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OP: 「ideal white」 by 綾野ましろ (Ayano Mashiro)

「冬の日、運命の夜」 (Fuyu no Hi, Unmei no Yoru)
“Winter Days, A Fateful Night”


While I’d hesitate to call this the “first” episode since we had an amazing episode zero and are essentially watching the exact same events from a different perspective, I was completely blown away with ufotable’s work on this “first” episode. From the jaw-dropping fight scenes to the tiniest of hints of what’s to come, this episode had everything you could ask for in it. On a slightly more random note before we get into things, can you imagine if all anime were double their traditional length? Being completely honest, I had a hard time concentrating by the end of the episode (I’m watching right after work) but boy was it nice to have a fancy dialogue cake with fantastic fighting icing to top it off.

Realty vs Ideology

Something that the show briefly touched on (and I’m sure we’ll get back to it eventually) was the harsh reality of what it means to save others. Skipping all the fluff, Kiritsugu said it best that in order to save one, you sacrifice another. While this may not be something as literal as choosing between saving a bus of elementary kids or your girlfriend who’s precariously dangling over a bridge, there’s no denying that the people who we regard as our Hero of Justice are the Devilish Demons to others. In a world where alliances change at the tip of a hat and believing in justice may just be the flavor of the month, is it really possible to think you can save everyone?

Apparently Shirou thinks so, and for good reason to! Given another shot at life when people were literally burning up right in-front of him, his pure view of what it means to serve others is the perfect representation of how I’d like to be as a person. And as much as logic and reason want to strike down how childish and unreasonable his beliefs are, how can you not root for someone who tosses logic out the window and tries to do what he can for what he believes in?

Show Spoiler ▼

Crossovers and Different Dimensions

With last week tossing the spotlight completely on Rin, this week did a fantastic job at introducing prominent characters who may or may not have been named. While I’m going to avoid spoilers to the best of my ability, I can’t be the only one who giggled a little after thinking how crazy it’d be if characters from different spinoffs/timelines appeared. Can you imagine Mahou Shojou Illya busting into a serious fight or Assassin carrying his stupid temple gate on the back a truck? Maybe I’m just weird.

On a slightly more serious note, I for one wouldn’t mind even more Taiga!

Looking Ahead

With the introductions finally out of the way, I can’t wait to see how ufotable handles things from here. Sure, most of us will have a general idea of what’s to come but once you take ufotable’s way of turning normal stuff into amazing stuff, I can almost feel the drool pooling in my mouth as I think about all of my favorite scenes to come being re-mastered by them.

P.S. Even though I already know, just, ugh, fuck Shinji. (Kamiya Hiroshi, stop doing your job so well)

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I’ll try my best to keep this is a spoiler free write-up! If I have something I need to say that involve spoilers within the post I’ll have them in spoiler tags so follow suit in the comments! (ie: Please, please, please put spoilers in spoiler tags!)

Also, if you’re confused whether or not you should keep watching this even if you haven’t seen any previous material, let me point you to this comment from last week. TL;DR: Watching this should be a-okay for a first time viewer albeit not the “perfect” way of doing it.


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ED: 「believe」 by Kalafina



    1. I also really enjoyed watching from another perspective. After episode 0, I thought we were going to completely focus on Rin and Archer.

      That being said, there are a few nitpicky things I want to point out.

      The pacing towards the end of the episode seemed a little rushed compared to the previous. In the last few minutes of the previous episode, we simply had Rin run out and Archer jumping in to block Saber’s attack. In this episode, a lot more happened that could have been expanded, Saber chasing after Lancer, Saber engaging Archer, Shirou using a command seal, the battle stops, and Rin stepped forward to greet Shirou. This all happened within about 2 minutes. I wish they could have skipped or fast-forwarded some of the earlier less-eventful scenes to develop the last bit more, especially when Shirou used the command seal, which was given a very lengthy and dramatic scene when Rin used it.

      Aside from that there is only one more thing I would have like to see different. And this is really nitpicky, even for me.

      When Saber asked, “Are you my master?” the pause seemed a little off. I really liked how in Fate/Zero, she said, “Anata wawatashi no Master ka?” Here she said the first part really fast, “Anata wa watashi noMaster ka?” Again, this is super nitpicky on my part, but I just like the original more.

      1. This is following the visual novel script pretty closely. Shiro is new to all of this ‘Master’ stuff, and doesn’t really understand the Command Seals yet. This was more of a reflex given form than anything else.

      2. You know, I find it really sad that you can’t offer any remarks about a show without being downvoted to hell.

        I, for one, am all for constructive criticism. This person is clearly a fan of the show, and they even said that in the first sentence, simply saying what could be improvements in their mind. It seems like only the people gushing over it and throwing praises everywhere are recognized as fans and everyone else is mindless bashing it. That is just really sad and narrow-minded.

        For the record, I’m a huge fan of the Fate franchise, and I will be the first to defend it against trolls and haters, but this comment is definitely not that.

    1. Well Kara no Kyokai was the first story the creator wrote about this world of magis so many characters have reminent look of that first story. Ayako looks a lot like Shiki, Shiki from Tsukihime is based on Mikiya and Akiha is based on Azaka down to her powers even though they are a little different.

      1. Also stuff like…

        Shiki’s (Tsukihime) glasses belonged to Touko and were stolen by Aoko and made indestructible by her.

        Touko (Kara no Kyoukai) and Aoko Aozaki (Tsukihime) are sisters and…

        Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Takeuchi has a habit of reusing designs. However, all TM stories have something in common with Nasu’s ultimate prototype: Kara no Kyoukai (Mahoyo was never ultimate and a bit immature in the first draft). Along with what’s mentioned, Azaka was prototype for Rin.

      1. Illya just can’t catch a break :/
        Show Spoiler ▼

        when i read the Visual Novel i was wishing for some secret route where she would have an happy end, but that will never happen because her route was droped –‘

        Jim Dean
  1. Just a reminder to anyone that has only seen the previous Fate Stay/Night anime, the story branches when Sabre and Archer meet (i.e. at the end of this episode). The new stuff begins next week.

    1. Specifically it branches at the moment where Shirou chooses to let Saber fight Archer or not.

      Fate Route: Saber wounds Archer causing Archer to stay on the sidelines for a good part of the story.

      UBW Route: Shirou stops Saber’s attack with a Command Spell, leaving Archer unscathed and playing a larger part of the story.

      Is a very small but important event.

    1. just in case, tags
      Show Spoiler ▼

    2. In the first-time watching perspective, I perceive those two as 2 shady individuals up to no good. That goldy has a distinctive smug on his face, anyone could tell he’ll be here to spell trouble.

  2. That scene with Sakura going all dere-dere made me want to see the Heaven´s Feel movie already, I know that still ways to go but God… Shirou is such an oblivious bastard that I suffer a little for Sakura, the girl cooks for you every morning and evening, does the chores of the house and always has her eyes on you and you still don´t get it!?. It frustrates a little because this Rin´s story after all.

    1. “…and always has her eyes on you and you still don´t get it!?”

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I get what you mean but still, the girl has a way make feel simpathy for her without even trying. I have the feeling that because of Sakura Rin secretely her father, she idolizes him as a mage but still, that monster took away the most important person in her life and Rin is not as insane as many magi, it´s obvious she feels that many of the laws of the Magic Organization are just complete crap; in that sense she´s very much like Wever.

    2. I have two concerns related to the Heaven’s Feel movie:

      1 – It’s a movie about the longest route in the Visual Novel, one can not be afraid that they might mess up as they did with the UBW movie –‘

      2 – Sakura just freaking annoys me, she is all sweet and cool in the begining but the truth is something else…

      Jim Dean
  3. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20stay%20night/Fate%20stay%20night%20ubw%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2053.jpg
    “Let the Holy Grail Wars begin!”

    Anything further than this, it’s all spoilerific materials.

    That said, I really got to get these out of my system


    “Onii-chan… Let me eat you like how I ate Kuro…. Ehe….”

      1. That voice keeps reminding me of:
        – Araragi Koyomi (Monogatari Series) with his ahoge moving all over the place
        – and Yato (Noragami) with his cat-eye expressions

        Hint for those who don’t spot the connections:
        – Its the same seiyuu

        Incidentally now I’m imagining a crossover series with Araragi being a Master…
        Come to think of it, he’d fit rather well in the Matou family, wouldn’t he?

  4. Here we have Shinji, in all his douchey glory. The Saberholics got their fix this week and now that we’ve hit the first true branching point, Unlimited Blade Works begins in earnest.

    The Green One
  5. Part of what has impressed me the most about F/SN thus far is that they have made a conscious effort to connect back to Fate/Zero all throughout the initial episodes. Indeed, they’ve not done a lot of explanations of the Grail War as of yet because I almost think that they are treating this as the third season of Fate/Zero. Emphasizing the connections between this generation and their parents is an excellent touch, and I’m looking forward to more of this.

    1. eh, not really. F/Z was a prequel written after so it was more like the story in F/Z was written to consciously make connections to the info that was presented in F/SN. and lack of explanation is because Shirou has no clue what’s going on and we’re basically from his POV. not because the anime expects the viewers to already know. though I think Ep 0 did go into enough details about the War again for everyone.

      1. It does feel like they put more work into establishing links between the previous war and this one. I don’t recall seeing that many explicit scenes on their parents/guardians in the old fate/stay night.

        Remember that mini-rin episode in fate/zero? Was that a filler? I hope they make some time to talk about Waver’s current life. It’ll be simply divine to see how he matured after what happened to the SEIFUKU OU.

      2. I’m not sure how they are going to incorporate Waver in UBW though, and go more into his circumstances…. he’s all the way in London after all. Although, if you do want to know of his personality at this point of time, Fate Kaelid’s Waver scenes basically captures the current Waver’s personality and appearance.

        Show Spoiler ▼

    2. I see I’m not the only one who feels that ufotable’s FSN (hereby uFSN where I’m concerned) feels more like an extension of Fate/Zero than the original that had spawned the former =3. While newcomers to the series would not feel out-of-the-loop, folks who’ve gone through Zero would perhaps find little details here and there nostalgic =3

      Random Comment
  6. The amount of money spend in this fight scene can feed small poor villages in some third world countries for a week.
    Oh, how I wish I can watch this blind with no knowledge of the Nasuverse but, alas, I can’t.

  7. Unlimited budget works! Wow the fight scene was really well done. There seems to be some major spoilers in the OP if you analyze it enough, though a total newbie to the series should be fine.

  8. Hey y’all. I have a general question about this show that doesn’t require any spoiler to answer.

    I heard that this show is like alternate version of F/SN anime from a few years ago. Now the question: does that mean this is a completely different version (i.e. different plot + different ending) or is it more of a retelling (slightly different or largely the same plot developments + the same ending) sort of deal? You shouldn’t need to write any plot or spoiler about either F/SN or this show to answer it.

    I’d just like to know if this is like alternate universe thing with different plot and ending or just a re-telling of the same story with fixed ending. I didn’t watch F/SN, btw, but I am aware of the ending. Sort of. If I have to guess, I’d say it’s a retelling with the same ending, but that’s purely based on a hunch as I don’t know anything about this series beyond F/Z. So do tell me.

    1. Fate/Stay Night was originally a visual novel, and as is most visual novels, there are routes for different heroines (in this case, 3). All of them will start out the same before branching out into their respective routes. Each route tells its own story.

      The “original” FS/N anime DEEN adapted in 2006 was mainly based off the Fate route (Saber as the main heroine) with bits of the other two routes thrown in.

      The one ufotable is adapting is the Unlimited Blade Works route, with Rin as the main heroine, so it’s not a retelling as it is more an adaptation of another route, so in essence, it’s a different story with different events and, of course, a different ending.

      So to answer your question, yes, it is kind of an alternate universe, but all of it is indeed canon.

      1. Okay. An excellent response.

        …but if I didn’t know better -actually I don’t know much-, I’d say the main character of this adaptation would be the guy, what’s his name, Emiya. Yes, him again. And his servant Saber.

        They (the anime writers) just spent significant time (2-episode worth) on developing his story here that I don’t see how and why they would suddenly ignore his character and banish him to a side-kick role from here and on. I assume that Rin was a strictly side-kick in the previous F/SN anime; I haven’t watched it, so I’m not 100% on that one. Maybe they might still minimize “his point of view” storytelling like they did here, but it’s a bit telling how they started with his episode as the official start (episode 1) and had supposedly the main character, Rin, for the episode 0 (unofficial one) instead of the other way around.

        I have a hunch that this show will be like 50/50 to 40(Emiya)/60(Rin) type of deal, with Rin sharing the co-main guy duties with Emiya, rather than having Rin as the de facto main character with the story being told exclusively from her point of view. Or maybe it will be more like F/Z, narration-wise (i.e. no one character/team dominating the story).

      2. @death:
        Shirou is the main character in ALL routes. The entire story is always told from his perspective. Girl’s route itself actually just notes on with which girl will Shirou fall in love in the route.
        UBW itself is not much about Rin, it is a route where the main characters are Shirou and Archer and it delves into Shirou’s character more than any of the other two routes.

    2. Just to add onto what was previously said, the original Visual Novel had 3 Routes (Fate, Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel)

      It’s not really that they are alternate universes or something like that, it’s more like these are the events that would have happened if Shiro (you as the player) had made a certain set of choices.

      That being said, the VN is played in progression, you have to clear Fate to unlock UBW to unlock HF. As you play all 3 routes though you learn the “bigger picture” of what is really going on behind the grail war and also the ideology of Shiro

      The original adaptation of FSN followed the Fate Route more but put a healthy does of the Heaven’s Feel route into it. There was also a Movie that animated the UBW route (current one we are watching) but as you can guess there were massive cuts to fit it into the time. Ufatoble is supposedly working on a movie that adapts the Heaven’s Feel route.

      1. …so, Shiro Emiya is actually “the main guy” after all, huh? In all three versions including this show.

        I didn’t watch the previous F/SN, I bet Saber wasn’t really the main guy, but Emiya was. And when folks say Rin is the main heroine here, they don’t mean that she is the main guy, right? Instead her role is more like “the main heroine in a romance anime”, I’d assume. Those “main heroines” aren’t really “the main guy” as we all know.

      2. @deathtogenericshows

        To clear up any confusion you might have you might read the wiki article on Visual Novels. They’re a form of game where you playing from the main characters POV which in this case is Shiro. They’re just animating one route through the game here.

    3. Main Protag in all the series you could say is “Emiya” (bad pun)
      Depending on your route you get different choice of girl.

      In UBW, Rin is the “main” girl. But main is so subjective especially when you got someone like Taiga doin her stuff c;

  9. Bloody hell. Is it alright to indulge in so much fantasy epicness?

    I find it extremely hard now to decide which to watch first – Madan no Ou, Log Horizon S2 or UBW. UBW, though, is a monster on a completely different level concerning animation and fight scenes and arguably mood-setting. Those budget-blowing fight scenes especially with Saber are really a feast for the eyes, for example, and the colors used in apparently ‘pointless’ scenes (as haters would love to point out) with Shirou’s internal monologue always gave off a feeling that something not quite cheery is about to happen.

    Someone has to explain that magic circle that appeared suddenly, though. Not quite sure what happened there in the tool shed for Shirou to be able to summon Saber, even if by accident.

    Still, unbelievable episode. Can’t wait for the next one with more fights, more magic, and most importantly moar Saber and Rin. :p

    1. You’re not supposed to be able to understand that with the information at hand. All will be revealed.

      If you really want to know .. watch Fate Zero. The answer is mostly shown there. However it’s better to watch Fate Zero after this, not before as Fate Zero contains huge spoilers for Fate Stay/Night

  10. I’m probably the only here, who wants to see Shirou for once fall, at least in terms of ideals. For some reason I got more of a Heaven’s Feel vibe in this episode. Btw was the broken catalyst from last episode the same one Tokiome used in Fate/Zero?
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Yes it was from F/Z a very nice touch. The Dolphin from the UBW movie is there also.

      On the ideals bit
      Show Spoiler ▼

  11. I am really liking the way they are adapting the route and managing to cram so much detail without it feeling excessively draggy.

    The touch on explaining the noble fantasms without reducing them to gigantic beams of light is a really really nice touch.

    If there is one thing I’m not too hot about this adaptation so far though, it’s that they seem to be trying too hard to make Rin and Sakura Moe. It isn’t something too bad but I feel like it kinda disrupts the general tone of the series

      1. That is true for most Noble Phantasm. Gae Bolg is a bit different though, it’s arguably the most effective and efficient anti-personnel Noble Phantasm, he can use it 7 times in a row without recharging and each use will almost guarantee a kill (nerd mode on).

      2. ^ basically.
        Lancer’s NP is a spammable OHKO attack that almost never misses and whilst it’s not as flashy as other Servant’s all things considered it’s the best all round trump card that is impossible to counter without some sort of god-like plot armor.
        tl;dr Gay Bulge OP nerf pl0x

  12. -I was only a young otaku back then
    -I loved Rin Tohsaka so much, I replay the UBW route regularly
    -I pray to Tohsaka Rin every night, thanking her for her Grade S-Zettai Ryouiki
    -“Tohsaka Rin is love”, I say. “Tohsaka Rin is life”
    Show Spoiler ▼

    -I knew he was just jealous for my devotion to Tohsaka Rin
    -I call him a Saber-fag
    Show Spoiler ▼

    -I’m crying now, and my face hurts
    -I sit in my chair and it’s really cold
    -A warmth is moving towards me
    -I feel something touch me
    -It’s Tohsaka Rin
    -I am so happy
    -She whispers into my ear, “The Archer Class Is Really Made Up of Archers!”
    -She shoots me with her Gandr and hits me in the side
    -I’m ready
    Show Spoiler ▼

    -She shoots me again with her Gandr
    -My body is hurting but I do it for Tohsaka Rin
    -My prana reserves are decreasing and I start to black out
    -I counter attack
    -I want to please Tohsaka Rin
    Show Spoiler ▼

    -Emiya Shirou walks in
    -Tohsaka Rin looks him straight in the eye and says “Look, Emiya-kun. People normally die when they are killed.”
    -Tohsaka Rin leaves through the window
    -Tohsaka Rin is love, Tohsaka Rin is life

  13. And there goes the divergence point!
    Much like how Mad Scientist Okabe’s text messages invoke a butterfly affect that change the timeline, Shirou’s rather minor act of stopping Saber’s attack changes the subsequent events into an entirely new route. In the Fate route, Archer takes a grievous wound and spends most of the story in the sideline. Here Archer comes of unscathed leading to a more active role. What follows is a route with a Shirou that’s actually tolerable, Epic GARCHER and much more (BEST GIRL) Rin. I’m even going to go as far as to say that Saber comes of as a far better character than in the Fate Route. Have I mentioned the UBW is my favorite route? Because it is.

    Speaking of which, I really like Taiga’s redesign. Especially the fact the she’s now been given pants. I always found her old granny skirt wasn’t a good match for her personality.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

  14. Best studio and best Fate route equals best anime of this season. Also, best girl (Rin)! \o/

    I have to love Saber trolling Lancer during the fight. “Perhaps I’m using a battleaxe? A spear? Or maybe a bow?” wwwwww

    Speaking of weapons, I’ve always loved the effects they apply to the different weapons. ufotable have done a really good job making the fights so fast-moving and fluid, and the glowly laser-like effects on Gae Bolg and Saber’s invisible sword (the name I’ve withheld for those who haven’t seen anything of the Fate series yet) are really well done, and add to the majestic beauty of the hard-hitting, aggressive combat scenes.

    Looking forward to EP2. The series is already looking more detailed compared to the already great movie version of UBW, whose story obviously had to be slightly abridged to fit the format.

  15. This is one of the most useless episode i’ve ever seen in a while. What’s the point of telling the same story from different perspective? While I felt so much excitement from the pilot episode, this episode is somewhat far inferior to the pilot. Instead of re-telling the same episode from different perspective just to establish that Rin and Shirou are the vocal point of the story seems too redundant. Not to say that this is not a good anime, it is good, but at this point it is impossible for me to elevate the level to “great” like Fate/Zero was. A great anime can establish this main point in a continuous story, that is to say….just make the 2nd episode instead of re-telling the 1st one or separated it into two parts like this. You can just make this point visible in the first episode.

    For me, this is a sign that the studio is trying to milk as much money as possible, which is understandable, but please don’t do this again. Don’t compromise the story for the sake of money, and while I’m still looking forward to the “real” 2nd episode, I’m fearful that the quality of future episodes will descent even further.

    I’m sorry if it seems I’m ranting about it, but I’ve been in love with the franchise since the game first came out in 2000s, and to be disappointed like this is breaking my heart.

    1. First, its pretty much a faithful adaptation of the Visual Novel. It starts with the Rin prologue then goes to same events on Shirou’s side.

      Second, it serves to show the audience what kind of person Shirou is especially with his short monologues. Shirou’s altruism and selflessness is one of the major themes in the UBW route.

      1. Thats’ the main issue i have with this. I played all routes on the game, and while i love it, game and anime are different. They are different mediums of storytelling. If they tried to adapt the anime as “close” as possible to the game, i fear that it will fall apart midway.
        And as I said, they could do this for Shiro in the “first” (i don’t even know which one is first anymore) episode, or show it through his actions in the next episode instead of repeating an episode just to show some inner monologues and scenes of Shiro remembering Kiritsugu.

    2. Are you sure you even read the VN? Because these first two episodes are pretty much ripped scene for scene straight from the VN. Absolutely no idea what you’re complaining about. You might as well go back to the massively abridged DEEN UBW version, which took like 15 minutes to get to Saber’s summoning.

    3. You do realize that if they really did proceed with the second episode the story will suddenly focus on another master and servant in this case shiro and saber whereas the rin and archer will have their roles as main focus to be shifted suddenly. This will make audiences confuse and makess the show inbalance. Also who are you telling those complains on the production about, us some random english readers on a random fan blog?

    1. Makise Kuristina
  16. Illia “I don’t have a route but every body loves me”.Illia is really creepy and mysterious here,which kinda spoils me seeng her like this as she was really jolly on carnival phantasm and prisma. Still gonna love her charter all over again

  17. Fate Zero connection

    1. Saber Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Kiritsugu Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Yep, I really appreciate seeing Kiritsugu again,thus making a better connection between FSN & Zero. It reminds me once again how interesting it was for him to be Saber’s master with how their goals were similar but their desired means so different. Shirou being Saber’s master is also interesting,albeit in a different way,since Shirou is even more idealistic than her.

  18. i am just curious, this Episode and Prologue is around 45min+ is that not an OVA? is it not to long to called it an Anime TV Production? or is this more a weekly OVA Production? Anyway, they surly have a bigger Budget then normal

    1. Then again, i saw the first 8 Minutes so far of Episode 1, and found out why. The CGI Elements and Hand drawing total live in Harmony. Excellent work. even the Uncanny Effect while both animated is no where to seen. Even the “to clean” CGI Textures are no where to found.

      This Studio mastered the CGI and Hand drawn techniques. They even sync the CGI Background School members with the Hand drawn “FPS” *clap clap* Very nice, done

      1. the CGI effect i noticed:

        the camera rotating in the House with these Boxes, and the Boy lying on the Ground

        the very sharpened picture of a fare away shoot of that many Houses. the Resolution and “Lens-flare” effects gave that away

        When the Boy and the Girl are talking on the School gates, the background School members walking in, these are CGI Animation, but adept to blend with the Animation of hand

        As i said, nicely done.

  19. So I’ve never played any of the F/SN VNs, but I’ve seen F/Z and (unfortunately) the F/SN anime series so it made enough sense to me to this incarnation of UBW. Particularly since ufotable did a great job on F/Z, too!

    The production values on this are insane. Even more so than F/Z, which was a particularly lovely visual feast too.

    But I think the key thing for me is that I watched F/Z with my Dad, and we’re watching UBW together as well (I spared him the Fate anime) and he’s really impressed with this so far. We quite liked F/Z, though less so toward the end when things got a bit too convoluted and silly, so I’m expecting a similarly enjoyable experience this time.

    I was initially a bit worried that jumping into UBW without any prior knowledge of F/SN might be a bad choice. Dad also doesn’t watch a lot of anime, though, but he’s following along with this just fine, which I think is a testament to how well-put-together these first two episodes have been so far. That, and I suspect having the backstory from F/Z (I.E recognising everyone, being familiar with just what’s going on despite the lack of any exposition on it) helps a lot too.

    So yeah I think I do agree that this seems like a perfectly legitimate point for someone to get into the franchise, though I personally would watch F/Z first perhaps.

    1. The thing you will miss though is the “comparison of Shiro’s Ideals” which only comes out if you see all 3 routes. Each route has an answer to his ideals in one way or another.

      1. Yeah I have heard that. I know the F/SN anime wasn’t exactly a good adaptation of the Fate route, but if it was an evenly slightly accurate portrayal of Shirou’s ideals I think I’ll be just fine not seeing them fleshed out fully. Not really something I found particularly compelling.

      2. Well to be honest, the “Ideals of Shiro” is actually a major part of the FSN story. I would even dare to say that when looking at the series as a whole (all 3 FSN routes, F/Z was just added later on because of the popularity of the series) you might even say that it was actually the “point” of the series.

        In other words you might actually be missing something. There are actually manga if you wanna just know the routes or if you want I can give you a spoiler / summary of the ideals bit.

  20. Awesome first episode! Some people hate the OP, but I got shivers watching it on my TV at 1080p. Also, Kalafina and Kiritsugu. So awesome. I loved F/Z.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I can see how Ufotable is cutting corners. Some of the scenes look like it was ripped straight from the VN. Backdrops, the characters (Quality issues there), the way it’s only their mouths that were moving. All that was missing would be the text boxes. haha.

    Or maybe it’s because I quit watching anime until I heard about the UBW adaptation. lol.

    In any case, its very forgivable since the fight scenes are top notch. And… bouncing dere dere Rin from Ep 0. Can anyone give the link for the GIF? 😛

    1. They’re developing cutting corners where they can. Animation-wise, UBW isn’t even a contender for the best animated show this season, except for the key fight scenes. It’s a fair step down from F/Z (which in turn was a fair step down from Kara no Kyoukai, but that’s expected when comparing a TV series to a movie) with a lot of shortcuts and low quality assets (particularly the distant character images, which would be bad even for lower tier studios) thrown in. Motion is generally acceptable but not spectacular.

      Everything is glossed up by excellent compositing though, which will fool the casual viewer into thinking that it’s spectacular. Heck, P.A. Works gets away with it all the time, even when the actual animation is plain terrible in places.

    2. The producer of ufotable said before they will intentionally reduce the artistic elements i.e the character designs, details, and will focus more in fluid and dynamic elements. They did this in response to the feedback they received with Fate/Zero that it lack of dynamic action and the fights being slow.

    1. It was the voice that really did it for me in that scene. It captured the essential differences between the other, more innocent version of her in Fate Kaelid, and the much darker version we have here in Fate Stay Night perfectly. The exact same voice, but conveyed so very differently.

  21. Another noob questions, folks:

    …So this Saber is the same Saber from F/Z. She reacted to Emiya name and looked exactly the same, so she must be. But so far two servants and -I’d assume all other servants- looked different AND completely different characters from F/Z. Why is this? This may require a spoiler on F/Z to answer, so I’ll put my speculation in spoiler tag. Show Spoiler ▼

    Also they are supposedly 7 servants to fight the war thing. Or so they say. Here is another question that may also require minor spoiler for F/SN to answer. As the question itself is spoilerish, I will write it under spoiler tag. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Someone answered this earlier but…Show Spoiler ▼

      Second question Show Spoiler ▼

    2. In the Holy Grail War, there are seven classes. Each class calls a hero from it’s specific atribute, say the Saber class calls for a hero that is famous in the use of the sword. Take for example Lancelot from Fate/Zero, he was summoned as a Berserker BUT he had the atrribute for Saber so he could have been summoned as Saber had Zoken chosen to. Archer class has to be filled by someone who fits the mold of an Archer like say Robin Hood who was famous for his skill with the bow. The reason Saber Show Spoiler ▼

      was summoned again is a because Show Spoiler ▼

      It doesn’t matter what happened in the last war, the grail will always choose seven different heros unless, someone has a relic from said hero & summons them again like Saber. About other question in the spoiler, Show Spoiler ▼

    3. Yes, it is the exact same Saber as in the exact same heroic spirit being Summoned.

      The heroic spirit who gets Summoned is usually based on the object that’s used as a catalyst for their Summoning, IIRC, usually an (ancient) artifact that used to belong to them or at least had a powerful connection to them.

      In Saber’s case…

      Show Spoiler ▼

      In terms of Gilgamesh…

      Show Spoiler ▼

  22. Man, if Fate was good, Prism was great, this UBW is starting out fantastic (please keep it up), I can only imagine how awesome Heaven’s Feel could possibly be. Please let us have the cake.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    The above isn’t really a spoiler, but, you never know how people will take it. So I’ll keep it hidden.

    I like how it is taking the time to build and explain things to the audience. With 47 minutes, it is compelling, interesting, and I honestly had to keep checking the timer because I was like “seriously, this so does not feel like 47 minutes”. I know they all won’t be 47, but if it was, ooo yeah.

    I really hope they can keep it up.

  23. So, a short question about
    Show Spoiler ▼

  24. Having already played the VN, I may or may not watch this.

    If Type-Moon had made an Ilya path, or a path where Shirou joined hands with Caster or Shinji I would definetly watch.

    Damn you Tiger Dojos for teasing me about that stuff.

  25. I hope that if there is ever an anime adaptation about Fate Apocrypha, I hope Ufotable does the animation the Fate franchise has being great since then, the FSN 2006 was never very good………..

      1. I don’t think it will ever be shown. Shame. But I already accepted that, though I would appreciate at least if they have a scene where Shirou said as much as “I loved my mom, dad, brother, sister. I loved my old live. But alas they’re gone, I have to move on.”

        Having characters who are thrown into the adventure world forget everything about their old life, or dismissed their old life as something irrelevant is one of my pet peeves in fiction.

    1. What i could understand, that this Show follow the Rin Path as MC. So, this fight where Saber was forced to STOP is the beginning of the difference since the Last Fate Anime.

      From here on, a other Stoy will be told. But looks like both still be friends

    2. Fate Stay Night is a visual novel composed of 3 routes:

      -The first route is called Fate. It is Saber’s route and the 2006 deen anime is an adaption of it.

      -The second route which this anime is adapting is called Unlimited Blade Works. This route has Rin as the main heroine instead of Saber. It broke away from the Fate route when Shirou ordered Saber to stop before Archer was injured making him an active participant.

      -The final route (and my personal favorite) is Heaven’s Feel. This route has Sakura as the primary heroine. It is the darkest and most different of the 3 routes. No adaption has yet to be made but a movie (likely movie series) has been announced to adapt it.


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