zetsubou!

Looking Ahead – The Prince (Female) Returns

It’s Kashima tiiiiime! It’s great how the cast is strong and varied enough that, no matter the character(s) an episode appears to center around, I’m excited to watch it. There’s not a main character I don’t like, so more Kashima and Hori-sempai is fine with me, even if I don’t believe for a second the ship teasing they were throwing out. Stop toying with my fragile maiden heart!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Nozaki is such a no life workaholic it’s almost perverted! Though Mikorin promising to pose in the nude takes the cake by far #nozakikun 07

Random thoughts:

  • Nozaki sure knows how to flatter his RL Mamiko. He would be a dangerous man to the ladies if he wasn’t so dense.
  • Loved how Mikorin is too comfortable about Chiyo, so he is honest with her and doesn’t go into playboy mode. This is the one situation where sending in someone else works way better. Poor Mikorin!
  • I don’t know why, but hearing Chiyo say that Mikorin is such a pain is the height of hilarity to me. The gender swapped comedy never fails to make me laugh.
  • Nozaki-kun wants to draw Mikorin nude. LET THE SHIPPING BEGI–wait, no! Nozaki x Chiyo 4 life! Don’t make me stray. Damn you Mikorin, daaaamn yoooou!

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