「蜃気楼」 (Shinkirou)

This episode felt like it was jumping around everywhere — and I didn’t really mind! Because for me, this series is supposed to be one about a kid who gets thrust into the middle of an all out magical war. And with the Holy Grail up for grabs for the last one standing, you’d expect all the (competitive) participants would be ready to do whatever it takes to win, right? Which is exactly why it didn’t bother me that things felt a bit hectic.

Just What Are Servants?

I’ve never quite gotten over what happens at the end of Studio Deen’s adaptation of Fate/stay night but that show’s ending as well as Archer’s statements this week really made me think about just how much emotional attachment Masters and Servants are supposed to have. While servants typically have the outward appearance of a human and some sort of wish they want fulfilled by obtaining the Grail, does that really mean they’re alive? Honestly, what makes them more than just a shell filled with the memories and spirit of someone from a different era?

Even though none of the above questions or answers to them have any bearing to the show itself, I think it’s really interesting how ufotable’s spin pokes around what really makes up a Master-Servant relationship. You have duos like Shirou and Saber or Rin and Archer who seem to collaborate together, ruhless dictators like Illya or Shinji who force their servants to follow their orders to a tee, and even some weirdos like Show Spoiler ▼

who take that standard and completely obliterate it! Anyways, while I can’t say I view servants simply as the tools their designed to be, I appreciate that the show is consistently trying to show us some different sides to things that I thought could only been one way.

Trace, On!

While it remains to be seen whether or not Shirou will fall to Saber’s charm, I’ll gladly take more scenes where we get to see him show off his skills as a lackluster mage. I can’t say exactly what it is but watching him grow closer and closer to mastering his skill gets me pumped up thinking about how cool it’ll be when he can actually pull it off.
Show Spoiler ▼

Wtf, Caster and Assaassin? Plus, looking forward

In a double whammy kind of way, it was surprising to see two more servants working alongside each other. Even though I have no idea why Assassin would be assisting someone like Caster who said her class is quite territorial, it looks like another full-scale battle is about to get underway. Judging from the opening sequence it looks like Caster isn’t your typical type of magician that sits around waiting for their skills to cast and Assassin looks like someone who could give Saber a run for her money — meaning it should be a ton of awesome action scenes for all of us next week, yay! See you next week!

P.S. Shinji is still a jerk. And a slimy one at that.




    1. Caster’s always been a sensual character; it’s just that, too often, that hasn’t been portrayed very well. True, DEEN’s UBW film did Show Spoiler ▼

      , but her original backstory has yet to be given proper representation outside of the original visual novel and several spin-off manga.

      Hopefully, ufotable will find the time to change that. One can hope, anyhow. 🙂

      Ryan Ashfyre
      1. , but her original backstory has yet to be given proper representation outside of the original visual novel and several spin-off manga.

        I think I found a doujin which is just perfect. Totally safe for work doujin too.
        Here’s a link Show Spoiler ▼

        RandomC readers beware, (especially those new to the Fate series).
        Reading that doujin will spoil you on Caster’s true identity, as well as her current master whose identity hasn’t been confirmed in UBW anime yet.

        I do hope Ufotable takes the time and effort to give Caster some character development in this UBW series…

    1. Rin is one of those relatively rare tsunderes that seems to have just the perfect amount of tsun without going overboard/over the top with it like we tend to see with tsunderes these days.

      1. The mark of a good tsundere comes in two folds.

        Has a good reason to be tsun: Shirou’s supposed to be her enemy.
        Has a good reason to be dere: Shirou then saves her (sort of).

        I’d say Rin is a damn good tsundere.

      2. Yeah, nowadays, tsundere have way too much tsun and are just way too violent in general.

        I really dislike the double standard where it is okay for the girls to hit guys without any provocation, or even if it was the girl’s fault to begin with. No, you do not have the right to hit people when you are embarrassed!

        Feminism is about equality of the genders, not making the girls more justified towards violence than guys.

      3. What makes Rin a good is because she is an actual tsundere with nuance. The overly violent ones are just tsundere caricatures and stereotypes.

        The Gandr shots aren’t lethal because Rin is too soft to kill someone. In the VN, if you hit the Bad End on that event, Shirou takes a full blast and just gets the wind knocked out of him.

    2. The series is made of Awesomnium and LOL.
      I am compiling an album , i presume by the end of the series will have it completed:
      “Tohsaka Rin: 100 faces of tsundere.”
      Shinji, being complete duchebag as always. Why did it not surprise me?
      Assassin, the only Servant with manners enough to introduce himself properly. Oh the irony…
      All girls want a piece of Shirou, but Caster is taking the thing a little bit TOO literal…

  1. While I liked Archer’s reason for his disinterest in the grail I’m not sure that is canon. Having achieved his goals in life; he died without regrets. I can’t really remember that part in the source material or the movie. I thought all heroic spirits desire the grail and that is why the can be summoned. Maybe someone who has played the game recently can clarify it.

    1. well even back in Fate/zero
      Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Is this really a Rin-centric route? because as I see it so far, Saber’s getting just as much screen time and just as much ship-fodder as Rin is. Which doesn’t bother me in the least mind you because I enjoy both character, but still

    1. Saber had a lot interaction with Shirou in early UBW, not to mention that it was a better and healthier relationship with Shirou than anything in Fate. Also, ufotable has to boost the role of some characters (Saber and Illya) in UBW due to not animating the Fate route.

  3. Not much to say this week since this is mostly a setup episode for the next events. There’s an introduction for Caster and Assassin who will play significant roles. Also Shinji is a tool, in case that hasn’t sunk in yet. Next week will be Archer vs. Caster and Saber vs. Assassin. While this will actually still be some of the earlier battles of the route, the impressive presentation of Episode 3 meas I can’t wait to see how UFOTABLE will expand the battle next episode.

    Got to love Archers smug face. I’ve been eagerly waiting for a scene between Shirou and GARcher. They present a nice contrast with the former an idealist and the latter a cynic. It doesn’t take long for Archer to get in Shirou’s skin they way he talks to him.

    I do find Shinji’s antics amusing though, if only because its over the top and self-sabotaging. Sure Shinji, go ahead and offer Shirou an alliance when you insulted his friends. Its not like he has a cute Tsundere partner who is actually proven to be competent.

    Poor Shirou, who is always a victim to manipulations because of his weak magic. It doesn’t help that Caster is inherently a sadist. At least Archer came at the right time to save him. Can’t be GAR if you aren’t an epic cockblocker.

  4. Ah, the good old destroyable face of Shinji, how I didn’t miss that. (VN readers know what I mean).

    Can’t wait for next week. I’m dying with anticipation to see a certain “attack” get animated, and Archer vs Caster is going to rock!

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20stay%20night/Fate%20stay%20night%20ubw%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2008.jpg


    I just wanna punch that arrogant smirk off of Shinji’s smug little goblin face. It still baffles me how Shirou was ever “friends” with this tool.

    It’s also great to see Shirou taking the initiative with things more often (or at least is much more willing to do things, like being trained by Saber in self-defense at least) in this route compared to Fate, when it seemed like he only did things if people and/or events forced him to.

    1. Well, its implied that Shinji was less of a little shit back when he and Shirou were friends when they were younger, and became worse over time especially by the time they entered high school.

      The VN actually gives us the story of how their friendship ended, which was “one day after Shirou and Sakura had become close, she comes to school with a bruise on her face, but wont say anything about it. Shirou is very concerned and goes to ask his friend, her brother, if he knows who might have hurt his sister. Shinji’s response is ‘lol i punched her in the face just cause i felt like it lol’. Shirou, once he gets over the shock of realizing his soon to be former best friend is an abusive piece of shit, punches Shinji in the face, it turns into brawl that has to be broken up by teachers, and after that fight they are Not Friends”

      That’s why in episode 1 Shirou was so concerned about the bruise on Sakura’s hand (“shinji again?”), and confronted him about it after school. After all Shinji openly told him to his face that he physically abuses Sakura years ago.

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20stay%20night/Fate%20stay%20night%20ubw%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2013.jpg

    You need Rin to spell Tsundere. I dont care if that doenst make sense, TsundeRin is what’s Tsun Tsun and Dere Dere is all about!


    Ah Shinji. I completely forgot how much of an asshole you were. Truly the butt monkey of the entire Fate Stay Night series.


    I’m probably the only one that prefers Caster over every other servant in the 5th grail war. Yandere housewife is strangely appealing.

    1. You know, I just re-marathoned Carnival Phantasm after this episode, and Caster herself without the hood is just so pretty, and she’s such a nice person outside the Grail War….
      I know the events of Carnival Phantasm isn’t canon, but really now, I’d like to see Caster have a nice time in UBW series too..

    1. I was waiting for someone to mention this lol

      Yes! I was paying my fullest attention during this and made a lot of attempt to get that perfect paused just to see it perfectly. You could’ve missed it in a split second y’know XD

      onion warrior
  7. Erm, I’m not sure since when Rin began to take interest in Shirou. Is it at the beginning of Grail War? Or is it earlier?

    It was mentioned that Rin used to go to the archery dojo to watch someone, and when that someone stopped going to the dojo, Rin stopped going there to.

    I presume that Rin was watching Shirou, but for what reason? She knew Sakura has feeling for him. Maybe she was watching over him (to monitor his activity), as she knows the “Emiya” family name has relation to the magus world? Or what?

    Someone please enlighten me…

    Lone Wanderer
    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      Giorno Giovanna
      1. Thanks! But, is the storyline in the manga canon? I know there are many routes, being an origin from visual novel and all, but does it has proper continuitu? Or this plot is also in the original VN, too?

        Lone Wanderer
      2. @Lone Wanderer

        The bar jump is canon in the Fate VN as well, that is the reason why Rin and Sakura love Shirou after all. The sight of a boy facing impossible odds and yet never giving up brought hope and strength to the sisters to endure their own hardships in life.

        That was, however, just the first step since both of them learned more about Shirou with time and strengthening their love for our hero.

    1. In Zero Saber never had a chance to interact casually much, considering how her master treated her. She did have some fun time with Iri, but even then their relationship was more professional.

      1. yeab the only time saber directly interacted with kirisugu was;
        Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I don’t think you are remembering wrong, as even I’m trying to remember that without playing it again, but I wouldn’t count anyone out until they are either dead or the show wraps up. The studio seems to be extending the story of UBW, so it wouldn’t surprise me if both still showed up in the show to provide some extra content/context. Unfortunately, I’m getting the feeling that one of them will likely prove Kiritsugi’s thoughts right in that “to save one, you forsake another” for being a hero. Just because that would be the sort of content/context expansion that the girls would play.

      🙁 Sadly that would likely mean Shirou gets the unlovable choice of saving either Ayako or Sakura and well… We’d know how that would go.

      But you know, even though she only had a short period of star power, does anyone kind of wish there was an Ayako route? I mean, for someone to see through Shirou is pretty stunning honestly and would’ve been different than the others.

  8. Really? No screencaps for Caster’s memories that was added by Ufotable? Not a mention of it either in the blogpost? 🙁

    It was a really nice addition and allowed for new watchers to have chance at guessing Caster’s identity. Really wish you would have comment on it. Anyway, I can’t wait for next week’s Servant battles!~ There are fewer and fewer people remaining after each of these SoL episodes (thanks to those action lovers who immediately hates the Anime once there is no action). The next Episode should bring back all those people~

    Oh, GARcher and TsundeRin!~ <3

    1. Oh, I just realized that while the scenes itself was a new addition, it wasn’t exactly original! Shirou seeing Caster’s memories were actually hinted at, but not described in detail~ It is something that was mentioned quite later in the Visual Novel and seeing how that minor line: –
      “I think…
      I saw something like this before…” (Ryudou Temple was the background image)

      -was adapted into original scenes for Caster made it evident that Ufotable knows their source material. Yes, it’s only two lines in the whole VN and it wasn’t even mentioned until a few days (in-game time) after their initial encounter. It’s pretty clear that the staff played through the VN thoroughly and thought of ways to integrate original scenes into the Anime with hints/brief mentions in the VN as the basis.

      Those who want to see where this was mentioned, please check the spoiler. HOWEVER, it is tagged within the spoiler because that particular scene also reveals Caster’s identity. So please, make sure you are prepared for spoilers if you want to check out the VN.
      Show Spoiler ▼


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