Episode 06

「タキシード仮面 –TUXEDO MASK–」 (Takishiido Kamen -TUXEDO MASK-)


Episode 07

「地場衛 –TUXEDO MASK–」 (Chiba Mamoru –TUXEDO MASK–)
“Chiba Mamoru -–TUXEDO MASK–”

One of the biggest flaws that I saw with Sailor Moon Crystal up until this point was Usagi’s unusual attraction towards Tuxedo Mask. Fine – I understand that he’s supposed to be good-looking and he’s saved her life on a few occasions, but the way that her feelings are portrayed feel stronger than an infatuated girl. She’s head over heels for this guy and we barely know anything about him. Like Luna says, he could be dangerous. Luckily, these past few episodes only reinforce that he’s not such a bad guy at all and he has a clear goal in mind. I’m not a fan of the dream sequences and images, because even without them, I could believe that Usagi and Mamoru were destined to meet. It would feel more natural if Usagi or Mamoru haven’t been looking and waiting for each other all this time. The instant love and flashback images feel much too forced – especially when Tuxedo Mask suddenly ditches his life dream to protect Sailor Moon.

With that all said though, I’m glad that the recent episode has finally focused on Usagi and her relationship with Mamoru. I used to think that the two were acquainted before the beginnings of Sailor Moon but since that isn’t the case, the fact that they’re both complete strangers that actually “like” one another is something that needs more solidity. These two have barely held a complete conversation with each other so the show needs to give me a little more if Sailor Moon is suddenly going to undoubtingly trust him. When Mamoru actually revealed his identity to Usagi, I knew that this was going to be the turning point in their relationship. NOW, we’re finally getting somewhere. I was surprised that Mamoru even went as far as telling Usagi about his parents and memories. Guys don’t normally offer up this kind of deep history voluntarily (especially to strangers), so I can appreciate that moment of silence between Usagi and Mamoru. I can finally start to see how their relationship isn’t just built on history and flashbacks, but their current present identities are also falling in love.

Stepping aside, Queen Beryl also shows her face and to Sailor Moon of all people! Up until these episodes, she’s always been somewhat hidden and her motives unknown. We finally get a peek at the Dark Kingdom’s history and who Queen Beryl reports to – Queen Metalia (Matsuoka Youko). In the original series, Queen Beryl used to be his ultimate evil that Sailor Moon would have to defeat with the powers of love and friendship. In this remake, I don’t get the same superiority from Queen Beryl and she has a mind of her own; that plans to keep the Legendary Silver Crystal to herself. This story is getting deep and more complex as the villains each have their own agenda and the Sailor Soldiers will have to bring all of them down eventually.

Finally! My favorite girl reveals herself – Sailor Venus (Itou Shizuka). I always loved how she just felt like a more mature and put-together version of Sailor Moon. I can’t wait to see her in action and how the events will play out now that all the Sailor Soliders are altogether. If the original series is any indication, then the Legendary Silver Crystal will eventually emerge and we’ll see an ultimate showdown against Queen Beryl. Considering how quickly we’ve sped through the Dark Kingdom arc, I’m very excited to see what the future holds for us. The flashbacks of the Moon Kingdom are definitely something that I’m looking forward to and it gives a better indication of who the Sailor Soliders are and their history.

Author’s Note: Apologies for missing the past month (2 episodes) of Sailor Moon Crystal. For those that don’t read my Akame ga Kill posts, I’ve been on hiatus for the past few weeks due to stress leave vacation plans. Thanks for understanding and I shouldn’t be double posting anymore in the foreseeable future =)




  1. @Cherrie: Gotta check that Sailor Venus screenshot that you linked. 😀
    I think I might watch only the end of ep. 7 and 8 for her alone. Haven’t watched any of the show so far.

  2. I’m really unhappy with how Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship is developing. They barely talked and yet he’s ready to throw his current life purpose away for her? “I want you, Usako?” Uh. Not believable.
    I hope we get some more interaction between the two. Conversations, maybe? Shared activities? The long silent stares are getting boring and Usagi’s inner monologues about warm hands and fast heartbeat don’t help at all.
    I laughed when Mamoru punched Zoisite though. That was certainly unexpected.

  3. i hope we get to see why S.V’s costume changed to the orange one next episode, and why V currently has a moon on her head. I never understood that in the original. Was the blue and red one Artemis’s transformation design?

    1. Most likely a way to keep people from connecting her to Sailor V. They did say that Sailor V hasn’t been active for a while and, if you saw the episode from the first series…

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

    2. In the live action:

      Show Spoiler ▼

      I don’t know, they’ll follow that since apparently, the live action is more faithful with the manga than the original anime series.

  4. The romance between Usagi and Mamoru is following the manga, I didn’t find it strange when I read the books so I didn’t find it strange either when watching the anime…in fact, I was actually very much fangirling at the sight kyyaahh!!
    And I think everyone is reading too far into the “they just met” or “but ah! they hardly even talked to each other” etc.
    I don’t feel the need to compare reality and anime world, this is fiction, but more than anything: I think the intention of the author was to be more focused on the fact they are past lovers meeting again and being attracted to each other at first sight, as in: they are fated, destined, even though they don’t have their memories, somewhere in their hearts and bodies they recognized each other after reincarnating on Earth, their souls call for each other…well, you got the message ^^; And looking at their relationship under this light, I think this is how it’s meant to be even though, YES, more interaction between the 2 will ALWAYS be welcome! But again, this is following the manga, so those scenes would have to be fillers…

    I also like the fact they didn’t give Tuxedo Mask any power like his roses in the 90’s version, neither made him look so ‘cool’: Show Spoiler ▼

  5. I don’t know, maybe I’m a little biased towards this show but I loved every second of the last episode. I’m in love with this new art, new battle sequences which are animated almost every episode anew – hated original Sailormoon for rehashing same animations over and over again. Did I mention that Sailor V is hot? 😛 I soooooo hope the’re gonna go past the Dark Kingdom. I want my Outer Senshi already!

    1. It’s been confirmed that they’re taking the ‘one chapter per one episode’ route, so it’s safe to assume that we’ll be starting the Black Moon arc in episode 14 and that we’ll at least get to see Sailor Pluto (and Chibi Usa). I’m hoping they’ll announce a continuation after Crystal ends, because the last three manga arcs are the best and it’d be a shame not to see them animated.


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