「三匹を斬る -後編-」 (Sanbiki wo Kiru -Kouhen-)
“Kill the Three -Part Two-“

Even though I know it’s coming, the events of this week’s episode still leaves me speechless. I don’t think it’s about what happens exactly, but it’s more about how it happens that keeps me glued to the screen. The show has built up all this anticipation that the entire episode keeps me wondering whether or not this is it. Does Liver have another trump card up his sleeve? Or does Bulat have another special ability he hasn’t unleashed? The action is just nonstop for the entire episode and it’s hard to say when the end is really the end. Although the Imperial Arms for both Liver and Nyau weren’t exactly game-changing, it’s still interesting to learn where they came from. I like hearing about the history behind the Imperial Arms and the mythical creatures that they were forged from.

Finally! Tatsumi gets an Imperial Arms to himself! Unfortunately, it came at the expense of Bulat’s life, but I’d like to think of it as his final gift for Tatsumi to carry out the duties of a Night Raid member. Bulat was not exactly the most original cast member, but definitely memorable and quirky in his own ways. He was straightforward and a true role model for Tatsumi. He really was like a brother to him and I think seeing him go is going to take a toll on Tatsumi’s attitude towards Esdeath’s gang. Although the shock factor wasn’t really present (compared to Sheele’s), seeing Bulat slowly suffer but still encourage Tatsumi to use his Imperial Arms was a bittersweet moment. Looking back, I wouldn’t have expected Tatsumi to inherit Incursio, but that’s why I love Akame ga Kill. I appreciate how even eight episodes in, there are still dimensions of this show that surprises me. Maybe not wow me but at least it’s not entirely obvious. Of course, I knew that after summoning Incursio would mean that this is Tatsumi’s Imperial Arms now. I wonder how the suit is going to impact his abilities now. Seems really OP, but then again, he is the main character.

For Esdeath’s best men, I was a little disappointed by their Imperial Arms and how short-lived they were. Even Seryu (that b*tch!) is still around and what good is she? I’m sure to some extent, everyone in Esdeath’s camp is considered psychotic so I don’t feel bad, but I would’ve liked to see such powerful character be used for a longer period of time. Nyau was kind of just there… and then he’s not. Some people might not even know why he’s so evil and what he does to his victims. As an FYI – it looks like Nyau collects their faces after tearing them off his victims. Next week, I think it’s finally about time that we see Esdeath a little more closely and who she picks to recruit into her inner circle. Kurome has been confirmed to be Akame’s sister as well – and she’s very much alive to my surprise! I’m not familiar with any of the other faces in the preview, but with all the massive killings, it’s about time they introduce new characters again. I think it’s hard for anyone to get attached to characters in this series if they’re going to keep massacring them all. It feels like between all the mass killings, there needs to be a cool-down period to introduce more characters… to get killed off later…

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Nooooo…!!! Even though I saw it coming it’s still sad when someone goes =( #AkamegaKill #akame_anime




  1. Spoilers really sort of ruined the feels of the moment or me. It didn’t really have as much impact as it would have, had I not known what was to happen. Still was enjoyable,and the actions scenes kept me interested. I do hope they slow down the killing off of night-raid characters. It’s going to lose its effect on me. I love how the show keeps everything simple and is still able to surprise me. I didn’t see that blood attack coming.

    1. While I’m not sure if this constitutes as a spoiler I’ll put tags simply because I had to ponder, but this is just if you’re looking for a bit of an answer as to whether they’ll continue hacking off Night Raid members since you seem concerned:

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. @Kabble: In terms of your spoiler… *Spoiler – Manga readers only*
        Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Incursio!!!!!! One of my favorite parts from the series. Oh, and don’t worry about it being OP, the series does not give random ridiculous power-ups to the MC. One thing you should note about Incursio that this episode skipped over is that it forcefully increases the strength and other aspects of it’s wearer. Therefore, if you’re not physically strong enough to equip it, you die from the initial power-up.

    Also, calling Seryu a b*tch?! Way to praise to the choir.I’m pretty sure most of us hate her guts. ^__^ (Seriously, she has no redeeming quality. Not even the manga gives us any of that.)

  3. If all the damn spoilers hadn’t ruined the ending, this episode probably would have had more impact. Nevertheless however it was over the top in all the right ways and still nicely tickles the action itch 😛

    Hopefully Akame can finding something else to surprise and entertain in addition to character deaths though; too much of a good shocking thing eventually leads to boredom from having seen it all already.

    1. I personally didn’t see any actual untagged spoilers in the Random Curiosity comments for the last episode except for a single one, your comment there which said “it’s clearly a setup for the next big shocker to come (which all the spoilers flying about have annoyingly ruined)”… That served as a blatant hint that Cherrie was on the mark about the death flags.

    2. Although most of the spoilers were flying about on MAL there were a few here on RC too, the latest podcast article for one had a couple of people stick their feet in their mouths by revealing it before Stilts tagged the comments.

      Also I am at a loss to see how my earlier comment could have indicated spoiling a death flag considering they’re well expected now to be a key part of Akame. So what exactly then did I ruin? Did I reveal Bulat’s death? No. Did I directly hint towards Bulat being the one to die? No. IIRC I was referring more to the “breather” episode obviously being a prelude to something else happening in the show, whatever that may be. Apologies if it caused you to conflate my remark with Cherrie and draw the (coincidentally) correct idea, but I’m not here to spoil–whether accidentally or deliberately–events later on in a show I haven’t even read the source material for.

      1. I’ve said it before, but it’s hard to judge what’s considered a “true spoiler” and what’s considered acceptable spoilage for a series like this. Indicating any sort of future plot lines would be something that I immediately try and flag or delete because that’s just blatantly ruining the experience for people. But if you’re going to guess what’s going to happen and hit the mark…? Well I can’t blame you for that because you didn’t know better yourself. Coincidences will happen and I can TRY and tell everyone to spoiler tag all their thoughts on future events but that’d be overkill =S

        As for the posts on the podcast… sigh* That was just a series of unfortunate events. It should not be repeated if the writers choose to talk about AgK again. I’ll monitor the comments =X


      Ah…. More sweet M trappings from Seryuu Ubiquitous… I mean come on, we ALL LOVED berserk Nadeko… But why so much hate for Seryuu?

    1. Ahh… Kamina, even when you got reborn into the world of Akame ga kill, you just had to
      die again just to make your new little bro a badass. wonder where will you pop up again

  4. One of the better Akame episodes IMO. A bit sad to see Bulat go. He may not have been the most original character but the same could be said of others in the series. He did have a quirky appeal in his own right and was definitely competent on the battlefield. I also liked Tatsumi “inheriting” Incursio from his respected aniki. Gives some continuity over Tatsumi getting some random Imperial Arm. Also fits Tatsumi’s style. For me, Bulat’s death scene was a marked improvement over Sheele’s. No contrived, forced-feels montage with accompanying violin music. Granted pretty much per source material, but better is better. That being said I had a few quibbles with EP 08.

    While the presentation was faithful to the source, it was a little too faithful IMO. Not the content, but the actual presentation. The difference in media is noticeable. Things that were not so jarring reading the manga were in the anime. For example, after spearing though the River’s (IMO “River” >> “Liver”) water serpent, Bulat just hung in mid-air for about 22 seconds while River went on about how he knew Bulat would do that, how Bulat fell into River’s trap, then shout out next attack, and finally watch said attack unfold. Of course the same goes for River who’s not supported by some tower of water during all that time. His Imperial Arm (“Black Marlin”) controls liquids, not gravity.

    Point here is that IMO the anime didn’t adapt that scene as well as it could have to the different type of media. Frankly, I’d say the same for the battle in general. Cut down on some of the chit-chat and make the battle more fluid. If necessary, talk AND fight at the same time. *Fight -> stop* [insert dialog] *start fighting again -> stop* [insert more dialog], etc. killed some of the tension and excitement IMO. Granted Akame is not the only anime to have that type of fight->talk->fight->talk battle style, but that doesn’t mean it had to go that route.

    Quibbles aside, EP 08 was an enjoyable watch. Now that Tatsumi finally has his own Imperial Arms, I’m looking forward to things heating up when Esdese (or Esdesu. Both for me > Esdeath) and her new crew take the field.


    @Cherrie: For Esdeath’s best men, I was a little disappointed by their Imperial Arms and how short-lived they were.

    Agree with you here. Other than River, they pretty much got pawned instantly. River’s Imperial Arm raises some questions for me. If it can control “liquids” and not just water, then I wonder why he didn’t just control Bulat’s blood and forcibly expel it from Bulat’s body. Seems like an easy, quick way to win. Even if Incursio’s armor protected Bulat initially, before the end of the fight the armor dissipated. Also, I thought River’s rationale for joining up with Esdese was kind of weak and tacked-on. He’s just suddenly memorized by Esdese? He seems a bit old for “love at first sight” JMO/YMMV on that.

    Nyau was kind of just there… and then he’s not.

    Yeah, his was the worst part of the battle IMO. Beat up Tatsumi a couple times, get hit by Bulat a couple of times, and lots of standing/sitting around rather than finish of Tatsumi which would be the smart thing to do. I give it a pass because Nyau’s an idiot sadist who loves to play with his victims. Even so, watching Tatsumi (wearing Incursio) one-shot him wasn’t very satisfying (manga or anime).

    As an FYI – it looks like Nyau collects their faces after tearing them off his victims while they are still alive.

    Fixed that for you. 😀

    It feels like between all the mass killings, there needs to be a cool-down period to introduce more characters… to get killed off later…

    LOL – very true.

    1. Agree with you here. Other than River, they pretty much got pawned instantly. River’s Imperial Arm raises some questions for me. If it can control “liquids” and not just water, then I wonder why he didn’t just control Bulat’s blood and forcibly expel it from Bulat’s body. Seems like an easy, quick way to win. Even if Incursio’s armor protected Bulat initially, before the end of the fight the armor dissipated. Also, I thought River’s rationale for joining up with Esdese was kind of weak and tacked-on. He’s just suddenly memorized by Esdese? He seems a bit old for “love at first sight” JMO/YMMV on that.

      This issue has been discussed for many “liquid” users through the history of anime and manga, and blood manipulation certainly isn’t an easy thing to do. That being said, I guess the author did forget to add a few details as to what extent can that Teigu control liquid. From what we’ve seen, I can assume that it’s limited to liquid which is visible (because if otherwise, he would’ve been able to control the water present in the air as well). Liver also used his own blood when it was out of his body.

      1. @Swirl9: “From what we’ve seen, I can assume that it’s limited to liquid which is visible (because if otherwise, he would’ve been able to control the water present in the air as well). Liver also used his own blood when it was out of his body.

        Regarding a visual component to “Black Marlin” (i.e. River has to see the liquid to control it): In terms of the anime, River does not have to see the water/liquid to control it. If you pause around 1:25 min in EP 08 (Horrible subs), you’ll see that the barrels containing the water River uses in his first attack are completely covered by a lid. He couldn’t see the water inside the barrels, but has no problem exercising control over it. As for the manga, Ch. 13, p. 05 shows some barrels sealed with lids like in the anime, but not sure if those contain water or not. The one containing water which River controls (Ch. 13, p. 7) already show the water being formed into columns. So can’t say one way or another IMO in terms of the manga.

        As for why River can’t control “the water present in the air”, that’s simple. It’s water vapor = the gaseous phase of water, and thus not a liquid. Same reason he can’t control ice – water frozen into a solid state. Now if the ice melts into water or the water vapor in the air turns to rain (i.e both liquid states), no problem.

        “That being said, I guess the author did forget to add a few details as to what extent can that Teigu control liquid.”

        Definitely agree there. TBH, reading the manga during that scene was a bit frustrating. It could be a TL issue here, but I can’t say one way or the other since I can’t read kanji. Manga ch 13, p. 07: “Finger Teigu -Black Marlin-. Created by using a body part from a specific dangerous aquatic beast that can control water. If the user of the Teigu [Imperial Arm] is near any liquid, he may freely control it.” OK, so the danger beast it came from controlled water, but the Teigu got an upgrade to “controls any (key) liquid” during the manufacturing process. Very next panel (same page), Bulat says “Water control, huh?” *sigh* OK, fine it “controls water”. Makes sense since that matches what the danger beast it was created from could do. Very next panel (same page), River “I would be helpless if there were no liquid[s] around…” … Dammit! PICK ONE! Water OR “any liquid” because the latter is a much more powerful ability. Blood is a liquid just like some poisons, acids, boiling oil, etc., etc.

        FWIW, right or wrong, here’s how I now reconcile all of this. “Black Marlin” controls “water” (pure or impure) with no visual confirmation required. That takes care of the sealed barrels in the anime. The “blood control” part is a last resort “trump card” which only applies to the Teigu/Imperial Arms user’s blood. That takes care of why he didn’t try to control Bulat’s blood. Last resort of course because if you start spamming “blood bullets” or “blood spears” using your own blood, you won’t be alive long.

      2. @daikama

        One problem I have, and it’s unclear what actually happened, is that when River kills the old man in Ep 7 (at about 10 min) all he does is slash his hand across his neck (with his glove on) taking his head off. Assuming that was using his Imperial Arm, then which liquid was he using? His own blood, the old mans? AFA I can see he used the side of his hand.

      3. @daikama

        I agree with what you’ve said. I guess it’s probably a translation error, and the fact that he could control his own blood is nothing more – as you said yourself – his Teigu’s trump card. If we take into account the latest chapter (ch52), it seems that every Teigu has a trump card, aside from its special ability, so I guess that’s that.

        Anyway, I can’t seem to stop myself from finding issues about this anime adaption, such as the one at hand. The tiniest of wrong placed details make it confusing to the audience.

    2. I actually read up on Nyau after watching the episode and there wasn’t much info on him =S Don’t recall that last part of the sentence about “skinning them alive” but hey! Whatever floats your boat… I guess… >_> I’ve seen it done in horror movies/crime dramas before and I guess people have a thing for uh… human skin collections or whatever *shivers* =X

      As for Liver… I really feel bad for him actually. He was such a righteous man that got on the wrong side of the Prime Minister and basically lived out his days in a cell waiting to die =S Honestly, if I were him, and someone came up to me and offered me another chance to live? I don’t see why I wouldn’t take that chance. I don’t know Esdeath that well yet but she seems to have her own motives and it just coincides with the PM’s so she works with him. So why not join Esdeath? She doesn’t treat her own men badly and it’s better than sitting in a jail right? That being said… I’m judging this all based on what I’ve seen so far. I’m sure later on, I’ll realize that no one should join her. =S

      1. I really didnt care for Nyau at all. What I mean is I thought the character design wasn’t well done. I thought he was a ‘girl’ until Tatsumi said it was a ‘he’. Nyau almost felt like a rip from Show Spoiler ▼

        I still like this show but those bad guys we just fought felt kinda generic (except the General). It feels like the show tries to rely heavily on torture to cover its’ shortcomings. I am sure this all comes through the source material

        However! I must say this show has really come along! Originally, the 1st episode really, really grabbed me with the intelligent twist. Then after that it spent lots of time building the characters. But at that point I got really worried this show was feeling too generic. But then once Seryu showed up and Sheele got killed it got ‘real’. Now this show has gotten really strong and I am worried for all of our Ninjas/Assassins!

        Rick Anime
      2. @Cherrie: Thanks for the reply – some corrections/clarifications.

        RE. Nyau:

        To be clear, it does not “float my boat” at ALL. Not the “S” (or the “M”) type. Part of the reason I didn’t find Nyau’s “final battle” satisfying was that IMO the little sh*t got off easy compared to his victims (the other part being a one-shot fight is rather anti-climactic). As for the part I added, at least for the scene we saw, there is clear evidence supporting the addition I made in both manga and anime versions. Manga (Ch.11 Pg. 23) Nyau (with a smile on his face): “Aha ha ha ha. She died halfway through from shock!” Anime EP 07 (Horrible Subs – around 10:50 min) Nyau: (with a smile on his face) “The girl died from shock while I was still skinning her.” No question whatsoever that the poor girl was alive when he started. Not only that, in both manga & anime, Nyau tells the girl (paraphrasing) that he bets she’d wish she had already died considering what he’s going to do to her (again with a smile on his face).

        While JMO, I do not think that was atypical for Nyau, but rather SOP for him. It also provides some reason for Nyau not killing off Tatsumi during the battle when he had more than one chance to do so. In fact, there is an anime-only line which supports this conclusion. EP 08 (around 7:58 min) Nyua tells Tatsumi: “I told you if you kept still, I’d play with you later.” Perhaps not “canon”, but to me that fits in perfectly with Nyua and his disgusting hobby of skinning people alive.

        I thought it was worth making my correction for two reasons. First it shows just how utterly evil and sadistic Nyau is. Second, despite the fact that Nyau is so utterly evil/sadistic, both Esdese (I find it hard to believe she is unaware of his “hobby” at the very least. I’ll leave it at that in case referencing Akame ga Kill Theatre 06 is considered a “spoiler”) and River seem “A-OK” with what Nyau does. IMO, that gives a bit of insight into those character’s personalities and moral values (or more accurately lack thereof). In both the anime and manga, only Daidara comments upon what Nyau did to that poor girl (in the manga he was more disgusted by it than as depicted in the anime). River just wants to know if Nyau killed her. Lastly, perhaps me adding “:D” caused some confusion. My intent there was to imply I wasn’t criticizing you – just making what I thought was a simple, but meaningful, correction. I’ll use “FYI” or similar in the future.

        RE. River:

        As to how sympathetic his character is, that’s debatable IMO. Yeah, he got screwed over by the PM (as do a lot of people in the series), but OTOH see above about turning a blind eye to what Nyau does, having no second thoughts about killing anyone (even those he respects) as long as Esdese commands it, etc. Granted his life was spared, but does that justify committing any act no matter what or the resulting consequences of said actions simply because Esdese-sama commands it? That strikes me as “I was just following orders.” which historically has not been considered a sufficient defense for war crimes. To be fair, I can see how his circumstances muddy the issue a bit. Regardless, the above isn’t relevant in terms of River’s reason for joining Esdese because of what River himself says.

        In both anime and manga, in his final words, River explicitly states his sole reason for joining up with Esdese: Manga (Ch.14 p17) “…In that moment. I adored her.. it was only for that reason!“. Anime (EP 08 around 13:22 min): “Simply put, I idolized her. That’s all.” In both cases, the SOLE reason River joins Esdese is because he suddenly “adored”/”idolized” her, was mesmerized/enthralled by her – however you want to describe it. That’s it. Nothing more and expressly stated as such. Nothing to the effect of: “Well, I wanted to live and this was the only way I could”; and/or “I got screwed over by the PM and thought this might give me a chance at revenge”; and/or “I thought I might be able to change the corrupt politics by working from the inside.” Nope. Just suddenly “adored” her (the connotation associated with term “adore” is the reason for my “love at first sight” comment) “idolized”, etc.

        To me, the situation is even more dubious when you consider the fact that he’s suddenly completely and utterly devoted (enthralled a good word IMO) to the very person who, by her own admission, keeps the PM safe by her and her army/her military power (anime EP 08 and manga Ch. 14 receptively). The very same PM who unjustly imprisoned and presumably planned to execute River in the first place! O.o… Huh? Even disregarding that last point, for both manga and anime, the fact remains that River’s explicitly stated sole reason for following Esdese (more accurately “living for” IMO) is because he suddenly came to “adore/idolize” her. For me, that’s both weak and feels very tacked-on given that those are his last words.

  5. The 8th Theater companion episode to this series was hilarious.
    Its a parody of Momo Kyun Sword with Esdeath as main character..
    Guess who’s cast as her bird, monkey and dog respectively. :3

  6. Good to see this show is still engaging the viewers in interesting ways. Sorry to see Bro bite the dust. I really liked him. He didn’t feel unoriginal did he (in reference to the article)? Maybe he reminds me of that main character from ‘Space Dandy’. So yeah, okay, maybe that type of archetype is done a little bit but he was pretty funny.

    But okay, moving on I am glad our main character, Tatsumi, now has an Imperial Arm. Oh snap! He’s stepping up his game in a big way

    Rick Anime
    1. I’m pretty sure that Space Dandy first aired during winter 2013-2014 season, while Akame ga Kill was published back on 2010, so there’s not much of a reference to that particular series, nor do I think to any other series. It’s just an archetype.

  7. Judging by how quickly this adaption is going and how it cuts out a few (unimportant) scenes, we will probably get pretty far into the story. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Here’s hoping they continue to remain faithful to the manga. This is getting really awesome very quickly :).

    1. @Yogo: Concerning your spoiler, current pacing puts us right at that point in the manga by the last episode. Plus I agree with you and StrenX that it makes for a very good, natural stopping point. In short, I’d say your guess is spot on.

  8. To be honest, one thing what I liked about Esdeath’s best men being pawned is that it gave you a good scope of just how powerful Night Raid is. I mean, when Bulat slaughtered the first of the 3 beasts with little effort, I was kinda speechless. I did not see that one coming.

    Goodwill Wright
    1. Nyau himself said that Bulat is easily second to Esdeath, basically a general-class fighter :). That already makes him one of the, if not, THE strongest, in the Show Spoiler ▼

      Night Raid group. General Liver needed the water advantage on the cruise ship because nothing else would give Bulat much trouble ^^.

  9. Maybe it’s just me, but I keep sensing a subtle JoJo references in this show. For this episode, Liver’s blood attack reminds me of Ceasar’s last Ripple, and Hierophant Green’s Emerald Splash. And when Tatsumi summoned Incursio, the way Incursio reveals itself reminds me of the first time Star Platinum’s reveal.

    There are more in the manga, but I’ll stop here to avoid (possible) spoilers.

  10. This was a very good episode so far, although I gotta say that I expected the events in this episode to happen somewhere during episode 10. Yet again, considering that they skipped a few chapters, they left little time to “cool down” from Sheele’s death and shocked the audience with another main character’s death. When I first read the manga, I was like “his eyes are closing because he’s fainting”, but that wishful thinking just doesn’t work on Akame ga Kill. It is indeed true that knowing that the author isn’t afraid of killing his characters off kinda makes you used to it (also the spoilers flying around everywhere), but since you never know when and how it’s going to happen, it never ceases to surprise me.

    Regarding the fight, it was done really well, but at moments it seemed as they were spending their precious seconds doing basically nothing (Nyau and Tatsumi rambling about which was gonna win, and the “long” talk at the end). I guess I’ll leave it that to the animation, as the manga’s flow pretty good to me. I guess sometimes staying too loyal to the original material has it’s own “risks”.

    So looking forward to next episodes because I wanna see if the telling of Esdeath’s monstrosities will leave the disgusting impact it had on the original material.

  11. Incuuursio! Pretty cool how they passed it along and kepy it in the “family”, so to speak. That’s also 3 new Imperial arms for the revolutionary army courtesy of Night Raid.

    I figured Esdeaths 3 principal soilders would put up more of a fight but then again aniki was bad ass. Pretty glad that little brat Nyau got crushed, literally.

    I’m not sure I’m looking forward to more Seryu but that’s the sign of a good villian. Bring on the nutbag.

    1. Also I’ve been a fan of his seiyuu since Katanagatari.
      He’s pretty entertaining with his deadpan super strong guy from the sticks typecast.
      Can’t wait for his proper fight scenes.

      Giorno Giovanna
  12. Impel Down Hippo
  13. Some people might not even know why he’s so evil and what he does to his victims.

    He’s evil for the same reason people you consider in real life are; not any justifiable one.
    If you wanted to discuss it seriously, their devotion to their dominatrix master served to fuel their motivations, therefore there wasn’t any need for depth beyond that idea. The three of them were already kneeling to Esdeath so many times prior to drive the point home.

    Giorno Giovanna
  14. I do prefer the manga’s design of incursio with longer V on the head and sharper front. The anime’s one looks flat on the front and the V is so short it looks kind of weird.

  15. Looks like Esdeath’s Jaegers are finally here.

    Dont worry about them being random faces either. Seryu aside, a lot of them are actually pretty likable and arent plain evil. Wave in particular is someone I have a LOT of hope in seeing the light, as far as the manga is concerned.

  16. Well, what can I say, RIP for both Bulat and his erstwhile commander… their duel was truly exquisite, with both knowing his enemies tactics and weakpoints… and unsurprisingly ending with both dead. Such is the deadliness of Imperial Arms!
    I was surprised to see Tatsumi wear Incursio without trouble in the first try, but if the compatibility was really decided by first impression, then Tatsumi was ideal cndidate (he really admired the armor’s powers almost as he idolised his aniki)
    Speaking of idolization, I was surprised by real reason for Liver joining Esdeath – he became a fanboy! She seems a very charismatic person, though. And I am not sure Prime Minister judged her right to be devoid of political ambition… But I guess we will learn something more about her soon enough.
    Last, but not least it seems another person from the past will get into capital city, and it will be akame’s turn to face her ultimate opponent. I doubt the show will kill off titular character, but if it happens, expect a lot of flipped tables everywhere. Also, Night Raid is suddenly very short on personnel, with 2 fighters dead and one still recovering from injury…

  17. Am I understanding this correctly?

    “Oh look there is an imperial arms! It looks so cool!”

    “Congratulations! You are now compatible with it.



    Poor Bulat……….he was such…………oh next villains already? Alright……

    What’s the point of introducing characters anymore? Most of them die within 2 episodes after they are introduced. What’s the goal here? I wouldn’t be surprised if another Night Raid member bites the dust in the next few episodes too (along with some throw away villains). Having a time bomb ticking over every characters head isn’t really new. So I just question the point when their overall presence was insignificant in the grand scheme of things? The shock value? Honestly the show still relies on that stuff way to much. The fights themselves have more priority than the theme of the story which is a no no in my books. They have something going with Esdeath so I hope they don’t ruin the conflict she represents (though I would prefer if she was just a strong warrior not a sadistic psychopath).


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