OP Sequence

OP: 「Blazing」 by GARNiDELiA

「謎のモビルスーツ」 & 「G-セルフ・起動!」 (Nazo no Mobiru Suutsu & G-Serufu Kidou!)
“The Mysterious Mobile Suit” & “G-Self, Start!”

It seems silly to only introduce one episode since two premiered, so have a double dose!

Before I begin, I’d like to point out that I am a complete noob to the prolific Gundam-verse. Normally Zephyr-senpai takes these kinds of mecha shows (though I assure you I fight for them tooth and nail in the knife fights) but he’s on hiatus so the role falls to me. However, I have no idea where Reconguista stands in the chronology nor do I have any outside knowledge besides. So if you’re new to the series like me, don’t be afraid, come on in! If you’re an avid fan, bear with me, I’m just giving my standalone impressions here.

I won’t lie; the initial draw to G no Reconguista for me lay in the character designs. It’s hardly a secret I have an obsession with Eureka Seven, and when Kenichi Yoshida, the character designer for that series, shows up, you know I’ll be there. By the end of the first episode, however, I fell in love with more than just the designs.

The story centers around a young cadet in the Capital Guard, Bellri Zenam (Ishii, Mark), who is about to embark on his first practical exercise to pilot a mecha. Just as the exercise is about to begin, the Capital Tower (a huge elevator connecting Earth to Space) is attacked by a gang of space pirates, and the elevator’s passengers are held hostage by a female pirate piloting a Mobile Suit. Bellri impulsively decides to confront her and helps to capture her; in the aftermath, he discovers her name, Aida Rayhunton (Shimamura Yuu), and becomes interested in her. Despite her protests that her Mobile Suit, the G-Self, only recognizes her as its pilot, Bellri has no problem entering and starting it, thus commandeering it for the Capital Guard. The second episode continues this plot line beginning in the aftermath of Aida’s failed attack. When the space pirates come down to Earth, where the Cadets have all but resettled into their normal school lives, Bellri and his friends rush to help the defense, and also to rescue Aida herself from the barrage of attacks on the prison. However, Aida is hoping to escape with her comrades, and tries to take control of the G-Self from Bellri. In the end, Bellri somehow triggers the G-Self to kill his enemy, Aida’s former commander, in a misunderstanding.

Though it sounds, and is, fairly formulaic for the mecha genre, Reconguista in G has a charm not many series like to use anymore. It’s so blatantly old-school, from the way in which camera direction is used down to the style of the soundtrack, that were it not for the use of CG here and there, I would have assumed I was watching a series straight out of the 1990s. I’m sure for some that’s a bit of a disappointment, but personally I’m a firm believer in style, and the show presents itself so earnestly that it’s not hard to get interested even if the scenes feel two decades old. The characters are certainly vibrant, and though we don’t know a whole lot about them, they’re definitely likeable enough (though maybe Noredo (Kotobuki Minako) should cool it on shooting dangerous slingshot pellets at girls about to fall to a tragic death). I especially got a kick out of the strange pilot Raraiya Monday (Fukui Yukari), who spent much of the second episode showing small quirky gestures to make up for her amnesiac state. Bellri too, is quite interesting, if only because he’s a bit more on the enthusiast side than most mecha protagonists tend to be.

Understanding the gist of what’s going on is a bit more challenging, however. Perhaps it’s because I’m new to the franchise, but at least half the jargon was lost on me, and I can’t say I can guess where the series plans to go from here. Regardless, I really enjoyed this premiere, and I hope to see good things come from it in the future.

We currently have no plans to cover this series on a weekly basis.


ED Sequence

ED: 「Gの閃光」 (G no Senkou) by ハセガワダイスケ (Daisuke Hasagawa)


    1. Yeah, but Hand drawn backgrounds in this resolution, will run the Budget dry. They need to think about the TV Series Budget. They dont have an OVA or Movie Budget

      Yeah, my Heart is in Joy mode. But my Brain is in “Let’s see” mode

      1. But know what, i lately saw the Film “Moon” from 2009. And it was an Indy produced Film. i got the 2001 Vibes and all, They used most oldschool technics. 80 to 20, where 20 was only CGI, and i found it great.

        So what i want to write, combined Styles. Oldschool and modern CGI, used wisely, can work like in symbioses. I look forward to Episode 3 (but really, Updated you Sound effects. They are from Nausica the valley of the Wind timeline)

      2. Remember that many TV series start with high budget animation for the first episode and then it goes downhill from there. Not saying it’ll suck, but most likely the rest of the episodes will have average quailty animation.

      3. @Kamui04 many TV series are as you stated, but i want to place my trust in tomino-san, he created one of the very best gundam series in zeta gundam, and of course, the entire Universal Century timeline series

      4. It’s a Gundam series. They have the budgets. Also probably a lot of stuff later will be in space, which is a really easy background, so they can shift the background budget to the other scenes.

    1. People are so caught up with the Tomino’s Kill-Em-All moniker that they often forget that his work comes in two flavors and not just in Gundam. First, there is the classic Kill-em-all Tomino(Ideon, Zanbot 3) where he goes kills lots of people. Then there is “Happy” Tomino (Xabungle, Gainer, Brain Powerd) where very few people die and the series is often bizarre as it is endearing.

      I get the impression that Tomino isn’t very pleasant when he goes in Kill-em-all mode. It’s well publicized that he underwent a depression when he worked on Victory Gundam and it really did feel like he went bats*** crazy when he started killing of all characters. The flip side of that is Turn A Gundam where working on it actually HELPED him get through his depression. He even wrote a memoir about it titled “The Cure of Turn A”. Can you guess which Gundam series ended up as my least favorite and which ended up as one of my most beloved?

      Suffice to say, I get Turn A vibes when watching Reconguista and I’m hoping that’s the tone its going for. Largely because I tend to enjoy “Happy” Tomino more, and I’m just happy for the guy that was able to work through his depression and reflects that on his works.

      1. Wait, Brain-Powered was happy Tomino!??!!

        “I F**ked your Mother! And your Sister!”

        Ugh, the storyline’s characters and plot was flimsier than balsa. Not to mention its Mecha designs…

        Maybe that’s just me.

    1. Yoshida did key animation on that one too. Let’s just hope the plot goes better than that ^-^’ (though to be fair I haven’t seen it, I’ve just been told by friends it has a confusing plot; I’ll check it out one of these days).

  1. The animation definitely gives me a more old-school mecha vibe like the original UC series’ did, but not TOO old, almost like this is a series that was actually made after Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. (Anyone else think Aida looks a bit like Birdy? lol)

    I hope we get more world building as we did see that storage of Mobile Suits with eight old Universal Century Mobile Suits ((Zaku II, Galbaldy Beta, GM III (?), (Rick) Dom, Gogg, Guncannon (RX-77-3 or mass production version maybe), Jegan, Capule, and Rick Dias)) and had mention of Minovsky Particles and such, so it’ll be nice if they say when the Universal Century calender ended given this is supposed to be a thousand years after.

    Obviously, they took some cues from more recent Gundam AUs like SEED/SEED Destiny in terms of the G-Self’s Aile Striker/Force Silhouette style backpack.

    Anyway, looks to be off to a good start, and as a long time Gundam fan, I hope it keeps true to the UC style and advances the plot and characters. The Mobile Suit fighting is off to a good start too, not making the G-Self just effortlessly owning everything.

  2. In matters of Gundam, its a stand alone series so you can treat it as such. The only timeline to have many series and side stories within it is the UC timeline. Gundam Unicorn was the most current series within that timeline. But as far as regular TV series are concerned there hasnt been a UC show in a long time nor does there really need to be. You could say Gundam Seed’s universe also had quite a bit of content but more so because it was a mess. So you can review this as independent from other Gundams as each universes shows are wildly different, the only thing you may miss are the usual references or more accurately put hommages to other series as far as mech designs and also any easter eggs they may throw in they usually have nothing to do with the plot and really just for Gundam Fans.

    1. This series takes place after Universal Century so it’s in the same timeline. Gundam Unicorn ended the UC and opened it up for newer plots, but it still has all the homage to UC and the others from that time line.

  3. So you guys did a review of this but didn’t even mention King Gainer when this show is King Gainer 2.0. Lolz. Anyway this is the show that should call old school anime fans back from their slumber since Gainer ended. Real anime is making a temporary re-entrance or so it seems.

    1. Don’t forget that Kairi said she’s new to the franchise; it definitely has similarity to Gainer and, more notably, Turn A, but in terms of Gundam series to non-Gundam fanatics, or Tomino in general, they’re rather unknown series. I think it will be interesting to read the opinion of someone who has no prior expectations out of it due to similarities to the aforementioned shows(well, at least to me).

  4. I only vaguely understood what was happening on screen – the details of the plot didn’t make much sense over both episodes.

    But man, that’s my only gripe. Animation, music and character design harken back to the mid-2000s I think (which I love), and this show seems to have a lot of Turn A’s charm and laid-back feel.

    And ah, good ol’ Tomino. Characters getting slapped right left and centre already. Bright would be proud (although Aida getting slapped was uncalled for). We’re only missing a masked antagonist and colony drops.

    Has anyone also noticed how happy everyone is in the ED sequence? I love it!

    OH and I almost forgot, pretty much wet my pants seeing cameos of those “antique” suits in the museum.

    Time to wait for some Newtype nonsense to show up! (Unless they’re so far into the future from the UC era that everyone’s a Newtype already. Perfect understanding everywhere!)

  5. I think the picture you linked with the words “former commander” isn’t the picture you intended to link, since it’s the same picture you linked for “Aida Rayhunton” herself.

      1. Uh huh! You can access the dev blog on tumblr under the name seven-swell-studios. It’s actually a really big project, we’ve been working on it for some time. I dunno if I have permission to flout it here, but it will definitely get advertised on my twitter and stuff at the least xD

  6. I actually did not like certain parts of the dialogue like when Aida told Bellri to bring Cahill back (It was sort of cliché since Bellri is only human and she was asking an impossible request).

    Otherwise, it was interesting seeing how events started to unfold and the character designs were excellent.

  7. Wow, dat premier…

    The only word so far for the first two episode would be busy. There was so much going on, with almost no downtime (for us) between scenes.

    And then there’s the terminology. Almost no explanation for the newer stuff that’s popping up every minute. Also, good luck for the people with no Universal Century knowledge, since they’ve made a (rather obscure) point that this is related to UC universe (or it IS the one and the same).

    I’m loving it.

  8. We currently have no plans to cover this series on a weekly basis.

    That’s too bad… I guess this blog won’t be covering both Gundam shows!

    I have high hopes for Reconguista in G as well as Build Fighters Try. But regarding the first two episodes, I think they need to improve on the art style as it’s iffy and it’s not retro-looking enough.

  9. I can’t get over how cute Aida is. Seriously, I’m not one of those /a/ “waifu” guys, but goddamn that girl is atractive!

    G reco feels like something from a previous era and that’s much more refreshing then I would have imagined. It really is something different then what we’ve had the last couple of years. I like it!

    1. Re: Technical Jargon

      Minovsky Particles – Similar from 00’s GN particles, they have radar jamming effect. This technology was introduced way back in 1979’s first Gundam, and spanned over several series; Mobile suit Gundam, Zeta, Double Zeta, Char’s CounterAttack, Turn-A Gundam, and the more recent Gundam Unicorn.

      In these 2 episodes, they made a reference to wired communications. Radio waves, or nearly any form of wireless communication (other than laser communication) is jammed by the minovsky particles. Generally, whenever a battle commences Minovsky particles are scattered to disrupt enemy communications.

      Crown – seems to be native to this series alone, it doesn’t have any roots from the older Gundams. At first glance it seems to be referring to something regarding to the orbital elevators.

      First Nut/Nuts – At first glance, it seems to be the structures that stabilize the wires for the orbital shuttles to traverse on. They said there were 99 nuts right? Perhaps that signifies the number of tracks or active elevators on Earth.

      Really excited for this new Gundam. I’m expecting a Turn-A esque tone to the plot, which means for a more plot driven story. Action would probably be far less than what you’d expect from some of the more recent Gundam series, a trade off for much more cultural explorations.

      Fyi, this Gundam series does take place and can be considered a “sequel”. It’s placed in the Universal Century timeline – in line with the first gundam, all the way to Unicorn and finally Turn-A. The clue there was the brief scene with the classic mobile suit hangar during episode 2 of the fighting scenes. A Kapool(Turn-A) can be seen standing along with several other suits recognize-able from the previous series.

      The “Char” of this series fashions the similar type of glasses Harry Ord(Turn-A) wears, which was featured in the ending song; A pair of huge glasses shaped like an insect.

      Anyway, getting some big Turn-A vibes, which is a huge treat for me (and hopefully all of you). Turn-A was less arguably the most story driven Gundam series to date. The odd mobile suit designs just screams of irregularity much like when I first saw the SUMOS and FLATS.

      Looking forward to this guys!!!

      1. Actually this would be before the Correct Century of Turn A. Recall that the Capule is not a Turn-A original suit. It originally starred in ZZ Gundam. The Capule/Kapools of Turn A were recovered suits just like their Zakus. Turn A’s CC happened waaay forward in the future. By CC, humanity was already so advanced that it was capable of interstellar travel. The battle between the Earth and Moon remnants obliterated the technology and civilization on earth. The Earth remnants had to start from scratch after that.

    1. i’m pretty sure tomino knows how to make this work, i mean, he created the entire franchise. if there’s someone that understand the essence of a gundam series more than anyone, then that would be tomino

  10. Episode 2 had a better “up to date” Vibes. If they can hold this kind of Production, i might get hooked.


    Episode 1, had quiet and static background movings, you can see that mostly in this Space Lift background. They are not moving at all

    Episode 2, dont it better. There are background movings, and the “Anime Movie Filter” is better. As i said. If they can handle this kind of resolution then my Brain will get in Sync with my Heart

    short story:
    If episode 3 is technical the same like episode 2, then i might get hooked. Looks promising

    1. Stoy Progressing:


      Episode 2 revealed the Secret behind this Guy. Why he can Pilot or Activate this Pirate Mecha. It is in this “Pirate Captain is flying over them on this Ship kinda Veheicle”. It is this Eyes

      But then the next Secret would be. Why? Dont give this up, use it wisely. This Secret is the tension to look the Series. The Secret of this Girls and the Boy

      1. Contra (or WTF?):
        In this Situation the Girl with the Boy, shoot a slight shoot to the Ass of this Girl clinging on this Bed for not fall from High Altitude to death. Sure you wanted to play the “Dont show you Ass, to my BF!” Joke. But this Girl is frighted to death, you should help her, would be the first reaction. But you gave now this Slight shoot Girl a heart of Stone, only thinking of his BF

        Rethink, that a Bad Joke can backfire. And here it happens

        Okay, that’s all from now of my First Impression of this Anime

  11. @Kairi

    Dont worry, if you dont have many background of the previous Gundam Universe. This Series was made in mind to approach the Kids of the Generation of the Previous Gundam Animes

    Ep 01: Had more the retro feelings for us Adults old Gundam Generation
    Ep 02: could touch the Kids of this said Generation. And if i can give a advice here. Keep your mind like it is, and you should have an Eye on this. Enjoy this Show just with your background. It should work that way, trust me

  12. I’m gonna be honest here. I’m a bit lost with some of the show’s dialogue. Can’t really make out of what’s going on. Don’t get me wrong, I still actually enjoyed watching these 2 episode and looking forward for the next one.

    1. Dont worry, if they would play their trump Cards right at the beginning. Where is the reason to continue to watching? i hope, no i think they use this confusion to guide us later to the explanation. But at the right time of course

      1. Yeah this show seems like it’s going to actually understand the scale of escalation of conflict for a real robot sci-fi series coming off of Aldnoah.Zero which basically blew it’s load early trying to be as shocking and eye-catching as possible with world wide devastation and then arguably scaled down in scope and intrigue of it’s overarching conflict as time went on only to focus more and more on subplots that kind of went nowhere or were resolved the episode after they came up and as a result it ended up petering out plot intrigue wise by the end of the first cour which then ended up going for a rather nonsensical shocker cliffhanger to try to regain interest for the second half which they don’t even seem to have considered anything plotwise for yet going by interviews and staff commentary.

        This show by comparison feels chaotic on the surface at first (not so much if you’re really paying attention and pick up on the things the characters are hinting at that we’ll learn about in time and in fact are already starting to learn about by the 2nd episode or at least can start to infer) but like there are deliberate seeds and elements of foreshadowing being planted that will take an interesting form later on. It’s like it knows where it’s going and there’s a story to tell here that’s already been planned out in advance but it’s not going to blow it all right away just for the sake of providing an instant and simplistic hook and it doesn’t have to do with strictly trying to shock the viewer or beat them over the head with it’s character archetypes and a black and white philosophy while it tries to figure out what to do with itself.

        John Hunt
    1. i can understand you opinion because this is old school design, but i have every bit of believe that this gundam will be good because i’ve seen tomino’s previous work with gundam

      1. No, you don’t know what I meant. First because this is not an oldschool design, this is Eureka Seven design, it’s made by the guy who did the character design for Eureka Seven. Oldschool Gundams don’t look like this. Second because I was not talking about the character design, but about the colorfulness and the general happiness of this Gundam. It is FABULOUS! (again, if you know what I mean).

  13. Watching these episodes after marathoning 24 eps of the original Mobile Suit Gundam was pretty surreal. But god damn the visuals in this were stunning. Will be interesting to see how this pans out.

    1. actually prior to watching this i’ve marathoned the original gundam movie trilogy, zeta gundam and it’s movie trilogy, part of ZZ gundam(still in progress), char’s counterattack movie, gundam f91, and finally unicorn gundam. i did it in that order to make sure i didn’t miss any plot(expcept ZZ which is still under progress).it takes weeks to marathon it, but i now know how awesome the UC timeline is

    1. Sorry guys, but I’m already signed up for a Thursday show. ;_; From previous experience, I know I can’t handle two shows on the same day. If I do take up a second series, it’s going to have to be on a different day, or I’d have to hate Shigastu wa Kimi no Uso and pick up Gundam instead (and that’s unlikely, gomen). T-T

  14. I like the character designs, but the contrast between the style of the mecha and everything else is just not my cup of tea. If they want an old school design they should do everything like that, but to have modern style buildings and machinery and mecha from twenty years ago right next to each other is just weird. And not in a good way.

    As for the actual plot the less said the better. This is a show which I can only enjoy if I switch my brain off and reminisce of the first time I saw a Gundam series 20 years ago.

    1. i believe you are just not accustomed to the style this gundam is presented, this is an old school style, back from the 80’s and early 90’s, people these days would fin it weird because we haven’t seen this style in a long time. i’ve marathoned all UC timeline gundam so i’m already accustomed to this style, and i think the first 2 episode are good. oh yeah tomino himself said that his target audience are children in this gundam, so keep that in mind

  15. The premier felt way too rushed. Dialogue was just basically all over the place with characters either finishing what each other is saying or going ‘hey, lets go to that super secret hanger so we can look at that Pirate mobile suit that we confiscated and immediately let our Ace pilot who skipped 2 grades and who just happens to be the son of the director use the damn thing for Live training’.

    Lets not forget the first 3 minutes of episode 1 wouldn’t make any sense until you rewatch it after watching episode 2. In no way did they try to explain (or even try to identify) why one group of mobile suits (which turns out to be pirates + guards who are supposed to be enemies) were chasing one lone Gundam AND not shooting at each other.

    Visuals aside, the pacing was poor if I was to be polite. Even Gundam SEED had a decent first couple of episodes building the setting. You wouldn’t find any here.

    Don’t even get me started on how sticking your butt out is apparently offensive because YOU’RE ABOUT TO FALL OFF A WALL.

    I give it 5 episodes before the protag go full KISAMA!!

    1. this is the pacing of old school gundam series, so this pacing are not poor, but not something poeple in the present are accustomed to, it’s something people hadn’t seen for a long time

    1. Emo is definitely more common, but there have been a fair share of more upbeat/less negative main characters too:

      Judau Ashta of Gundam ZZ

      Uso Evin of Victory Gundam (he had some low moments, but was never really whiny or down in the dumps for long periods, and when he was down, it was usually for good reason like his mother’s death and such)

      Duo Maxwell of Gundam Wing

      Garrod Ran of Gundam X

      Loran Cehak of Turn A Gundam

      …and so on.

  16. Another interesting Gundam series. People writing the more recent Gundam series really know how to make the anime interesting. This makes it 4 Gundam series straight that were interesting animes.

  17. I like the art quality of the drawings as well as the somewhat retro feel of them.

    BUT and for me its a very big BUT, I really don’t like the fact that the mechs seem like they should be called Gundam More or something… I mean they almost seem like they could be plush toys with the way they look.

  18. Trying to figure whats going on this World.

    Capital Army and Capital Guard = i assume this is the corrupt govt. and the religious group making a false history on there own.

    Space pirates its seem to me they are the real good guys cuz there is a huge hint: THE WORLD IS NOT SQUARE.

    1. They keep advertising G-Reco’s RC being after UC.
      Maybe G-Reco will reveal what ended UC?
      Somewhat like in Unicorn?

      The Capital folks have some big secret?
      Are they really bad?
      The happy people in the ending really disrupts my thinking.

  19. I’m extremely unused to the music, the opening sequences, the camera angles, the lines spouted from the lips of the characters and just about everything else.

    But despite being utterly confused about Ameria and Capital Army and whatnot, being a UC first-timer, I think I kinda enjoyed the two episodes just for what they are and temper my expectations to ‘watching something that isn’t exactly in our time.’ Might even get me interested enough to marathon the entire UC period of Gundam series.

    1. actually that’s what i did prior to watching this, the original gundam, zeta gundam,ZZ gundam, char’s counterattack movie, and then i finally watched unicorn. it’s an epic marathon of UC gundam. for ZZ you have no choice but to watch the TV series, but you can just watch the original gundam and zeta gundam in it’s compilation movie trilogy, saves you a lot of time. but keep in mind that the TV series and movie of zeta gundam has different conclusion to it, so if you watched the movie then skip ZZ. but if you watched the TV series then continue to ZZ.

    1. ..and let us not talk about this Forehead Marks on some Girls…

      .. or in the ED the Pirates use Black Gloves…

      many many hints of possible Spoilers… If you want to have fun and be surprised, ignore them the Kids of the Gundam Fans are not that Dumb, like they think…

      1. ..and this Dark tanned Girl, call her Mech Suit G.. Looks like this Mecha has some Pilot Backup AI

        Thats why also the 2nd Pilot wondering, why the Suit is reacting this way, and got captured on the Lift

        The Pilot Suit, has an AI on its own…

  20. There were a lot of weird and sudden cuts between scenes in the first two episodes. It kind of feels like they were cramming too much in these two episodes and had to cut out some of it. One good example is at the end of episode 2 when Cahill falls and suddenly Bellri and Aida are outside of G-Self.

  21. Why this Gundam Anime had the Reconguista as surname?

    Well, if you watch Ep 01, and see how the Spacesuits of this mens in the Lift are designed, you get a Gist.

    This Men are Spanish Conquistadors from the “I found India!” Columbus time. in Short, they are the Church

    And the Pirates are, well the Pirates. And perhaps there is some other opposing Faction, like England,Netherlands or Portugal (in short Trade Guilds) at that time

    This Blue Circle logo is the equivalent of the Christian Cross

    There you have it, my explanation of why it calls “Reconguista”. The Spanish roots here, and if you taken care in History lessons at School. You get somehow the Background Storyline

    1. I’ve seen lots of Engrish in these years I follow anime, but Spanish (or Portuguese, since it is the same) misspelling is a first. I don’t know about the spacesuit theory (it could be an English lord for the same reason), but since I have no other counter-arguments, I’ll keep it as the reasonable theory for the name.

      Not that my opinion really matters though 😀

  22. It’s like I’m watching a glorified 90’s anime reminds me of King Gainer with a mix of Turn A Gundam; Especially Bellrim he reminds me of Gainer and Aida as Sara. I hope Tomino don’t turn this to another Victory Gundam.

  23. It seems to me that they really zipped 4 episodes into 2. People talking; then a fight; then a racist kick; then talking; oh look, I can pilot this too; slaps; talking; kill!; use “reanimate dead” on him!!! Over. Not necessarily in this order. Holy s…

    But it was a nice start, despite the rush. It can be the surprise of this season (to me, that wasn’t thinking highly of this one). And dat animation, terrific!!!

    1. Yeah, they need to Synchronize the CGI and Hand drawn “FPS”/Animation. Example in the OP, when the Hand drawn Mecha fly forward to the CGI Animated Space Lift. You can see, that the Space Lift move more smoother, it has more FPS or Key frames Animations, then the Hand drawn Mecha, and you can see that CGI “Textures” is more Noiseless then Hand drawn Textures. Give these CGI textures some kind of Anime noise filter, to better blend in

      They should try to improve here, because this is a Uncanny valley effect for the Eyes, when CGI and Hand drawn animations dont fit together

      1. Example Pictures of CGI and Hand drawn Texture Noise

        Hand drawn Picture:
        CGI Texture:

        Now you see, the different of these Shadow lines, in Picture 1 you can see the boarders. But in Picture 2 there is no boarders at all, the Light and Shadow blend perfectly together.
        And this is only a Light and Shadow example of me

  24. This show started in the thick of things ala Victory Gundam. Considering that this takes place in the UC timeline, the UC line ended and the new timeline in this is RC but its from the same continuity, it should be a sequel to Victory Gundam.

    Even the goofy mecha designs is straight up from the Victory Gundam era. The goofy religion in Reconguista feels like what would have happened to Shakti with the Angel Halo in Victory Gundam if they picked up followers.

    Straight up Tomino storyboard though is the real draw:

    Annoying kids almost getting killed/will be killed: check
    Characters getting the face slaps: check
    Battle flow is seamless and even pilot talking is made seamless: check

    Nothing comes close to the man when it comes to visceral storytelling

  25. Opening complete from episode 1, kind of refreshing.
    G-Self in a dumb pose for the title scene, lol 😛
    Dance. Aida not like/jealous of Noredo?
    Raraiya worshipping G-Self?
    The last scene of the opening, funnels?
    Impending Bellri vs Dellensen.

    How long before is the Capital Army x Pirates encounter with G-Self?
    How long had the Pirate have G-Self and C.A have Raraiya?

    The Crown has a farm town feel to me 😛

    Will there be a Bright equivilent to slap Bellri?

    Monday sounds like Mundi.

    Not matter how clever Bell is still an inexperienced kid.
    How did he end up as a cadet? Cause of his father?

    A lot of scenes catered for “education”.

    The space pack and shield(?) is third-party accesories from Ameria?
    Will we see any first-party accesories? Is the atmospherical pack first-party?

    Could Raraiya be a mechanic?

    Ok, so the Pirates are part of Ameria.

    Rayhunton Code?

    Happy people.
    Who is that girl beside Noredo? Short hair Manny?
    Luin should be Mask. Similar hair and skin color.
    (Was thinking that back in June.)
    Also among there are characters yet to appear.

    I’ll leave it here for episode 1.

    1. Yes the pink and red parts for G-Self kind of reminds me of Raraiya (or maybe Noredo?) and Aida.

      The black short hair girl in orange normal suit beside Noredo in the ending.
      Could it be Noredo after some artifical human enhancement?

  26. Why is Dellensen so bent on that everything is made up by Aida?
    Bad past with Pirates? Can’t trust women?

    The Cumpa guy knows something…

    Why is Capital Army established?

    Kuntala again? Sounds negative.

    Damn, that Gel holiness guy knows something too!

    Ok, its Bell’s mother 😛

    Whats the deal between Captipal Territory and Ameria?
    The Capital Tower? To get the source of food and batteries?

    Ok, Noredo doesn’t like Aida.
    Yes she already commented that Aida is not cute last ep.

    Having the Capital Tower gives Capital Territory certain power.
    Beneath that Skord religion is tyranny?
    All left is for Bell to see that then side with the Pirates?
    Or will he go unwillingly?

    After Rayhunton Code is Iris Sign?
    Raraiya has no Iris Sign? So she was just harboring in the cockpit of G-Self then?

    So Aida named it that. Does it have a real name then?
    True form?

    G-Self responded to Bellri?
    What is brewing in the Capital Territory?

    Ok, saw that orange suit girl again in the ending.
    Its a different girl from Noredo. Third from the right in the girls row.


    We currently have no plans to cover this series on a weekly basis.

    Man! Was hoping to dump my thoughts here weekly 😛

  27. Surely the thing that really caught my eye is the art-style .. specially the character designs .. i’m really a sucker for Eureka 7 and King-Gainer .. Kenichi Yoshida designs are always so vibrant and energetic you can’t help but love them instantly (not to mention it’s impossible to mistake for someone else’s style).

    Also having the original creator of Gundam Yoshiyuki Tomino directing the show is a huge plus whether you are a Gundam fan or not 😉

  28. Like you Kairi i’m a die hard fan of Yoshida’s character design, but Gundam series never were my cup of tea (for its bland mecha design, politic/military oriented plot mainly), when i started watching the 1st episode i had the finger on the remote to stop it any moment and when i realised i still had the remote in hands the episode was finished.

    Yes, because… the art style is sooo good (Yoshida chara-design fix: checked) and this little retro touch added, that’s icing on the cake, i forgive them for making such hideous toy-like mechas, and i really hope it’ll be character-centric like Turn A Gundam, the director’s previous Gundam series.

  29. So far it reminds me of Turn A strong characters but with King Gainer/eureka 7 designs. It’s definitely a nice look.

    Definitely be sticking out with the show. I didn’t really enjoy the last 2 gundams but that’s more a problem with the second half of both shows. My only wish is it to have a decent end.

  30. This series is definitely interesting… I’m usually not one to care about mecha series (and honestly, the designs look really weird) but the character designs (particularly the girls) are nice. Noredo Nug is actually really cute but acts awfully immature and naive which is sometimes a charm, while other times, like when she slingshots Aida in the ass, are real head-scratchers though. I’m also getting slightly tired of Raraiya incessantly chanting out “G” and seeing her intimate connection with the hunk of metal, but she’s cute enough to be tolerable I guess.

    I might just stick with this to see how it all plays out. Sometimes the mecha and the politics become take up too much space on the whole thing when honestly all I want is a good character-centric plot, but if that doesn’t happen, there’s a lot of things to look forward to, or well, see develop fully.

    First of all the setting is weird. I’m not too familiar with Gundam, but I’m pretty sure protagonists usually come from Earth right? The main characters seem to originate from space and their government has a very structured military and a seemingly rich culture and religion. Usually these sort of backgrounds don’t belong to the protagonists.. right? I’m wondering how the big wigs in the church will play a role in all of this. Also would like some light shed on the ‘Kuntala’ thing which I think Luin and Noredo are? Seems like there’s some sort of discrimination issue that needs to be developed?

    Speaking of protagonists, it’s just as most of you and Kairi says, guy is awfully enthusiastic. Not only that, he’s very talented, has a girlfriend , and seems well put together in comparison to any mecha protagonist I know. It’ll be interesting to see how he develops and how he copes with being thrown onto a battlefield. Will his personality make him predictable or actually be what sets him apart?

    With the second episode we get a sort of taste as to how these characters can sort of open up and expose the world’s uglier side. There’s no way around killing in a war, and I’m 99% sure Belliri blew a hole in hime-sama’s boyfriend back there. I was actually kind of surprised at how Aida let Bell have it, she seemed very attached to Cahill (despite him giving Bell’s shield a good beating) and I’m wondering how she’ll fall into the fold. The OP and ED seems to show them getting friendly enough.

    Finally, just wondering if it’s just me or not but is the guy with the mask in the ED Bell’s friend Luin? Ah, one more thing, does anyone else feel like the sequence of events move awfully fast? Like, it’s actually kind of difficult to keep track of what’s going on unless you’re giving it your full attention?

  31. I do not know about others so far the comments and the review is good. but it is somewhat lacking. the Anime for me is Hard to get into . especially calling a “certain” mecha a G-self…. it does not make you turn around when someone shouts ” It’s a G-self!!”. I hope it’s just the name of the unit. but still advise to call it a “gundam” though.

  32. Watched the two episodes and some points I had to make:

    * The MS designs are a bit off or should I say weird?

    * The titular G-Self I mean Gundam…LOL…..reminds me on an earlier a Gundam from an earlier series done by Tomino….the one that had Romi Paku sa the MC’s VA….forgot what that was.

    * Make up your mind G-Self or Gundam? 😛

    * Federation and Zeon MS from a different era…LOL

    * Fantastic OP though. 😀

  33. >We currently have no plans to cover this series on a weekly basis.

    I won’t have any as well, if it’s this hard to understand(and I don’t mean the events, I meant the details). At least GC and VVV gave a bit of world-building in episodes 1 and 2.

  34. I’m really looking forward to how this will turn out. I really hope it’ll end up blogged here too.

    Someone probably already mentioned it, haven’t read all the comments, but most of the jargon is new for Gundam fans too(except for really usual stuff like Minovsky particles), they’ll probably explain things along the way. Also, this is something I think is conceited and I don’t like saying it that way, because it’s not like there isn’t any single show like that anymore, but the oldschool’s style of the show needs the viewer to think by himself a bit more than today’s shows. And it’s not like every single little detail is important either, so don’t worry about being a bit lost. Lastly, if I were you I wouldn’t care about where the show fits in in the bigger timeline either. That’s just my opinion though, I’m the kind of fan who isn’t obsessed over canon and stuff like that. I think it’s a waste of time.

  35. The Story and pacing? Strangely fast-paced.
    The character and mecha design? In animation, it actually looks really good.
    The voice acting? Nothing to complain there.
    The dialogue? So cringe effing worthy, I actually feel insulted.

    It’s Tomino’s Gundam style dialogue all right and it’s doesn’t age well at all. It’s almost as the characters are either so out of touch with their situation, like to repeat things or certain time, like to react “Ah!” and “Huh!” a lot.

    So far, I am not impressed.

  36. The design (character and mecha) is a bit odd but I’m fine with it. The soundtrack is underwhelming. Usually gundam is one of my favorite series for anime sountrack, even the ones whose story i don’t like (Destiny, AGE) but this is a dissapointment. The dialogue is just, ugh. They Tomino style get much interesting later so I’ll be keeping watch for now. Honestly though, If this doesn’t carry the name of Gundam and Tomino (who I only know by reputation, never watching any of Tomino’s Gundam before) I would say that Cross Ange is better than this in catching my interest.

  37. It’s a little too old school for my taste. It was like I was watching Speed Racer with mechs. Let that sink in for a minute so you can understand. All the gasps and shit got annoying real quick. All the EHHHHHH?!, like really?!

    https://randomc.net/image/Gundam%20Reconguista%20in%20G/Gundam%20Reconguista%20in%20G%20-%2001%20-%2010.jpg Gundam Age was shit, the mech designs were shit, why are we still using them?! Gundam Build Fighters is superior, why not go from there design wise?

    https://randomc.net/image/Gundam%20Reconguista%20in%20G/Gundam%20Reconguista%20in%20G%20-%2002%20-%2017.jpg Trans-Am already?! WTF

    https://randomc.net/image/Gundam%20Reconguista%20in%20G/Gundam%20Reconguista%20in%20G%20-%2001%20-%2015.jpg Clearly this girl has issues, she may just be the fabled “Psycho Bitch” of this particular Gundam. We all know every Gundam has one or more Psycho Bitches.

    Aida getting mad at Bell for killing a guy who attacked a place full of innocent people ( some of them are definitely shady though) and probably killed a lot of them. Not to mention he’s a space pirate, unless this guy was trained and recruited by the Care Bears, he’s not exempt from getting what he deserves.

    First episode disappointing, the dialogue is full of annoying things coming from Bellri most of the time with all his EHHHHHHHHs, the Eureka Art Style seems to be combined with a little bit of old school gundam, which is cool, but that Gundam Age “G-Self” looks like shit and it already has a Trans-AM look alike mode.

    It’s nice to see the typical villains who usually steal something top secret from a supposedly highly defended secret base (We all know those bases are full of dumbasses) get their shit took for once. I can’t remember if Gundam ever did that before, it’s been a while.

    The OP and especially the ED, is this a joke or a parody? Wtf did I just watch?

    I’m glad there’s a new Gundam Build Fighters this season too, because that looks like something I’ll be watching more of instead of whatever the hell this is.

  38. Ep 03:

    This Anime is made in mind to catch the fans of the Gundam Lover Parents?
    I must say, it can work. The Animation is okay, the Story telling is okay, the Quality is okay

    In all, i give this Show my Thumb Up!!. It’s mission to hook the New Age of Gundam Fans is a success

    This Show has +1 Watcher

    Good Work


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