「学園の王子様(女子)の悩み」 (Gakuen no Ouji-sama (Joshi) no Nayami)
“The Prince (Girl) of the School’s Problems”

This is exquisitely excruciating. Just make Kashima x Hori official already!

The Fateful Manga of Comedic Misunderstandings

I’ve said before that one of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun’s greatest strengths is using comedic misunderstandings without making them annoying, and this continued with more Kashima-kun & Hori-chan-sempai antics. Before it was really only Kashima that was subverting gender roles, while Hori-sempai was never taking the girl’s role (frequent use of “chan” with his name notwithstanding). Not anymore!

I really enjoyed how their lines of communication crossed so far that Kashima’s acts of kindness turned into bullying, and yet their relationship never soured. That’s a delicate dance, because for all of Hori-sempai’s hilarious rage, he never lost his odd admiration for Kashima, and Kashima’s admiration for her sempai never budged for even a second.

The Prince Who Became a Leaping Bull

But damn, this is shipteasing at its finest, and it’s killing me! In a good way, but gggggooooddddsss make them official already WHY! Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is one of those stories where I both want the romantic subplots to keep going as they are and be resolved. They’re funny as is, and the shipteasing is fun in its own way, but I also fear (know) that this is the kind of story which will probably never resolve any of them, because it’s a comedy. But after blushing Kashima causes Hori-sempai to ask Nozaki to make a manga out of her story, I’d be said if I never saw them being all properly lovey dovey. It’s killing me!

Nozaki-kun is a Crappy Manga-ka, Apparently

This is the first time Nozaki-kun has done something I really didn’t like. Him being crappy at backgrounds was funny, but it also seems to insinuate that he’s willing to let such a fundamental flaw in his manga skills exist when he could have been working to improve it! There’s nothing wrong with getting help from others, but some baseline competence is required, and when he can’t even give clear instructions, he begins to look lazy, and Hori-sempai looks unnecessarily put-upon. I really hope Nozaki is paying everyone to be his assistant, or at least the ones who help him a lot, which better include Hori-sempai since he’s apparently responsible for a third of his manga.

Short Girl, Tall Guy

One random thing I’m enjoying is when they poke fun at the height discrepancy between Chiyo & Nozaki-kun, something that is apparently going to continue next episode. Mainly because that’s my life. For those who don’t remember my origin story, I got the nickname Stilts because I’m 6’7″ (200cm) tall. I’ve dated a number of women who were the foot and a half shorter than me that appears to separate Chiyo & Nozaki. Too bad we’ll never get to the really fun stuff, like having to always bend down to kiss or getting odd looks when you’re holding hands. Though we got some of that back when Yuzuki called Nozaki a lolicon back in episode two. It’s not like that dammit!

Looking Ahead

The sailor uniform is baaaaaack!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Can we just make Kashima x Hori official now? Please? Pretty please? …please? #nozakikun 08

Random thoughts:

  • Loved how Kashima went into prince mode on Mikorkin. Mikorin is such a Mamiko. Kashima x Mikor–NO! STAY STRONG STILTS!
  • I-I didn’t expect those boxes to become plot important!

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  1. The boxes chapter is one of the best things ever. Now I just pray they’ll adapt the chapter where Nozaki, Hori and Wakamatsu play an otome visual novel together… A man can dream.

  2. I love the Hori x Kami pairing so much as well :).

    Oddly enough I was wondering when they were going to get the two “sparkling” characters to talk to each other. Kashima was simply to strong for Miko :P.

    Also I agree with you about the perfect use of a comedic misunderstanding. I actually tend to hate it’s usage after watching so many cartoons growing up (spongebob seriously uses it WAY to freaking much). But they used it perfectly here to the point wasn’t annoying since there wasn’t any drama as a result and the comedy that spawned from it was unique as well as funny.

    Sadly I share your concern about the romance not going anywhere as well Stilts. This is one of the reasons I can’t put the series over Bokura wa minna kawaisou. With this show I genuinely laugh out loud quite a bit. But Bokura was able to the same while they were advancing the main couples relationship throughout the series. Sure it was slow but the fact that it was still there is what makes it more enjoyable overall for me. I’m a sucker for comedic romance done well but when I’m constantly being led on by the pairings that have no sign of going anywhere my enjoyment is diminished slightly. Yes I still unconditionally love Gekkan but I think it could have been better had the romantic situations not been played off for jokes so much and actually had some subtext.

    1. We’re both hoping for a story that’s slightly different than what they’re intending to give. Which is understandable and valid, so long as we know they’re not likely to change things to accommodate our whims, and accept it for what it is.

      It could perhaps be better…for us. For others that would be worse. Which is fine.

      1. It may be called compensation due to not being a full time job, but more of a side job. Being an assisstant to a magaka is also a bit like being a apprentice to a master of a craft with the master teaching the apprentice in addition to the apprentice helping out. Not that we are seeing much of that going on.

  3. Given Kashima’s boneheaded conclusions and dogged persistence in all matters Hori-chan-senpai, I think it’s safe to say that Hori’s worst nightmare will come to pass: On his wedding day Kashima will take the bride … because if she has her way, he will be the bride.

    1. For some reason I get this image that Kashima will let her hair grow long (and act more feminine) by the time they marry each other. They can also go the ‘Gag’ way where Kashima will retain her short hair tomboy appearance and both Hori and her will wear tuxedos.

      The Story You Don't Know
  4. I found those boxes funnier than I probably should have. Adding boxes in when taking those photos was what finally broke me.
    Also that end scene. Seriously, that end scene! Hori sure was dense there.

    By the way, Nozaki’s inability to draw backgrounds is probably a jab on shoujo manga being notorious for having really simple, if any, backgrounds.

  5. Hori is getting something from Nozaki for his help, though–Nozaki’s Hori’s main scriptwriter, so it’s not like he’s mooching off Hori completely since making a half-decent play isn’t easy. Especially since he’s doing that in addition to making his own manga.

    Ruri Random
    1. Suzuki isn’t based on Kashima, though. Remember, he met her after Chiyo became his assistant, and Suzuki was already well-established as the male lead in his manga by then. He also rejected Kashima as a reference since he found her flirty prince lines too cheesy and over-the-top for Suzuki.

      1. I thought Nozaki was using Kashima as a base for Suzuki, but only using what he heard from Hori rather than first-hand knowledge? I recall something about Hori not wanting them to meet, since the image Nozaki had would be affected if he learned that Kashima was actually a girl.

      2. Nope, I reread the pertinent chapters. Chapter 5 is definitely where Nozaki first met Kashima via Mikorin and no inkling that he’s heard of her before. All other chapters with Hori don’t indicate him ever having mentioned Kashima before Nozaki actually met her. The reason he doesn’t tell her about his work with Nozaki is that he’s afraid Kashima’s going to follow him and try to help, which would lead to her horde of fangirls cluttering up Nozaki’s apartment and getting in the way the same way they made a nuisance of themselves when the drama club made props.

      3. indeed Nozaki didn’t use Kashima as a model for Suzuki, but he did know of her since in ep 3 when he and Hori-senpai talks it turns out Nozaki often helps him out with playwriting, but after Nozaki met Kashima he has some trouble writing the prince’s role (because Kashima is a huge flirt)

    2. Well, apparently Mikorin and Kashima are ranked sixth on the pairing popularity poll from the recent fanbook.

      1. Hori + Kashima
      2. Seo + Wakamatsu
      3. Nozaki + Sakura
      4. Sakura + Mikorin
      5. Nozaki + Mikorin
      6. Kashima + Mikorin
      7. Hori + Mikorin
      8. Nozaki + Ken
      9. Ken + Maeno
      10. Sakura + Seo

      It kills me that Mikorin is paired up with practically everyone. Best girl indeed.

  6. Also, anyone else think of that scene from Working!! where Poplar was carrying around a box for her to stand on when Hori angrily demanded what kind of high school student would be lugging a box around? Methinks he should stay away from a certain restaurant …

  7. Okay, but have you SEEN Tsubaki Izumi’s official art? In the newly released official fanbook, there are some pictures that border on the indecent, including but possibly not limited to:

    Mikorin on a bed, surrounded by roses, his chest exposed, his back arched, and his eyes gazing seductively at the viewer….

    Hori and Kashima on a bed in a darkened room…. Both in a state of disheveled undress…. Hori sitting between Kashima’s exposed legs… Hori delicately holding her ankle and about to bite into her inner thigh….

    Tsubaki Izumi knows what the readers want and it’s hot as hell.

      1. I followed some links to weibo to find the photos, but I recently cleaned out my browser history DDDD:

        I’m 100% sure you can find it somewhere on tumblr or /a/, though. Teaser pics from the annals of baidu, weibo, or twitter are usually reposted there.

      2. There are already people providing a full-book scan. A quick snoop around Tumblr got me to a scanlation group post of the download link. I guess I shouldn’t put the link here due to the whole copyright thing, but it isn’t a hard find.

        By the way… That book is GLORIOUS although it will definitely make the shippers’ brains close to explosion.

      3. Aside from Kashima/Hori baiting pics, that fanbook also has a picture of Seo pushing her HUGE boobs onto Waka’s back and his expression is like ‘YOU ARE LAYING YOUR OPPAI ON ME AGAIN! Why you only do this to me?! So much bullying!’

        Damn you Waka.

  8. I’m starting to wonder how Nozaki became a famous manga-ka. He can’t draw backgrounds, or understand his characters. Is every chapter ‘Let’s Fall In Love’ just several of pages of Mamiko longingly saying ‘Suzuki-kun…’?

    Actually.. I can see how that might work.

    1. Nozaki is actually Tsubaki Izumi taking jabs at herself. Like her, his mangaka career started in high school, he has a weird way of thinking, and his flaws as a mangaka are similar to her own. She’s reuses the same male character designs and has problems with perspective.

      Ruri Random
  9. Damn Stilts you’re huge. Though I can imagine what you went through, because my dad is about as tall as you and my mom is only 1.68m or something.

    In any case, this series shows no signs of running out of ideas, and having such a wide variety of characters and pairings no doubt helps. Kashima and Hori are both clueless in their own ways, and that leads to comedy gold once they clash. Couple that with their interactions with the other characters (having Kashima out-cheese Mikorin was hilarious) and how those characters influence their thinking patterns and you’ve got a well-oiled comedy machine. Now thís is how you make misunderstandings funny. I love this show, I really do.

    And more sailor uniforms next episode! Hell yes!

  10. I know a girl whom, for two months, I sincerely, unquestionably believed was a boy. I’d probably have continued believe she was a boy if someone from staff hadn’t told me otherwise, so I fully appreciate and laugh at Hori’s story about discovering Kashima’s gender. That “Holy shit, really?!” moment is indescribable!

  11. https://randomc.net/image/Gekkan%20Shoujo%20Nozaki-kun/Gekkan%20Shoujo%20Nozaki-kun%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2003.jpg

    Is it weird for me to say that I would not mind being a princess for Kashima (minus wearing the clothes….unless she REALLY wants to experiment XD)?

    “They’re extremely well-coordinated!”



    And can never go wrong with adorable Chiyo!

  12. Ahaha, that “Koi shiyo” shoujo manga and Hori-senpai was hilarious.
    Kashima desperately trying to believe that it doesn’t belong to Hori-senpai but w/ all those colorful tabs and the last made me laugh so hard w/ Yumeno sensei’s autograph towards Hori-senpai was unavoidable. It is definately his belonging.LOL

    Enough with the boxes!!haha Hilarious box moments.
    I agree, Hori-senpai and Kashima was lovey dovey in this one <3

  13. https://randomc.net/image/Gekkan%20Shoujo%20Nozaki-kun/Gekkan%20Shoujo%20Nozaki-kun%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2027.jpg

    This is one of my favorite episodes for being Kashima centric. My only little gripe is I didn’t exactly laugh at this particular box scene. It’s gotta be one of the few times Kashima wasn’t doing anything to directly upset Hori, so personally she didn’t deserve getting kicked off the box. It’s the box’s fault! On the other hand, nominating Hori for a princess role would likely merit a whiteboard to the face.

  14. Nozaki is 190cm (~6’2″)tall, while Sakura is 145cm (4’9″)tall. So Sakura probably would need Nozaki’s box, if she takes a pic with someone of Stilts’s height. Since she’s barely there in the frame with Nozaki already.

    As for the rest of the cast heights: Mikorin-177cm(5’9¾”) Kashima-176cm(5’9¼”) Hori-164cm(5’4½) Seo-163cm(5’4″) Wakamatsu-185cm(6’¾”)

  15. I think that it may not be that uncommon for a mangaka to be basically incompetent at backgrounds or other aspects of drawing. Many of them don’t have much formal training and perspective and foreshortening can be very hard without models.

    But I do also hope that Nozaki is paying his “assistants”. They’re doing a lot of work for him for free if not and he is being published. I guess Horii is getting scripts from him, but…


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