OP Sequence

OP: 「ギミー!レボリューション」 (Gimme! Revolution) by 内田真礼 (Uchida Maaya)

「地球はツインテールの星」 (Chikyuu wa Tsuinte-ru no Hoshi)
“Earth is a Twin-tail World”

To watch, or not to watch—that is the question
Whether ’tis easier on my wits to skip
The farce and foils of outrageous anime
Or to take pen against its absurd premise,
And with words legitimise. To write: to blog
One more; to write intros for shows that start
With a male lead rating female classmates by
Specific hairdo; no character has he
Save his rabid fetish. To write, to blog;
To blog; perchance it’s good: ay, there’s the rub;
For the more I write the more I realise that
In this enlightened age of ours we need
Enlightened fare. Thus Twintails is
The ecchi we need but do not deserve;
It elevates the modern woman from just
A pair of mammaries, or ovaries
To a pair of tied plaits, such flattery
That transcends base male vices and desires.
Though the script be vapid and cast generic,
When styled hair can complete perfection make,
Who needs dialogue? Do not even men
Wish in their hearts to be the little girl
(But still retain their phallic weaponry),
Straying into creepy territory
Yet paying it no mind, as the bad guy
Is creepier still and can be beaten
With shiny arrays of visual effects?
Thus please consult your conscience not at all
Ignore inconsistencies with force fields
And little self-subverting hints of shame.
No cause will move a nation quite like hair
If you take refuge in audacity.
Forget sensibilities and enjoy
Your Kamen Rider with a twist of weird.
Just avoid public office! If so, these sins
Need never be remember’d


Full-length images: 23, ED 02, ED 03.


ED Sequence

ED: 「ツインテール・ドリーマー!」 (Twin-tail Dreamer!) by 上坂すみれ, 相坂優歌, 赤﨑千夏 (Uesaka Sumire, Aisaka Yuuka, Akasaki Chinatsu)



  1. Ahahahaha :’D
    I came here because of the tag line, RC watching anime so you don’t have to.
    I felt the poem was familiar, and finally recognized it at “ay there’s the rub”. Hilarious :3

    1. Everyone should not down vote this person. The reason is that thanks to everyone, he/she was able to confirm that the show is bad. What we don’t know is whether he/she is enjoying the hell out of it but is too embarrassed to admit because he/she never said what they did after confirming it was bad.

      Admit it Rick Anime. You love it. You can’t reject this:

      1. Hehe. Just finished watching it.

        Has all the generic anime qualities:
        high school
        fan service
        Main character is afraid of women
        Main character is a Nerd

        Pretty cool hook though with the twin tails and it seemed humorous. Not sure if I will watch it

        Rick Anime
      2. The main character is a pervert…for twintails.
        He is afraid of girls with massive boobs but would reconsider if she would wear twintails.
        He isn’t a nerd if he doesn’t spend all day with the books. He does indulge in martial arts, but his true passion is twintails.

    2. Oh I forgot to add that the main character can turn into a loli.

      It was funny tho

      Oh I meant to say like 95% of anime, the girls in the show feel the need to call the main character a Pervert (even tho he isn’t). He just has a fetish for twin tails.

      Rick Anime
      1. A person who is that obsessed over a single feature of girls, who constantly stares at it, thinks about it, talks about it, and wants to get his hands on it, and can only identify girls due to it, would be called a pervert in real life too.

        By the way, the word “fetish” in and of itself in this context indicates a sexual-based obsession, so saying “he just has a fetish for twintails” doesn’t help your “he’s not a pervert” case.

      2. Oh whether he’s actually a pervert or not is not important but rather the girls already called him a pervert (like tons of other anime). Usually that’s a good sign for me to bounce right off the bat.

        Rick Anime
  2. I am the bone of hair fetish
    Tsundere is my trope and Loli is my charm
    I have created over a thousand characters
    Unknown to stale, Nor known to cliche
    Have withstood pain to hold many critiques
    Yet, those fans will never stop admiring
    So as I pray, unlimited twintail works.

    1. Same. All of these people dismissing this show just because of the randomc post without even watching it are missing out on a potentially fun show. As long as you completely shut down your mind and just roll it the crazy this show is plenty of fun.

  3. well i always watch an anime if i find it enjoyable no matter whatever problem it has, and i find oretwi to be enjoyable, so i’ll be following it for now even though i know the plot is very absurd, plus i love the OP by uchida maaya

  4. I had to check if this show would be as absurd as the sinopsis said. Oh, yeah, it is. And not the good Monty Python absurd, I’m afraid. You can’t play straight that aliens-want-our-twintails plot and survive.

    Still, the poem was a very interesting experiment. Good idea for the review.

  5. In point of fact, this show is hilariously ridiculous. It takes its stupid concept sufficiently over-the-top that one kind of accepts the whole thing as being awesome. Particularly since it is obviously completely self-aware: it knows just how ludicrous the whole thing is, but it decides to have the main character and the aliens take the whole thing seriously anyway.

    So far, it seems this is a magnificent parody. While I wouldn’t expect it to be reviewed, it shouldn’t be dismissed.

  6. I have to say, i loved the show, i thought it was incredibly funny. If they can keep that going the rest of the season ill be happy. I went from having virtually no interest in it, to really looking forth to next week’s episode.

    The entire premise is so absurd that it makes it great. Its a show you can simply have fun with and just enjoy watching it for what it is.

  7. This is definitely the absolute stupidest thing I’ve seen in quite a while, and I absolutely loved it. It makes no apologies, does not even *try* to be deep, and it’s chock FULL of creepy people I would never want to meet in real life. There is no pretense here, no deep plot. Dumb heroes, dumb villains, and lots of twintails.

    Be a 10 or be a 0. Don’t be a 5. So far, so good. 😀

  8. Dammit Passerby. I have to clean my 42 inch monitor off from all the coffee I just spewed the moment I realized you had done up a thing. What thing I’m referring to? You know.

    Then a second time when I realized it was Hamlet.

    Then a third time when I realized it was good.

    You owe me a cup of coffee. Also some tissues from cleaning up the mess.

  9. Stilts: Good luck. I look forward to your post
    Passerby: No pressure, right?
    Passerby: Don’t blame me if I parody shakespeare
    Stilts: I look forward to it!

    I wanted you to do it, but wasn’t sure you would. It turned out even better than I expected! XD

    See why we hired this guy, everyone? Priceless!

    (P.S. The show was $@#& ridiculous, but then again, I was drunk while I watched it. Not sure if that helped or not.)

    1. Definitely a good idea 🙂

      I think the series needed something more to be ridiculously awesome. Maybe more in-universe self-awareness and/or lampshade hanging would have made it more palatable for me (not to mention that plot-hole of the force field). It still might happen, I don’t know. Does this come from a manga or a VN?

    2. This comes from a light novel and I´m pretty sure the author was drunk and when he wrote th story I think it was a good idea to have 10 or 12 beers while watching this, still it was ridiculously awesome and I watched sober… during most of the episode.

      Was I the only one that found cute how Souji was playing with Aika´s hair? It was a cute sign of how close the two of them are.

      1. No, you’re not the only one. I also liked that scene when it seemed the childhood friend would start a typical “tsundere slap” scene, but then it became a friendly sparring and a nice talk about their respective families’ businesses.

  10. This is like being sarcastic on the internet. If you can keep the ridiculousness to absurd levels, than people will get it and think it’s funny. If not than people will think your serious or cringe and flame you to hell. If they can keep making the tongue-in-cheek obvious and keep the humor well executed, than it’s well worth watching just on the humor alone (okay, and maybe those ridiculous high levels of moe and artwork they showed).

  11. A combination of…

    Kampfer (genderbent MC)

    Symphogear (outfits, and no singing)

    Vividred Operation (“Tailred” and most likely “Tailblue” and “Tailyellow”)

    …with a splash of Nanoha (genderbent MC = red-head Fate) and DxD (swap “oppai” with “twin tails”).

    It’s stupid, it knows it, and it BASKS in it, which is what makes it so fun!

    A good way to balance out stuff like Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu and other darker/more dramatic anime of the season.

  12. *slow clap*

    I remember seeing your Persona post parodying “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”, but this…

    This was pure gold.

    Now, the show… it was completely absurd. This is one of those things that you absolutely need to go in with your brain turned off lest you fry your brain from trying to put logic to it. The fact that it literally just doesn’t care about making itself deep and how sincere and unapologetic it is just makes it endearing to watch.

    Plus it airs on the same day as Psycho-Pass, so it can be used as a good pick me up if that starts getting depressing. It’s a win-win.

  13. Little did TailRed know the lizardmen were being manipulated by the Ponytails & Sidetails Alliance, who wished to rid the world of Twintails so their own hairstyles would reign supreme among innocent girls and lolis alike.

  14. I’m so confused… you know the MC is a guy but when he changed into such a cute twintail girl, you just can’t do anything but get moe-ed to death. That “Yada!” scene when he/she refused to let Lizardman touch the twintails just made it worse…

  15. Wow! nice poem…..funniest part? The part where you mention “straying into creepy territory”………….. dude,WE are anime watchers… we’ve BEEN THERE FROM THE START!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  16. This has got to be the most ridiculous anime I watched this year -wait no,make that in the last few years(actually,I don’t even recall having watched something more ridiculous,although I’m sure there are some…or are there?) but the way it embraces all of that makes it ridiculously awesome.

    The question is,will maintain this same level of ridiculous entertainment throughout 12 episodes? Well,I’d have to be drunker than the author who wrote it not to stick around to find out.

  17. While watching the show, I thought I was high… but I dont do drugs, thus it couldnt be.
    Maybe I was dunk? But since i dont drink alcohol, that wasnt the case either.
    Or maybe I finally went over the deep end and let out my inner twintail, flat chested, loli loving self from his change…. but since I wasnt thrown in prison, then that means I’m still sane.

    Either way, this show is ridiculous and fun just like Viviried Operation. Ill keep it in my to-watch list for the time being

  18. From what I have just read, I pity the fansubbers who decided to take up this anime. “Oh Hell No” or “WTH did I just watch” are probably the things that came to their mind. Most likely along with “To Hell with this Anime”.

  19. >script be vapid
    I personally found the dialogue a little above-average comedy-wise. Look at Inou Battle, there’s an anime which actually doesn’t have any subtlety in its dialogue.

    Well, dialogue aside, the situations themselves are oddly funny. I loved it when the protagonist said “No! (Yada)” and drew away when the alien asked if it could touch her twintails before dying.

    >Ignore inconsistencies with force fields
    I noticed that too. I think the childhood friend touched the scientist girl at least 2 other times without consequence, too. I wonder what the LN looked like, I can’t imagine the author actually writing the childhood friend patting her on the shoulder and such just a few lines after implying that a force field prevented contact so I’m inclined to blame the studio…

    >And little self-subverting hints of shame.
    The scenes with the childhood friend certainly felt rushed/a little off. I didn’t get a clear idea of how he felt about her (besides the fact that he’s probably oblivious and ambivalent like usual in these LN?). I’d like to be able to hope for some good romance later on, but I guess the comedy will have to carry this for me. The blonde twintail doesn’t interest me.

    1. >Ignore inconsistencies with force fields
      I watched it again, and the first time she tried, she had somewhat hostile intentions. The other times it was just normal touching. That’s my take on it-
      argh for goodness sakes, this anime shouldn’t be overanalyzed! X(

  20. Well done Passerby! Your parody poem was almost as funny as the first ep of the series itself. ^^

    Still … kudos to you for the effort – one never know when the inspiration is gonna hit, does one? 🙂

  21. Well for those who think this anime is totally akward and perverted i say hell no i’ve watched up to episode 6 it really doesnt matter if the villains are shit lol the battles are okay i guess.Plus who the hell wouldnt want to see a damn loli with red long hair lol i know there’s probably Some haters out there you think this anime is perverted My Straightout Answer to you is Watch the freaking shit first before you even start Trashmouthing the show.TBH most people would tell me i’m probably gay for liking a DUDE that turns into a loli chick but What the hell does it really Freaking matter lol?When he turns into a chick he has all Women qualities Except for the breasts lol……….I love tailred in general and i think The Guy protaganist is Straightforward awsome.Thats pretty much All i gotta say for this anime *its just awsome period*

  22. Yes this show has potential. But its over now and I’m going to tell people about the finished product, not what it could have been.
    During the entire show I saw it as a knockoff of power rangers tv tropes did a great review on this worth reading.
    The end song “twintails dreamer” was one of the best anime songs I’ve ever heard. The series went for comedy and for comedy only and it really shows how badly the plot was how poorly they made the plot. Like the one scene with spider uh.. Spider villain, red exclaims how he was unable to react to the attack by spiddy when he clearly raises his sword with seconds left to spare and then he procides to tell the twintails how nothing is wrong leaving us wondering what just happened

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