「雪」 (Yuki)

After last week’s train wreck, I thought this week’s episode did a little better. While I’m still a little confused about what direction the show is trying to go in, P.A. Works did a great job at illustrating a world that’s literally falling apart at the seams.

Moving Forward

As I tried to analyze the episode to see if there was anything going on besides Touko’s sudden breakdowns (hallucinations?) I noticed that everyone else seems to be in the process of trying to re-discover themselves. While we only got a glimpse of what’s hopefully to come, the lure of what could happen was more then enough to pique my interest. With Yuki getting back into the groove of things, Yanagi trying to remake herself for the better, and Hiro trying to figure out just what he should do about Sachi it seems like any of the three would make for a fun watch.


All jokes aside, I don’t know what to make of Touko’s powers suddenly manifesting themself. Between seeing a wild flock of crows that I’m sure symbolizes something extra negative to suddenly pulling out her own reading steiner and ending up in a different timeline, it feels like a bunch of different things all jumbled on top of each other. And let me tell you — it doesn’t feel good. Because if there’s anything worse than time-related things executed badly, it’s when you try to too much. Toss in how Kakeru apparently has no idea what’s really going on and it feels like the blind leading the blind.

Hiro’s a Trooper

If there was one thing that I enjoyed watching this week, it was most definitely Hiro. While he may have only been on-screen for a minute at most, I love how he’s handling things with Sachi. Instead of blowing up or sulking in the shadows, he’s going out and trying to figure out what to do. Sure he’s showing a little sass but who wouldn’t be a little miffed about being used? All I know is that out of all decisions everyone has made, his seem to be the most normal — something this show needs a little more of.

Looking Forward

After a decent episode to follow up from last week’s disaster, I’m slowly coming back around to Glasslip. With only a handful of episodes left to do something and the situation surrounding Touko quickly escalating, I have a little bit of faith that some kind of surprise is in-store for those of us who make it to the end.

See you next week :/




    1. I think Sachi is a little more complicated than that. It’s true that she has a crush on Touko but I do think she does enjoy Hiro’s company, although probably close friend category. Her declaring him her boyfriend was obviously a shock to him. I think Sachi is suffering from the “don’t know what you had till you lost it” syndrome in this ep. It will be interesting to see if she gets it back.

      The odd thing I’m finding in this show is how wooden the two male leads are. They are as emotional as planks of wood!

  1. PA Works is really overdoing the still frames, aren’t they? The timing for some of them is simply mind boggling as well, three consecutive frames on Yana stripping, really? (I’m complaining about the frames, not the service. )

  2. Hiro is great. Approve of his reaction!
    If Touko and Kakeru don’t have some sort of psychological problem I’m gunna be pretty annoyed because they’re pretty dang weird.
    I thought this was going to be more of like a light hearted romance when I started this :< I never signed up for thiiiis

  3. At this point, I hope Touko’s visions are a foreshadowing of some horrible disaster that is going to befall the town in which most of the show’s cast are killed. This show has seriously been one meandering clusterfuck.

    Oh well… time to see what lays in store for the next episode!

  4. The dialogue in this show is written very poorly.
    The two “I guess I won’t ask”s were very awkward, and the justification for visiting the art room didn’t make any sense at all.

    1. It feels like we’re in the after-flop to me. Now they’re mindlessly picking subjects to explore out of a hat. At least they have mastered the ‘change of pace’. But they also seem to be doing it in every episode. . .

    2. I want it to either have a spectacularly AWESOME ending or do go down in amazing plot explosion of WTF-level epicness.

      The biggest disappointment to me would be a “meh” ending.

      Make me happy, make me sad, anger me, I don’t care. JUST DON’T BORE ME. 😀

      (And hang in there, Takaii!)

  5. I think there won’t be any couples formed in the end. Sachi and Hiro relationship is quite difficult to recover while Kakeru and Touko relationship won’t last long (judging from the so-called fragment of the future). Unless they pull stunts like pairing Yanagi and Kakeru, this show will end with each of them going in their own way. The theme of the show reminds me of Byousoku 5cm someway.

  6. TBH, they sold this show as a romance with some “finding ones direction in life” themes. I thought we’d have more of Touko learning the art of glass blowing from the way it was described, but instead we get a psychic fantasy with chickens. Maybe the chickens are aliens and they’re controlling all the visions. XD Makes as much sense as a lot of this show.

    And how accurate are Touko’s visions? We’ve got one of Kakeru falling and now one of the window on the Glass studio exploding. Figurative or literal visions? If Touko thinks they’re real then why isn’t she doing something about the future accident at the studio?

    It just feels like they threw together various plot points and aren’t going to bother explaining how they relate or bring them to a conclusion.

    1. The visions seems to be visions into the mental state of the characters, the glass exploding may be a reflection of the current state of the group. In combination with the empty school in December vision, things aren’t auspicious for the group.

  7. I don’t get this episode, really confused here. All I remember are Yanagi walking around and Hiro’s reaction to what happened in the previous episode.

    For some supposedly close friends, they sure love to say how they won’t pry. Nothing really wrong with the words themselves, but here it seems to put more distance in their friendship instead of how it’s usually used.

  8. Warning:  Sorry the (possible?) bad english, i’m still getting the hang of it 😉
    ok, at this point i really don’t think it’s about seeing glimpses of the future anymore, with Touko’s “hallucinations” looking more and more like the visual manifestation of everyone’s feelings and what that might lead them to. Last week we saw those crows coming from yanagi with the words “cute couple” said ironically, and this week’s two visions showed the glass of her workshop breaking (her word/safeplace not beeing so safe anymore? perhaps in a more deep way) and that snow/desolated view when kakeru stoped by the club’s entrance and remained in the shadows (which led me to think it’s his “heart” that she’s seeing at the moment, since he got weirder than usual with her story of yukinari confessing to her there). I mean, think about it, we only think that those visions are from the future, because Kakero told us so, but even he doesn’t seem to grasp the true reality of what this all really means.

    This show is, for me, the most interesting one by far of this season. It looks like it’s trying something diferent for the viewers, setting us a trap of a pretty convencional initial setting (even with the esper habilities) and then getting deeper than that, in a way tha there’s no character in here that show us around the story’s mechanics and all, we are as much in the dark as then, but we have the advantage of seeing the big picture through the show, compared to their’s own narrative of their lives.

    We see a group of normal friends that are, underneath their skin, broken and evolving/maturing and completely clueless about what life and feelings are actually about. The “gimmick” here is that, with kakeru and touko, we get a direct manisfetation of all this angst and repressed feelings, which makes me really enjoy them as main characters.

    Of course, i may be completely wrong an the show is what it is, with no more deep meaning than that ^^

    PS: This is my first post here, although i’ve been reading this site for quite a while.

  9. Honestly, I am pretty confused and unsure where this show is going. I think Touko’s “fragments” aren’t really a reflection of the real world, but instead fragments of herself. Remember how Kakeru said he calls them fragments because he thought himself to be incomplete? Touko probably sees fragments of her current desires compared to reality.

    Take for instance the vision of Sachi in the hospital. Touko thought everything with Sachi was going well health wise, but sees a vision of Sachi sitting in a hospital bed. Nothing is wrong with Sachi in the vision, which shows that Sachi is fine, but her going back to the hospital was unexpected compared to Touko’s (then-current) perspective.

    Then we have the vision’s related to Kakeru. First, she sees a kiss which reflects her romantic interest in him, but it isn’t ominous in any way since Kakeru seems to have feelings for her as well. Then she sees him falling, which could be symbolic for him falling away from her, which as we know has started to happen with the whole group (minus Hiro) showing their distaste in Kakeru being around Touko. Finally, we see in this episode another vision of Kakeru kissing Touko, but it is very dark and snowy. He even seems more aggressive and honestly it is quite questionable if it’s even Kakeru we are seeing in the vision. What is different is that we see earlier in the episode how Kakeru thinks he is the reason for Touko suddenly going bonkers, and so he is beginning to show restraint for wanting to be around her. That vision could be showing that restraint, and at the same time his desire to be with her regardless of how he could possibly be affecting her. Hence why he seems dark and forceful. At the same time, maybe Touko actually likes Yuki and the reason why Kakeru is covered in shadows is because she’s not sure who she really wants to be with. It could be an amalgamation of the two in her heart.

    Either way, I am far too invested in this series to just drop it now. At least this episode was “better” than the last one, but I am still really confused as to what I should even be expecting to understand thus far in the show.

    1. Another point I forgot to add with the dark vision of Kakeru was the shadows of snow on his silhouette. As we all probably know, “Yuki” means “snow” in Japanese (although I don’t think Yukinari’s name in Japanese is related to snow) and that could add to the ambiguity of who it is we are seeing in the vision. That was the location we saw Yuki confessing to Touko after all, and he was on her mind quite a bit while talking to Kakeru.

  10. For God’s sake, Kakeru and Touko, go to the hospital, so that the anime may finally finish. I’m starting to think that Glasslip is simply Space Dandy with some kind of straight timeline and lack of funny characters…

  11. With Itou Miki voicing Sacchi’s mom, is anyone else getting an overdose of Maria-sama Ga Miteru vibes from this? Not in any resemblance to the plot, just little things here and there.

    Still, it’s nice to hear Sachiko-sama’s voice again, even if she’s playing a mom. And we have a Touko, too! But no Yumi.


  12. I’m sure Sachi will explain more in the next episode (hopefully), but that was a bit mean. lol

    Maybe Sachi will tell Touko that she understands that she may not truly be together with Touko, and then formally turn down Hiro, or say that she’ll give him a chance.


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