「嵐になるまで -Before the War-」 (Arashi ni Naru Made -Before the War-)
“Until the Storm -Before the War-“

So the sun rose in the East after all today…

I’m certainly not going to waste any “I told you so’s” on Aldnoah.Zero this week, because I don’t think it took any special foresight to know that Princess Asseylum would still be alive. Indeed, it was pretty much a lock – and that she would be revived via Inaho giving her CPR was strongly hinted at too (and props to the series for actually showing CPR properly applied). No, that’s all a given more or less – but there were some other predictable traps that I was rather hoping the series would avoid that it didn’t manage to.

My great fear was that this episode was going to rush straight to redemption for Rayet, and that certainly happened – but the way it happened was even more irritating that I expected. The inconsistency in Inaho’s character could hardly have been more unmistakably showcased if it had been the intent of the writing to do so. How can you possibly rationalize the way he dealt with Slaine and the way he dealt with Rayet? The answer is you can’t – it’s preposterous on every level. Slaine fights at his side and saves his life and because Inaho has a suspicion about who he might be, he decides he’s an enemy. Rayet tries (and technically succeeds) in murdering the Princess in cold blood, and he declares she’s not – and hands her the very gun she’s just threatened his life with, barrel pointing at his head?

The larger problem here is that Inaho’s entire reason d’être is that he’s the implacable, stoic figure who sees every situation rationally and thinks around corners. That’s the pretense behind why he gets very little development and shows almost nothing of who he is, but when you turn around and show nonsensical behavior like this the entire structure is compromised. However you try and write this off – cute girl armor, whatever – it’s a nightmare moment for Inaho’s character arc and any hope that it’ll end up being a compelling and believable one. We’ll see what happens with Rayet from here – if they let her walk without a trial (and even with one would be dicey) that’s going to be another serious blow to Aldnoah.Zero’s credibility.

That’s a lot to get past, but if you can get past (and I sure hope instantaneous healing of bruises is revealed to be a trait of VERS royals) it there’s some better stuff happening with the main plot. Director Aoki Ei basically confirmed this week that the first cour was going to end with a bang, and we can certainly see the makings of that here. With Asseylum alive it’s a straightforward matter to get the Deucalion underway again, and that means it can finally arrive at United Earth HQ in Russia – a giant underground complex of shelters and military installations that’s supposed to have supplies for three years. Except there aren’t enough refugees to fill it to capacity, which suggests that things on the outside are even worse than those on the Deucalion had feared.

Arriving at the base also means a momentary farewell between Asseylum and Inaho, and her opportunity to at last try and communicate with her own people. That farewell seems to decisively rule out any romantic entanglement between those two, whose CPR session was like a clinical, sanitized version of the rather raw and primal one she shared with Slaine. As usual it’s hard to read Inaho’s reaction, but there might just have been a flicker of disappointment in his expression. As for Asseylum’s message to her people, it’s about what you’d expect – an unvarnished condemnation of the hostilities with Earth and a demand that they cease immediately.

Saazbaum is indeed turning out to the first villain in Aldnoah formidable enough to really matter, and the fact that he doesn’t act like he dropped in from Scooby Doo makes him that much the better for the purpose. He’s well-prepared – he controls the base on the moon that would relay the Princess’ message to Mars, so he can make sure no one back home sees it. That also means he can track it to its source, so he now knows where the Princess – and the Deucalion – are. That means the attack that’s likely to form the spine of this season’s grand finale, with Saazbaum leading an all-out assault on Earth’s assembled power structure. He gives Slaine a choice – join my assault, or flee to Earth and die defending it. But he does spare Slaine’s life and he does give him the choice, largely out of the debt he feels he owes Slaine’s father.

Saazbaum and Slaine are really the two most interesting people in this story, and I’m rather sad that they’re apparently going to split up. Or are they? I’m not saying that Slaine will be persuaded by Saazbaum’s tale of how Asseylum’s father caused the death of his fiancee Orlane (Noto Mamiko) during Heaven’s Fall, but Saazbaum revealing that he’s retrieved Cruhteo’s Tharsis (how did that work, exactly?) is an obvious invitation for Slaine to pilot it. Perhaps he’ll use it to flee and turn it against Saazbaum’s forces, but it does seem likely Slaine will use it one way or the other (and thus confirm that he’s been granted Aldnoah power by Asseylum).

Zephyr’s Impressions:

You never know when paying attention in class will help you at some point, and I think it goes double for when you’re learning something such as CPR. As expected though, Inaho ends up saving Asseylum, and the Rayet situation ends up being solved in rather straight forward manner as she gets relegated to the brig. The big difference now is she’s openly revealed her qualms with the situation at hand, and there’s much to be said about how she had legitimate reasons for feeling the way she did. The lead up to it could’ve used some work and the way she handled it with attempted murder clearly wasn’t the best way to go about it, but the fact remains that things have worked out in the best way possible, and it’s all about what to do from here.

And really, that’s always been the key question here isn’t it? What are we going to do from here? If you boil it down, ALDNOAH.ZERO’s been asking those questions of its cast members throughout the entire series, and arguably it’s all been about breaking things down—breaking down the cycle of hatred that’s built up over the past few decades, breaking down the assumption that humanity needs to be separated into Terrans and Martians, and breaking down the world so you can build it back up again (literally, considering how the Terran’s are seemingly down to their last bastion). Inaho’s quote gets it right on:

I could care less if you’re a Terran or a Martian.

Given the circumstances, the battle being fought today goes beyond the designated affiliations of the parties involved, and it’s something highlighted by Saazabaum in particular. At this point, he holds no real attachment to the Martian hierarchy, and he doesn’t care for the Terrans and the planet in which they reside either. He’s going about this purely for the sake of revenge, and it hammers in the fact that much of the fighting here (and much of the suffering) is being caused by and inflicted on people who were either roped into the conflict by chance or those who had grudges to settle from years back. In the end, none of the main cast really cares about the circumstances that caused this war to start again in the first place, and it shows how this is a conflict that’s really gone beyond just “affiliations.” It’s purely humans fighting for their own reasons at this point, which interestingly enough, is exactly what could open the door for peaceful co-existence in the future provided the fight people win out.

It’s easier said than done of course, but the fact remains that a clear path is open provided the right things happen. The Terrans are down to one of their last bastions, the Martians have always been living on the brink to begin with, and there are people involved in this fight that genuinely seek to end the conflict on both sides. Slaine in particular is being given the chance to make himself known—while potentially yielding the late Cruhteo’s Tharsis no less—and things are preparing for what should be a climactic finish to the series’ first cour.

  • My copy of the ALDNOAH ARCHIVEZ should be arriving in the next few days. Once it does, I’ll take some pictures and release a post on it, though it likely won’t come out until after next week’s post (or possibly the week after that).
  • A side note for those who didn’t know, the motto for ALDNOAH.ZERO actually comes from the Latin phrase “Fiat justitia ruat caelum.”
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    1. Is Urobutcher trying to set a new record of killing a character over and over again?

      This is the second time “Princess Asseylum” literally died. Unlike many other series where the character almost died, “Princess Asseylum” was killed and confirmed dead twice. (The first being a double though)

      Wonder how many more times will Urobutcher kill her before she can take a break?

      1. Please. Urobutchi is not such a shallow writer and it’s clear that this convoluted plot is due to Boku no Pico writer. Urobutchi’s name is there only because Aniplex wants a pile of money, he barely did anything than writing first 3 episodes and ,,Creator” is such a vague position in this context.

        1. oops, totally meant to post that as a regular post, not as a reply (sorry!).

          meant to reply with:

          “what do you think, does Inaho like me?”

          “he is talking to you, right?”


          Impel Down Hippo
    2. Gosh, how some of the plot is predictable, but others aren’t as such (Inaho doing CPR and defib on the princess VS Slaine getting Count Cruhteo’s Tharsis and being set free to do whatever he wants with it). Still, the plot’s still moving, unlike MAJORITY of the other series (that I’m watching) this cour has brought us. It was rather intreging to know the former Deucalion mech’s powers and it’s usage on the battleship. (And if I heard it right, the Aldnoah drive’s function cannot be disrupted by others unless the one who started the drive has their heart stopped. So does that mean the aldnoah drive can be started by anyone who was granted the “power”?)
      Can’t wait for the Colony drop on Russia battle at the Russian UNHQ next week.

      ps. Inaho still prefers his orange-kun look Sleipnir and it’s conformal power assist over the Areion’s beefier armor.

      pps. Anyone thinks Orlane is still alive? I have a very funny inking that she might have been for a while AFTER Heaven’s Fall

      1. I too have a suspicion they’ll play the Orlane is alive card. Whether she’s already a mother… I don’t know the timeline well enough. It is certainly a possibility to fit into the storyline, and would definitely drive Saazbaum mad more than anything else.

        1. Plot twist Orlane is Inaho’s mother. . .

          ok ok I kid on a serious note though, I kind of agree that Rayet’s redemtion was a little too convenient. It felt like the writters made her do that just so that they can juxtapose Inaho giving a “CPR Kiss” to the pricess like what she did to Slaine. Oh and some kind of development to the princess about her comign to Earth was selfish and bad etc etc. . .

          But for the second part. . .she should have already known that, like seirously.
          SO yeah Rayet is pretty much a plot device at this point, and when they don’t need her they bus- er locker her up in the brig for storage untill the next tim the plot needs its “Device”

          I’m really waiting for Inaho’s backstory into what “Broke” him and made him this seemlighly cold, stoic person.

          I do like Salisbury Steak(my name for saauzbuaum lol) he’s not some over the top asshoel that cruteo was, he’s calm calculated and focused on revenge. I’m kinda thinking that he wants revenge not only on Humans, but on the king himself(hence killing his daughter servers two purposes) That and he probably plans to overthrow the king at some point.

      2. bonus 0:
        Saazbaum: This is how your father was killed.
        Slaine: What? Noooo! That’s impossible!

        Bonus 1:
        *cues Sapce Battleship Yamato theme*

        Bonus 11:
        So is there supposed to be a wormhole below for the mechs from Code Geass to travel through? Cause I could’ve swore that looks like 1.

        1. My speculation after watching the episode and reading your comment is: Rayet as Saazbaum’s daughter?! (Thanks for making me wildly speculate about it… that’s half the fun of these original series.)

          I crossed off Inaho and Inko as too obvious as possibilities, but who knows!

    3. As if this show will pass up the chance to showcase a giant mecha… I mean come on. Would Slaine really say no? Honestly, this is the best form of convincing someone, letting them make the choice themselves (or think they do).

    4. Rayet is cuckoo in the head. As are every other Martian besides the hime, it seems. Like hyenas, those who are blessed with less will always be waiting for the chance to bite.
      Inaho is splendid. He’s clearly one of those modest elites who have grander plans and aspirations in life. I feel as if he’s constantly respectfully observing the many façades of the human race, even farcical ones, from a distance. We need more Inahos in the real world.
      A finale with Idaho and Saazabaum is a must. But I don’t know where Slaine will stand in the midst of it all.

      Petit Orenji
      1. I kind of disagree partially about Inaho. Although Inaho has shown how tolerant and level-headed he, I don’t think we need more people like Inaho. Generally speaking, Inaho is logical and even when people like Asseylum thank him he shows no expression and uses the term war to reason why he saved her. Its like growing up, after Heaven’s Fall, and training for war made him this kind of person- expressionless and critically thinking his actions in the war. (And in opinion, there’s more to understanding and observing the superficialities of both Terrans and Vers than what he is currently doing)

    5. There’s nothing inconsistent in how he dealt with Rayet. Slaine’s situation isn’t even the exact same situation. Slaine is a total stranger who simply happens to assist them against Femianne. Does that make him an ally? No, it doesn’t. It also doesn’t help that Slaine refused to answer his inquiry and instead aimed at him and shot him.

      Rayet OTOH has been with them for quite some time. Assisted them on multiple occasions and has shown sincere animosity against martians. Also unlike Slaine… Rayet was about to commit suicide near the end and has totally given up on killing Asseylum.

      I don’t see what is this inconsistency you’re talking about here.

      1. Nailed it. The person you know versus the person you don’t. In addition to, Inaho can communicate with Rayet and get through to her as she gets through to him. Slaine could not and did not. You do not trust those and you cannot work with those you cannot communicate with.

        You can also be perfectly rational, and yet have radically different perspectives and assessment. Inaho obviously come to Enzo’s conclusion, and both MartianMage and I didn’t either. Inaho acted within his best interest, and it wasn’t to see her die mentally (Rayet, or the Princess from watching Rayet suicide). I stand by the idea that sometimes the best way to convince is to offer them a choice, letting them come to their own conclusion.

        As for credibility, I would not go that far. This show goes for drama, within an interesting framework with grounded elements, but not so grounded that it bucks disbelief all together.

        1. ” The person you know versus the person you don’t.”

          Well I dont see the difference. Is the difference the fact that he has seen her face? Because honestly, he doesnt know ANYTHING about her. She helped them – so did Slaine. Thats all. He doenst know anything about her past, he doesnt know what she is thinking, he doesnt know her motives. He doesnt know.. what DOES he know? I also find it hard to believe that hes been talking with her “off screen”. Those two dont have any relationship. And the only difference between Slaine and her is that he knows his face.

          No, thats not all. We know – she KILLED the princess, whereas Slaine only demanded to see her. He talks about war, but decides to trust a person who has PROVEN she is not worthy of trust – and at the same time he shoots someone and doesnt give a c** even searching for Slaine who could have valuable information and where everything points in the direction that he might be on their side?

          Now, with Slaine he had to make a quick decision. But here it WAS THE SAME. She already KILLED her, there was no ground to assume she wouldnt do that a second time, especially considering that she basically has lost her standing in the group with her actions.

          Dont get me wrong, I really really like this series. I even like Inaho and his character very much. But I also want to be able to point out things that werent done well – and the first half – that wasnt good, it was just cliché. And maybe even a little sexism.

        2. Uncertainty is a big element to the human experience and decision making. Familiarity does make a difference in human behavior, whether justified or not, and Inaho is human until stated otherwise.

          While you know Slaine, he was a total stranger to Slaine. While Inaho didn’t experience very long with Rayet, the few days/weeks (unknown, time skips are abound in this show), it was far more time to converse with and assess Rayet than the few minutes taken with Slaine. He’s had one conversation with Slaine, several over the course of a longer period with Rayet. That conversation showed to Inaho that Slaine’s motivations were selfish, and any help given was opportunistic. Slaine was useful at the time, as Inaho stated, “The enemy of my enemy is not my friend, but may be useful”, but Slaine was clearly not an ally in any sense.

          Quite frankly, the comparison is not equal, and their relationships are not the same. Inaho has a relationship with Rayet as an acquaintence, Inaho had none with Slaine as a stranger until Slaine made himself to be an enemy.

          In any case, condemning Rayet, killing Rayet or letting her kill herself would’ve been the wrong move. Convincing her, or attempting to, was the absolute correct choice because of the psychological impact on the the Princess, and the crew in addition to what Inaho stated. Princess would’ve been absolutely devastated if Rayet died, and the crew would do no end of speculating who amongst them is a martian / traitor. No Princess no battleship. Broken Battleship, Broken Crew, means dead in water (this case Ice/tundra) and only a matter of time before doom.

          You always try to win them over when you can. Wars are fought with the will of nations, not the body count. What you do next is another matter. Slaine explicitly communicated he was demanding and unreachable. Rayet reached out to the Princess, and was reached out to in return. Inaho has issues, but he’s perceptive enough to see Rayet can be talked to and worked with. Inaho explicitly let the Princess talk with Rayet when he stopped her butler/maid from interfering when she was worried for the princess, because he must have felt communication was really happening and Rayet could be talked to (in addition to maid’s actions being potentially dangerous for her princess).

          The end points are, Slaine is no Rayet, and she demonstrated being reachable. Inaho thought she deserved that chance in that concise manner quiet reserve and explosive action he does. He talks briefly and poignantly, deciding straight to the point. “You are not my enemy”.

      2. Yeah, dont forget they meet her at 2nd episode, Yuki-nee saved her from Trillram, Rayet is also the one who helped them to take down Trillram, Finish Lady Femianne as well,
        as for Slaine, what did you expect ?


      3. Really the whole comparing Slaine situation with Rayet is silly

        “Bat” and “Orange” fell apart because they barely knew each other, and they were already pointing guns. It doesn’t help that Slaine gave a thinly veiled middle finger to Inaho when they were making demands of each other. It was a tense situation with neither side wanting to back down.

        The situation with Rayet however was already diffused by the Princess herself. Rayet was no longer a threat since she had given up and was ready kill herself. Only then did Inaho intervene. Unlike the previous, confrontation Inaho does have a reason to trust Rayert since he has witnessed her hate for Martians and she has been an asset in previous battles.

      4. ehhhhh….the inconsistency certainly isnt huge, but inconsistency is there. If Inaho was untrusting of Slaine, what he should have done was capture the guy; instead, he shoots him down and leaves him for dead, and not one person onboard the ship even questions where the plane that helped them out went (did anyone else find that to be weird? that was clearly orchestrated by the writing so that Slaine could be captured). Now you could argue, that this is war and all that, but what i think enzo is getting at is that Inaho was being rational and calculating when it came to Rayet, something he did not do with Slaine when the situation was arguably less dire, and that is where the inconsistency comes from. I mean, Inaho was in control of the situation with Slaine, he could have been just as rational and tried to exploit Slaine after shooting him down, but then we wouldnt have our NTR fued between the two boys now would we?

        Is it a terrible case of writing that Inaho did not do the same with Slaine as he did with Rayet..ehhh not really; but the fact still remains that Inaho has shown that he is capable of using his enemies (or seeming enemies) to get the best of out of what he feels in necessary to win the war. If that was the case, after Slaine clearly helped him, why didnt he just capture him, interrogate him and find out if he was of use? regardless of shooting him down, he just left him in sea, and no one raised a question, which just adds to the proof that the writing tried to orchestrate that whole scene rather than letting events develop organically. I dont find it to be a deal breaker but the inconsistency certainly is there.

        1. You see… this is where the problem is… your perception of the Slaine’s situation is horribly wrong. First off Inaho was never in control of the situation. That is just BS. How can Inaho be in control of the situation when Slaine was pointing a gun at him? Second you’re saying Inaho should have not shot him down and instead captured him. You’re saying this with very little consideration of the whole situation. It’s as if you’re saying that capturing Slaine without shooting him in that situation is as easy as taking candy from a kid. He should have not shot him? What the hell… if Inaho didn’t shoot Slaine down Slaine could have shot again and killed him. Do you even realize this?

          Your perception of what a “dire” situation is… is just horribly wrong. You have a guy who has his guns pointed at you and already shot at you once and can shoot again on a place where you can’t move much and you say it is not dire whereas a situation where the enemy(a broken down and about to commit suicide to add) has already been disarmed dire.

          No offense but you definitely need to re-assess your line of thinking here.

        2. @MartianMage
          It is the other way around, sonic’s right about being in control.

          There’s a saying that 10% of life is what happens to you, and 90% is how you react to it. In the final moments of Slaine vs Inaho a few episodes ago, Inaho knew what to do and how to react while Slaine was winging it.

          Armored battles are not the same as human ones, and it is not as simple automatic guaranteed hit-kill. There’s plenty Inaho can do when Slaine tries to fire. If Inaho determined the shot would not disable him due to how it is angled he wouldn’t care if it that hit. Clearly Slaine missed, and didn’t disable Inaho, while Inaho was able to take down Slaine at any given moment.

          Similarly, Inaho was within melee range of Rayet. Human reaction time is really slow compared to trained instincts. Inaho demonstrated he was able to disarm Rayet at almost any given moment, since he explosively took her down when the time was right.

          Doing so any earlier or any later would’ve been the wrong move, but clearly Inaho’s head is using the Observe, assess, act, reflect thinking cycle. That’s what being in control is.

        3. uhhh.. no you’re wrong. Being in control means that you’re in a position to direct a situation. When someone has their gun pointed at you you’re not in control. Sure you can react accordingly but this is far from you being in control.

        4. @Drasca

          exactly; you made that distinction perfectly


          I never said Inaho shouldnt have shot Slaine. Besides, dont you think a part of capturing Slaine would be disarming him? Im pointing out the blatant inconsistency in the fact that Inaho shot Slaine down, left him in the sea…and nobody made a peep about it. It’s clear to me why that was and that had to do with the writing. But aside from that, Inaho demonstrated a proclivity for war tactics on a psychological standpoint; using ur “enemy’s” goals to further your own and if he was always capable of making such a distinction, why didnt he do it for Slaine, especially since the guy saved his life. Forget that we as the viewer knows that Slaine’s intentions were just, if someone in a battle came to help me, while i wouldnt completely be trusting of him, i wouldnt just leave him in the see. Id question him, try to take him in (which would mean there would be a standoff) and try to see if there is a use for him/her….like how Inaho did with Rayet.

        5. And this is yet another problem with your line of reasoning. Why… just why are you even assuming it was Inaho who decided not to get Slaine after shooting him down? Isn’t it obvious that not risking any more martian reinforcements and leaving the area ASAP is the call of the commander?!

          It’s funny really… it seems that Inaho is the catch all when you need someone to blame in Aldnoah…

        6. @MartianMage

          you keep neglecting the fact that no one questioned the existence of Slaine’s plane, as if no one knew about it, not even the commander, or those who saw him outside the ship; but you know what, we’ll agree to disagre or something like that…since my reasoning is wrong

        7. Because it is irrelevant to this discussion. This is about this so called “inconsistency” with Inaho not what the commander decided to do with Slaine. You’re bringing it up like it means anything.

      5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Slaine aim at Inaho because the latter seemed to imply that he planned on exploiting Princess Asseylum? They were both being pretty hard headed in that situation.

        Inaho’s actions here irked me too, and I’m liking him less and less as a character. That being said, you could see it being consistent in the sense that he sees Rayet as a useful and controllable asset, since she’s kind of at an emotional low and thus not a major threat. Though I don’t see them making Inaho quite that cold-blooded.

        1. I don’t think Inaho is cold blooded. I think he knows himself and his limits very well. He’s not good at certain things, and there are a lot of things completely outside his power, but he understands that and works around it to what he is very good with.

          I would like to think that Inaho sees Rayet as a friend, in as far as he’s able to make friends and relate to others– which is certainly not very much in the traditional sense. But they’ve interacted together, worked to survive alongside each other and conversed without open judgement and condemnation of either’s behavior. A lack of negative can also be seen as positive, if they’re comfortable with each other.

          I want to believe that Inaho wants to be friends, in his very subtle fashion when it comes to emotions. Certainly having assets and survival is a part of necessity, but beneath that a desire for those that’ve treated him well to remain well.

        2. You are wrong. Slaine pointed his weapons at Inaho when Inaho pressed him to answer his questions. And mind you it is a question that needs to be asked.

          And on the contrary I find it funny that people are questioning Inaho’s decision and then conclude that he is cold and calculating. If you ask me it is the reverse. The fact that Inaho can accept Rayet here shows that he understands that Rayet is no longer a threat.

          I mean what the hell some people are saying that Rayet cannot be trusted and is dangerous after all that. Rayet has basically presented everything about her, she revealed her darkest secrets and all her grievances and was about to commit suicide when she had the only gun in that room. After all that people still think Rayet cannot be trusted. What the hell…

        3. @MartianMage

          he stopped Eddelritsuo from stopping the princess BEFORE she revealed everything. Also, I dont find it funny at all. “I HATE you all, we have been planning for YEARS to kill you, I dont understand how you can accept her, I’d rather kill myself than to try to get along with you and understand you guys.” Yeah sure, Id trust such a person anytime – after all, she revealed already all her hatred towards me.

          On the other hand – Drasca has IMO a good argumentation why Inaho acted the way he did.

        4. Did we even watch the same show or are you too busy hating that you’ve managed to twist the whole scene and Rayet’s lines to your liking and it’s only been 2 days since this episode was aired. What the hell.. go rewatch the scene please.

        5. @MartianMage
          Oh would you please cut the c** with the hating stuff? If you read my comment above and the end of the last one, I have already proven to be “faithful”, geez. You’re right though about the stopping, I meant the scene where she cracks. Thats after it. But she certainly revealed everything before the princess became the crawling cliché. The rest though still applies. One is not trustworthy just because someone DECLARES HIMSELF that he isnt.

          Well if I twisted the scene to my liking, it would be pretty much nonexisting. But appearantly this is the second coming of our holy bible and you cant even critisize ONE SCENE !even as a fan of the show! without being called a hater. Soooo tiring.

        6. If you don’t want to be labeled as a hater then maybe you can actually try harder when trying to argue? I don’t see how someone who’s interested in the show can twist the scene to that extent. Also the rest still applies? Bullshit. Not only did you mix the order you’re also twisting Rayet’s lines to fit your argument.

        7. @MartianMage

          No, I obviously dont have to write a flawless abstract about something just to NOT be called a hater by you, only to express my opinion. Thats bull and you know it. What should I call you then for not having good arguments imo? Im here for discussion, and I like to discuss, not to be Mr.-Perfect-I-Know-It-All. Thats why I also admitted you were right in that aspect, good to know. For the rest – you are wrong. Im INTERPRETING, Im still allowed to do that, right? Just to explain it to you: She didnt say word by word “I am not trustworthy”. Its what you can conclude after her words and the little not very noteworthy fact that she just killed the princess. Or rather, thats the discussion, if you can conclude it or not. Its not “twisting” things, if someone doesnt interpret the scene the way you do.

          She doesnt say ANYTHING that would make you trust in her. Instead she says she has betrayed not only the princess, but also the whole group by staying quiet – she was the one they risked their lives for in the fight against Trillam, her group also betrayed whole mankind – they are responsible for countless deaths, AND she says she doesnt get their attitude. Well, Im not so sure YOU are even living in the same world as me, but I think the definition of traitor has something to do with “trustworthy”. But she confessed all that in a emotional unstable situation, so its allright? Now she is trustworthy? Yeah, who should try to find better arguments? You can still discuss that, like I said, Drasca convinced me, but at the very least Im not “twisting” her words. Your arguments on the other hand “hater”, “try harder”, “twist” – not very convincing.

        8. I’m the one with no good arguments? That’s rich especially coming from someone who twisted the scene and the lines. Your interpretation? What the hell… is Rayet even speaking in codes that we need your interpretation? What Rayet said in this episode is very clear that we don’t need someone like you to come up with “interpretations.” Your interpretation = twisting dialogues to fit your stupid argument.

          The fact that she revealed everything and is about to commit suicide shows that she no longer is a threat. If she meant them any more hard she could have easily done so but she didn’t, did she? I guess it’s understandable for you to not even understand this after all you’re agreeing that Inaho is being cold and calculating for being able to empathize with Rayet. PFT…

        9. @MartianMage

          Ok ok, now its getting funny. You’ve honestly made me laugh! XD Are you really not understanding what interpretation is or do you really believe interpretation is the thing to use to decipher a code?XD

          “I’m the one with no good arguments?”

          Yes you are. Want an example?. “Your interpretation = twisting dialogues to fit your stupid argument.” Thats no argument. That is laughable. Twstile, twistle twistle, really, you havent said ANYTHING CONCRETE towards my arguments. Saying “you’re twisting things” doesnt support your claim that Im twisting things AT ALL.

          “The fact that she revealed everything and is about to commit suicide shows that she no longer is a threat.” “Oh, my fellow suicide bombers, you hear that? the fact we want to kill ourselves doesnt make us a threat any longer. MartianMage says so.”

          And then this:
          “I guess it’s understandable for you to not even understand this after all you’re agreeing that Inaho is being cold and calculating for being able to empathize with Rayet. PFT…”
          Are you just or do you only play being? Because right now, I really think you are a troll. There was not even once a situation where I mentioned ANYTHING even remotely! close to that. I said I agree with Drasca. Are you unable to read text? Really, unbelievable! XD Wait, lemme try to: why do you still claim the attempted murder was an accident? How do you back that up?

          Well, Im kinda sorry for continuing this useless argument for everybody, I admit its becoming a guilty pleasure;)

        10. oh lawrdy…

          ‘Saying “you’re twisting things” doesnt support your claim that Im twisting things AT ALL.’

          This isn’t even open for opinions or interpretations. Just watch the scene… what Rayet said is crystal clear. We don’t need your stupid interpretations. What you’re claiming as Rayet’s line is, is very far from what she said. Yes, you are twisting things.

          “Oh, my fellow suicide bombers, you hear that? the fact we want to kill ourselves doesnt make us a threat any longer. MartianMage says so.”

          oh lawrdy I’m just gonna die laughing with this stupidity. Does Rayet even look like she’s gonna suicide bomb? Your comparison is so off I don’t even know where to begin… so pointing a gun to your head is now suicide bombing OH WOW GASP THE REVELATIONS!

          Ok as for the part with Drasca I will admit that is my mistake since I never read Drasca’s response I was only focusing on your response and the fact that you addressed my counter-argument to StrenX regarding Inaho being cold and calculated.

        11. Is your record broken?XD Just repeating things doesnt support it either:

          “This isn’t even open for opinions or interpretations. Just watch the scene… what Rayet said is crystal clear. We don’t need your stupid interpretations. What you’re claiming as Rayet’s line is, is very far from what she said. Yes, you are twisting things.”

          This is only stupid. EVEYTHING in this world is open for interpretation. And that THIS SCENE is ALL THE MORE – you can already see that by the fact that people obviously dont all think the way you do. For your billionst “twisting”-pseudo-argument I advice you to take a look at my comments. I already showed there that I couldnt be farther away from twisting. Dont wanne repeat myself like you do.
          But maybe they are all just not as smart as you? Then again, naaaaahh, cant be XD

          “Does Rayet even look like she’s gonna suicide bomb?
          Yes, that is what that meant. Exactly. ROFL XD I dont even… Well I DO have to repeat myself: Are you so or do you only play being? I guess thats what happens if you only take every word to be “crystal clear”. Do you know what a tertium comparationis is?

          And last but not least: Stop talking in plural maiestatis! Its ridiculous!

        12. Ok, ok, now, Ive gotta work. So I cant continue writing for a while. But so I dont leave you hanging I wanne say:

          Everyhting you say right from now on is COMPLETELY right. I was COMPLETELY wrong. Of course, murder is ok, if you just confess to everyone how much you hate them and why you did it. You’re not a threat anymore if you tried to commit suicide, because…well, just because. Lets just forgive and forget everyone, cause we should all love each other. Amen 😉

        13. Everything in this world is open for interpretation? That’s got to be one of the most retarded things I have read. 1 + 1 = 2 is not open for interpretation. Someone like you saying that his interpretation of 1 + 1 = 3 is just… retarded…

          Also you really think that Rayet is gonna suicide bomb? Ok… confirmed… you are a retarded troll… have fun typing your stupid arguments and following it up with “XD” I’m now going to ignore you.

          Please don’t let it stop you from replying any further and show the world how retarded you are…

        14. @Libélula
          Some people are just broken records, unable or unwilling to comprehend, and just keep on repeating their song.

          You may discover is pointless to try to reason with them. Slaine was like that, and Inaho decided to end that conversation once he confirmed it. How will you respond?

      6. As I said before:

        “The enemy of my enemy is my friend. But sometimes the enemy of my enemy is another enemy. The trick is knowing who is who.”

        If you take the words of this magnificent bastard (Raymond Reddington) it was the right choice to let Rayet live, she has proven useful before and has good reason to fight to the end, I´m not saying she must be trusted right awy but considering what´s about to rain down from the heavens I don´t think they have a choice. Let´s be honest, no matter how well defended the Terrans Headquarters are it´s going to be destroyed and Deucalion with Asseylum onboard seems likely to be the only ship to make it out that hell.

    6. Just want to point out there is a huge difference between Rayet and Slaine. Slaine tried to shoot at Inaho, Rayet didn’t. Note that Inaho did not decide Slaine was his enemy when the two fought side by side, but rather from discovering Slaine knew that the princess was on board of the battleship and the resulting conversation. Inaho knew Rayet’s motivation for her treatment of Asseylum, while he knew absolutely nothing of Slaine’s plans for Asseylum. He gave Slaine a chance to explain himself, albeit in a rather confrontational manner, and Slaine chose belligerence. Also, Rayet obviously regretted her position and chose to commit suicide. So Inaho decided to save her.

    7. If you don’t like the show, stop blogging about it. Geez… If i dont’t like a show, I stop watching and reading about it. Unless you’re getting paid… Then you have to keep torturing yourself.

    8. I’m really surprised you’re writing off the romantic entanglement between Inaho x Hime. It was pretty obvious that we’re heading this way and their relationship just took a big step forward. Inaho was flustered for the first time in his life when Hime said he was a kind person. And despite Inaho’s insistence on writing them off as just allies, they’ve now moved to the friend stage. Next will be romance.

      1. Inaho showed more emotions in this episode than in the whole series so far. Sseylum undoubtly has made a number in that boy, it´s just a matter of waiting, Slaine is stupid enough to take on Saazbaun offer and that will be the last nail on his coffin.

    9. Even if it was seen coming, the CPR was not overdone and given fan service tones; for that alone it should get the seal of approval. As for the Rayet situation IMO it was handled fine. Considering how Inaho is being set up as character it was a reasonable call to make. You are short on manpower and in a fight against a superior enemy, the smart man will always take any additional source of strength he can, even if that source resides in unstable girl who lacks a place in life. Not to mention it’s pretty damn easy to turn Rayet from a broken wreck into a reliable compatriot, just give her a place in society to work towards, it’s what she’s really after (as indicated by the attempted suicide).

      Otherwise all the interesting stuff (again) concerned the main story. The most interesting bit concerns Slaine. Already hypothesized a few episodes back that Slaine possesses the Aldnoah gene script, so if he ends up piloting Cruheto’s Cataphract (which is being heavily hinted towards considering his freeing right in front of the damn thing) then the doubters can be damned :P. Possibility always remains though of Slaine simply leaving on something else, but I’m still betting on Slaine being directly involved in whatever cliffhanger awaits us in two episodes, he’s too central to the story to only be the loyal retainer of Asseylum; him possessing Aldnoah would certainly make for a nice bit of “WTF seriously?!”

      Even more alluring though if Slaine possesses Aldnoah is how he got it. We currently don’t know how Aldnoah genes are transferred. Who wants to bet that Aldnoah can be transferred through physical contact (i.e. through kissing)? Now if Slaine does possess Aldnoah and came to from Asseylum, maybe that CPR had something to do with it. Need Inaho to power up for the next season? Well he just “kissed” Asseylum too. Now wouldn’t that be a mindf*ck to end the season with 😛

      1. also what i see about Saazbaum’s motive:

        He also want to conquer Earth, and when done he will cut off all Lines with Mars to let them “Die”.

        Just as i said, the Balance of power, that can tip the sides are the remaining Knights in Space and Earth. It is a very important Key factor. Because Earth has only 1 Aldnoah Drive Ship. Perhaps they could successful transfer the Weapon of the Scraped mecha. So the ship could have a Powerful anti-gravity Shield. But they still use Earth technology Attack Weapons. I wonder if they can scratch the Mars Knight Mechas with it

        So Earth has only a Hope, if some of the Knights will support them

        1. Kill Vers, save Mars.

          If that happens then Saazbaum will be leader of Neo-Vers 😛
          So he could already have men placed to assassinate Rayregalia?

          Will he live to proclaim something big in the last ep of the cour?
          Or will he die first?

      2. If I’m understanding it correctly, the staff at the moon base that received the earth transmission are allied with Saazbaum so the message didn’t get past that base and Saazbaum. All the other orbital knights have no idea that message was sent out.

    10. For me, one of the problems I had was the apparent existence of a perfectly-sized aerial entry point for the Deucalion, with the means to receive (berth) such an aircraft, given the complete lack of VTOL aircraft we’ve seen in the show, much less the size of conventional VTOl craft.

        1. The HQ couldn’t have had more than a few days’ advance notice given the jamming of airwaves and the speed of the Deucalion. Unless they’re supermen, it’s hard to believe they constructed a giant dock and berth in so quick a time.

          The only other possibility, in my opinion, is that they found the ship, built a dock for it, and THEN found out they couldn’t captain the ship without Aldnoah, which may show the serious lack of foresight that has been repeatedly shown by Terran commanders so far, barring the sub-characters.

        1. @ ^
          I thought they made it pretty clear that the Terrans built the Deucalion (ship) using pieces and tech from the Deucalion (Kat). It’s not like the Martians had a forward base on the islands. The Terrans just couldn’t activate the Aldnoah drive, so they abandoned it.

          Of course, this raises the question of how they built a functional ship without being able to test any of its systems, but whatever.

        2. Which was my exact thought process. It’s different when Chinese steal stealth-tech, because they practically took an entire blueprint. How exactly do you manufacture something you can’t even begin to understand? It’s not possible.

          Furthermore, I don’t think the Terrans could have possibly known the name of the original Kataphract to engrave it into the bridge, unless for some reason it was written somewhere on the mech. I think this is either a case of bad writing a la the first few episodes of Valvrave, or there’s some deus ex machina at work. Either way, I don’t like it.

    11. Why exactly is Saazbaum still so intent on attacking and conquering Earth even though he knows the crap that the royal family has be espousing to their people have been lies? Killing the princess is one thing to settle a score is one thing, but killing the princess while annihilating a race in the process feels very off. His some of his actions doesn’t seem to fit his words.

      1. From what I can tell, the emperor doesn’t actually want to invade Earth so much as use it as a way to create a non-existent external threat to help hold his grip on the people. If you think about things from the royal family’s perspective, fully invading Earth may not actually be smart, as it can loosen their control over the people. Earth having a lot more natural resources and all that.

        But from a pure logic standpoint, you have Vers with their ridiculously overpowered military power and little natural resources, versus Earth with their ridiculously abundant(by Vers standard) natural resources and pitiful military, an invasion made clear sense regardless of the reason to start it.

        1. @Baubo
          But shouldn’t Saazbaum realise that invading and holding lands are completely different matters? Judging by what we’ve seen so far, it seems like the VERS army consists of only highly advanced kataphracts, in very minute numbers (compared to the Earth army). Can they genuinely expect a population of 1million to control a population of at least 1 billion? (I’m assuming that the initial invasion wiped out 2billion people, optimistically) No matter how advance a society is, trying to control a land with very little people (relative to the oppressed) is insane, if not outright impossible. You’re bound to meet resistance in large numbers. Unless the intention of VERS is to invade and conquer the land, then initiate a genocide on an insane scale that dwarfs even what a certain supremacist nation did in WW2, its very suicidal for Saazbaum to pull VERS into a war and pacification attempt that will most certainly last for centuries (I’m assuming A/Z is trying to be realistic here) It feels like Saazbaum is intentionally trying to destroy VERS completely in the most indirect way possible.

        2. @Haiko

          They don’t need to take full control of Earth. They just need to come to an agreement with the local governments where Earthlings give them stuff in return for not killing them. Think of it like European colonialism and what they were able to do. We’re not talking about total subjugation of Earth.

    12. The title of this episode “Until the Storm – Before the War” says it all. But where would the conflict come from? Saazbaum (the obvious choice)? Slaine (mostly unintentionally)? Or even from within the UE people?

      With someone who could activate the Aldnoah Drive in their hands, instead of heeding Asseylum’s calls for peace, would the UE guys contemplate reverse engineering the link between her genes and the Aldnoah Drive in an attempt to play catch up in the arms race with Mars, thus escalating the conflict instead?

      1. dunno but the title of next 2 episodes ( cmiiw ):

        11 – The Decisive Battle of Novosibirsk – Wind, Snow and Stars
        Looks like a big battle between UE + Deucalion vs Saaz’s Colony

        12 – Even Though The Heavens Fall – Childhood’s End
        Yes yes, Our childhood moment is end, now Im not a person you used to know

        1. Childhood’s End is a reference to a science fiction book by Arthur C. Clarke about a peaceful alien invasion. Aldnoah Zero has already shown a few parallels with it, mostly in terms of Vers’ lack of culture.

          I won’t go into detail about the book, but the fact that the last episode of the cour is named after it leads me to believe I know what’s going to happen.

        1. Nope, the Eye color is different. it is not the Count’s Wife now as Inaho’s Sister just with memory loss

          And btw, how long was the first attack and now the 2nd? And how old is Inaho + his Sister?

          Logical beats speculation

          And if, she would be alive. This scraped Mecha had his Power core shutdown.If the Power Core is dead, the Pilot or Master of it, is dead too. That saw Slaine in the last scene when he saw the other count’s Mecha

        2. or you want to say, both was long birthed…

          Stop. both of them (the count and the countess) was on reckon mission on Earth. This was their first visit on Earth.. And i dont think, the count gave their “space castle” children away to some Earth Pair to grown them up.well, that could be a possibility, but then why not save his Children before he invade Earth? that not fit here, logical and emotional

          And take into account, the time from 1st attack to 2nd invasion. Yuki-nee, how old is she and Inaho? They need time to grown up

        3. Yuki & Inaho don’t have to be Saazbaum’s children. Being Orlane’s children alone would drive him into a frenzy.

          I’m looking at the translated timeline and it seems entirely possible Orlane had children that grew to teenagers in the time between Heaven’s fall and present.

          Possible, but whether probable is unknown.

        4. Just to clear up any logistics, according to their bios, Inaho is 15 and Yuki is 21. The event of Heaven’s Fall happened in 1999. Inaho would have been just born that year, the same as Asseylum, who is also 15. (Slaine is one year older, at 16)

          Yuki would have been 6 years old at the time of Orlane’s death, so there’s a no go there. You can speculate all you want with Inaho, but I doubt it.

      1. Dunno, but according to wiki

        “A high school student on Earth. Ever since the death of his parents, he has been living together with his older sister.”
        maybe 15,16,17

        Strange, if Marito did survive from that meteoric explosion, but Orlane didnt, must be something here, with the fact, they also ripped the Aldnoah drive from original Deucalion, means dat huge red mech didnt totally destroyed by the meteoric explosion.

        1. Perhaps Marito was in the Shadow of Mecha, and the Mecha shielded him of the Explosion shock wave. So in some case, the Mecha killed his Friends, but saved also his Life with his Dead Body. And Marito perhaps saved the Pilot… But then the Mecha of this may Arms explode, and left nothing of the Pilot

      2. plot twist : Orlane survived the moon fall, but was injured heavily, had amnesia and brain damage, after recovery her memories didn’t return so she stayed on earth thinking she was an earthling, got married and had children, which are Inaho and Yuki, died young because of brain damage complications, dun dun dun.

        1. Given the actual timeline, no rapid cell growth would be necessary. Yuki and Inaho may be brother sister, but also may not necessarily be full genetic brother sister or hidden adoptions may occur. All we know is for certain is that we’re told the parents died. That could mean anything except that the parents are known.

        2. Yuki was already 6 when Orlane was killed. It wouldn’t work with her. Inaho maybe? They could always go with the adopted angle. However, since he’s 15, Orlane would have had to have been 9 months pregnant when she was caught in the Heaven’s Fall explosion.

        3. @Irenesharda

          We don’t know when Inaho’s birthday is, if she got pregnant in January 1999 and he was born in September 1999 he would be 15 right now, so he fits to be her son. Yuki is too old for it though, so you’re right there.

    13. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2005.jpg
      Rayet “Feelin’ lucky punk?”
      Rayet “Nobody move or the Martian assassin gets it!”
      Darzana “It’s just your imagination. I’m not enjoying the suffering of my brother’s muderer. Heheh.”

        1. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2032.jpg
          “I am Asseylem Ver Allusia, I am the Princess Royal, granddaugter of a name so long I will not type it out. I address the Random C admins. I call for an immediate implementation of an edit feature.”

          “The posts are innocent. We can put an end to the errors in posts and useless correction replies. I beg you, put a stop to this tragedy…of errors.”

          “NO! Begin being more careful when posting from this point forward! Destination: the land of better typing and more observant posting!”

          Impel Down Hippo
    14. There’re 2 types of A/Z watchers, it also represents Martian and Terrans.

      Those who complain because Princess is Alive, for the sake of story Princess must be die
      Those who complain if Princess stay dead, story will hits dead end so Princess must be alive

      Later they will split us again,

      Those who will side with Slaine, because Inaho’s ideology is wrong
      Those who will side with Inaho, because Slaine is too emotional and he leads everything to misery

      But for now calm your titz ppl, obviously this is -Calm before da storm- episode.
      here a bonus

      1. i am more on, how has experience of watching so many Animes in my Lifetime, and love to speculation the Future episodes.

        Mostly my succeed rate is 70-80% (in Captain Earth is it above 90%. so my Mind spoiling me. Sadly)

    15. Setsu
    16. Is it true that Aldnoah Zero is going to have a season 2? Can someone verify. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Inaho x Seylum and Slaine and Rayet. Just like how Athrun and Cagali met, something like that.

    17. “We will Remain friends after this is all over, aren’t we?” …Did Inaho just got friendzoned?

      The Rayet resolution I felt made sense in that clearly she’s more useful alive than dead. But Inaho’s reasoning felt quite off, given that she’s clearly unstable and doesn’t seem to have any specific goal in mind besides just hating everyone. It doesn’t make sense to see her as an ally as much as someone to be used. Of course, all this assumes Inaho was speaking his mind when he prevented the suicide.

      1. >] “It doesn’t make sense to see her as an ally as much as someone to be used.”

        That would probably be why Inaho told Rayet: “At the very least, I don’t think we’re enemies.”

        In retrospect, it’s honestly hard to believe that Inaho ever thinks of anyone as a true comrade. Does he ever trust his back to someone? Does he ever recklessly throw his life into the proverbial fire for anyone? No, and that’s probably because he realizes that he’s far and above those around him who would otherwise just slow him down.

        Now, to be clear, I’m not trying to justify Inaho’s reconciliation with Rayet as the most believable thing in the world. It definitely wasn’t, but it is fairly easy to rationalize it when you see it through his treatment of everyone else around him.

        Ultimately, Rayet’s just a broken little girl with a big crutch on her shoulder and a desire for vengeance against the Martians. That’s the making of a first-class tool right there and I find it hard to believe Inaho doesn’t realize that.

        Ryan Ashfyre
        1. i could use the Shower scene Pictures, for some fake Yuri love action.


          No Captain you should not touch my Love Princess, stay back or i shot you..
          in Meanwhile Inaho kiss the Princess like sleeping beauty
          Rayet, i’m sorry. But i love Inaho
          Rayet try to shoot herself after this, and Inaho step ins and disarm her

          But with the other Pictures, i dont know yet. What i can use it for

        2. the pictures in the glowing reactor room, could be used as an secret wedding oath. Between Inaho and the Princess, where Eddelritto are the witness, then count Saazbaum racism about Earthlings, let him attack the Base directly to crush both of them, because Princess betray Mars

        3. like:
          I, Inaho, born on Earth swear that i will Love you until death turns us apart
          I, Princess, born of Royal Blood on Mars, swear that i will Love you until death turn us apart
          Edelritto: I dont like this Hime-sama
          Hear World, and Mars. I am now married with Inaho from Earth, So please all of you that was after me, hold your anger and make a ceasefire now
          What? Did i hear it right?
          What? Oni-san got this Princess hotie?
          Oh oh, did she not had a BF back on Mars?
          ha!, now their will be a Bloodbath on Earth!!.. i have my Vendetta!!
          Your Princess betrayed you, and married a Earthling Scum. Even if you are also a Earthling, but your under my command. Do you want seek revenge, Slaine-kun?
          This will be my final piece of our revenge!
          i will crush this Inaho guy, and return the Princess to her senses, bevore you destroy Earth. Like i care now
          Hear my, my beloved Crew. Lets go after this Mars betraying Slut, and crush her for the future of the Royal blood line, no Earthling should stain it

    18. I find that Deucalion being both the name of the Kataphrakt and the Earth-made battleship interesting. Seems to point to perhaps Orlane was not killed at Heaven’s Fall and there’s more to the story that what Saazbaum believes to be true.

      1. We knew that they were named the same when a couple of episode’s ago Saazbaum saw the remains of the mech for the first time and called it by that name. They just took the name of the kataphrackt they took the drive from and gave it to the ship. It’s not that strange.

    19. Did we actually see Inaho smile in this episode (when Asseylum regained consciousness)? I can’t remember seeing this in any other episode. OMG Inaho may be getting a personality!
      Can Slaine even pilot the Tharsis? I thought the Knights can pilot their Kats because they were given Aldnoah by the Emperor or something. Heck it is stated the Tharsis is inactive – IMO the only way Slaine or anyone could pilot it would be if Asseylum give it to them.

      1. perhaps Count Saazbaum, reactivate the core. And so this Mecha power core is binded with this Count. I wonder if after the final fight. This Mecha is still Operational. Sure the Princess can reactivate the Core again, and all of the other Knights Mecha + Space Castle Power sources

        1. Actually, he didn’t, since Slaine mentions that Tharsis was shut down. And Saazbaum never activates it. He simply shoots off Slaine’s handcuffs, tells him to either fight with him or escape with the Earthlings and die with them, and then leaves and commands the ship to land.

          Slaine can’t activate Aldnoah, and if for some secret reason he can, he doesn’t KNOW that he can. So, basically the Tharsis is useless to him. He’s probably going to go out on a sky carrier knowing him.

    20. Glad to see that even in high-budget anime that researches actual physics and its applications in sci-fi combat, script writers STILL don’t know how actual CPR works. Or maybe they don’t care and just went for the Rule of Drama. Particularly hilarious is Inaho applying a defibrillator on a flatline patient.

      But yes, the princess is fine which is no surprise and she forgives Rayet, which is also not a surprise. What I didn’t expect though was Rayet pretty much spilling all the beans right then and there. I thought she would remain hidden until Inaho figured it out. Still I think its good development, Rayet isn’t hiding anymore which gives her the opportunity to move on and develop beyond her need for vengeance.

      I’m not really surprised that Inaho saved Rayet. Despite what Rayet has done, Inaho has known her personally and she has been instrumental in several victories. Logically, shes is a far better asset alive.

      1. I didn’t mind him using the defi on her.

        I had retraining about two monthes ago and we pretty much learned: when in doubt, just use the defibrilator, it can detect itself if the heart is in VF and will act accordingly.
        While it might not help, it won’t harm either.

        Also kudos to the writer for letting Inaho start with the cardiac massage and not go directly for the lips like pretty much everyone else in anime is doing.

    21. Lately we’ve been getting our fill of PTSD, but this week just reached the treshold line for me and SAO is not helping in this matter lol. Maybe ALDNOAH can be a better show if they just let Humeray go in peace already and use the remaining screentime exploring other characters like Inko and Calm.

      On the other hand, I’m glad that Saazbum has a depth on his character but find it ironic. He despise the royalty because of their incompetence to govern and the way they hide it by using terrans as the scapegoat. But isn’t it ironic for him to instigate a second war against terrans? He’s just being the same warmongrel together with the martian royals. Too bad the princess isn’t exempted from his target list despite her views.

      If he wanted to change the martian society, I think he’s better off lettig the princess fullfill her desire to have peace with the terrans. But he just totally wreck this opportunity. So I think he really just wants revenge.Maybe he’d start by killing all the emperor’s loved ones and descendants letting the emperor feel the same agony he experienced from losing his fiance, and then kill the emperor in the end taking the throne all by himself. We’ll he’s a villain in the first place so I don’t really mind.

      Lastly, I think Inaho is ticking time bomb. I bet that in the in the future he’ll do something radical and justifying it with a poker face saying “This is war”.

      1. About exploration of other characters, I have this eerie feeling from Calm and Inko. It’s just that there isn’t any kind of indication about their family and they don’t act worried nor even talk about them.

        Maybe they are orphan trained to be soldiers?

    22. CPR – clean Pretty Reliable (as opposed to reality of course)
      The circle has turned completely, princess who once saved Earthling by CPR now isaved the same way by another…
      It is extremely fitting that fates of so many persons, living and ead are intertwined with the aldnoah drive of the Deucalion – it served first Salzbaum’s lover who was the one who effectively killed Humeray (the lieutnant Marito’s coup de grace was exactly what it is named), and now on both sides people driven by tragic past will have a role to play in the incoming battle…
      I am most impressed by Salzbaum, who provides much more entertainment and story than oversweetened Asseylum, robotic Inaho or Rayet who only gives voice to her grievances AFTER trying to kill soemone.
      Now give me that epic battle!!! Hoth, anyone?

    23. My thanks to the writers for using this episode to (finally) get me to move this series from my “watch” bucket to my “read ep summary at RC” one.

      I hate dead-for-a-week-in-the-name-of-cliffhanger-trolling writing.
      I hate all’s-forgiven-if-you-spew-enough-emotional-crap writing.
      I hate help-me-out–I-shoot-you–kill-my-friend–I-trust-you writing. (With this brilliant reasonong, Inaho would be expected to hand the gun back to Rayet even if the princess had died.)

      I’m not even going to dignify the sheer idiocy of something blowing up the Moon and the pieces raining down on Earth moments later. Mass like that at such a high speed would annihilate all life on Earth, without question. But even Marito survived…………….

      1. so what do you want to happen in the story then, please explain

        also about the moon part, its not the whole moon that got blown off, its only like 10% of it that got
        blown off, thats not enough to eliminate life on earth

        1. also about the moon part, its not the whole moon that got blown off, its only like 10% of it that got blown off, thats not enough to eliminate life on earth

          Congratulations, you’re a genius! Now, how about factoring in the fact that it’s depicted to travel at the speed required to cover the distance to Earth in mere moments?

      2. Dude, even the most dense person can tell Rayet isn’t going to shoot anybody after that emotional outburst, she’s broken inside. Giving her the gun back is to just the final step in convincing her to step down.

        Everybody realized that Rayet’s just a victim, even if she attempted murder, however when the victim (princess) forgives her still, nobody else needed to give Rayet a hard time. The girl even tried to kill herself! That’s as emotionally destroyed as it gets.

        They didn’t let her go free, they did put her in custody, because she’s unstable. Inaho is mature beyond his years. He wants Rayet on their side because her heart is GOOD (and a damn good pilot too).

        But other than that, I agree everything else’s cringe worthy.

        1. Dude, how about I effectively kill a friend of yours, you barely manage to save her, and after that I make a tearful speech and seem all broken up about it (having just pointed the gun at you and your other friends). Are you sure you’re going to hand me my gun back (even if you think my emotions are genuine), or are you just making excuses here?

        1. “Watch right”? Have the same opinion as you, you mean? Sorry, no can do. And it hardly makes me a “hater” if I’ve finally had enough of this kind of poor writing in a potentially quite promising show. Not everyone is watching this just to ship characters, you know.

      3. OMG IM CRYING NOW ;_; you are gonna leave us, ;_;
        wait wait, you were seeking attention for it, right ?!!
        like : “Hi guys attention plzzz, imma gonna to drop this, please hear me kay”,
        in case of that, i could help you tell people here, you are going to leave the show, how’s it ? good deal right ^^

        1. Never asked you to cry or anything. I just said how I felt about the writing because it annoyed me after I had more hope for the series after last episode. I really don’t understand why this is such a hair trigger issue for you guys that I said something critical. I only said I would stop watching because that’s the result of this episode for me, not to put anyone else down or “get attention” by it. If anything, I’m surprised by how much attention the line got.

        1. I know it mate, i just kinda tired about this kind of ppl ,

          “this is shit, gonna drop this”
          *still watching until xx episodes*

          “meh, bad, i hate this, i should drop this, annoying, BS”
          *keep doing blogpost about it on the next week*

          “this show dont deserve to be top one, overrated, cliche”
          *blogpost 1 season of show just for ranting and complain*

          applied for everything, not just anime-stuff, funny right lol 😀

        2. In what way is what I wrote trolling? You guys are overreacting in a really weird way. All I said was that this kind of writing pisses me off and I’ll rather just read the reviews from now on. Why are you guys taking this as some kind of a personal attack on you? I have no problem if someone else likes the show and continues to watch it. That doesn’t mean I have to excuse what I feel is crappy writing. If you feel it’s not, give a rebuttal, don’t just call me a troll out of the blue.

        1. The only one trolling here is you. Unless you can’t read, I said that instead of watching I was going to be reading the episode summaries here from now on so obviously I’m still going to be here at least a few more times.

      4. You need to put your obvious talents to use and be a script writer and come up with the most brilliant story in history because your posts only *hint* at your genius, and I’m breathless with anticipation seeing what you will come up with

    24. And this is yet another problem with your line of reasoning. Why… just why are you even assuming it was Inaho who decided not to get Slaine after shooting him down? Isn’t it obvious that not risking any more martian reinforcements and leaving the area ASAP is the call of the commander?!

      It’s funny really… it seems that Inaho is the catch all when you need someone to blame in Aldnoah…

        1. uhhh… well that comment was actually a reply for another comment. It doesn’t help that we cannot delete our comments here in the case of mistakes like these… it also doesn’t help that reply to comment system in here is not very user friendly x_X

        2. @Nadesiko, Enzo rarely likes a show in its entirety. You can browse back to his old posts and see for yourself. I’ve given up on trying to deduce why he keeps insisting that anime is supposed to be logical and no-nonsensical. He doesn’t like his sci-fi soft.. he doesn’t like hard-science fiction either. He likes it impregnable, “credible” and devoid of fun (like real life.)

          tldr; A) He doesn’t like much of anything B)He’s stuck blogging anime for some reason C) He just loves to complain about everything D) All of the above.

          Helvetica Standard
    25. Well i predicted the Princess would forgive Rayet even though Rayet has yet to apologize for nearly killing her. I find it odd how no one is pointing out how Rayet’s father was in the wrong for trying to assassinate the princess in the first place. Pretending like what he was doing was a “good deed” or something. To be honest the guys deserved to get wiped out for doing the mission. I know these guys want revenge on the royal family or whatever but go after the people ACTUALLY involved with it not innocent kids. But well you……….anime logic forgiveness never fails :P.

      I find it funny how Inko brought up leaving it to the professionals. Yeeeeeeeeeah sorry but this is anime girl. Ain’t no way you high school kids are getting out of the rest of this series without fighting. It’s like………….fate or something.

      So Saazbaum just let’s Slaine go so he can most likely get into super powerful mech that will no doubt lead to his defeat via Slaine x Inaho team up. Honorable or stupid villain? I simply do not know…..

      1. I think you’re getting Rayet’s father’s motive confused w/ Saazbaum’s. Rayet’s father acted as a terrorist, because he was promised he’d be given a rank as a reward (which would mean an improved lifestyle for his family I assume considering the Vers society is feudal). That’s why I can sort of understand Rayet’s anger…her family lived a life as Vers commoners while undertaking the dangerous role of espionage for the knights only to be discarded the moment they finished their task.

        Of course she’s going to have a warped mindset against the princess, who is royalty (at the top of the feudal system) and despite being the trigger of the current chaos, is accepted by the Terrans without any punishment. Albeit her anger is kind of misdirected, you have to consider the fact that although Rayet and the Princess are kind of in a similar situation (Martians who are stranded among Terrans), they come from very different places..Rayet lost her father and is now branded as either traitor or someone to be hunt down by the rest of Versian society if she were found out. She was also under a lot of stress at the same time keeping her identity hidden from Terrans. That’s why seeing the Princess being so open-minded and openly accepted, with no trace of internal struggle of emotions probably pushed Rayet over the edge.

        Anyways, sasuga Aldnoah Zero…the comment section is really as interesting as the show itself lol.

        I also don’t get why Saazbaum would present a mech for Slaine…it’s just not really smart. I would’ve just given the kid an aircraft for him to jet off wherever he wants lol.

        1. I still don’t get that reasoning. Rayet is old enough to know what her father was doing was wrong. If my dad said he was killing people just to improve our live style I’d leave him right then and there. I’d still love him as a child should with their parents but nevertheless I don’t see her motives being reasonable to me. The princess is the victim here. Everyone has been trying to kill her when all she wanted was peace for her planet and earth. Why does she need to apologize for ANYTHING? Rayet being selfish wanting her to be as miserable as her just makes her look like a pathetic self serving prick. I can understand her resenting the princess but going as far to try to kill her while blaming how her horrible life was the princess’s fault is a major strike against her in my book. Someone really should have called her out the stupidity.

        2. She’s got no family, she’s got no friends, she’s got no education in school, besides some serious terrorist training, she’s got no place to live, no spot where she could be comfortable, after all, she’s got no goal or purpose of her life.
          And Inaho basically said to her, that she could still live if she wants to fight with them.

        3. Bullshit. The Terrans have treated her kindly this entire time. Even if she revealed she was a Martian it wouldn’t change a thing. These people simply don’t care. The princess is an example of this. She had no where to turn? Stop making crap up.

          You haven’t explained anything to me. All of you’ve done is lay out some crappy reasoning that can not properly excuse her attempting to kill the princess for no other reason than jealousy. Her father was hired to be a terrorist. She’s not 12 years old or something. She should realize what they were doing was wrong as I’ve stated. If they wanted Rayet to be sympathetic they should have shown some backstory on what exactly drove them to do something so despicable. Until then I have no reason to feel sorry for her. I can understand her pain and suffering. But not the lashing out attempts to kill people because of it. I simply refuse to buy into this shobby attempt at character development when they couldn’t even be bothered to go the full mile with it.

        4. It would help if the writers ACTUALLY SHOWED her point of view other than “My dad died trying to kill this innocent person. Boohoo I’m going to kill her now”. You seem to ignore the fact that I don’t think this development is bad just horribly executed. The last episode did not build up going to the lengths of murder. Just throwing it in for cheap emotional drama is not only sloppy but makes me feel nothing for Rayet’s bad motivations.

        5. And that’s it. Since I also have little sympathy for her.

          Even though her reason might good enough to kill someone. She didn’t try to understand others (and the situation they are in) and let her haywire emotion control her.

    26. Next episode: Assault on Jaburo… Errr. No. Novatalsk, sorry.
      On that picture, with the obscured face, the Tharsis really looks like a Gundam, by the way (must be the V-fins).

      As for Rayet, let’s just say she is not in a good place right now. People are unstable for considerably less. She does flip flop between extremes pretty quickly, though… Murderous, suidical, uncaring, all in the time of an episode…

    27. I’m just hoping the main three end up meeting with each other. Maybe Slaine will just strap the tharsis to a jet and team up with Inaho in the tharsis with the princess providing the power. I wonder if the russian dudes plan on using the princess cause they looked kinda evil to me.

    28. You never know when paying attention in class will help you at some point, and I think it goes double for when you’re learning something such as CPR.

      Zephye, it’s like a triple edge sword. You either:
      1.) Kiss a guy and save his life and end up tainted for life.
      2.) Kiss a girl and save her life and end up scoring a point.

    29. i feel Asseylum gave Inaho Aldnoah without her realizing it.

      That is based on how she saved Slaine before. By breathing into him. So i am sure it also works the other way around. Inaho’s actions caused him to become able to use Aldnoah.

      That is likely going to be the climax of the story. Too many Orbital Knights, even his gary stu-ness cant save him. So there comes Deus ex Machina. Aldnoah activates. Inaho saves the world. and just as he finishes of Sauzbaum, Slaine arrives. Is he an enemy? Is he an ally? or maybe a rival for season 2.

    30. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2034.jpg “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

      I seriously hope the next cour/season is from Slaine’s perspective. Inaho just pulled some contradictory bullshit (a little bit of sexism too?)this episode with Rayet and lost so many brownie points that they’re nothing but dough now. The sexism bit might be a little stretch, but would Inaho have done the same thing if Slaine was a girl? We shall never know….

      Let’s go, it’s Slaine time baby! I’m ready for the twists!

      1. “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

        THAT just reminded me of something.

        Cruhteo died (mistaken by Slaine) as a villain, a very bad way to go imo.

        And back to the sexism bit. I seriously doubt that, since Rayet had plenty of chances to assassinate the princess AND make it look like an accident. And then Slaine never had a chance to be observed for a long duration by Inaho, and his behavior at the time wasn’t helping (with the opening fire of the howitzers), Inaho only reacted in kind.

        Third point, Inaho might be more into pure analyzing of the situations that he ended up in, which includes what he can and cannot do with what he has with him.

        So, in a sense, Inaho would have done the same thing either gender.

    31. Forgive and forget, Helping the enemy, revenge for his wife, Too many human mix emotional gives me confuse.

      I expecting this two protagonist will fight each other and become allies in the last episode.

    32. I really like this double review going on. With Enzo the glass seems half-empty all the time (or rather someone drank it empty in front of you while you’re dehydrated and then smashed the glass into your face), while Zephyr looks at it with the glass half-full.

      1. About that dock in UE’s HQ,someone point out interesting theory for me.

        He said that maybe this is one of the former USSR nuclear shelter or something similar.These docks might be used during cold war as rocket-launching base or warhead storage. After UE was established, they modified these docks into underground airport for landing multiple large aircrafts.

        This kind of dock can be seen in G.I.Joe(movie ver.)as well.

        1. If this was an old Rocket Silo, then the Rocket it hold, was about to reach the Moon or Mars 🙂

          Compare the it with this Ship and the Rockets in our past. This is more an Metro 3.0 Bunker alike. Where many Peoples can life underground. And this is build on purpose, not old relics.

      2. When the ship landed the guys in the control room of the dock talked as if they known the existence of the ship for some time already.

        At least that old guy knows of the ship and its Aldnoah Drive.
        He heard it from somewhere.
        How many more people would have heard of it?

    33. One element of the show which I’m really enjoying, which has been touched on but not explicitly discussed is the humanist dualism they writers are making between Slaine and Inaho. Despite their upbringing they exist in contrary personalities their environment would tend to produce. On one hand you have Slaine, growing up in as a second class citizen and in a feudalistic and militaristic society he would be presumably quite robotic in personality but instead, you see over the course of the show the great humanity he expresses, his irrationality of finding the Princess and his perseverance despite so cruelly tortured.

      On the opposite side, you have Inaho, while arguably still tainted by the effects of war is distant, robotic, calculative and rather emotionless. This theme reminds me of a similar theme (although they are exploring difference discourses within their own universes) explored in Blade Runner between Roy and Deckard.

    34. Looks like I’m late again 😛

      Cruhteo still in the OP.
      Ok maybe its just an OP looking too much into stuff.

      We start with a rapid technical chant of excuses clique 😛

      Inaho values life while other students take CPR as a joke.
      Perhaps its due to seeing his parents die upfront or something?

      Seylum-hime is back!!
      Could Cruhteo still have a chance?
      Maybe in the second cour? lol, Orange.

      Ok, so Rayet’s martian distrust is caused by recent events not some since wayback stuff.

      Inaho trusts martian Rayet.
      If only Slaine had time to talk face to face with Inaho the last time.

      Ok, so the red mecha is named Deucalion too.
      How will Saazbaum react when he sees Deucalion the ship?
      How did the ship end up having the name?

      The ‘crazed’ emperors with their ‘lies’.
      This episode Saazbaum details the 2nd emperor reign in his POV.
      Saazbaum woke up from the lies after his wife died?
      Slaine’s second Vers history lesson from Saazbaum-sensei, complete with video footage.

      Saazbaum feels the need to share his cause with someone else.
      So alone. Slaine came at the right time.
      Or is it all part of Saazbaum’s plan? If there is a plan.

      EA HQ exists.
      Ok so the ship is quite well-known for a long time.

      Sleiphir Boxer?

      Looks like Saazbaum is truely honest.
      And it looks like he is not alone at all.
      Cruhteo confirmed dead?

      What will be Slaine’s decision?

      If the first cour is 13 episodes then its 3 more.

    35. I think letting Rayet live was the right choice. She is kind of the last remaining witness to the plot against Asseyleum showing that it was the Martians who were behind it and not the Terrans. I don’t think she’ll try anything like that again

    36. I dont think, we should know what really happen with the Lunar Gate. I think, if they really want to tell this Story, then with some kind of Offspring. Also the “Rise to Power” Story of the Vers people. I think, what they gave us so far, is enough to get a gist of their Toughs and behavior. Our Aldnoah.Zero is focus on the Now and here, and on the Action. If this Show hit like a Bomb (Well, it already hit hard!), then we can think of Time jumps in both directions. Let it be the Past or the Future. But, remember. It is the Action that feeds our Anime Hunger and curiosity. Not the “When i was little..” MC backlog times

      Or you could put these “open plots” as some Merchandising Books or Bonus DVD/Blu-rays. You know the drill, dont you?

      1. Past:

        Slaine’s Daddy, somehow saved this Cunning Count Saazbaum, after the Moon fall. So we have a indirect approving, that Slaine’s dad still live long, so that Saazbaum could be saved. So when he died, and who? an Conspiracy to get a New Emperor?, like reset the Control DNA, when the old and present Emperor Bloodline get destroyed? Perhaps they hoped that Slaine’s dad, can somehow manipulate this election to their favor? The Power rising of the Count’s with their Mechas.. But is it really worth to show us this Rising in Power? in some case a Nazi Mars Colony?

        Well, “and all lived happy along together in their Inky pinky Purple World in peace!…” Here is the Future to blank for me, to risk a prediction

        Take in count, that i dont know anything if there is a Manga or other Pictures Novels out there. I am backing this here up from past experience (starting from Future Boy Conan), and many “balls” inside my Crystal ball

        I must admit, that my Crystal ball begin to have a thicker fog with my Age. But i hope to be of some Lighthouse

    37. Ep 11:

      Before i start first this:

      *clap clap clap* You did well, you got me pumped with curiosity. That had no Anime made a long time ago on this Level for me

      okay back to the Episode Appetizer:

      Now we know, for what this Big Knife nose thing is for…

      p.s. Ep 11 get me really all fired up. I thought i forgotten this kind of emotions long ago.

    38. Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly.
      I’m not sure why but I think its a linking
      issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same results.

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