「花火(再び)」 (Hanabi (Futatabi))
“Fireworks (Again)”

I had a witty one-liner about flashbacks all ready to go until the second half of the episode took that idea and tossed it straight into the trash.

Divergent Timelines?

I really wish I had some kind of idea about what the writers at P.A. Works are trying to do, but I really don’t. We’ve dabbled in romance, a little bit of sci-fi, and now it seems we’re about to tackle the fickle problems alternate dimensions tend to bring with them.

At first, I was really excited when the episode started. I thought maybe, just maybe all the crazy things we’ve seen up to this point may have been some kind of illusion that Touko was having and her arrival by train was the actual “starting” point of the series. Something along the lines of maybe it was a case of everything we know being backwards and she was the one who had the sudden unexpected bouts of disappearance and Kakeru was some kind of “fragment” that was a reflection of the feelings and thoughts she harbored inside of her. But see, that’s the beautiful thing — what happened during the first half of the episode could be interpreted in thousands of ways. Something that I thought would have been really unique and freaking cool.

That is, until we hit the fireworks and really discovered what was going on. While it nearly isn’t as fluffy as my guess, Touko being able to experience firsthand something that completely differs from reality was quite the spectacle. Somehow being able to create her own dimension full of her own positive and negative ideas wasn’t what I expected but nonetheless enjoyed watching as she slowly figured out just what the hell what was going on. While we still don’t have a concrete idea of what it all means, I’m hoping an explanation is coming soon.

Takaii’s Attempt at Analysis

Seeing how the world we saw this week was actually the one that Touko was seeing whenever something triggered her powers, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to believe it might be a literal personification of the fears she has about growing up and apart from everyone around her. In a world where she’s the outsider and has no place of her own, it’s not hard to see just how lonely it would be to lose everything she’s built up with Yuki, Yanagi, Sacchan, and Hiro. And seeing how everything seems to be moving in that direction, maybe its a self-defense mechanism to prepare herself?


After a batch of episodes that genuinely got me a little annoyed with the show, the past two episodes have done a great job of re-piquing my interests to the point where I’m dying to find out how everything adds up. The fragments of the future, Kakeru and his clones, and everyone’s attempt at finding love — I need to know what happens! While I doubt a single episode will be enough to sufficiently answer all these questions, I’m sure P.A. Works has something devised to at least give us a sense of closure. I hope you’re all ready for next week and whatever it brings — because I know I’m not. See you next week!




    1. Insert random Confused Jackie Chan meme here.

      I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for it all… we just need to take the same drugs the writers have been taking.

      I’m gonna reserve judgment until next week. Maybe we’ll get something along the lines of a coherent explanation, maybe not. I’m hoping we do, really. I want some kind of closure with this series.

      Now I’m gonna watch Locodol to clear my brain out with some good slice of life fluff.

  1. I really don’t like “It was all a dream” episodes.
    They appear leaving the viewer in a “What the hell?!?!” state… and end with a “So it was all in her head? Lame.”
    It works ok when its a portion of an episode. But waiting a week to see an episode like this… is like reading bleach manga -.-
    And it just gives me horrible flashbacks to Endless 8… And that caused me to sell all my Suzumiya DVDs.

    1. Yeah, such episodes only really work if…

      A.) It’s completely filler, so it doesn’t really matter in the long-run. (Though, that also only really works in longer series’ that can afford to waste an episode slot or two, not the usual 10-13 episode series’ we’ve been getting for several years now that need every slot it can get, especially if the source material has a lot to it.)


      B.) There’s an actual point to it all. Like is it something that will allow the plot and/or character, or other characters, to actually develop in a meaningful way because of it?

      Here, I have to say no, there is no real point to it…If there is one, then I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering what the heck that point is and what sort of “development” can come of this.

      I felt the same way with Captain Earth a couple episodes ago with the whole dream sequence thing Daichi had. I probably should’ve dropped it 10+ episodes ago at the halfway point like I did Mahouka, but I just had some sliver of hope that something would come out of it…but I still don’t know a whole lot about a whole lot of things…

  2. Episode starts. Hmm, this is weird. I guess this ‘transfer student Touko’ bit will go on for quite a while until we find out what the point is, so… shall I play Shovel Knight in the meantime? NO, CONCENTRATE! This is supposed to be enjoyable…. the shovel can wait. I guess we have to go through and see what each pair is like in this alternate universe. And sometime after that find out the point of this. Hmm, phantom people, more pointless stuff coming out of left field. Hey back to reality, Shovel… wait, at least wait for the credits. WOOHOO! SHOVELLING TIME!

    It would have been more rewarding if I concentrated on playing Shovel Knight and let Glasslip play in the background.

  3. Dafaq did I just watched?!

    While I know this is all an alternate reality seen by Touko, as evidenced by the scene returning to the piano recital at David’s house, but really, what’s the point in having this so late in the show?

  4. This anime is unreal. I don’t recall seeing anything like it! Just when I thought I figured it all out, the show keeps making me humble again.

    Some of the animation in this episode sucks but I give 10 points for originality.

  5. I don’t understand this anime now? If anyone can give me an answer I will appreciate it because I’m just… ahhh O__o
    I wonder how they will link all of this to having multiple Kakerus and him falling off in Touko’s vision etc.

  6. For all the hate thrown on this show, I actually kind of like it. It’s gorgeous, and while the plot may seem a little off, regardless, I like it a lot, even if it is a little confusing.

  7. It’s like those particular EVANGELION or Rahxephon eps that we haven’t seen in a while. Still, pretty piano music is pretty. Definitely an episode to do your mindless homework to.

    I like the David much better in this one.

    Petit Orenji
  8. Doesn’t Touko’s experience and feelings of loneliness reflect what Kakeru’s “a sudden expected loneliness” is like?
    If only the earlier episodes weren’t so all over the place, this episode would serve to illustrate how Kakeru became so aloof and alienated from everyone.

  9. OK. So this episode happened to answer some questions…slightly. Which leaves me with more questions ironically.

    We are starting to get a better picture of just what these damn “fragments” are. I am starting to see that some of my speculation of what the fragments were may actually be somewhat correct. However, the “fragments” are probably more of a sensual connection to one’s “place”. This episode clears that up by having Touko really connect with Kakeru to the point that she is able to experience his “unexpected loneliness”. It starts to make sense why Touko can see these things and why Kakeru stopped hearing them.

    Let’s take Touko’s crow vision at the beach with Yanagi. The viewer already know there’s some tension building up between Touko and Yanagi because:
    a) Yuki has feelings for Touko
    b) Kakeru made Yuki lose his confidence and Touok likes Kakeru
    Once Yanagi makes her snide comment about Touko and Kakeru looking “cute together” during a sparkly moment, Touko gets a more vivid view of her “place” (see: group of friends and town she lives in)
    with Yanagi which shows a hint of negativity.

    Looking back at the vision of Sachi in the hospital again, we can see that Touko connects with Sachi’s loneliness in the hospital. Sachi hadn’t said anything about going back for tests until Touko saw that vision.

    The visions with Kakeru are a bit easier to explain now too. The first vision of him falling makes a bit more sense now that we’ve seen his “unexpected loneliness”. Touko literally sees him falling away from any chance of being connected to their group of friends and being a loner. In that specific case he is probably pulling himself away from Touko with makes her feel like she is losing him, instilling a fearful vision. The art room vision on the other hand is a bit more connected to Touko herself. That scene seems to be more of a representation of what her “place” is now. Is she willing to alienate herself from her friends by having these feelings for Kakeru? The darkness of his figure now seems like uncertainty; the vision of kissing now shrouded in Touko’s indecision of her feelings about how her “place” may be changing. Then we see this episode’s “unexpected lonliness” where Touko is able to understand why Kakeru acts the way he does now that she is able to accept him as a part of her life (that kiss may have been a good kick in the caboose).

    Now as for why Kakeru is now unable to hear the “fragments” anymore is quite simply stated somewhat in previous episodes. He seems to have found his “place” by realizing his feelings for Touko, thus he doesn’t need them anymore. Of course we as viewers are frustratingly never given a clear insight into his feelings for Touko, but they’ve been throwing these fragmented (har har) hints that he actually does have feelings for her. He’s probably just too scared of another bout of “unexpected loneliness” that he’s afraid to admit to himself that he doesn’t need to hear them anymore. The fact that he hasn’t been able to hear them anymore makes it pretty obvious that his desire for a “place” to belong to has already been materialized whether he chooses to accept it or not.

    TL;DR I am going crazy and over analyzing everything because this show makes me think I understand it when in fact, it probably doesn’t make any sense on purpose because the writers are just on crack. Jk…but not really.

  10. I am confused.

    I always thought Touko was the center of the group, so seeing her on the outside was wierd. Even if it’s just her take on how Kakeru feels, it still feels kinda strange. There has always been a lot of symbolism in this series, but trying to make sense of the ones in this episode has really confused me a lot more.

    On a side note, isn’t it dangerous running down that pavement using high heels? I’ve probably done something similar in the past, but I never realized salt was that effective.

    ps. still wondering why Touko’s hair is short in the opening.

  11. So…which is which?…Is reality the scene at the end where they are sitting and listening to Kakeru’s mum play the piano OR is reality where the friends are watching the fireworks separately because they had their own plans?


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