「おけがまくっちした / 大怪我しそうになった」 (Ookega Makucchi Shita / Ookega Shisou ni Natta)
“Almost Got Badly Hurt”

After its one week hiatus, Barakamon returns this week with an emotionally charged episode. Like it or not, change is coming.


It’s been said that inspiration comes to us when we least expect it but in my opinion there are definitely things you can take into consideration if you’re trying to have frequent, serendipitous moments of brilliance. In Handa’s case, he has so many different ways to spur his creative genius it’s almost ridiculous. From playing around with the amazingly genki Naru to stepping out of his shell and joining the other villagers in their crazy events, even without the guarantee that anything will come from it; it makes sense surrounding yourself with certain things increases the chances of something good happening RIGHT!? Which is why it drives me crazy to see Handa still completely miss just what it is that helps him create masterful works of calligraphy. Sure he’ll partially realize that losing himself in the moment helps him discover something new about himself but I’m still waiting for the moment when he has that huge realization.

The Village Kids

Something I wanted to touch on was just how cool all the younger village kids besides Naru and Hina are. Instead of being relegated into background fodder I’ve constantly been impressed by how unique they all are. And even though they aren’t anything crazy special to the point where I can remember their names without thinking, they do a great job at making their existence known. (You know, it makes me feel pretty bad that I can’t remember the two kids who hang out with Kentarou all the time.)

That and I love how they manage to bring out the kid in all the older characters. Because if there’s anything better than seeing snotty brats get what they deserve, it’s when smug “adults” do whatever they want under the guise of being older.

Change Can’t be Stopped and Looking Ahead

After seeing this look of regret flash across Handa’s face, I knew something was up. After having my fears confirmed by the omake at the end of the episode, it seems that next week’s episode is going to be a lot more somber. While it remains to be seen why Handa suddenly needs to return home, the way he phrased his words didn’t sound like he was leaving forever. But honestly, who knows? It wouldn’t be a bad time for the show to toss a curve ball at us!

‘Till Next Week!


  1. I want a Naru. She’s just uber-adorable. And pairs so well with Hina, who clearly cares a lot for her much more energetic friend.

    I keep thinking Sensei is older than he really is. He’s at the age where he should enjoy his youth and bachelorhood. I always get tired by how much emphasis Asian cultures put emphasis on latching onto a woman to produce an offspring.

    Petit Orenji
  2. I think I agree with pretty much what you’re saying about the kids, since they’re always appearing in Seishuu’s life: messing around, causing him accidental injuries, and making him experience new parts of the rustic life they have; he doesn’t realize yet how their unexpected moments with them lead him to think up new styles of calligraphy and become more complete as a person.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Forgot to say that I did not know calligraphy could be written like that. Where the figure-ground relationship is reversed. Must require lots of skill to do. I think this is my favorite of his works thus far (that we can see, of course). Don’t know how good it is in the real professional world though.

    Petit Orenji
  4. I don’t think those two other kids were named, actually. But yeah, they’re pretty cool too, even if they’re just there to pad out the number of kids. XD

    But anyway

    This episode was probably the most perfect episode of Barakamon yet:

    Termites in the face! – my whole body cringed in fear

    Naked Sensei! – But what the hell was that white.. something that’s being used as a censor? A ball? Why would there be a ball there?

    Sensei and Hiro bickering! – I wouldn’t say they’re like a couple but they’re totally like a couple; also, it’s interesting that Sensei was blushing when Hiro saw him naked(and not even fully naked), but not when Miwa and Tama did. Maybe because the latter’s in middle school, but still.. interesting. (And I am not some vulgar fujoshi; my interests in anime is purely literary)

    Hina Headbanger! – The future of the gif/webm this scene gave us is bright

    Naru getting picked on! – …I have to admit that did look fun…

    Sensei and Hiro being immature! – That’s probably the first time I’ve seen actual shit in an anime that doesn’t look like whipped cream

    Akki! – I liked that it looks like everybody likes Akki

    Tarzan! – While dangerous, it does look really fun too…

    Mugwort! – short but funny

    Titans! – It would be hilarious and totally depressing if Barakamon crosses over with SnK

    Latest Calligraphy Piece! – That was fucking beautfil ;-;

    As for the going home thing, maybe it was because of the Naruka Exhibit thing. It seemed like a big event compared to the other one where Sei got second place.

  5. Ah the emotional slope we all knew was coming is finally here! I wonder how they’re going to deal with this? Will Handa decide that it’s time to return to the city? Will a bitter sweet ending with Handa saying that this will not be goodbye? Or will he go away and realize that the village is where he truly belongs? Though all of these scenarios have happened in the past, I personally think something less expected will happen towards the end.

    1. Rough translation:
      Handa pours all his effort into his work “Star” with the intention of submitting it for the exhibition. Despite finishing his most satisfactory piece since coming to the island Handa is cheerful yet wracked with doubt over it. Seeing his hesitation and not completely understanding it, Naru invites Handa to the island’s summer festival. Naru and Hina are rapt with catching goldfish, yakisoba and the rhythm of the taiko. However pleasant it is to watch the kids having fun, “that memory” surfaces. Watching the massive fireworks Handa is resolved to keep quiet.


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